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 "...Say that is not surprising either, really is somembt shoes sale matter that would not like to recall, those were already the business of more than 400 year agos, in fact as early as 400 year agos, the three greatest empires have already had the will of heavy Duo evil boundary sovereignty, hence parties a brigade constitute to°from 500 Gao Deng3 Mo2's clan of the troops mix the road west method empire to inspect a circumstance, but very unfortunate luck, we incredibly catch up absolute being evil war of the last war, scene at that time...We the lifetime can't forget, either, really is abnormality be good enough to ruin the war which put out ground for a day, cover with is all blood-red, all over the place and all is a dead body, 100 how the teammate be kill by the absolute being clan
  Also because of so but give leave of the companion escape of opportunity, after we see...BE a road west method of depravity angel's army corps, their pliant and tough wings and their Juns the United States facial expression, also have them that kind of cruel of put out a cutthroat segment, each similar all let we this novice infatuate with frightened, let them stare at your one eye, you meeting the whole body be tired, mind earthquake disorderly, we are just real to know at that time, why our ancestry at in the article of death all want to run out physical strength to warn us don't infatuated take back the sovereignty of evil boundary, because we basically have no this real strenght"
  The middle age evil clan swallow a ground to say, the tone spread to deeply wear endless disappointed with helpless, but two young and evil clan deep take a suck at spirit, also start to remember them in brain father of suddenly and violently fierce dehort, original in the mind of fight decision and ambition drive also invisiblely expurgation one greater half, only the have high ambition but no real ability of evil clan youth the color be fierce to say "but now the war still kept openning, not exactly they have what severe place, their six regiments drive also not our put~to death method army corps to destroy for whole army, their comfort and ease day lead long, real strenght root be descended, so this time is a fair show that we take back evil boundary sovereignty" inside the Ren ground.
  The middle age evil clan have a little deplore greatly and disappointedly took a look to talk of the youth evil clan, "I now hope this war will not give way a west method to feel disgust, say with it to be a war, rather say to be an antebellum military to train comparison to match my felling" of the doesn't matter way
  "What?War front train, the meaning of the old elder brother exactly is what, to me say clear point"voice obvious irascible, tone also be unlike just so humble.
  The middle age evil clan of"you as long as personally once saw the road west method army corps with our battles you and then will know what I say is what, however I now give you elucidation, the road west method army corps basically be we be that the absolute being be evil three time big and antebellum military train tools and implements" shout at top of voice, the tears wasn't aware of self either to flowed down, for supercilious of he to say, play with to the person in applause of felling make him feel very shameful with humiliate.
  "....The old elder brother don't want concussion, however what you say seem to have no truth, now clearly be placed in to mutually hold a stage, you how ability decide arbitrarily so"?clip at two people in the center of that younger brother advise a way and swept to sweep that an inside year an evil clan in the meantime of empress carry on the back, mean an idea of comfort.
  The young and evil clan of"I don't believe that I don't believe our evil clan of original male Ba evil boundary to will let the rebel of an absolute being boundary play with, would never, we be the host of evil boundary, we be the orthodox tradition of evil boundary" shout at top of voice, strongly throw down long gun, ran to walk.The younger brother, who stay, want to make track for, but again afraid middle age the evil clan be embarrassed, and he also has mission of defend city the door, so stayed down, conveniently want to advise this father of good friend, be of elder brother and the middle age evil clan of with the matter is old.
  "Old elder brother, my elder brother don't be to have heart, he be just the dignity which defend an evil clan too much"
  "Alas..I am understand, that year we be not all either is so of mood?I really can realize the mood of that boy".
  The purple feather has never listen to bottom again go to, slightly leave at first, sought a more concealment place, slowly deliberation just listenned to back of dialogue.
  "The troops defend city only have 2,000, very easy deal with, but how after attacking and occupy city defense should do, is the reinforcement arrival which stay by the side city to wait for Louis allied troops or city inside all civilian killed, subsequently demolish city defense, then look for the next target"?The brain of purple feather constantly thinking this two kinds of project, but after weighing gains or losses, he still gave up two kinds of project all, this battle be really mentally taxing, not only force of test, and is intelligence of contest.
