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 back!He origin want to shout loudly, but when he see an elder brother mbt shoesexhaustedly lie on the sofa, he shout this to swallow into belly and very carefully from the room inside take out a blanket, pair of elder brother cover good, silently walk into a kitchen to cook a meal to.
  This ising young is the younger brother of text whistle, temple text dulcimer.Gao Er4 on this year of text dulcimer.It is the chief commander of three basketball brigade in the high schools.These year elder brothers aren't at home, the parents be respectively also busy of affair-he only begin by himself well-clad and well-fed-he will do of only have noodles.Fortunately the temple my grandfather produce big, the text dulcimer have plenty of pocket money to go to hotel to have a feast.At present cooking a meal fill isn't only satisfied the belly be so simple and return to have more deep of meaning:Let the elder brother eat the noodles of last do-it-yourself!Father mother all say my handicraft good, if elder brother also say so, that is true of!
  At the text dulcimer with rapt attention does him most the noodles of the specialty of time, kitchen door brush of openned a way blind side, the temple text whistle scarted head and have a drowsy look of look about toward the kitchen inside.
  "Elder brother!"He once turned round, excitement of call way, " you be awake!"
  The mouth Zhang De2 Bing4's eldest brother of text whistle, eyes all saw keep-is this oneself's younger brother Yao?Just saw for more than two years, this boy unexpectedly grew so of Gao Da4!"Text dulcimer, you seem long Gao?"
  "Just right 184 cms!"If the text dulcimer's attention arrive elder brother's eyes, he will detection that eyes having already been like blood similar and red.
  "H'm, be the variety very big!What about mother?"Text whistle heart in very unbalance:Why oneself of height ever since that time junior high school have already alreadied set?I difficult way can't again long Gao Xie?That kind of has no other people Gao of pain and sufferings, those ratio oneself Gao of person of derision ……whenever he remind of these, will start to burn in the heart a pair of fire.But anyway the younger brother be long Gao is also a good matter, he return true frightened younger brother would also with oneself similar Gao.
  "Their body stick get very!The old daddy one punch ability kill 1 and old mama edible a horse!We start to eat!"The text dulcimer say already put good bowl chopsticks.
  Text whistle this just keep in mind a table top to put one cauldron noodles and see noodles served with soy sauce, sesame butter again of, what Hun Lu, vegetable Lu, bean curd Lu, hemp sauce, fry sauce, bean sauce, vinegar oil, garlic oil, hot pepper oil, complete with everything.
  A pot of the belly that the noodles ability just added two satisfied individuals.
  "The noodles is very delicious!"The text whistle from the heartly cry up.
  "That certainly, I but bottom lead an effort!"Text dulcimer dozen satisfied Ge, satisfaction smiled.
  "You now cent class?"The text whistle ask studies of have the younger brother, " be you an academic theories?"
  "H'm!"The text dulcimer point nod and say again:"The text weak elder brother and elder brother Yang2 Ping2 usually read aloud you, original everyone plan take out an opportunity collective find you-want to know, formerly the person of the basketball brigade only you 1 drive cent arrived other parts of country to go!"
  "This say that prohibitting and being an old daddy make ghost!"The Shan in the text whistle heart now an image:40 many year old, handsome and big-hearted, be good at language of expression, mean cunning old man son.
  The text dulcimer feel the elder brother's facial expression to have a little too exaggeration, he with old daddy total have already notted fry to finish of mouth, from the first sincerely solid idea of noisy arrive afterwards conditioned reflex of noisy, the father and son a pair person can be said to be big noisy 369, small noisy have every day.
  The "but, " text whistle lay up that ratio imagination more cunning facial expression is in the cunning old daddy, "but, my temple text whistle again come back!And from now on don't walk!"
  "Elder brother, " text dulcimer's have a little doesn't believe oneself of ear, he cross-examine a way, "BE a true Yao?"
  "I have never openned fun with you-can rightness?"The text whistle gentleness say.
