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  The inside of the next day, Mary Nuo thenmbt shoes sale continue to help an absolute being agriculture training talented person, gold Lin according to practice processing Su city business.Absolute being agriculture everyday remind a strong affair of dragon past, try to let his instauration memory.Point out his fighting skill in the meantime, want to let him instauration fighting skill as soon as possible.
    Such some kind of with patience make strong dragon slowly conscious, the fighting skill be also big to have a progress, but memory still keep being a blank.Be that as it may, also let absolute being agriculture very satisfaction, he feel want ~only if this continues, strong dragon would the instauration be normal sooner or later.
    Although the absolute being agriculture take Fujian province kind come back together, see a strong dragon such oddness, the in the mind still have to him several cent doubt, so is not very trust he.In addition to letting him accompany a strong dragon, don't let him participate don't of thing, especially secret the affair of the training is also 1:00 be not willing to reveal to know for him.Fujian province is the slightest kind to also see appear lost in thought an agriculture to have reserve to him, but don't lift half cent opinion, everyday very diligently help the strong dragon do instauration train.
    But central parties person to investigate still in Su's city, if they had learned that a city superior of Su back, but show stir, that affirmation is bother, this let absolute being agriculture annoyance not already.Is this, absolute being agriculture always at bitterness bitterness think a way, try to look for person help.
    Suddenly and one day there is a mysterious person wiring an absolute being agriculture, and request his secret detailed talk, absolute being agriculture then invite he go to two add five coffee parlors again detailed talk.
    The absolute being agriculture arrangement Fujian province is kind with Bao Lei care strong dragon, oneself left for secretly talk.
    Arrive two add five after, that person early at pack etc. absolute being agriculture.An absolute being agriculture then say:"I am the clock always green chairman's special envoy, named horizontal Ji, currently is the pair of the national security bureau bureau chief."
    Once the absolute being agriculture listen to and ask a way:"What about that Chuang Ning?"
    The horizontal Ji say:"Now of Chuang Ning was already a bureau chief, Be exchange, Chuang filial piety religion approval let I serve as pair bureau chief.I today receive the chairman's life to come to seek an absolute being agriculture a Sir, help you to pass through this time difficult situation with strong dragon, also in the meantime hope absolute being agriculture Sir ability do some affair for chairman."
    The absolute being agriculture say:"I thank help each other of horizontal bureau chief first, that please a horizontal bureau chief and can keep speech chairman to want at bottom do what?"
    The horizontal Ji say:"The chairman know the absolute being agriculture Sir's immensely resourceful, also know a strong dragon Sir to be a pillars just, but recent the strong dragon Sir had an accident and the chairman was very sad.He know affirmation to be the person who have ulterior motives, for the sake of break the nation stabilize prosperity to intentionally ask for trouble, for this reason he have already issue order to Su city investigate of all of the person withdraw.The hope of the chairman strong dragon Sir completely recovered after, 2 can continue management good Su's city, and keep in mind those for him have a Pan country to commit treason behavior of the officials of the government, collections they of crime proof.The strong dragon can't work currently, the various matter all want your one person close dint close for the sake of."
    The absolute being agriculture listen to horizontal Ji say so, heart bottom is very happy, these days hasn't been know how with nation explaination, now get a clock on the whole always green of concern, see come later is also can with the public boxing feet.Hence, he sign Ma3 Shuo:"The is me inside its matter be you don't say, I will also do."
    Horizontal Ji happy way:"That too good, I thanked you for the nation and people first.Now hear that the strong dragon Sir be plot secretly against by person, accident, have already want help of, please must openings, need not stand on ceremony."
    The absolute being agriculture say:"I appreciates your good intentionses first, such as have a problem, I will seek yours."
    Some kind of empress of the confabulation, the horizontal Ji in advance left.The absolute being agriculture wish:"The clock is always green to know a strong dragon to have an accident, this not oddness.Difficult way clock's being always green have already known a Chuang filial piety the scheme of the religion, is BE not at allusion I what?"
    The absolute being agriculture thought of these and then and hurriedly return to see a strong dragon.See a strong dragon positive with Fujian province kind together practice force, and fighting skill progress strange quick, ratio it past once have it but all and.The absolute being agriculture is dark bottom to wonder:"Is not him the past once practiced, so instauration quick."While wait a strong dragon rest, absolute being agriculture then for strong dragon check, detection his memory inside beginning have a little thing, and intelligence complete normal.The absolute being agriculture feel to be an oddness very much and then ask him whether remember past of affair.Strong dragon say him to remember, but be limited by after they meet.Although the absolute being agriculture be disappointed, still satisfaction of, after all he is normal person.
    At the strong dragon heart descend worry anxiously of time, Maya rush through from the United States come, she be the telephone which receive Mary Nuo afterwards help of.
