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 person of object and oddness is from the body side once fly already not rarembt shoes sale, who call now of is all bsolute being clan and absolute being everywhere in the cosmos.With the airspeed of hell chariot, after ising already also a day while arriving that star of the Hua Anne's place.
  Looking at front of that nebula, the nebula material heel meteorite is everywhere all BE, if have never sat a mark to want to therein find out 1 from a fixed star heel two planet small galaxy for constitute is how of bother.Be regarded as according to sit a mark to look for, I also sought not a few time to just find out that galaxy.This nebula of road such complications, I take after think the Hua Anne will not be find out by the others of, he affirmation return at that gold yellow of desert star up.
  The hell chariot land in the one disappear the side of bigly the desert, I effort of the feeling know the Hua Anne's soul reaction.But this star be a lot too big, I now can't overlay this star to look for a person's soul reaction for night absolute being a fastenning the control of ability return.Afresh top region chariot, I part along the equator low altitude of this star fly, part effort feeling the Hua Anne's soul reaction.
  But let what I disappointment BE, I along the equator of this star flew a turn of the soul reaction which serve another term what living creature didn't also felling arrive, don't even say that is the Hua Anne's soul reaction.Proper I prepare to arrive another place look for of time, the Hua Anne's soul reaction suddenly appeared.
  I am one detection, favour facing Hua Anne soul reaction spread of the direction fly.Can to the back of the place, again what reaction also have no."Anne of the Hua know you affirmation here and you come out for me.I tell you me now to have already become absolute being, I ain't afraid now angel's clan be those discards.If they dare to seek you to bother me to polish off them."I loudly shouted it.But answer my only the shout of information with cover with of Huang2 Sha.
  "Anne of the Hua know great up the officer?He is my brothers like you, but his affair I have never help to take a post of favour, if not is see his now happiness of appearance, I affirmation return to penitence dead.But you difficult way the affair which want to let me for the sake of you compunction lifetime?You are this selfish guy, don't forget you that to keep the big mother to you alone, did you have to once think her feeling again?"I sit continuously say on the ground.
  "Shut up!Yang2 Hao4 is this idiot, you be very noisy of know not to know!"The Hua Anne's voice suddenly ring out.My favour stand up to hesitate period everywhere, doubt of wrinkle up eyebrows to ask a way:"Is Hua Anne you?My felling why don't arrive you of soul reaction?"
  "Is still saying oneself an absolute being?You throw not to throw a person!"The Hua Anne's voice, this ising definite is a Hua Anne of voice."Hua where where, you be quick to come out!Return to outside with me turn star area go to, your mother also over there.Told you turn all of star areas to be me to say out of now that calculate, follow an elder brother to mix assurance you to have prospect."I loudly of shout a way.
  "My ability hear, you think I be a deaf person, why call so loudly!"Hua Anne complain" return to mix assurance to have prospect with you, you so also calculate have prospect true don't know your this absolute being is how be."
  I am angry of say:"You where exactly don't come out me again true angry!""You idiocy, you trample my head and where do you still ask me!"Hua Anne depressedly say.
  My favour back to open and see toward the oneself foot go to"depend, your boy play me BE?All of this are Huang sand, where have you of head?"I loudly of scold a way.
  My words sound just fell, the viewpoint noodles be a burst of to tremble to move, I before the body that sand dune to in out of the sky fly to, bring about to cover with of Huang2 Sha.My favour shut to see toward the sky up the mouth.That regiment Huang2 Sha after being a burst of tremble to move slowly became a head.Looking at that acquaint with of face, I surprise of call way:"Anne of the Hua?Did your boy become so so?"
  That similar to Dong mansion sand head piece open mouth, say:"I how can anyone know will become like this.Not just saint palace those bastards don't know how to find out so the desert star of oddness.I just come to star have no two days detection oneself felling very strange, who know that waiting me awake from sleep oneself became this appearance.Now this star is me, but I be also this star.You call how I walk with you?"
  The Hua has peace of mind an inside ratio who all depressed, awake from sleep and then became a desert star, this matter fall who head top all not comfortable."You, you say, do you say your now to be this star?"My surprise of called to get up.The Hua nestle however will meet so oddness of affair.
  "Useless talk, have I ever not and all once said!Now you this absolute being still have way to take do I walk?"Hua Anne also doesn't think the Suo in lifetime in even the living creature all could not see of star up.
  I helplessly shook to shake head to say:"I didn't also way.Your boy so geezer situation even the absolute being have never heard.You since became this star, that you have to discover that this star have what geezer place?"
