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The streets are always busy coming and going of the Eastern stream.

Sidewalks, street trees under a man with sunglasses louboutin knockoffsgradient lenses leisurely to free his hands in his pockets, looks cool.

He was a good figure and model-like appearance of a type not only caused the attention of a group of little girls around with the discussion also finds fault in not far from the chattering.

Yang. Soon after the call out across the street came running from slightly curled hair and wearing a thin sleeveless dress with sandals, a woman wearing a piece.

Young will be back before the oncoming of a woman holding a combination of attractive men and women full of envy a lot of passers-by.

I am so afraid of your fiance jealous passion? He gently escorted the woman's waist and laughter.

Shhh Do not let him know. Women Duqi his lips to her Oh, but a barrel of vinegar.

Fu Yang quickly let go of her hand around the waist. I have a rare trip back to Taiwan can not harm me.

You have the nerve to say. Women's displeasure rewarded him with a supercilious. Yan back to England shortly before you are old and do not come back causing me to stay in Taiwan, a man died of suffocation.

Boring? He does not believe in laughing. A woman in love bored? Do not hold your sweet stimuli loner for me, OK?

Aigo not what I meant, and Yan together with you that the days when the only substantial stimulus. The same night as a member of the Qin and their own people that the common understanding between the people and the memories are irreplaceable.

Come on. Yang quickly waved. Taiwan is recalling the last boss to see you I thought I would see your last. This will make people suddenly died more than half of the cells together or not good.

Qin spit tongue seems that time really put us in a hospital bed scared. It was an accident, an accident it! You see I am not good.

Well survived the scourge of the millennium.

Yang! She snappily Young's shoulder for the next hammer What is this friend?

It really play any. Go go tea.

You treat. Qin began ㄠ him.

Yes -

He can say? He simply no match for the dark, the woman has always been this way, never changed.

Side of the road a pair of transparent windows in a mixture of surprise, appreciation, awareness and the faint hint of a lonely staring eye pupil Qin Yang and figure out the ending until invisible.

What a pair of speed dating! That two-piece stand are outshone the others.

Ling Ling dropped acid eye that do not quite understand the feeling of heart and why?

Well have been as good as Young man how could no one noticed, no one to pursue?

Leaving aside how people outside the company's female colleagues even in private it in for his jealousy.

Can not pay attention to such things has always been how could she know?

Who told her he could not in the same office every day things like staged in front of people even then could see slow.

Only if co-workers know that Yang had a girlfriend do not know whether the issue will be crying in the corner, burst into tears?

Ling Ling Ling Ling?

Ling Ling immersed in their own thoughts in a moment forget that he was drinking tea and friends do. Uh sorry

Ling Ling What are you thinking? Want to get all entranced. Little light can be curious about her so suddenly from the Spirit of God Buceng Jian Ling too.


Hey Oh between good friends can not cheat.

How can I? Ling Ling cried. I just think where the charm of a man?

Sichun you? Little light will face leaned her mouth open and tongue sound. Day to the next red rain. Has turned a blind eye to men you will ask this question?

I did not turn a blind eye.

Just put them on the most important place in it. Small light nodded yes.

Well you ask me yeah. Knew she would not say.

To continue.

She drank a cup of tea. In fact nothing but a consultant has recently come to my office suddenly become the most popular places.

Consultant handsome? Small light eyes follow a light.

Is look good.

You see it? Small cup full of doubt.

Ling Ling snappily white friends look. I do not understand is that men are more aesthetic, but not without good or bad!

Oh. Oh little light that long to a cry. Do you like him?

She was a small cup, then shocked. How could you not nonsense!

Why not? He was your first impression of a man yeah.

That is because he is my colleague. Ling Ling tried to analyze why.

What about the other male colleagues do? I never heard you mention that they looked round is flat.

Them? She seriously thought for a moment. Do not all look about the same?

That's right friends. Small light pat hand. All men in the eyes of all look alike to you but only just 'he' is the exception to what you do not like people?

Ling-Ling confused that she had never thought about it. Maybe he and I were now the same world with revolutionary spirit is why I remember him.

Is not it? Small light Zeizei smile. Never tasted the taste of love only people would say. Well, I went to see another day like you to help you identify it. If he is really good to a proximity and easier to you?

Not to mention the end here. Getting more and more outrageous.

Do not say that. Small light Minqi of the tongue. I remember chasing just fine. Man not much will happen now the women positive points.

Small light - Ling-Ling is the last warning.

Small light throw up my hand.

Just do not know why Yang and Namingnvzai intimate look like but in the hearts of lingering Ling Ling

Light flash from the front of Ling-ling told the woman figure has come to lunch.

Consultant at noon and you can eat a meal? Company female colleagues look of excitement and anticipation.

She listened until lips slightly with a hook lift does not lift head.

