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Xiaohui Xiaohui you have no one to help me look at Toumiao me! Xiao Hui Ren Zixuan Yijingyizha's hiding behind. I just feel that people have been staring at me!

Please Sister! You would not be so obvious it! Youchristian louboutin shoes will be thrown into all this neurotic! You start from the house so I was really going crazy! They think out of the scene today, Xiao Hui feel headache.

Xiao Hui is still asleep this morning was awakened by rustling sounds of broken pieces.

Kogaya! Are you doing! ? Only a few!

Xiaohui you said you just up the ring and necklace on me what? Was stolen at home how to do? If worn on the body was snatched from how to do? Renzi Xuan worry out their assumptions Alas! Xiaohui you do not sleep together, help me!

! Renzi Xuan! You also do not allow people to sleep? But last night a little more before I fall asleep in the Lord!

Who you and Han Hao talking on the phone is not all right you do not burn it!

Do not easier said than done if I like you and Stuart brother talking on the phone so I would not direct me if I think he ran his family!

S good s good to get up put away your gas good or bad? Oh you look me in the end how to do? Renzi Xuan has Xipixiaolian's posted up.

! Situ Yi! I will kill you! Roared into the sky.

Less! Less! Stuart Plaza rubbing itchy nose.

S good s good, do not bother ha I do not Yijingyizha of the line now! Renzi Xuan Road hastily comfort.

Your ring has been worn in the necklace hanging around her neck clawed you afraid others rob you of your clothes, no!

Kazakhstan! How stupid I do!

After Szeto Yi dare to buy luxury items Kogaya must let her know what Stuart Plaza HelloKitty! First hug in the play!

* Points * ** cut line **

Renzi Xuan!


Did you hear my last words go?

Yes! Rabbits Suozhaobozai said.

How do you yesterday, ranging from me? Wolf bellowed.

I do not know you but do not know your name is which classes how do I find you? Go fast go fast! Rabbits prayed.

Trouble! I Kehui Min is in your German class next door! You should not escape the recall came to me! Wolf announced.

What are you looking for?

Messiah! Rabbits quickly ran behind savior.

You think you are?

I do not like what the hell is it with you the most christian louboutinsensible of the most foul of onions! Xiao Hui said the innocent.

But how good friends and I can not find Renzi Xuan her? Ke Huimin overbearing said.

I did not she force me! Renzi Xuan Xiao Hui said, eyes red.

Back pack you! Is not it? That I do not know how?

Which are you? Renzi Xuan knowledge of what people have to tell you?

That is what you? On what basis points an accusing finger here with Kogaya's?

I am not a thing! Not something I was not me that you not only what? On people like you and I also talk with? Ke Huimin dissatisfied straight yelling.

You shut up!

Surprised everyone looked at Renzi Xuan.

But you can say that I can not say my friend!

No she was not angry that you also use value Renzi Xuan. Ke Huimin anger turned to high pressure did not see them.

You just say to her? Xiao Hui turned back and asked.

The uh,,, Ko what was it? Renzi Xuan Ke said that he muttered quietly want to know why rich people want me to introduce to her understanding Yat!

Why? Xiao Hui without thinking, and he said.

What do you mean? Why do you answer for Renzi Xuan? Xiao Ke Huimin see the side benefits to hinder her plans. Quickly countered.

Because I was good for her and you in the use of her! This represents the Kehui Min Xiao Hui purpose. One to eggs.

You, you nonsense! The Ke Huimin was point out the ugly face there.

Is not it? You say not? Command Kogaya introduce to you know brother Stuart had reached your goal, right? You want is to know the rich can not directly adopt the abducted Stuart Big Brother? 2 than in eggs.

Ke Huimin burst of blue burst of white faces.

Xiaohui Do not say that. Renzi Xuan do not want to let this beautiful girl Xiabulaitai.

Oh I know you so slander I also want to Renzi Xuan description is not rich you know? Ke Huimin seem to get rid of egg binding.

You do not need to sow dissension in this way I have a boyfriend as hard as you do not need to know other people rich! More than three eggs.

You,,, a group of low-level people I do not get angry with you such a person!

Is not it? High-level people that you do not bottom in this group of people to speak with us.

You! Ha ha ha ha! Around the theater of the students very enthusiastic burst of applause and laughter. The original business English classes because of goodchristian louboutin knockoffs grades is not only coming in so this Kehui Min's family always take this irony is to ask someone to lower their people every day.

This person is owed lesson! Xiao Hui you are great! You are our idol! Xiao Hui You're smart! Students amazed.

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