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Yin Xin soon collapse!

Have not seen any of these seven days he is very trustworthy Xiang trace of land given her seven days. Yin Xin why Gengrang stretched to the highest point louboutin bootsof emotion.

Meet with him for fear of Yin Xin did not dare return home with her fear that he will make her heart stopped with eyes to see her own fear that she will once again indulging in that love, she was among the most reluctant to contamination

Enough! Yin Xin forehead support fast hand blown what pain is so she can not love Luanxiang it? These days because the thinking about the words any of Cheung and let her eat, sleep and do a own gaunt and embarrassed.

Oh! Have no one to save her? Is driving not see it changing any Cheung!

Yin Xin keep praying. In this limit of seven days in the last day of the now nearly noon the next second she was afraid of any Cheung will appear in her office door with a smile with confidence and looked at her she thought he might faint on the spot to escape.

Damn it! She had been so weak? Yin Xin angrily pulled barrel.

Beep - beep - beep

What was so noisy? Yin Xin impatiently around the search for her TV drama is disturbing moment only to find that the noise is inside their desk phone ringing her Dizhou their slow reaction to pick up the phone immediately after.

Xin you are ready to look at the small one o'clock we took the plane to Hong Kong. Zu Yong Ren solemn than usual, many times the voice of what appears in the depression.

Yes. Ren Xin Yin Hang up the handset even if the tone of an ancestral Yong know in a typhoon, but she could not help expose Qiaolian on the first few days to smile.

Great finally out of this inhuman torture on when to revive Hong Kong to avoid it! That time if the bad luck to be caught as long as any out any ancestral Xiang Yong certainly right!

Yin Xin compiled several sets of clothes and get ready after all the necessary things with a cheerful smile towards the airport.


Half past twelve and a cold the whole atmosphere of Yin Xin Zu Yong has any standing in the hall going to the CKS International Airport airline lounges for their preparation step to go.

Crowds come and go in the side view are unable to view them.

Zu Yong Ren wearing sunglasses because the cold pretty good shape because of the appearance of Li Yin Xinqing a pair of couple of people reminding us of scenes they will not help to make people look at it in the sense of their ancestral Yong Ren, after emitting a cold one after another the eyes looked back.

Any brother are you okay? Yin Mei Xin twist asked.

Zu Yong Ren seems unwilling to do deadpan voice asked the answer to light: You will have an indirect kill the man you love a good feeling it?

Yin Xin's eyebrows pulled together did not think too much in the answer: should not it! Love only because he died too late Where did I hate him still love him? How was it?

That right there is no love only hate. Zu Yong Ren whisper micro blind eye under dark glasses in the heart of the plan and decided to do a good job.

Yin Xin eye on the office in question has ancestral Yong's why things do not know how to avoid panic, he actually opening the eyes to not let the pace go far more urgent Yin Xin must run just to keep him small.

Worked with more than three years of any ancestral knowledge Yong Yin Xin believe in two decades, there must be something bothering him! But do not love any of the motherland has always been about self-Yong the one thing he himself seems to be implicit when the submarine is simply harder than planes!

Yin Xin is thought not help any of the ancestral Yong hit back hard.

Ren Ren brother?! Yin Xin pain nose all red, tears coming out does not know why he suddenly did not say the same Tingjiu Ting hit her like a moron to go.

Zu Yong Ren backs unusually stiff as stone.

Yin Xinshun his eyes and looked away from where they stood firm about twenty meters away there is a petite woman looking at the stature in their direction.

Women's eyes overflowing with tears eyes deadlocked on any ancestral Yong and his handsome face, dark glasses on under the relatively quietly with eyes shining in her eyes like tears seem to be hurt is so weak and fragile that is for care of a man holding a slender beauty in the palm of the hand.

Yin Xin aware of women look to their eyes with envy and not jealousy, but her fall at any time to have the appearance of the opening allows the Yin Xin Q: Any big brother lady you know?

Zu Yong Ren's face has a second moment of condensation Rouhuan but he does not hold punches from the body flows with suppressed agitation coldly glanced at the woman had just thrown a distance: No! Immediately starts to walk again, step-step to set direction go.