  How does the purple feather exactly would do?Make use of a clear beginning clear the strong force start with one action massacre ruin city, still.....
  The inside of the purple feather brain of"still go into the city to see again how circumstance is" ambiguously the flash across be a mind, but for seeing this mind whether can line, must go into the city inside see how circumstance is.Or just that 2 defend city of an old a little, they still keep discuss, however is all some business of domestic life, purple feather didn't also listen to bottom go to, picked up a cake of rock, to city gate side strongly throw go to, send out of the sound caused two evil clan of attention, the panic ground rush out left see and see, the boundless big plain of a detection still an one, there is basically no thing, just at they doubt moment, purple feather already lightly of several turn over a body and nowise discard dint ground to walk into city.
This station provide of evil clan the young copyright belong to author brokenhearted champion.Evil clan young details contents, the book review belong to its personal behavior and have nothing to do with the website.
The work is only to be provided for reader to preview and please in the download in 24 hours delete, can not used to a commercial  purpose;For making the author brokenhearted the champion's ability provide more better work, please purchase request purchase to buy the original book!
    [Black warrior/ west Si get lord Zhao]
    The work is only to be provided for reader to preview and please in the download in 24 hours delete, can not used to a commercial  purpose;Author for let the west Si get a lord's ability to provide more better work, please purchase request purchase to buy the original book!
    Book introduction:
    Faraway another galaxy, a group of boring of the establishment of Alien a heel hopeless situation saint palace about of hero Di saint palace.Leading role is a cross a dragon star from the Earth of cross, but he the old daddy is incredibly a hero Di saint palace 12 one of the councilmans......
  The Milky Way empire establish, Be the hero of the anti- empire influence Di saint the palace sent leading role an establishment west Si a black warrior......The emergence of many absolute being indicate what?each miraculous bsolute being clan army corps, the interstellar of of a many absolute being compete for hegemony beginning......
  (True isn't good at to write a brief introduction, as for concrete contents everyone see and then knew)

 -Chapter contents beginning-

    The text chapter 1 dragon star
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:00:09 origin chapter word number:3405

  The Li 30 XX in the cosmos year is in a faraway galaxy, a the beauty star which be called a dragon star......
  The some city talented person job advertisement of the dragon star federal Z state would the spot.To seek the person of work machine give to use a person unit hurl to hand over a resume, but use person's unit of job advertisement personnel also just at machine of accept a resume, both parties' connect personal interview of time also have no, it is thus clear that job advertisement would the spot of go into flowed mbt shoes clearancewhat degree.
  "I say Yang2 Xiong, don't you really go in?To know an aunt but let me stare at you let you hurry up to seek a work."Hua Anne saw me just arrive job advertisement would the spot preparation Semitic, favour a hold tight me, counteract old mama of order threat I.
  Introduce myself first once, I be Yang2 Hao4, a is chopped down clay-cold soul by the underworld to arrive at this faraway dragon star of cross, already at this heel before the Earth very the dragon star of the likeness life 20 year, personal outlooking only a little be small handsome, the height 1.75 m force see past.Now other state of economy crisis severity, employment circumstance very mess, so I return to Z state to look for development opportunity.But I learn of profession basic in the Z state be regarded as discard, because what I learn BE'the soul learn'now again be called'parapsychology'.
  I hope Hua Anne and shake head a bitterness to say with a smile:"I say Hua Anne, you are exactly tired not tired?We this all swayed leisurely how much day.Brothers, go out for my hurl of those resume, reduce to us to those papers all ability printing an origin the book of million words."
  Hua Anne looking at recent have already run thin a turn I, advise of bitter in taste old woman heart way:"Yang2 Xiong can't give up!Regardless is for the sake of you of future of life, be still for the sake of aunt's expectation, today we all get try again."
  "Good I listen to you, I go in hurl again hurl resume.If this time didn't°yet echo, you don't accompany me blind run, so also influence you work."I am grateful of clap the Hua Anne's shoulder to say.