    Went to Su's city, Maya came right away to see a strong dragon.But when she see a strong dragon, she was foolish to live and the surprise degree wasn't bad to see a strong dragon at the Mary Nuo first time.
    Absolute being agriculture very oddness, ask her reason.Maya say her felling to be him and would never be other people and he be whole to set up.The Mary Nuo first time see a strong dragon, careful conjecture, detection he definite be like very much whole set up, but scrutinize to still have difference of.But Maya's attitude let this time Mary Nuo all doubt oneself see wrong, the absolute being agriculturembt shoes clearance was more puzzling.
    Maya dided check to the strong dragon again, result she say the intelligence of strong dragon if ability development, compare with that year of whole set up not very bad and little.Just his seem to be is also a piece of blank sheet of paper, much easier than training.Positive so-called, how does a blessing in disguise know non- blessing!
    Maya again observation strong dragon of behavior, feel heel whole set up very similar, then show them.The absolute being agriculture feel to have difference with past with strong dragon, but isn't very big.Pour is Mary Nuo to two people all understanding, he think a strong dragon show after stir, have change, definite have a part behavior heel whole set up likeness.
    So, a show stired of strong dragon another their oddness don't have already brought them not a few question, finally don't know is a disaster is a blessing.
    Three people company quantity, later no matter how it is say, with he such natural intelligence, not good development be waste.Certainly if his ability instauration memory and fighting skill had better, such as if not line, he be 1 can the painting very strong painting paper.Thus press their plan, the strong dragon re- accept their training, slowly will become a fighting skill and science and technology an all very strong new talented person.
    After negotiate, the absolute being agriculture then and intentionally make Fujian province kind to accompany a strong dragon, then let Mary Nuo and moxa pull to wait for someone secretly kind behavior in observation Fujian province.

    The upper part chapter 32 Phoenix Nie 槃
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-8-311:22:05 origin chapter word number:3903

    The absolute being agriculture is in Su's city, part help a strong dragon instauration, part everywhere find out Chi and Zong Huan4's news.
    One day, Maya find out an absolute being agriculture to say:"Do you have to discover a strong dragon it's something wrong?"
    The absolute being agriculture say:"Have no, I feel his recent progress so quick, appearance also very good!"
    Maya say:"The problem lie in a progress too quick, appearance too good."
    The absolute being agriculture say:"How to speak this words?"
    Maya say:"You think that the strong dragon even lose memory, the according to reason shouldn't be a blank sheet of paper, either, has very oddness, we temporary ignore he.But just think, an once was subjected to heavy harm of person, how to contain so good appearance.More oddness of business, his that kind of the first a long distance of progress is also ordinary people impossible and of.According to reason, the Earth person, the person who have this kind of skeleton be precious and rare, whole set up calculate 1, but strong dragon after get hurt seem to than it whole set up more astonishment."
    The absolute being agriculture listen to her so some kind of speech and say:"You say so also is reasonable.Might it not be he get hurt the situation is behind what, we not know of."
    Maya shake and at that time two people all sank in to contemplate.
    End Maya the decision return to Washington first and continue to find out whole set up of whereabouts.Absolute being agriculture a hear whole set up, then remind of that day at Sa cloth Tang island of experience, hence that Zong Huan4 Er4 people of dialogue told Maya.
    Once Maya listen to, feel an affair more suspicious, the vision be stagnant, mumbling way:"Whole set up to how can give support to a tyrant?"Obviously the in the mind lose very much with doubt.
    After need motion in Maya stability, the absolute being agriculture then send her to the airport, then then the decision see a strong dragon.
    Arrived Chen2 Xin He2 's house, moxa's pull was accompany a strong dragon and see an absolute being agriculture come, then and happily say:"Strong dragon recent progress so quick, again lead some day estimate not important person care."
    The absolute being agriculture say:"That dare feeling good, you go first favour, I to accompany him to say."
    The moxa pull on listen to, then and in advance left.
    Once the strong dragon saw an absolute being agriculture come and then say:"I am always recent at effort instauration, but I previous of everything be almost an one blank."
    The absolute being agriculture say:"If you I exchanges have no obstacle of words, we thoroughly chat meeting, I want to listen to you ability remind of what."
    The strong dragon say:"In fact, my felling oneself be like to suddenly arrive at this world of, then always mold's being misty paste ground be foolish in a ly the closing of the house.A certain, suddenly eyes open eyes, see a person and he shout my strong dragon, but I be very misty and I don't know how to talk.Slowly I will talk, also felt brain to seem to be awake a lot of.Again afterwards, see you, you also shout my strong dragon, also to say a lot of words with me, but I at that time true of incognizant you.Afterwards returned to Su's city with you, you spoke the affair in a lot of past with me and I really have no impression.However, you everyday carry on a training to me, let I progress not a few.They all say my study's ability it's very strong, you see me, now already ability independence work.As for, you say me to get hurt what of, how didn't my body harm Ba?"