Yin Xin to see that he and the delicate beauty must be something great but have to follow on his footsteps.

But soon she looks any older brother fainted. Yin Xin could not resist a look back of that woman.

Zu Yong stiff pace of any meal with tall stature, but he did not look back but suddenly threw her arms around the shoulders of the shape of Yin Xin close.

Beautiful woman's face at the moment pale Jiaoqu trembling.

Any Big Brother! You stay for a second will Xin Yin smell a rat. Zu Yong any action as if deliberately for others to read, but his actions against her so strong and should not be struggling in any of Yin Xin is no longer put his hands in his shoulders. She knows some good reason or will not do any of the motherland Yong.

She turned back already seen that beautiful woman on the scene.

Yin Xin into the VIP room immediately open Q: You must know her, right? Any big brother.

She felt the meeting in Hong Kong, but she had no need to attend any of her ancestors Yong counterparts do not have to in order to play such a show to see the girl, right? Yin Xin probably know how the story.

Do not know. Zu Yong Min Qi thin lips of any intention to take over the phrase.

Why did she come to the airport now? Is he a cruel word must also not be described? Why have to be personally confirmed his heart she would willingly do without her?

Zu Yong face either because the expression of love and sorrow she has experienced. Yin Xin see his eyebrows locked the sad heart, no-one understands the answer already.


Shao country mansion.

Jun Shao Xin morning Ai quinoa was dug up.

There is no mistake! Took me only a few you dig up? I would also like to go to work yeah Do not be silly. Jun Shao Xin Hui opened her hand and frowned and fell down and sleep.

Ai quinoa love to see him face agitated, trapped and shaking his urged: You Get up! I have something important to say to you.

I'm listening. Made clear eyes open talking nonsense.

Shao, Xin, Jun! That matter is really important. Sentence in the end to do it? Ai quinoa tear voice growled loudly.

Do not! He is pretty back to this one altogether.

Seeing so hard not to have to smother the.

Just listen to hear of sorrow and cried suddenly Chenopodium Ai: Oh - my stomach hurts! Is killing me I was not going to have it? Shao Xin-Jun-save me!

Jun Shao Xin long been awake most of her so much noise that she deliberately ignored her acting is also pretending raving. You lie still for a long time away from production. To intimidate him?

Ai quinoa narrowed squinting. Not even think he knows that sleep seems to contradict her Xiaxing only his is the only way it!

So she pretended to regret ditan. Oh really important thing! You sleep with pigs is that even as it seems you have no chance to stop the pity yo! Small Xin Xiang to get married and either have to say.

Like a bed on fire, like Shao Xin Jun Yue mad sky top-notch voice asked: What did you say? They're getting married?! I'm not - he said we should go out the door as one to stop this Nie Yuan .

Ai quinoa dig dig leisurely blazing ears 被震 Ma said: tsk! Not resorted to this small Xin kill you Shuisi the trick will not be for me.

He Shazhu footsteps. Watch out Ai quinoa is how fast is it? He might be anxious.

Got you! See if he does not dare to face a serious drag on Chenopodium Ai direct to the point. Since you did not find any of Cheung's birthday party a few days after the small Xin has never come back?

Shao Xin Jun Remove This tight feeling commonplace to say: a small fear of her work will attach great importance to the company is also a matter of course to live in it! Moreover, where promising her a dedicated lounge and bathroom equipment and even ate in all What you worry no shortage of heart? I have not the burden when you do not like this?

Ai quinoa white him. Strange do not you think? Birthday party that day in front of you face any Xiang Xin abducted to the small end of the party after they came back too small Xin never seen this not strange? Think she is anyway One ghost!

Oh, then spread them to talk about it! And small Xin who do not want to see her so sad any claim not even meet Xiang save trouble. If you feel strange to say why do not you ask a small Xin?

Hey you want to be too simple, right? And I had to ask too small Xin ah but she did not stop the slightest tear leaked to the topic I know yeah! Ai quinoa Duqi the mouth.

To do anything to be with you filing?

Ai quinoa looks like he has worried about that: I think there must be indifferent to what happened not so many days of small Xin did not come back. No matter how busy she will come back even before Deng percent drink the soup stew for several days, but she really has no back yeah!