  Hua Anne since the childhood grow up together with me is a neighbor again is good friend, although because of I go to the other state study, saw for everyone several years.But I come back him this time for seeking work to rush about everywhere for me, connect oneself of the novel all have no time renewal, nasty get the book friends keep scold his eunuch.
  So for this for helping me but willing becoming the guy of eunuch, his persuade me cant not bear to the heart not listen to.Let Hua where assembly hall outside wait me, oneself difficulties of pressing in and invite assembly hall.After passing the resume of the innumerable, I finally rushed out this giant hamburger.
  Heel squat down to wait my Hua Anne in the wayside big hello, we two people walk toward the bus stop.The bus just arrived, my cellular phone also rang out in the meantime, looking at a cellular phone up the unfamiliar number, and I ask a way after connect:"Feed, seek who?""How are you, be you Mr. Yang2 Hao4?""The rightness be me, you BE?"Just know the other party to call after a burst of dialogue'top officer great'BE a private enterprise boss, incredibly invite I go to personal interview.After I send back Hua safety hit a house, oneself dozen of to the other party give of the location rush through.
  Half hour finally arrived at destination after.I get off to looking at in front this villa area, true don't understand the other party why meeting invite I come to personal interview in his home.However for the sake of later of have a meal a problem, future owner how order how do!
  The opposite door of the public security spoke oneself of purpose, the public security give great up the officer dozen telephone after, an among those then take me upward an officer's great house to walk.The public security took me to arrive at the villa of great house is up the officer, an inside year man already the station wait for us outside villa.
  That middle age man see us, then to this I walked to come over and say with smile:"Mr. Yang2 Hao4 how are you.I be top the officer is great."I am vacant of looking at a front this future boss, the height probably have a handsome 1.85 m, outlooking, age probably at about 30 years old.My Leng Leng absolute being favour dozen hello, for this future owner why to I such of value, was full of in my heart curious with doubt.
  Top officer great took me to arrive at his den, after I sit down, he say me:"You now just doubt I why to you such think greatly of rightness?"I smiled to smile honesty of point nod, say:"Yes, I also in the meantime at doubt why a curio board of trade demand I so an employee of profession.Difficult way, top Mr. officer some here interesting of thing?"
  Top officer great listen to the facial expression of surprise behind on the face one Shan but lead, ask a way:"Mr. Yang2 Hao4 is how can anyone know be I a curio businessman?"
  I keep a desk, say with smile:"I can nothing important paranormal power, I just that identity that trade data top to guess you from your table of."
  Top officer great embarrassed on smile say with smile:"Looking definite was me to misunderstand.""Don't know Mr. Yang2 conduct and actions a soul to learn the expert of aspect, for so-called supernatural phenomenon whether have also research?"
  "Although I am a study soul academics of, but don't  be an expert.For expert's this title I think me to return bad very far, after all I have no personally experience lead those supernatural phenomenon, so talk not top what research.Excuse me, is this a personal interview question?"For top officer great I be more and more to don't understand him to want to do what.
  "Is that Mr. Yang2's thinking those supernatural phenomenons actually really false?H'm, your can regard as this problem be the problem of personal interview."Top officer great don't depend on not ask of Rao a way.
  I sit properly body and say:"Various modern science can't explanation of the supernatural phenomenon is exactly the point that our soul learn research, if even ourselves be all complete they negation of words, that again how go to research it.So I be personal to think to still have much supernatural phenomenon in the world to is true existence."
  Top officer great satisfaction of point nod, continue to ask a way:"Mr. Yang2, if I told you me to get some thing of magic, but these things be is complete negation by government and the majority of thing.You say me is should hand over to the government it?Or should oneself come to research?"
  This bottom I true don't know how answer, can caution of ask a way:"Top Mr. officer, your ability clear of description once, you the thing say in problem, actually is what type of thing?"
  Top officer great talk, just the facial expression be serious of stare at me to see.I embarrassedly swallowed saliva and ask a way:"Top Mr. officer, I, we now however is the problem of some personal interview in the discussion, not demand make atmosphere so serious?"