  "Geezer place?H'm, rightness, the center of earth inside of this star have oddness of huge precious stone, but I felling it seem my heart."Hua Anne wanted to mean to say a way."That I see and also doing not know can figure out a way to help you."My nothing important confidence say.
  "See?Carefully the magma burn dead you this unlucky kid!"The Hua safety hit shot way.I defy say of spirit:"Your boy grow a fart, elder brother now but hell of representative person, dark and black break the absolute being Yang2 Hao4's adult, hell flames I go fetch to take a shower, you think those common of magma ability pair of how am I!"
  "Hey Hey!"Hua Anne say with smile:"Unexpectedly you this unlucky egg have already control breath as well so good of time.Since you so cow, that I open a road for you, you be quick to see me to still have to save!"Hua Anne say that finish, the ground the earth be violent of the earthquake move and I appeared a the crack which go directly to center of earth before the body in a little while.

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  I took a look before the body of crack, jumped up to jump down to go to."Carefully!"The Hua's Anne's favour called 1."I once said and can't occupy, give me good road become."My doing not feel will have what dangerous of.
  Continuously fall a body in the ground of utter darkness sew, just a beginning be still a cool breeze Sou Sou, can be to leave center of earth more and more near ir more and more thin and diluted and on all sides also more and more hot.Don'ted know whereabouts how long, I finally and ambiguously saw under the body of emergence red light.
  Shut the last eye usage absolute being knew a feeling once, a lava flow seem complications of blood vessel interleave at underground.Similar to what I think, these magma combine can't bring injury to I, I am lightly loose tone.In fact and just saying magma can't injury I, also however is my own guess just.
  ", You this absolute being be still some use, have never thought you really not afraid magma."Hua Anne is also loose tone.I satisfiedly smiled to smile and say:"You think I am to have fun false!These magma just how much temperature, calculate throw the sun me also not afraid.""You blow!"Hua Anne say of despise.
  "Good get to place.I give you lane terrace."Hua Anne said that usage some not well-known metals give in the center of earth me lane a the terrace that can stand.
  The fall of safety is on the terrace.My tooking a look all of the body thoughtful places is a magma."mbt shoes clearanceAnne of the Hua, arrange somehow, is all magma everywhere here, how do I seek that precious stone that you say?""Know, is really bother!"Anne of the Hua this guy very not complain of tunnel way.This guy return is really of, I but to help his, how seem he be help me?
  "You little useless talk, don't forget is who is help who!"I depressedly roar a way."Knew, knew.You are my benefactor, you is to help mine, good?"Hua Anne very impatiently say.He say that finish, a from just made into terrace that kind of metals to make into of passage to I before the body extension.
  After waiting until passage formation, I follow to run forward.Didn't be excessive and long, I saw Hua Anne the precious stone for say.Really is a brilliant precious stone, before the body the color precious stone which have so big a skyscraper to my is a kind of shock of felling."Anne of the Hua, what you say be this precious stone?Return is really enough big."My regrets say.
  "You don't useless talk, quick see to have a way to help me."Hua Anne anxiously roar a way.For Hua Anne why suddenly become so irascible, my in the mind be a burst of doubt."Are you why so anxious?I am also uncertain to have a way, probably I still have to return outside turn does the star area look for help."
  "Execuse me, I, I be just too anxious."The Hua's Anne's favour is sorry of say."It doesn't matter."I shook to shake head and stretch hand to fondle up that huge precious stone.When I accept to touch there precious stone, the in the mind suddenly appear a kind of geezer felling.
  I inattentively ask a way:"Anne of the Hua, you leave the time of dragon star, that book is to finish write of?""H'm?"Anne of the Hua on listenning to Leng Leng, favour answer way:"Rightness finish write."Once I listen to and suddenly once turned round to drink a way:"You aren't a Hua Anne.Who  are you actually?"
  I just once turned round and a huge dint spread.The shot get me to pour to fly to go out and keep of flew into that gorgeous precious stone.Just I stand of a burst of motion in the place later on, a figure of tunic with black whole body appear.
  See that figure devout of kneel down a body, say that huge precious stone:"The absolute being is crystal!Return to want how much soul you then can let me become real absolute being!Thousand in the last years I already oneself of the clansmen all dedicate to give you, now again dedicate to give you so many foreign tribe person.Why till now do I return and can't become absolute being?"
  After flying into a precious stone, I rolled 2 turns on the ground and suddenly someone handed me to get up.Listen to that person say:"Whether you see me lonesome to specially run to accompany mine or not I say brothers, ."