Shao Xin Jun consider also found something wrong with fear again. Ren Xiang will not do to her what the rules do not matter?

You think too much! The sound of her laugh. I think something must have burst a very suspicious spark ah Oh! Hey I think we have any other Big Brother house after returning to Taiwan about any Big Brother house to drink tea at home that his bad temper his brother to manage not to mess with our family Small Xin This is the best strategy.

Shao Xin-Jun is also deeply nodded agreement. Forced only case.

Ai quinoa secretly smile thought: tricks to achieve!

As long as Shao Xin Zu Yong Jun took to find that would like to know the inside story and looking for any ancestors took Xiang Yong Xiang, met nemesis of any big brother does not want to move out in the end what happens is immune another!

Ai this but she came up with good ideas quinoa too! She was more admired himself.

Chenopodium smug look Ai Xin Shao Jun to pirate ship on the wrong kind of ominous foreboding.

You laugh very small quinoa very strange.

How can there be? Is my very beautiful smile, right? Go! Shao Xin Jun indiscriminate use of adjectives you fine you say 'beautiful Ai arborescens' a hundred times to me tomorrow night.

Oh -


Night flying thirty House Hotel ROCKPUB still overcrowded. Although it can be called rock PUB is not as noisy in general there is no loud noise, music can be relaxing moderate volume level can also make people dance.

Today, the female bartender in the bar was officious but only for non-stop in front of her filling the spirits of handsome men; he seems to have a pair that should be vested with the eyebrows to see through people's minds sharp eye at the moment is lost? Looked at cup of liquid micro-thin lips childish Juezhuo divergence in Jiabian black shoulder-length.

Decadent blend of small and childish, he has taught the essence of a woman by his crazy tear his shirt buttons, clear lines of the chest slightly Changlu not imagine people being that strong feeling of clinging to his chest ring must be very happy, right?

Female bartender in the eye around the transfer of any Xiang Xiang, but he did not know who ignores or even hate feeling lust in his eyes from it. He used to enjoy now but he told her to unplug her to speak to him in the eyes stick to give her one way: there are polite!

All right! He admitted that he only came here because of a bad mood drink alone want to wake up your drunk after a good sleep that he wanted to see who will appear.

Ren Xiang giggle because of their own ideas and has become in the eyes of female bartender make fun of.

You, sir, a man? She finally spoke up voice still trembling.

That she was approached have any reason to ignore her Xiang only love her when the flies stick to toast a cup of brown liquid Yang to do then let them look exceedingly cool.

Mr. uh you a man? Thought he heard the bartender asked female ear.

Ren Xiang blunt, to facilitate shooting at her eyes light exclusion said: none of your business!

Female bartender locked out of a little red eyes, no longer afraid to speak.

Humph! Best he drop a quiet. Anyway, with the exception that dares to escape outside of his Yin Xin Shui Yebie want to talk to him. To speak? Can put that guy to find out.

Picked up a stomach grew more and more anger and drank another glass of wine either a big mouth Xiang any hot liquid that burned in the general slide into his stomach.

Damn it! How dare he hid for three days and twelve hours off, but this account he had given to her down double your money back!

Big Brother told her to accompany a business trip does not know where it when no one knows when to come back. No one actually knows the whole fly gone like they disappeared the same.

Ren Xiang pocket he took out his cell phone rang to answer idle and mute.

Master Cheung great news it! That tone sounds as if people gonnachristian louboutin boots cry like the two million.

Bo Wu a hurry say. Ren Xiang whispered growl.

Yong also said that Miss Yin Master back in the restaurant na! This is not a big good news? Master Raymond? Seeing the young master Wu Bo drunk these days and presumably could not find Miss Yin is the bar? loyal he heard the news without delay to the owner reported to the small.

Are you sure?! Any Cheung had galvanized the spirit of his lips raised calculating smile. I know.

Hung up the phone any good news Xiang Gogo and his fingers that were approached by the female bartender came over immediately like to listen to orders.

Ren Xiang saw in her ear that the female bartender did not know what is left of the PUB.

Ren Xiang ignore one hand the amount of support around the eyes of love just keep laughing away.