  Top officer great still keep talking, again etc. in a short while, be I true is sit not to live to prepare to stand up take leave of time, he just slow longly ask a way:"Mr. Yang2, do you say my ability to believe you?"
  Top the officer greatly ask words and his facial expression, make me understand to come over, the words that are just is not what personal interview problem, but solid true at of matter, I don't think puzzling book into some oddness of affair inside, again said me still have lonely does old mama in home want care!My favour say with smile:"Top Mr. officer, in fact I be just also a student who came back, just want to seek a work which support family to make a living, later feed oneself's care very old mama just.I see me or took leave first!"
  Say that finishing my station start prepare to open the door to leave.But the my hand just ran into doorknob, listen to after death of top officer great say:"Mr. Yang2, you once heard'the stone disc of Ba Li3 Ba'?"I prepare to open the door of the hand stopped right away, silent say all of a sudden:"Top Mr. officer, I have no research to the UFO affairs.I think you to be to seek a wrong person!"
  Top officer great arrive at the side of my body, pull a my hand a light tone to say:"So does Mr. Yang2 have interest to the life energy's technique?"Listenned to great this sentence up the officer, the my hand was free from a shiver of control and sink a voice to ask a way:"Top be Mr. officer playing trick with me?"
  Top officer great clear of the felling arrived my motion variety and say:"I still have a lot of interested in thing of Mr. Yang2 here.But you mother of life you basically need not worry, she will lead happy up happiness of life."
  My thought get bogged down in a flounder, I didn't know oneself how should choice.I sink a voice to ask a way:"I want to know, you why meeting choice I?"
  Top officer great happily smiled to smile, say:"You are certain understanding 1'Yang2 Hai3 Bo2'Sir?"Heard empress this name open widely of my surprise a mouth, top officer great say of incredibly is me old daddy, but Be just a worker of with common Pu at my impression inside the old daddy who early die, should can't keep up with an officer great have what hand over knot?
  "You need not surprise, what I say is exactly you to lead the father of a life time.I miss your mother and once brought up your father's real occupation toward you?Now is told you by me, your father isn't in your imagination of common worker, he is the scholar whom a soul learn like you, however he also is a Zhao in the meantime the archeologist of.But I would choice you attend this time a secret research, is exactly because of you father of recommend.Otherwise you think I would for the sake of a student's fee which have no reputation how big of strength?"Top officer the great words let I at that time the reaction don't come over.
  Top officer great clapped to clap my shoulder, say:"You also need not feel doubt, you can go home first to ask your mother and see what I say isn't true.Tomorrow you come over 1 with your mother and your father want to see with you."Say that finish openned the door of den and call the maid send me to go out.
  Door, I in a dazely return to a home.Old mama see me occupy to give up for always a soul after come back of, concern of ask a way:"Son, you was today how?Was the time ising not a personal interview and don't lead an in the mind uncomfortable?"
  I shook to shake head, hope old mama, hesitated once and ask a way:"Mama, you tell me, what does the old past of daddy exactly do?"Old mama a listen to me suddenly start to ask a father of affair, say:"Childhood haven't I already told you, your daddy is that is common worker."
  I just and suddenly start to ask father's affair of time, see a silk of the flash across in the old mama's eyes flurried.I shake head to say:"Mama, I be so big, difficult way still what is up does the demand deceive me?Old daddy heel I go together, he also is an archeologist in the meantime rightness?"
  Once old mama listen to my words and finally sighed an one breath and say:"Seeing to you has already known your father's affair, that I good say to you!"
    The father's things of the past of the text chapter 2
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:00:10 origin chapter word number:3401

  Once old mama made reference to an old daddy to sink in to recall and come over very in a short while openings to just say:"Your daddy that year is a the soul which return from the overseas to learn a house, at that time the Z state in that year, the soul learn complete is called false science, is been into superstition by the person.At that time your father drive also other the person is into a superstition headman, what he say what rubbish and all the nobody believe.Original he have already prepared that leaving Z state arrive other the state go to work, but meet me, a silly wench that would like to believe him......"
  "In fact I am there is believe him that what soulmbt shoes learn!If it weren't for like he, who would like to listen to the affair

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