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You're a devil you why you want to torture her too she was a boy! She was 17 years old Yeah!

Yao Meihua tearful.

Do not clean your child something, yeah youchristian louboutin left your mother's brother, the last hope!

Her hand slowly in the face with her daughter has touched the hand of the heat.

She looked down to see her surprised eyes as the tears off his face, like a line of beads at her grief.

You all right?

Lin Yuzhe of joy came over, looked at her hand to her intention to hold over.

Qing Mei frightened at him as if he is venomous beast keep her thin shoulders trembling body straining to the mother's arms by!

You let go of my daughter!

Yao Meihua angrily smashed his hand tightly by her daughter's face in his chest.

She gasped, breathing in the more angry the more coughing.

A small hand slowly out into the back of her many times the same as before gently patting her back.


Yao Meihua stretching from the sallow hands with her daughter's little face.

Qing child you wake up!

Qing Mei is just nodding his head does not speak.

The Lotus has a bad premonition suddenly discovered what like like a walk in the front of the Qing Mei Miss you know me?

Qing Mei Leng Leng's looked just nodded her mouth while Zhang Zhang ultimately did not issue any sound come!

The Lotus Miss talking to you to listen to you talk I beg you!

The Lotus would almost cry out!

Lin Yuzhe began to think she was wrong up.

Miss you speak it with Little Lotus tomorrow we have to go to school?

Xiao-squatting beside her sad cry.

Qing Mei gentle expression suddenly as shelouboutin knockoffs stretched out her hand to wipe the tears of his eyes.

Yao Meihua see this scene began to cry loudly.

She let go of her feet stumbled almost falling.

Ms. Wang are you going I held on to you!

Little Lotus quickly went to her side.

Who knew she suddenly stood still in front of Lin Yuzhe unable to hand out their own fiercely wielded like Lin Yuzhe -

Hand not hit his face was Lin Yuzhe one pushed her to the -

I know you the beast is you are you harm my daughter I will not let you die, I must curse you!

Yao Meihua lying on the floor pointing to his ferocious.

Lin Yuzhe shrugged and did not want her general knowledge!

He went to the stone bench, looking at the trembling fear of looking at his hand lifted her up and clear Mae.

The Lotus go home!

He hugged her and walked straight in to the car!

After all, this young master Miss her mother, she is not -

Little Lotus could not bear to read on the floor constantly cursing Lin Yuzhe of Yao Meihua 1.

Xiao Li, for giving me this crazy woman to go to nursing homes!

Lin Yuzhe saw the driver of a wait for their orders to him.

Yes, young master!

Lin Yuzhe not on the train directly out of the alley holding the Qing Mei!

Xiao-Yao Meihua get her quickly got on the floor lifted up.

I do not I do not I want my daughter in the end to how you like? To take me where?

Yao Meihua Xiao-paralyzed in fear of looking at the seat can not move.

Aunt Oh, you want us to send you good a goodchristian louboutin knockoffs place to clear your child will be there Oh! Do not worry you will together!


Her eyes flashed a light of hope.

Xiao-induced coax she finally let her calm down!

Little Lotus finally looked back to see where this might be the dirty girl's mother to nursing homes is a good idea!

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