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but big cow far far heel at the back of his a pair bottom.mbt shoesThe can not compare with that rain Xuan then only and perhaps avoid to his a pair, a school begins with other people changed seat to leave from a distance, Sun Bao3 fear with Sun Bao3 opposite.The pig head clip at several personal in the center dilemma, simply who also not take a reason.
  Sun Bao3 with thin accompany to release from school at school , be like a childhood just go to Pan dragon the town read grade one and similar, different is that a pair person's words be little, many of is a look in the eyes of communication.Sun Bao3's sometimes feel oneself so filth, each late hug thin but more and more thought rain Xuan, but rain Xuan be like to treat personal enemy to him, even words all not the wish say with him.
  Now, thin every evening with he sleep together, elephant past similar hug him, touch the life-giver son that he grow up.Just beginning several day, he so and stiffly lie, looking at an infant similar lie in oneself the bosom of thin, on moving to dare not to move fear will commit while move severity of mistake.
  After with that night of Tan Ying, Sun Bao3 have already more and more had to the chemisette health condition another realize, usually Zheng wear eyes a short while see top of bed board, a short while see thin, a warmth of hot flow to moderate a lower abdomen department to flow out to move in the chest.This ising hot to flow has been flood in life-giver son up, was like a balloon to slowly rise to get up there.Sun Bao3 stretch hand to touch very thin face, is a particularly very thin breast to stick very hot in the rib of, looking at thin sweetly smile, feeling thin hot hot of breast, Sun Bao3 whole body hot and dry get not line, unbearable light kiss a very thin double lips.In the meantime, the in the mind suddenly living an another image again.BE rain Xuan, he clearly felling get to there slowly soft bottom go to, Sun Bao3's in the mind also slowly fall calm, end thoroughly easy.
  Thin once sleep familiar what also don't know, her side bow wear a body, the breath be even, take to smile on the face and sleep very peaceful, elephant childhood similar, lovely pole.Sun Bao3 is to admire himself/herself very much and hug beauty unexpectedly and very an ability assurance place male of body, estimate world in addition to he Sun Bao3 didn't two people.Certainly, thin also remarkable, hug a handsome boy unexpectedly what matter have no occurrence all to lead, in addition to her, perhaps world also have no two people.In fact this all not oddness, thin heel Sun Bao3 since the childhood sleep big, his each a cake of the skin be thin to all acquaint with very much, especially the light body flavor of Sun Bao3's body, she only on smelling this flavor be like a just born puppy according to Wei in mother's bosom catch Sun Bao3's younger brother asleep.Somehow or other, as long as lie a bosom in elder brother, thin feel body infinite and comfortable, have no don't of what, be comfortable, this may be her ten several in the last years habit of become.
  Sun Bao3 with thin again return to formerly, just thin ratio formerly many request, want before sleep with Sun Bao3 Re4 kiss some kind of, as for Mao Ca, thin feel to still let Sun Bao3 active in order to like, anyway Sun Bao3 be sooner or later and all hers, she now don't become nervous at all.
  The pig head is recent to get in to be in heat a period, he rightness 863 class female leader of class pass the poem sound launched violent of love assault, harm female leader of class a see him wrinkly to get up into 863 class lintel head in the classroom.The pass poem sound doesn't be to dislike a pig head to like her, but she with a boy of class already top, she don't miss her boyfriend misunderstand she.
  Although the pass poem sound read a beginning two, she be to living to belong to pig for 71 years, already 16 years old.The reason is that she be 8 years old to just study, grade four of the time heel mother go to school in Kyoto, empress turn to G City and read a grade four, then much read a grade four again in the Pan dragon town east primary school in the town, result she read to read more than a years late than the other people two year primary school, enter junior high school of time 15 years old.Possibility because of heredity of reason, now of the pass poem sound growth of absolutely elephant head small sow.However don't see pass poem a sound very fat, but she be to care for face egg to contain face, the waistline contain waistline, the bottom should raise of the place raise, should the cave place be cave, most exaggeration of be her that two Ma3 Nai3's sub- grape, almost can use to seem ready to come out to a description, birds of a feather flock together, no wonder that the pig head drooled with envy her.
  Pass poem sound of boyfriend be life member of committee hair little people, they already development arrive at black corner of wall hot kiss of situation.This be the immoral trend that the demon blow at the pig head ear, he say him to see with own eyes the pass poem sound and hair a little people when the school dine together of behind in the restaurant be crazy to kiss, the small hair still embrace pass poem sound of be Ma3 Nai3 Zi3 malicious to eat.
  "!That two milk son be like two big basketball......"Demon description of having material form have a color, spirit of pig head almost didn't demon a throw of the inside of the astrobleme go to.