  "Elder brother!You was really too great!"The text dulcimer has rushed toward elder brother's bosom since the seat spring up.
  This condition is very funny to get, a younger brother of 184 cm rush toward into the elder brother's bosom with 163 cm ……
  The elder brother became stronger.The body touch to elder brother's that very hard muscle, text dulcimer the this in the last years of understand elder brother is to how lead of.
  The latter see a look in the eyes of his surprise and freely say:"You also become strong, just you be to go to school, I be a work, and this is different."
  The text dulcimer hear the elder brother's words the United States Zi Zi of and the his felling elder brother changed.Formerly the elder brother's mouth inside could not say the words of this kind of gentleness.He is like a kid who be overwhelmed by special favor, refrigerator inside all snack seethe and put in elder brother's in front-very neat cent good type:Shu slice, the words plum, chocolate, blueberry cake, chewing gum-be like a the snack troops which wait for a text whistle inspect.
  The text whistle smile to open a pack of Shu slice and grasped a fill into the inside of the mouth.
  "Mother if know this matter her would certain happier of!"Text dulcimer's ising a full face of is to smile and seem now today, even remote future, oneself all is in the world most happiness of person.
  "BE ah, old mama didn't of say, the key be an old daddy, he knew and can think again don't of way I lane walk?Does now of"text whistle as if deep in thought, " old man son still living my spirit Yao?"
  "Which year which month of affair!Is the old daddy so stingy person Yao?"The text dulcimer is bad to say with smile, "say again, this a few months of old daddies all dredged old mama's this line first in the other parts of country, when the time comes ……"
  "Cleverness!"The text whistle great way.
  Sometimes, the text dulcimer feel on cunningly, elder brother and old daddy have a put together.Just elder brother always acknowledgement the old daddy be cunning, but call oneself of the trick be slightly called Tao.
  Brothers two say around, say again that returning eat.
  This also no wonder that, food is god to the people.The temple text whistle is more such.He always be not willing to injustice oneself of belly, same more not miss an own beloved younger brother to suffer from injustice in eating a food.Hence he sounded out ground to ask a sentence:"In addition to noodles you return would do don't of Yao?"
  This words are piercing the pain place of text dulcimer, he is red the face shake, small track:"Can't!"
  "That how line?"The text whistle that the temperament fire explodembt shoes clearance immediately pulled a younger brother to enter a kitchen.Turned an eye to fry three Huns three vegetables six vegetables, made with ready-made material in the home again six dozen chocolate biscuit.
  The text whistle wipe and say with smile:"Do to taste now now!Eat to see, flavor how?"
  The text dulcimer tasted to taste, not from praise highly:"Really delicious!Elder brother how do?Teach me!"The text whistle complacently say with smile:"Certainly delicious, want to at the beginning have how much girl's son grovel under my apron!"Looking at happy younger brother, the text whistle feel more compunction:These vegetables I do for the meeting early in the morning, but I take it to regard as to make track for the magic weapon of girl's son;Be like my dozen a basketball, the other people are for the sake of sport, is but I is for showing off in girl's sub- in front, and still using a basketball gamble.I stem these absurd matter of the time heel younger brother be general big, younger brother so reasonable, know to do a noodles for daddy's mama, and I?Empty have whole body cooking, but have never done a meal for family!Pour usually fight to cause trouble and sent not a few spirit to daddy mama'eat'!
  "Certainly!"The vision lookinged at a younger brother thirst to beg, text whistle love ground to say, " my ability teach you the basketball, freedom fight shot, the Xing Zhen authenticate, ability teach you how to cook a meal!"
  The text whistle took a look the wall clock on the wall, quick 8:00.He dozen gape, rub an eye way:"I trapped and slept first.Tomorrow ……learn to cook a meal!"Say that clap a younger brother, walk into oneself room.
  Oneself of the room still keep original kind, and spotless.Text whistle even the clothes took off and then lie at bed up.But the his heart deep place always have a kind of thing to tie up to round him-although not wish acknowledgement, he clearly know the name of that thing:Sorry and ashamed.To family of sorry and ashamed.
