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 already sat on the timespace machine in the middle, mbt shoes salethe timespace machine is a diameter the big round ball of four meters, inside space also true narrow and small, and Wang2 Ren2 courageously, true can say several people complete crowded together.
  "Small tiger, your Chong how many energies?"Wang2 Ren2 courageously walk to come in and ask a way.
  "Eldest brother, I …… I …… probably Chong 4,000,000 or so ……" the small tiger be some exhausted, breather way.
  At this time flank of again Di any further unbearable question in heart, hair words, "Wang2 Ren2 courageously, I don't understand very much, why you want us right away by that time empty inside machine, difficult way we now use timespace machine beginning timespace to transfer?"Again Di press once control pedestal of press twist, enter door the camalig"sway be"1 already auto merger, if you careful see of words, be able to certain see, enter door camalig already with the door sew already fusion together, have no one silk blind side, inside ball dignified become a space of closeness, use flawless to description too accommodation however.
  In fact this is adoption similar to the MY liquid robot series liquid metals, can carry on liquid and solid of freedom conversion, the door sew fusion to be just small technique, but in the against the current of timespace, this become key of, seal completely of space give pilot enough of self-confidence, liquid metals of absolute defense again give the pilot be ample of safety, indeed as expected not the Kui be a prehistoric person intelligence of crystallize!
  "H'm!I just hair a destructive power equal strong of unique recruit, I think with now permafrost geology, soon after, big six then will crack, dinosaur will this time in the disaster destroy completely, we have to at big six collapse before leave here."Wang2 Ren2 courageously has already taken over a small tiger, insert oneself's hands into the cave slot of transport the energy, the one and other pure and strong energy spread to machine from the his hand in ……
  " Depend!Wang2 Ren2 courageously, you is really an abnormal condition and let incredibly and really big six separate."Again the Di pass the monitor out of the screen conjunction of timespace machine and saw one act with unforgettable his eternal life ……

    A spool of Earth travel extensively to record chapter 58 comeback future(bottom)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-7-2617:29:23 origin chapter word number:2385