  This matter fight pig head very big, but he still keep do one's own way, time harassment pass poem sound, which afraid ability occasionally touch pass poem sound of small hand's seeing her to explode a milk be also 1 it joy endless of interest matter.Time a long, the pig head canned not stand, he ran to Sun Bao3 front of beg idea, anyway must the idea catch up with a pass poem sound for him and kiss her small mouth mouth to touch her Ma3 Nai3 Zi3.Sun Bao3 is famously that make trouble ghost, at pig head ear side Sou idea.
  School every year spring autumn all request each organization an outing, this year choice Teacher's Day this day.The beginning is grade two to play address is pass poem sound suggest of, she go to Pan dragon town all three year, haven't climbed over the landmark of a Pan dragon town Wang2 She2 Shan, so her suggestion morning climb Wang2 She2 noon to below the hills swim a peach blossom pond.The pig head is 1 to respond to, he drew together each of the elder brothers support, this be Sun Bao3's idea, he certainly has no words, affirmation is to support strongly.
  September Wang2 She2 Shan of is the most beautiful season in a year, the wild strawberry of Shan-li, wild grape, wild hawthorn etc. can not reckon how many of wild fruit all at this season concentration mature.Small bird, hare, the ringed pheasant all over hills and countryside ground dine together everywhere, the children of Shan-li then arrest empty patrol oneself establish of set, each return total ability return with a full load, taste fresh game.Today's have an outing is really extremely good of choice, it is clear now get have no a little miscellaneous quality, imitate Fo drive carefully once wiped mbt shoes clearancegeneral, there is no a cake of white of cloud spot, the thin and blue blue sky make the person free of mind and happy of heart and have much of poem general of flavor.
  Not only clear weather, rare is still have blow gently cool breeze, mountain climbing, person very quick will perspire, if have one the in fine threads cool breeze be concomitant and seem portable took a fan.Not only don't consume an electricity to have no noise, and super environmental protection.
  Rain Xuan with thin is the inside of the classmate most firm eye of, two Human body material all very Gao Tiao , skin white clean, just thin look extroversive, rain Xuan be introversive, but 99% boy's look in the eyes all turn on electricity for rain Xuan, certainly this get Chou wear Sun Bao3's trend.
  Climb a mountain a beginning, beginning everyone said together that smile, soon and then and not and aware of self was divided into a set, each boy found out a female companion.But talk with other people obvious little, is also likely to be to climb a mountain while talk too tired, two people close to some talk can light some, province point dint.The felling probably being them to all want to realize 1:00 heel opposite sex to have an outing together, make reference to the bottom is a spring heart to sprout.
  Pig head nature is heel at the back of Sun Bao3, he secretly observation pass poem sound of each and every move, naturally, hair little people's that boy affirmation with she at a cake of.Slowly, pig head the nature be thrown to forget of corner.He alone one person, no one accompany, the form shadow mutually mourn, he also doesn't think the influence everyone's motion, a person walk at end noodles, imitate the Fo is a surplus of person.
  Sun Bao3 with thin is the kid of Shan-li, their a pair be like fish let into water here.Especially Sun Bao3, a short while appear at overhanging cliff side, a short while appear at strange stone up, a short while mourn again at old loose crest, do various posture of strange mold strange kind, lead the classmates dimmed eyesight confused, oddness is he to how attain?
  Thin is also exaggeration, as long as is the bird that the sky once flew, with once the hand flick, was use by her to play bow to shot down, end can not find pebble without extra trouble the leather belt dynasty of the waist sky on jilt, direct a pair double the sparrow for fly bound down, let person suddenly tongue.Haven't climbed to arrive halfway up a hill, the inside of each classmate hand was already a few small bird of various each kind, hence the everyone's suggestion roast small bird picnic on the halfway up a hill.
  A group of people arrive at halfway up a hill and all already tired get to pant noisily.Though is all young man, peacetime the girls mostly keep the house in the classroom, lack to build up, today activity quantity a big, all felt to be like to infuse a lead in leg, heavy have to not listen to order.
  "I reduce weight, don't eat meat."Pig head the pass poem sound words say that finish wore hair a little people to escape from these mankind who injure small animal for the Nian, Fen Fen ground the rock which kick sole of foot;"The guy dislike!"He affirmation was scold small hair that guy, know this guy affirmation to guard a pass a poem sound cajolery to arrive again to suck at breast in forest to go to, ability have what way, who call him grow have no small hair handsome study be the nobody house good.The at the thought of and beloved chemisette Mi Mi let don't of the man eat without caution disorderly touch, pig head spirit of connect put 2 ring fart, ask for rain Xuan connect several feet leave the crowd to his Chuai in 30 meters far of the stone ascent up pull out bird hair to give vent to anger.