  These in the last years he realized independence life of difficult place, deal with affairs more deep more feel a father formerly of the Xu Xu Dao Dao be a real gold stone good speech.He want to is formerly for oneself very much of self-will to daddy's mama earnest tunnel Qian.
  Think around, he finally turn over a body to start to sit, take out a the photograph that oneself rise a job from the baggage and wrote a few word in the back of photograph:Father, mother, I the certain meeting become your proud!
  He drill into the old daddy's room, want to put photograph in the bedside.
  When he open, see a by the side of the window of figures camera, just still very meaningful viewpoint is rush through by the curiosity without a trace.Put one set digital camera by the side of the window, and just in the operation, this absolute not because of good play.He with hand pass light, careful observation.The lens toward opposite the apartment 2 F, at the right moment 1 the room of two living quarterses exert to accept eye bottom.
  The text whistle is at that time curious, with once took nearby multi-function telescope to hope.
  Scrutinize opposite decorate of house, the house owner very anxious to gold brick mat ground, the jadeite spread a wall, this suit fix down quick catch up the price of house!The building lord is a fatty, it the hour sit upright to see report drink tea on the sofa.Suddenly, the fatty on the alertly raise head and hoped an eye toward the this place-disheveled hair now!In the text whistle heart a surprised, but the fatty didn't stay around vision excessively this place of window, but slow-moving got station to get up, walk toward the front door.See him very carefully hope to watch from a distance toward the door mirror and guard a gate to open.
  The visitor is a handsome young man, wear the windbreaker of whole body brown, long hair.He a bottom sit on the sofa, chilly say-the camera unexpectedly spread the visitor Yin cold speech:"I say once with you again, I want a password."
  Old day, did the dictograph all pack top?The text whistle is secretly shocked.
  The fatty say with smile:"I have already give password you, just you don't understand!This is you be too stupid and have with me again what relation?"
  The visitor is still chilly repeated that sentence:"Give me the password!"
  The fatty is still in no hurry:"That's right, this time ability owe debts so many public funds, really have you an achievement, but you want understand you of circumstances, if I you of the secret tell others, you return ability enjoy now of life Yao?"He took a look silent visitor, satisfiedly smiled, " I can clearly tell you, I have already changed all public funds into gold, put in the Kai especially the cabaret No.106 safe, I write a password the secret password be the paper that I hand over to you.Good research research!As long as your ability untie a password, the thing in the safe-deposit box all return you!"
  Listen to words of finish the fatty, visitor station get up, "you not understanding I, I never research those tedious secret password.See to me and is to waste time 1, I assurance this be the last trip, just hope you conservative my secret."Say that finishing him turn round and walk.
  The fatty pleased hope an outside, start to see visitor out and fully satisfiedly say:"You of identity I will not reveal a half sentence!"
  A feet of visitor have already stepped to go out an outside, suddenly once turned round, chilly way:"So go to dead!"The words sound export, see the fatty's body splash to have one regiment blood fog.He shockedly looking at visitor, shocked get looking at a visitor hand in of turn a revolver, lower the head to see again oneself is emit the chest of blood, in the article of death front he finally again academic association an idiom:Play with fire from the Fen.He is like a lousy mire to pour on the ground.The visitor left hand hold of that have a turn of muffler a revolver is emit green smoke, "the dead's talented person's ability keep it secret.This be also what you force I.Accept good you that stupid secret password!"The visitor said from the pocket to take out one Zhang Ying4 slip, throw a corpse in fatty, turn round to leave.This act was early used take of telescope function by the text whistle to clapped down.See the murderer want to leave and the text whistle throw away telescope and fly to soon run a family.