Yin Xin not you run out of my palm!


Home less than an hour to support Yin Xin grim escorted to her office is a large heavy Cheung also throw in the PUB, holding his suit jacket and tie expensive drunk all the way to any Cheung dragged her off room.

Drunkard, alcoholic Cheung you either re killing me this pig filled with anger, she makes room on the force and threw him unique.

Tap! Any Cheung secretly thought she must have hated him or how he would like the rejection to rejection when the sandbags to the rejection may have blacked out his head he also lost his swing get dizzy!

He, however the standard weight yeah! She actually said that he is a pig?

Yin Xin covered with fragrant perspiration, panting stood beside the bed watching his cheeks flushed red before gradually eliminate anger.

PUB, just the hotel staff to the office looking for her to lead her back to the office Xiang either unconscious because of drunk looking Yin Xin Xiang keeps saying that it had to have a lot to drink any of Cheung to her.

She is a bother anyone? Either a few days in Hong Kong made a wild progenitor Yong Meng Side with overtime she can. Finally back to Taipei to rest but to take care of the drunk one night. Alas

Calm down a little because of overtime work and insufficient sleep and tired after the flight turned into the bathroom to wash her and therefore did not see any big Xiang Zhang and very clear sense of where the eyes look like there is a little drunk?

Yin Xin, after a while wiping wet hair came out from the bathroom she glanced at the lie the same as any Cheung Shuisi his three-quarters of a person to occupy the beds. Even a nap are so overbearing! And does not know when the shirt off his chest distinct texture exudes atmosphere.

Qing Tan Xin Yin came to help him soon covered with blankets while he prepared to go to bed sofa, but when he reached for Xiang pulled down her mouthful of drunken in his body, said: good - to accompany me to sleep.

Originally due to see his hard chest and a red face sink broke away quietly scolded him. Sleep your head! Smell any Xiang When I was your friend what you Pink? Infuriating!

Ren Xiang, once again listening to live lamb altogether ripped off her frown firmly do not let go rogue to raving. No matter! You sleep with me sleep with me! The more he called more loudly.

Good, good, good sleep by you to sleep by you! Yin Xin Mokenaihe to lie side Dichi. Lying in the past that are not allowed to touch me!

Xiang obediently do not overstepped any so tired of Yin Xin degree will put heart fell asleep.

Her lips so sweet is not any one from any companion Xiang lips that tasted fresh and still not satisfied to let him explore the tongue into her mouth to explore repeatedly insisted she could only leave his lips taste!

More and more greedy kiss from the lips, eyes, nose, ears to the distribution of light delicate fragrance and gentle neck and then spread to the chest of his aggression seems like a matter of course.

Xin Yin whispered in his sleep as if light was to sympathize with asthma than the general body so she does not enjoy not even think

Ren Xiang close greedy upper body is unable to satisfy his wild horse as he continued to want more and more until the Yin Xin belong to him will strike Ganxiu good!


Ren Xiang, turn over and reach out to touch the side of the Yin Xin think they rushed to empty.

He quickly sat up, opened the eyes of a sharp bell - over eleven o'clock twenty-three.

Yin Xin room did not figure he got up and attached to the office barefoot out of the room opened the door I saw that after Yin Xin desk light crescent lock with two red cheeks look like in a trance.

When the lips touch Xie Xiao Qin Zhao Xiang was about to impressive advances of any knock at the door when it rang and then looked nervously at this time assuming the assistant led the three men appeared at the door - Zu Yong Ren, and Jun Shao Xin Ai quinoa.

Cousin? Ai quinoa? There any big brother how do you come? Not let me know first. Yin Xin hastily stood up and hit the body does not care for her Menheng Zhuojiao soon.

Over! Any Cheung also hoped that the drunkard her room to sleep later in this sensitive time, not to appear or to be wasted when she would just explain a lot of saliva and they may not believe it. Yin Xin was almost crying out loud.

After assuming to prepare drinks for four on the sofa and sit down.

Ah Jun and the small quinoa for lunch came to me looking so you know you're a go. Zu Ren Yong said the reasons for their sudden visit.

Ah yeah? Yin Xin cold sweat.