  Thin raise hands to clap hands acclaim to agree with towards roasting bird to suggest BE, hence everyone living to have fire by the side of the one tree little mountain stone.Sun Bao3 feel oddness, thin past is to don't eat sparrow, he secretly careful the observation detection very thin mouth side be stained with bird hair;"Difficult way did she living small bird to eat?"

    12 of young blood:12 clan sign
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:25:15 origin chapter word number:3693

  Sun Bao3 thought of at this time thin before the chest of that jade fall to, he now be finally understand oneself why so like to drink water a fruit, affection this jade fall to top is what image wear it of person will become this kind of animal.He wear a monkey, difficult way he be true of does the meeting become a monkey?Rain Xuan is a dragon, the pig head be a pig, the heavy cow be a cow, how so Qiao?Difficult way this is early the God arrangement good of?Is what their income arrive really legendary clan sign in the cosmos?If is really so, should there are 12 or 24 people owning clan sign in the cosmos, so they whether also at Pan dragon town?Rightness!That day at department store building crest rain Xuan say that there is 12 meteor in sky fall in, five among them fell a double dragon hole, but they 5 at the right moment got this five clan sign at the double dragon hole, so say that still having be seven affirmation also at Pan dragon town, so of explanation should is reasonable of, so would is who get another 7?
  Sun Bao3 thought of this behind rightness thin livinged an affair of eat the small bird to also disagree, he decision be good friends with good consideration oneself once with this several individual of of relation.Because according to the parlance in the legend, 12 clan sign of the emergence be necessarily a chaotic omen, settle will bring the Xing breeze blood rain, people live in wretched conditions.Chaotic heroic, 12 clan signs own be quell to rob difficult savior, but key is this 12 own of clan sign have to share a bitter hatred of the enemy just line.Be also say, this 12 clan signs have to have a core leadership person, Sun Bao3 Dui4 be very interest in the eldest brother big.
  According to legend inside of explanation, 12 the ability of the dragon tiger monkey three clan sign in the clan sign be the most strong, but dragon row at first, the tiger is in the second, what he own is a monkey clan sign.Be also say, rain Xuan be the possibility of eldest brother biggest, again come down be the tiger clan own of sign.Unless my ability the control leave other own of clan sign, otherwise, the position of eldest brother how also round not arrive I to sit.H'm, if 12 clan signs have a dynasty the first to meet in a narrow path dozen to get up, I affirmation is share a little bit not cheapness.So of words......Hey Hey, if rain Xuan became my wife, she can't objection his husband leadership group of heroes?as for thin, she be the little darling of An..... hum!dear dragon rain Xuan wife, you, I want settle.
  The knowledge is a strength, the information be a first timing, Sun Bao3's the sixth sense let him feel old day the secret which let him know a clan sign anything but and by chance, this may is old day as in in to one of his clearly show.The strength of the snake clan sign row after monkey see to him destine and clip between two women existence, how processing good two chemisette relation is most headache of matter.
  Sun Bao3 looking at thin have never eat to satisfy of appearance, he feel to still keep eating deli comparison hygiene, hence he very gentleness roasted three familiar sparrow to pass to give by himself thin.A little bit thinner also Don't mention it, one mouthful 1 ate two half the inside of the belly, give Sun Bao3 Liu2 half.She to oneself of eat mutually don't feel oddness at all, she definite is hungry.She now not only like to eat sparrow, as long as is a meat, she like to eat.The recent department store family members throw in hospital of several ten chicken's being all thin steal to eat, and is to living to eat.Sometimes connect Sun Bao3's chicken chicken she in the midnight inside get up all think an one mouthful give eat, however she loathe to give up, that but her future sex blessing!
  "True delicious."Thin blunt Sun mbt shoes saleBao3 say with smile and turn round to see heavy cow and rain Xuan over against roast good sparrow to become speechless, past an once robbed and then ate.Pig head see thin and stare at a his hand inside of the meat walked to come over, flurried fill meat into the inside of the mouth go toward swallow in belly, estimate is to block throat, quickly by hand hold tight neck Le downwards, constantly go toward infuse water in mouth, the in that manner can use to fluster to come to describe.
  "True joss-stick."The pig head lick lips and finger to say with the tongue.
  "Ha ha ha aha! admire....."No wonder that, the pig is a miscellaneous food animal, the Sun Bao3 Ji3 looking at a pig head that funny Chan kind to almost smile dizzy, friend the enemy of can't record lifetime, especially young man, several

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