Yang came to the company since then has become an invitation to noon each day, a scene played the heroine is always different people but nothing more.

Heard of the company and his female colleagues to eat also specifically have the opportunity to discharge a timetable for all who do not suffer losses.

Ling-Ling such madness or experience but who apart from Jingxiebumin first time outside of the theater's sake only.

Female colleagues looked at his face looking forward to Jan only nods.

To be fair he decided to order the company's female colleagues to eat a meal, and all round will start after the end again to use his right to say no.

Ling manager to go with dinner? He was so kind to invite Ling Ling fluently.

You can not go. She is not a fool to do this when the light bulb she can not do.

Female colleagues to vote to receive the gratitude of Mouguang teach Ling Ling dumbfounding.

Consultant I wait for you downstairs. In order not to act too blatantly female colleagues to leave in advance.

Ling-Ling and put my head down until you see a file in her hands up edge of the table.

You really do not eat? Yang's face a little disappointed if she is willing to go with him he would eat more at ease some.

Although with a female colleague and Ling Ling, but he can always get along with more relaxed.

Sometimes busy all day even if two people said to each other less than two words but do not feel embarrassed. This is their model for interaction and understanding as others can not learn.

Enjoy your beauty feast it. Yan Fu as he is not that every man has the.

Are you kidding me?

Ling Ling shook her head sympathetically at him enthusiastically arrange things to say: hard work.

Oh. Yang smiled her hair hand Rouluan. I remember I went to dinner back to check.

Along with her a few days off he found that she had a busy and forget to eat glass wool

Oh, you mess up my hair and friends.

Comb the hair to eat. It turned out he was not her intent is to continue to Busy official.

Her fingers along the smooth hair. Do not keep asking me to eat.

Young stopped at the door feet. I went to enjoy the meal but you made me hungry to catch unions feel guilty! Having a blink of her eyes away. Guilt? Ling Ling's mind immediately conjures up beauty to go with him and the man in the street picture.

She has not before telling co-workers whether it is a sin?

Suddenly the thought flashed an unprecedented girlfriend just fine if he had not.


Ling Ling looked up at the cloudy sky and rain of falling.

It seems she bet wrong.

Thought he was just eating a meal out should be able to catch it before the rain returned to the company did not expect so do not bother with San Let the sky rain forecast error ended up laughing at her next regular

It seems the company had rushed all the way back, who told her no way of knowing that rain will not also seek temporary umbrella deserve to be subjected to retribution.

Spotted the opportunity petite body in the arcade, the road suddenly hiding implicit neglect have finally returned to the company's whole body wet almost the same.

Hate doing nothing so the next heavy rain. Ling Ling drops of water on the clothes pat down the hair Shuaishuai is not a shiver, dripping rain. No, no first or else the body dry Caixing day will certainly stay in air-conditioned room in the cold.

Yu Wang Ling-Ling dressing room to go stumbled unfortunately allows the phone rings.

Ling Ling is my Hello. Greet her politely. What is the problem? Easily pulled up a chair and sat down this call is not received within a short time line.

So twenty minutes later Ling-Ling or Wozhaohuatong say stop. More goose bumps just to talk about the body the more she actually began to start exercise, warm body.

From the beginning to the final leg of the small hand running the office when Yang Road, Ling-Ling is seen Wozhehuatong bounce looks like.

He smiled silently always so comfortable in the office she did not care other people's eyes seems to have this place as their home.

And that he likes to work with her. Because she did not rubchristian louboutin boots affected brains are not happy straightening light look at effort is needed to know do not need to guess.

He found work with her heart will become very easy and sometimes he liked the work but because of the mood and atmosphere calculated to work overtime.

This point is not always advertised with nothing to stay in office, he will not Oh.

Yang shrugged do not want to explore these changes in mood he will take away the small coffee on her desk.

Yang Ling Ling back to a grateful smile and now she really need to drink a cup of hot coffee he really know her.

Dinner for her with a cup of hot coffee seems to have become a tacit agreement between them and the routine.

When did it start? She does not remember a day just know that they are looking forward to this meal special services.

Ling-Ling Yang noted down the coffee dripping hair readily Boleyixia hair in front of her forehead.

How so wet?

She will not be rain in the back, right?

His face was slightly condensed look unhappy in her turn.

A must have in her back because she too lazy to rain with mulberry

Can not be lazy in fact correct to say that she always felt she was not bad luck should not be so unlucky.

Yes she always took a bet on their luck relying on God in the living I do not know should be said that she was too Lotte? Or incurable neurological large section?

In addition to her other than official business can be said that not a bit confused some fine Mingshi to think of what often had no idea what to do not know how to look ahead and behind regardless of the consequences.

Why would she know so much about? In fact, he do not know.