    A spool of, the law enforcements English chapter 2, crack secret password
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-308:42:10 origin chapter word number:3529

  The text whistle is in the street and at the right moment blunt to arrive to see a murderer from opposite the apartment come out.His expression is leisurely and carefree and dream to have never thought to leave him not far have a plan pair of his rope it with the police of method.The text whistle is fast to wear to cross the street and silently close to a murderer-was exactly a gold breeze and don't move cicada the forerunner, plot secretly against impermanent dead don't know!When the murderer is after death aware of someone of, the left arm have already been capture by the hand of the text whistle that steel pliers sort, but the murderer have no panic, just on turn round, the right hand display eagle claw benefit to keep the deceit text whistle throat;The text whistle favour block with the another hand space, the murderer seize an opportunity to flounce, left hand a record hand knife Chuo a chest toward the text whistle;The text whistle left hand button up toward the murderer wrist, that murderer change to recruit very quick, the left hand take out back, body form rock, right elbow hammer crest to text whistle chest;The text whistle Shan body once hid, right hand 2 dug an eye toward the murderer double, that murderer body a low, the double boxing Zhang have been already passed, the layer after layer dozen is in the text heart before the whistle, lower abdomen.The text whistle fall back several step, fall to sit on the ground and feel chest the bottom of one's heart a burst of to turn over a river to pour sea.He which once ate this kind of Kui, without extra trouble touch ground up a cake of brick, with all strength toss toward the face of murderer.While toss of the dint be really not small, but the murderer don't avoid being seen, the etc. brick fly near, two Zhangs hit, one Zhang be ground the brick shot, and the Zhang breeze of two Zhangs blow a ground end toward the noodles door of text whistle;The hour of the text whistle late Leng, double eye already drive fan.
  Murderer if want the life of text whistle at this time, that can be treated as very easy to do, but he don't love a war, turn round and then run and turn an eye disappearance color in night in.
  Very long, the text whistle just open an eye.Clap the soil of body, go home of disappointment.
  He reported to the police first, immediately after blunt Zao, the body be much more easy.Hence his beginning research details of case.
  The murderer and fatty go into partnership to embezzle public funds, but divide booty not and all and the reason was a fatty to control some scandal of the murderer and coerce with this;I am unexpectedly anti- to be kill off to kill.As for fatty the Kai for saymbt shoes sale especially the safe-deposit box of cabaret I know, that be the cabaret of a service, guest can valuable thing keep at underground keep the safe-deposit box of the thing room.He the password for say write secret password, don't know to be to be not cheat that murderer.

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This is a Fluke Multimetervery high quality Mix mode digital storge oscilloscope & logic anlyzer,Rigol DS1052E with the head to head match quality to many famous brand equipment. The Rigol brand is a major brand name supply industrial OSC to the china electronics industry, which originally a factory inherited the major brand Japanese digital storage OSC technology. You wont be disappointed for the price you pay for this scope.Rigol/ATTEN Oscilloscope It's best forFluke 15B Multimeter today's micontroller related product development, which 16 channel of logic analyzer and 2 channel of 60MHz scope, mix mode complex trigger is possible and design to debug so most difficult to track MCU-analog problem. You can compare all UNI-T UT81B Oscilloscopethe feature and quality toUNI-T UT71B Multimeter scope on the market which price 4-5 time higher. With the 60MHz band with, and 400MSa/S/16Channel. It is suitable for everyday development needed. we UNI-T UT71B Multimeter also have the 100MHz mix mode version, please let us know if you are interested. Waterproof Wireless Camera The machine had on board microcomputer controller, the very clean design mechanism make the cut and strip wire automatically.Wireless IP Camera Direct and easy toDigital Microscope X200 use user interface ( ALL ENGLISH in the LCD.) allow user to use even at the first time. Various cutting style and programmable length and distance can Saike 898D Air Gunsuit any wire assemble needed. Rapid and automatic cutting allow high boost the productivity, new feature included Build in 9 middle-strip function , Complete strip, half strip, middle strip and our low cost for replacement blade. only $ 30 set. are only offer from our cut and strip machine
Posted 02:02, 9 Nov 2010
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