  My favour turn head to see go to, hand my is exactly a Hua Anne, that special soul motion would never be false."Anne of the Hua!Originally you also here, these I can the Kui be big.The outside has a guy to pack into you to cheat me and also give°ed me to push to come in."I am to depressedly say after aming an excitement first.
  "Ha ha, originally you drive also that guy to cheat.Our return is really a difficult elder brother difficult younger brother!"Hua Anne smiled to smile and helplessly say."See me go out to teach so him."My spirit shout of the station start.Walk to a precious stone before the wall, I luck break original dint.A red fireball appear on the my hand, once the my hand push, and the fireball keep bump in wall inside the precious stone.The explosion that is in my imagination voice rang out.See me throw to go out that fireball, bump after the precious stone inside wall and incredibly became a burst of red smoke to disappear.
  Wall inside the precious stone that the mouth see this before the body of open widely of my surprise."Useless, I early tried to escape with various way.But this oddness of place ability absorb original dint, again strong of original dint attack can't also result in any effect."Hua Anne walked to come over and lightly say.
  "What to do then?Difficult way do we want to trap a lifetime here?"I depressedly ask a way.Hua Anne took a look me and say with smile:"Ha ha, I this lifetime arrive is ability very quick past.But you this absolute being didn'ted be so in fortune lap and how long does the day know your ability to live."Does this guy incredibly still gloat over the disaster of others?I rare reason he.
  I careful observation once on all sides environment.The space in the precious stone is very big, heel one Dong real skyscraper nothing important differentiation, I even still saw a stairs which go upward."Anne of the Hua, have your go up already seen?"I took a look a stairs and turn head to looking at Hua Anne to ask a way.Hua Anne shook to shake head to say:"All surround noodles here, where do I still have a mood a tour everywhere!"
  "Who say that is a tour everywhere?Perhaps do we return an ability to find out exit and go up and see!"Say that finishing me pull Hua Anne to walk toward the stairs.
  We two people arrive at the second floor, here of have no much difference with the first floor.Just compared with the first floor to come many here a stone carving to be like.We are careful to took a look that statue."Yang2 Hao4 what person be this is the statue ?"Hua Anne curious aboutly ask a way.
  Hua Anne certainly will not recognize this statue.However I the felling acquaint with very much, this ancient times in region in Middle East of the whole body the Earth of statue full-length gown, pack raise in the turban hand a pair of cold light flickering Damascus machete."How to there is the statue of Arab here?"I doubt of the light tone read aloud Dao 1.
  "What does Yang2 Hao4 say?What Allah what person?"Hua Anne didn't listen to clear what I say be what.I shake head to say:"Said what.We see everywhere and have to walk upward of stairs."I at will said 1, then was on the second floor an inside to start to seek a stairs everywhere.
  We two people separated to be on the second floor an inside to seek 1 time everywhere and everyone shook to shake head after meet."Oddness top obvious still have higher floor.Why does the second floor have no stairs?"Say of my doubt.Hua Anne lie on the ground and lightly say:"Do not think so many, the words which have a stairs will find out sooner or later, if have no you how to miss it again to can't appear, either.Or good take a rest."Say that finishing him incredibly shut worthy of a look start to sleep to feel.
  I helplessly sighed tone and cross legs to sit down luck achievement, although have already tried a lot of time, still can't work hard work properly heel Suo Er they be public contact.The method which see to seek reinforcements from the outside is line not, everything all can depend on oneself.I am unwilling forever foolish place in this oddness, does the outside still have a lot of matter to wait for me to do.
  I am true and can't calm down and the station start again to look for everywhere.The end walk to this room unique dissimilarity of place, that Arabia the statue of the warrior front.I am careful of looking at that statue.This statue carvings lifelike, especially the warrior be that war idea in the eyes and seem one real assault on the battlefield of the warrior be similar.
  I start aside suddenly and backward and call in way:"Hua Anne get up and stay away some!"Anne of the Hua was frightenned by me to jump, the favour hide at me after death and from a distance, he see my 1 like facing mortal enemily looking at that statue, favour ask a way:"What problem does that statue have?"
  "I just saw eyes of statue be move, seeing to him wasn't us the statue in the imagination."See of my vigilance sink a voice to say toward the statue.Anne of the mbt shoesHua a listen to a see of vigilance also toward that statue, definite!He also see eyes of there statue at continuously turn to move.
  "Mao Ca!Mao Ca!"Statue outside that silver bright metals outer shell beginning spilt open, shed off.But the clothes and the skin in the metals outer shell also presented to come out.After waiting until outer shell to all shed off, that grow with

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