    A words say the absolute being agriculture is a Zhang two monks can not understand brains, then felling once strong dragon, detection his will have already very have big of variety, no longer such as at the beginning so weak.Hence say:"Say so, you are in the memory not line, don't of should all normal!"
    The strong dragon say:"Rightness, I feel me very normal, later I still do a point don't of affair!Can't always at rest in the home."
    The absolute being agriculture say:“那你就天天跟我一起去政府大楼吧,因为你是苏城的长官,调养好了以后,还要处理苏城的政务。Now, you go first contact contact."
    The strong dragon say:"Good!That I now walk with you."
    Two people then drive to arrive at a government a mansion.
    Gold Lin a see a strong dragon come, very is an accident, hurriedly come over to ask a way:"The elder brothers, you good?Do you remember me?"
    Strong dragon smile shake.
    The absolute being agriculture say:"He still what all don't remember, but he already the instauration normal appearance, so I have to let he to work.These day I also saw, original with you of ability, a person deal with Su's city more than enough.But the strong dragon have to give him the environment development, later you much the flower dessert think."
    The gold Lin say:"The ability of the absolute being agriculture is stronger than me, afterwards absolute is a great commander it just, I will make an effort to help his."
    The absolute being agriculture say with smile:"That I trusted, my knowing you was also that be rare of talented person, now didn't humiliate you on the whole."
    The gold Lin sigh a way:"I so point the ability be anyway a what lies in one's power.Miss me to want since childhood is a good police, remove evils from the people, maintenance social order.Which know, meet rejection everywhere after walking up the society, emollient spirit have no place to use.Luckily, the afterwards strong dragon shout me to come to help, I just felling oneself had life of value."
    The absolute being agriculture see his sad appearance and the in the mind be also sad and say:"Do not think.Now since has the place which make an effort to you, we struggle together and do for the world peace a contribute."
    The gold Lin force to say with smile:"You can say that again, I now hope strong dragon ability heel past similar.Think at the beginning, your absence, we depend on mutually and manage Su's city orderly.I now think of that time, but now …"make reference to here, voice have a little sob.
    The strong dragon listen to two people dialogue in the part, understand their meaning.These days get along with, this to the whole all very unfamiliar strong dragon also the felling arrive, this two people be a good man, and to oneself very good.At this time, he feel have a little embarrassed, but he again really of can not recall everything.
    The absolute being agriculture see the motion of strong dragon have variety, hurriedly walk through go to, take the left shoulder of strong dragon, comfort him:"Have no matter, in the past and all calculated, later we are together still united at heart dint, everything all from new beginning."
    The gold Lin also walk through to the right shoulder of take the strong dragon and say:"Rightness, now no matter how it is say, you at least is normal person.We be past is a blank, from now on we afresh understanding, re- get along with."
    The strong dragon looking at two people and a spell of enthusiasm surge forward at heart and say:"Good, we gang up, from the beginning again come."Say finish concussion neck of embrace the absolute being agriculture with the left hand, the right hand embrace the neck of gold Lin.Three big man is transact indoor tight tight embrace each other, but complete have no embarrassed.
    At this time, the moxa draw in come, see three big man embrace together and very be an accident, not from get""1.
    Three people see someone come, hurriedly loose open.
    The absolute being agriculture ask a moxa to pull what is up.
    The moxa pull to do a grimace to say:"Just I see you come in together with strong dragon, then heel to see."
    The absolute being agriculture listenned to, ha ha a smile:"Have no matter, we see a strong dragon on the whole not important person care, then let him come to the inside of the government to work, hope this environment have advantage to him."
    The moxa pull to say:"That good, that I walked first, "
    At this time, the strong dragon suddenly walk through to go to and embrace a moxa to pull to say:"Thank you these day always care I."Pull the moxa got a fright.Absolute being agriculture at this time, on seeing their two people embrace each other suddenly remind of Chen2 Xin He2 .These day, all have no concern her affair, don't know her how.In fact absolute being agriculture what to worry most is strong dragon if like at this time don't of woman, Chen2 Xin He2 come back would be sad.
    Etc. the strong dragon bembt shoes loose to open a moxa to pull and the absolute being agriculture then let the moxa pull to walk first, then ask a strong dragon:"Do you still remember Chen2 Xin He2 ?"
    The strong dragon shake.
    The absolute being agriculture ask again:"Do you like a moxa to pull?"
    The strong dragon point nod to say:"Like, I also like you."
    A words frighten gold Lin and absolute being agriculture not from get to saw one eye.

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