You're too small Xin never, right? You have no home for nearly two weeks is not that Jesus does not matter whether they go back it? Ai quinoa Du Qizui complain.

Anyway, today she must be used with small Xin stand out. Xiang any word in the end whether patriotic? Do not love so much the better; If you love to work hard to not like any of Cheung happen, no matter like faint-hearted.

You think too much it! I did not go home to sleep in here, things are busy working on more than one will bother to go home to sleep late, like here.

Is not it? Ai like quinoa a doubt.

Yin Xin A smile is not natural. Of course, is really another! If you do not believe me go home tonight to be a good material to prepare a meal waiting for me Oh!

Xin listen to the company's small staff, said last night, drunk or small Cheung you to lead him back is not it? Look Yong Ren elusive ancestors.

Yin Xin closed his eyes closed. Alas, the past or escape.

Yes yes there is such a thing.

Shao Xin Jun a gloomy face and asked: What about that guy now people? Morning, he and Eric had any family looking for quinoa first went to talk did not think any of Cheung Ng Cheung Pak-Master last night that his family did not return that night more bad feeling about him was.

? Yin Xin spent a few seconds before Zhangtailezui giggle response. I do not know! Yesterday I put him out of the PUB no control him after he left it! Perhaps he might even have gone home or sleep in the presidential suite or he can never tell where he lived without money anyway

Building Xiang off by disclosing any damn son, right? Secretly Di Chi Yin Xin.

Shao Xin Yong Jun and any ancestors of these two knowledgeable men seen as early as Yin Xin lying.

Small Xin You'd better tell the truth does not even have to lie to your cousin, right? Shao Xin Juan said with a warning means.

I really! I really do not know where any of Yin Xin Xiang hurriedly waved his hand for a heavier tone afraid of the next second was exposed.

Small Xin you - Shao Xin Jun suddenly got up and suppress their anger, said: Good! Since you refuse to tell the truth that his cousin went to see. Then he had walked towards the lounge.

Do not try to stop her cousin.

Shao brother did not look me in here. Ren Xiang generous bare upper body out of Chun Yen seems to have faint fire burning.

Go! Yin Xin What do you want to be so be sure to write clear? Listen to her talking cat with three legs of the lame lie that he is unhappy. Something to do with him is so painful? She Do not know how many women waiting to climb up the relationship with it? Stupid woman!

Ren Xin Xiang Yin you big white eyes in the face stare Believe it or not he has not so expansive to the upper body in front of everyone! This time even if she jumped into the Niagara Falls is also Xi Buqing it!

Damn! Cheung you actually move any of my cousin? Today, I have to teach you not!

Shao Xin Jun punch will have to go to shake off the face of any Cheung Yin Shao Xin Xin rushed forward in a timely manner grabbed the hand of Juan shouted anxiously: Ren Xiang cousin and I have nothing really! Really!

Ren Xiang disdainfully standing flat on his intention to suffer under a hard punch that he did not want to dodge a trace of fear and intention. Yin Xin is the kind of always wanted to draw the line and his words made him want to freak!

Yin Xin He stared coldly dropped a bomb like the opening. Who says we have nothing? You know I - any, Xiang touch you! Why deny that? You have people why I dare not admit?

No! Not! Yin Xin Shimoji fast limp with her whole face red Qiqiaiyi to say: We would have no how! Really cousin I told how he really did not!

Is not it? Nothing really? Be forgotten in the next rage in place of Ai love quinoa asked.

Nothing really!


Yin Xin fist angrily stabbing the eye of a sharp knife and her naysayers growl to roar almost any Cheung: Ren Xiang you to stop talking nonsense what I would have no Why do you want fabricated false words? They're not really a relationship ah Ren Xiang is with his hands and lips touch her all over everywhere Bale

Ren Xiang's anger also ring up the chest lowers his hand and said suppressed anger: I see your body up and down times, touch times, pro-times so that you dare to say no?

In addition to the presence of any of the three brothers outside Oh louboutin knockoffsno! Happened to open the door for drinks with the assuming have heard the four people tongue-tied to speak.

Yin Xin embarrassed red face. Oh! Over thoroughly to end!

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