The winds and clouds change countenance, the earth be vibrate, river water at roar, world abruption, the strong breeze be brutal, the bright and beautiful clear sky have become past, mentally dense of black empty cover with world, lightning flashes thunder Ming, terror cuda lightning flash, good play trample upon all everything, the earth crack, flood deluge, innumerable the dinosaur too late escape to be covered up into crack, at this time, subterranean heat ability also the come out of unwilling to remain out of the limelight join in the fun, volcano eruption, hot flow billowing, burning syrup all the way ever triumphant ……
  Again the Di stare big the double see at present acquaint with of everything, strong like the dinosaur of Si, as if treat to kill of lamb, several of interest have become history, he dare not believe, but have to believe, because of at present of fact already certificate everything ……
  Also have chain reaction inside base at this time, the underground 23 F often shiver several pair of, the circular huge pillar split first, the wall also follow to tumble down, the groundwater also silently carried on action ……
  "How, enough have no."Wang2 Ren2 courageously the facial expression pale way.
  In order to putting big unique recruit, Wang2 Ren2 courageously now is already excessiveness overdraw inside body of energy, he still worry so prepay the energy in the body, can let he of real strenght fall back, however have already can't hire at this time so many!
  "Again more, now is already 9,000,000, again more!"Again the Di saw once energy needle, say of Huang piece, because of now the base have already been drown by the groundwater, the timespace machine seem a ball is in the water have no the purpose float to float, disorderly turn, if which wall not obedient, direct pour on the timespace machine, that they can bother!
  Wang2 Ren2 courageously also know at this time a circumstance to be urgent, use the strength for suck at breast, Tao light all bottom try very hard to transport energy.
  Very in a short while, Wang2 Ren2 courageously the double eye turn over white and have a have no spirit of say:"2008 of target April be 6 days."Just say that finish, the persistence don't live mind and body any further two tired dual tired, feel at present a black, no longer know to feel-this is Wang2 Ren2 courageously first time faint-BE under the sistuation that the physical strength can not stand up!
  "The energy be full of, instrument from check, check complete, all normal, start transfer, target 2008 April 6 day.(Is exactly the day of four people's 100 Mu explorations)"Zhi brain within timespace machine auto sent out a hint sound.
  "Everyone work well safety measure and the timespace machine have already started transfer."Again the Di again remind a way.
  The timespace machine is quick in the water dozen turn, rotate more and more quick, as if a hurricane Tuo mule, the threatening force can't resist, connect take surroundings of the groundwater be also turned into a maelstrom and"burst" of one be light ring, timespace machine already disappear in the water, whirlpool also immediately disappear, but big six separate, dinosaur destroy completely is can't controversy of fact.
  But Wang2 Ren2 courageously of question in heart, but always can't uncover, why that Zhang You3 be prehistoric to print the geography model of vestige and lead him to 100 Mus big?Difficult way the host of this model predict accurately of knew him to 100 Mus big after, certain will return to a prehistoric century, but this person of real use righteousness:It be the last two luckily survive saved a pre-human.
  If is so of words, Wang2 Ren2 courageously still really attained, but this again creation another question, the then it be courageously personal to let Wang2 Ren2 return to a prehistoric century, that why don't let Wang2 Ren2 courageously return to "prehistoric person with put out the war of county family period", this period but pre-human most out of the demand dint help of stage, had Wang2 Ren2 courageously of help, pre-human should be able to strengthen not a few real strenght, why didn't this model host do so?
  Perhaps say Wang2 Ren2 to courageously return to a prehistoric century root be 1 strangely fits, that model host of real use righteousness also not is let Wang2 Ren2 courageously bring back the last two pre-human, he really return with the righteousness in 100 Mus big, that"devil delta" that is mysterious and let the person look forward to ……
  Return to have why dinosaur suddenly all riot, the target keep base, is have what person intentionally arrangement, still whole because of strangely fits ……
  Wang2 Ren2 is courageously exhausting of open eyes, took a look surroundings of environmentmbt shoes clearance, O.K. lazily move neck still in the timespace machine, turned to turn an eyeball, detection two people's a tiger return at sleeping.
  "Target, 2008 April 6 day, have already arrive."The timespace machine very responsiblely ring out hint language.
  Two people a tiger right away drive earthquake come to, Wang2 Ren2 courageously also utterly exhausted body, through this time of dizzy fan, his physical strength a little bit instauration 1:00.
  "Arrived, really arrived."Again the Di rubbed to rub eyes, careful stare at the screen of timespace machine, shout a way.
  Wang2 Ren2 courageously hear Di again concussion of yell, the body be also suddenly stimulated, tired of felling also disappear half, want is also, a modern people suddenly arrived at dinosaur a century, still there life two year, now finally came back, ability not concussion happy!
  "What monster is this ?"Wang2 Ren2 courageously didn't°yet the excitement be over, suddenly felling wrong, fan looking at of Mang screen.
  See two people in a square to the station but sign, two human face front all have a monster, one just all of whole bodies be a metals structure of robot, but another more oddness, is a stub long have a pair of feet of tree.
  The robot raise a hand, five finger good five carry a rifle, "Pa Pa Pa" be continuously continuous, hail of bullets, keep shoot that tree that live.
  But this tree that live, there is also counterplan, right away constringency branch and trunk, pair of oneself package among them, intensive of branch and trunk as if impregnable fortress, block all of the bullets in the outer circle, the slightest didn't harm oneself.
  "Quack, you of the gold just wasn't the opponent that I plant to work properly at all."Stand the tree been live behind, a dress recreation take pity on of young way.
  "You are little at there useless talk, haven't my gold steel use to necessarily kill a skill?You are overbearing what!"Stand at the back of the robot, a small youth way which wear a sightseeing hat dress red shirt.
  "Gold steel, give me usage to necessarily kill a skill'rocket shell'!"Red dress youth loudly order way.
  The robot is indeed as expected obedient, take back right hand, grasp bazooka of hang the at the back, carry on the shoulder before shoulder, duizhun target.
  "Carefully plant to work properly, give me usage'absolute defense'."Young same order way.
  See original package together plant to work properly to hear young of instruction after, also beginning activity, continue package oneself, more pack more tight, physical volume also at any time it more the Suo be more small, end pair of oneself Lei become 360 degree whole defense of circular.
  At this time, the gold steel have been already shoot, a guided missile keep rush toward from the bazooka but, the speed be too quick, turn the eye has been already bump and"bomb" of one be huge ring, have already bumped to plant to work properly.
  Fire gram wood this is know to all of matter, explosion make a blaze pound at, ising not "absolute defense" of this wood can resist, so both collide with each other of result only have 1, plant to work properly fiasco!
  Square top jam of the audience see have no noisy can see, also in succession spread go to, they have no is because of two monster but surprise, this seem naturally, is them life of essential to have of a part.
  Only Wang2 Ren2 courageously sink into deeply of fan Mang in ……

