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Yin Xin endless aching muscles feel asleep asleep humming loudly flipping her slender arm immediately went to a body of beds in any Cheung put it empty to go but louboutin bootsdid not expect the warm chest.

Foreboding suddenly floating Xin Yin my heart do not want to face his eyes open as she did not dare guess she unconsciously began to tremble slightly.

Bed is empty, is not even a little bit of ice have not seen any of the warmth Xiang was up for a long time where he went? Maybe he has gone out in advance; maybe he just is not room; may continue to alternate She Xiang he found an excuse to have comforted myself.

Yin Xin eyes open, sat up a daze for a minute or two Shuaishuaitou wash it into the bathroom.

She looked in the mirror one of the bruise on her neck with either Xiang did not miss two to stay on the hickey she had to hide it seems today, but not people.

She did not know where any of Cheung is playing all night to keep the energy obtained from her enthusiastic response to the time she almost did not sleep much.

From his point of view can be seen almost hurt her more proficient skills? Yin Xin had to care about to think. But by his real body heat really great hug, it is better she did not want another woman to share him! So marry him seems to be the most effective way

Xin Yin smiles because of his open wipe off the idea of the body wash to wear after the Yin Xin Xiang touch on yesterday was appointed as crepe like pickles dry clothes before leaving the bathroom Baba.

Peter is on the bed to see Wu Yin Xin help but feel embarrassed standing still could not move.

Miss Yin awake? I have sent for you to prepare breakfast. Ng Pak not look her.

Ng Pak Yin Xin looked at the face of a guilty conscience seems uneasy to expand her staring Peter Ng asked: Mrs. Boren Xiang? Why I did not see him? Do not like her think that she could not bear the results of

Ng Pak-muffled do not say anything. It taught him how can it? Ah Xiang Master gave him a difficult and frustrating chore it!

Wu Bo Renxiang it? Yin Xin anxious sound.

Master Hui Xiang Xiang New York. Peter then whispered, but Wu said.

Yin Xin is lightning like to face the same instant that even a trace of gray color and no biting of the lips glow a little bit bloodshot.

Would not you say is true? How? How is this possible? Cover, raising his hand to punch her broken Diqi export cry: He'll just go back and address some things come back right? Wu Boren Xiang has He did not say anything back?

Wu Bo unprepared, stand still stammered: Xiang Xiang young master to all the things he brought back to Taiwan with the back did not say when to come back. He felt a sudden! Less than three in the morning in a hurry to leave the Master Cheung. He remembered the expression of his young master Raymond had never seen him in the Master Cheung the confusion and panic can be said to run away!

Do not come back? He can so easily leave me is not it? A closed her eyes upward, burst into tears.

Sudden collapse of a second world spinning!

Xiang, I tell you young master account you give him time.

Yin Xin squatting down slowly with her head and cried: I have already promised to give him time to escape him why? Why?

Eight years ago, the pain is intense and hit on the chest this year but also against more than the healing of deep cracks finally ripped it again is turning out to have blood or do not know of any journalist's love? Her do not know!

Think about this moment, do not sleep on this face of this pain again Oh


A year later -

In Manhattan, New York City and New York City almost makes an immediate association of the architectural landscape and tourist hot spots in this area, especially among the United Nations headquarters and Fifth Avenue boutiques shops, there are many many new skyscrapers, multinational headquarters, luxury hotels and famous restaurants are located here.

New York City, colorful life and the prevalence of top-class international city can be one pulsation control in the city is unforgettable.

Soaring international commercial banks are also located in the headquarters city of skyscrapers is a trendy look shiny silver-gray appearance of the unique look dazzling. Neighbors of the international tourist hotels are flying branches tend to look kind of old European architecture makes sense through the illusion of space and time.

Ren Xiang summer afternoon wearing jeans and ordinary people with the same dress does not look like he is well-known multinational and Commercial Bank of leaders. He is like a camel shuttle self-imposed exile in the crowded streets of a crowded around him who do not care collision with each other to touch his mind as he exited the back of his body.

He is not very be? Want to escape to escape not want to face to disappear with the end Suoche not have given her a phone call to her totally did not feel fear

Look at the day when he woke up in sight Yin Yan Xin was a peaceful sleep in the big hands still sentimentally attached to her bare shoulder he just stroking her and find that it soon will be stirred up hidden can not help but want to love her once self-control to pull loose, but he knew he was over-tired and asked for her paralyzed back to burn us in the not even the slightest, but it could hold!

He was frightened by this situation! He has not had to face such a woman needs is to have boundless energy to her even if she is fast asleep, or trying to wake her

Can this be love? He did not know! But Yin Xin really let him know what to do. He was being forced anxious confusion, panic, chaos as they can to appease the inability to calm himself in order to avoid heart.

But after a year have been more than three hundred days in this God knows he did not have the heart under static eyes open every day are the emerging face crying Yin Xin; a shut our eyes and her smiling face was reflected in the mind; even at work on the font files are also all become Yin Xin

The back face of it? But they could not get the courage!