Perhaps it is because people from the dark night has long been out of a keen and well-known people trained. Understanding of those around one night and personality traits is the primary mission members took over the work.

Yang Ling Ling puckering of the brow to know - he was not happy.

He always said she did not know how to take care of themselves and the way she always did not mind Phi Phi but after Ling-Ling to get along these days, gradually found that she might really like the work he said was not life a hundred points passing people.

Look letting her frown was Young.

Look after her, and exhorted her, she seems to have become Yang to take care of the work day I really do not know that he will not feel tired? Is not that she can not be saved?

Ling-Ling Yang mouth is like to take the gap to speak her recite the secretary general manager has come in at this time.

Sorry to bother the general manager and consultant to his office you visit. Secretary of the hard-working person to take a trip without them the phone is really well-intentioned people to come!

Well I'll go. Yang nod toward the secretary Ling Ling stood in front of your feet are still not fixed.

Yao Chun Ling Ling bite bite the bullet and innocent look he knows he has to read her.

Jan looked at her rigid expression. What the? If he was nagging like? But he was good for her Yeah!

Dryer. Snappily pulling her hair wet, said only two words he would let her.

Ling Ling mischievous smile brighter in Mouzhong flashed back at him to leave her of her own.

He is really a careful man.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Ling Ling the other hand insisted on the forehead of a hand on the keyboard to show that magic.

Strange? How brains become less flexible and heavier head and also followed up? Programming takes a little of her time in an afternoon river without any new progress is not whether her brain with it?

Well now not only betrayed her with his head against her body began to not only let her headache had her whole body trembled constantly cold - seems not suitable to go to work today.

Ling-Ling temporarily take a break to stand up not top-heavy drink glass of water left her like a walking unsteadily as if drunk.

Hey, how the face so red? Inadvertently mirror from the wall to see his bright red face to her own was astounded.

Strange. Ling Ling touch the next big glass of water filling a cheek fell to the sofa.

Oh so comfortable. Yang had studied in normal position lying on the sofa Xiaoxie found this really quite comfortable.

Tired. Ling Ling sigh today put their whole body is really strange the mind can not think without vigorously.

Sleep on! Sleep may be all finished to sleep together will improve.

Just lazy now and working hours sleep okay? Ling Ling's struggling a bit lower.

Sleep! Even get up because she had no strength to the

Back to the Office of Young rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

He did wrong, right? Always work, will work in front of Ling Ling will be the first lazy at work?

He is not being led astray, right? He should not such a big influence on my son.

But knows nothing, doubts nothing but, a very subtle power of terror.

He took off his coat covered in her body.

Do not know looking to go to bed covered with clothes so people do not know how to take care of themselves really do not know how she lived to be so big.

See her sleep so familiar had he not bear to wake her she wanted to discuss the progress of the case appear to be only so she woke up.

Looking at her sleeping Yen Yang, unwittingly put soft heart.

Yen innocent sleep so reminded him of a childhood hanging at home sleeping angel Yen portrait.

It was his father's favorite because my father said, looking at portraits of quiet and peaceful sleep that will unconsciously follow Yan heart calm down.

Naughty in that frame of mind he could not feel the portraits of people just feel so beautiful.

He remembers his father, also said he will marry the angel painting this speech when the wife was to divert the father and the mother's smile.

Why do you think so? The amount of the mother felt his gentle smile.

Noise did not trouble because she does not sleep, he was the only such answer.

Young shook his head in his self-deprecating even at that time would say such a thing really is a child made to child language.

Would prefer not to argue no trouble sleeping woman that he not marry a vegetable home?!

But the home which affected his painting, or encountered him as long as the quiet beauty is particularly gentle woman of his heart will become soft and can not follow yourself.

This is his weakness was the night a woman eating a weakness of the wearer.

Ling could not help but reach out and touch her cheek Emmanuel clear asleep now looks like even with the picture of the woman bore a striking resemblance.

But touch her face face after he was slightly changed.

Too hot temperature is too high ask her hand in his face immediately moved to the forehead.

Damn! Young was a curse.

The woman is meant to give him trouble for it? Does she not spent on work effort can move a little bit concerned about their body in it? High fever in this way has only to sleep lying here? If she is not confused brains burning natural Shaogen Jin.

If not he want to come back to finish the work, if not do not trust her one night stay, general manager of the company to work overtime to accompany the afternoon to visit his customers do not need to re-enter after the company.

Fortunately, he came back tomorrow, otherwise I do not know what she will become sick?

Ling Ling. Young shook her shoulder before she has lifted her awake.

Young? Ling Ling drowsily opened his eyes. He carries her to do? Where he wanted to hold her?

She wanted to call him to let her hold him down, but was also full of comfort.

Feeling really good and there is a feeling of security.

And so it just once, because she had no strengthlouboutin boots to even speak out.

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