    A spool of Earth travel extensively to record chapter 59& quot;The thing isn't a person"
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-7-2617:29:24 origin chapter word number:3252

"Are we to return to for 21 centuries?"Wang2 Ren2 courageously finished see fight of two people and stare at again the Di roar a way, stimulated and of disappointment of moment fall bad, let Wang2 Ren2 courageously original very exhausted mind more mess, imperceptibly have already strengthenned tone.
  "2008 of target April 6 day, complete exactitude, do not deviate a timespace, I have already passed interception this timespace of the satellite know."Again the Di has never been Wang2 Ren2 courageously bad attitude but angry, lightly say.
  "That just of fight is what happened!Difficult don't become is science fiction slice?"Wang2 Ren2 courageously stare Di again, obviously and very of angry.
  "BE not!Just of fight is a true ppearance, at we under 1000 feet, we now is float to float in the sky."Again Di explanation way.
  "I depend!Return to say that do not deviate a timespace, in 21 centuries root will not appear to just fight of condition, and I see those crowd who round a views see if have no the appearance of Du, obvious they rightness so of fight have already see of too many, otherwise root not so cool!"Wang2 Ren2 is courageously blunt to come over, the Zuan wear again the collar of dress of the Di loudly way.
  "I once said, now we is in 2008 April 6 day, I not think repeated, please put a respect point, don't hold tight my collar of dress!"Again the Di finally had one silk wrath and the tone be not so cool either.Ha ha!The prehistoric person still has much of a temper, is them to also nowise shrink back even in the strong in front.
  "Open a camalig door, I go out a verification once and exactly is BE not, a short while clear."Wang2 Ren2 was courageously loose to open the collar of dress way of Di again.
  Again the Di was light to speak a "open a camalig door", the Zhi brain receive instruction, "Mao be" be 1, wall from the timespace round ball, spilt open a metals front door.
  Wang2 Ren2 courageously one be horizontal to jump, have already jumped a round ball and the small tiger be not slow either and close on the heels of to afterward follow to fly.
  "Eldest brother, we this want to fly to where!"Small tiger heel at Wang2 Ren2 way courageously and after death.
  "Do not much ask, a short while you know."Wang2 Ren2 courageously the mood five flavours be complicated at this time, don't think at all with this funny tiger dialogue, a words already the mouth which live a small tiger.
  Wang2 Ren2 courageously assurance oneself once of position after, face west a square to fly to, if these be the permafrost words, so this direction, certain keep 100 Mus in an Atlantic Ocean big, also is just think in the meantime:"Again Di so affirmation of say, this be the original Earth, that should have no wrong, he is a research personnel, pay attention to of cent second be necessarily quasi-, this is to need not to the Yi, otherwise can't build a timespace machine, either, so fantastic thing, but here is the words for 21 centuries, why again appear that title Zhang Dan3 just of fight, difficult way police here all dead?Otherwise, impossible nobody tube!Only 1 kind so left, be also say this kind of super ability to fight to have already been legalize, but at originally of 21 century, this kind of possibility true extremely minute!The difficult way take two pre-human because of me till future, disorder timespace, change future?"
  "Return is really 100 Mus big, seeing to us can expel this is another the possibility of a star!Here still the Earth!"Wang2 Ren2 courageously soliloquize.
  Bottom get to ground, Wang2 Ren2 courageously quick of rush, be find out that big tent, he concussion of the tears all want tears overflow, fast of take back oneself establish bottom of knot boundary, walk into a tent, O.K. three female all at, although return poisoned, quickly take out the herb medicine that century dig from the dinosaur, the hands grasp herb medicine, a little bit on put out strength, already extrude medicine juice, bye open three female of mouth, medicine juice drop go into three female of in.
  After favour is over, Wang2 Ren2 courageously sit at a side, wait for three female slowly wake up, looking at three female of facial expression more and more normal, breath also smooth, see to herb medicine effect not bad!
  Very quick, three female You You however of open eyes, "husband, you how enter our tent, I can tell you to sexually harass!"Lin2 Meng4 such as just waked up and then see Wang2 Ren2 courageously good big ash wolf stare at of sort they, sarcastically say.
  "You are this small girl, humiliate mbt shoesme is that the method be blind BE!I am your husband and I am to sexually harass you and what does that judge say again?"Wang2 Ren2 courageously an embrace Lin2 Meng4 such as, open a big mouth, the bad tiger rush

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