Ren Xiang will be annoying hair back rope action coupled with excellent this little Asian face and proudly born attracted attention of many people both men and women. There are even gay men approached the front -

Alone? Baby? A big hairy palms shoulder width in any rubbing Xiang Fu.

Go away! The way Get your hands dirty. Ren Xiang look gloomy, but then whispered a warning as to kill his shoulder eyes fixed on the big bird restless hands.

Wow! Cute hair is a master of hand-bearded man's body together with strong vigorous manner give viewers a little sissy to vomiting.

Xiang heard him praise any black face half leg pain immediately went to kick the guys a curse after he bent down to keep Lengran away.

Yin Xin disturb the person he wants the whole damn!

Suddenly the phone rang pick up and listen to his frown. Who? Do not pretend to be mysterious words?

So rude! Renzuyongchi with.

Say something soon, OK? You're not just today and I know I is not rude thing one or two days! His slightly sarcastic tone.

You are in the office? He have taken a surprise to give to my dear little brother too!

Today, I leave in the end what happened? His tone is poor.

Zu Yong Ren low hum sound. It looks like you had fun in New York it! Every few days to work on the holiday you probably do not want to think that banks collapse if not you would not have it!

You come to me specifically phoned fight it? Xiang those of any mobile phone to the hands of short, light it quickly shape into pieces.

Good nonsense I will not say that you look back to the office is a happy event to know Oh!

In the end what happened? You divorced? Any Cheung wicked to say. He is deliberate because we know that earlier this year his eldest brother love the delicate wife before marrying any of his ancestors was still absent from the wedding Yong Yin Xin afraid to see.

To any of your Xiang! Dared to curse his marriage? Damn! The sound of any ancestral Yong Shen. I confess that tells you a good friend Wang Kaijiang you want to get married.

Pishi with me? Bye! Finished Xiang will either hang up the phone.

Wang Kaijiang so you do not ask me whom to get married? Any of that fact by the ancestral Emperor Yongzheng in the chuckle inside.

Ren Xiang began to feel something wrong with muffled Q: Who is it bad luck?

What do you think? Any ancestral Yong pretend regret.

Big Brother tone to any place Xiang was severely earthquake shaking hands with his voice is. Yin Xin is with now is not it? She is getting married? No! No! I'm not - he almost yelled out loud.

In addition to his tenure with Cheung no one has her! Other men thought she would wrap white gauze like he was breathing through the infarct can not live like oxygen gas wildly sore chest

Whether you whether the Right is such a word.

No! Brother Why did not you for I like her? Why? You know she is my only Why do not optimistic about her? Any Cheung madly shouted.

Zu Yong Ren cold the voice said: In your front foot just a small step away from Taiwan told me Xin quit her current duties is the exclusive hotel investment adviser Wang Kaijiang you do not know? This guy does not dare to face the other is not allowed to Yin Xin Mi Ryoen really selfish!

Why do not you tell me? Why should I have kept in the dark? Brother you too much! I have to stop them some! Any Cheung gasped his flame of anger burning pain.

Are you crazy? Is you have to own the dark fishes Hello I miss you in the end whether patriotic Xin, etc. you get a small answer to you does have the power to stop the wedding. Zu Yong any direct spread out.

Ren Xiang heard Weizheng eyes fixed at a certain point lousy.

Do not lie to yourself either Yin Xin Xiang have to care about whether she love who have given her, determined to marry her would not have to drag the it!

You love her?

I love her, I love her cry in the heart of any Cheung Yin Xin know that he wanted to feel is so can not wait!

He understood! Be understood, however it! Since his moment of goodbye Yin Xin had completely surrender his heart just keeps stubbornly to resist the will of their relations as brothers and sisters on the fact that he is for all the walls are jealous!

He is a fool!

Forget it! Would not say you regret waiting a lifetime! Wedding at the time, place, I have a fax to your office with you to say I'm not anxious to rush to Kenting to their wedding, where your sister back wait for me. Then he immediately disconnected.

And more! Brother, etc. - until he could react any other side has not responded to lock the eyebrows Xiang did not delay a moment to rush to the office of the direction of Batui away.

Yes! Will regret it forever!

A quick elevator ride to the top floor of his office of any exclusive Xiang face anxious to stand aside a special assistant to follow up with panic in any round and round around Raymond.

President, what happened? Seems to be a big deal! President had not so What!

Ren Xiang Nose bridge vertical eye pushes special assistant to hoist out of the way the paper fax machine sharp eyes to browse through it again.

Time: at 10:00 on August 10

Location: Ken Ding Haijing Resort

Ren Xiang's brains then rapidly turning loudly scolded: Damn!

Count date to the time difference to the day after tomorrow, but he can not wait for procedures that need to trouble the urgency of the flight times from a man who can help -

The world-famous aviation giant tidal section. Raymond christian louboutin bootswas a student of any of his students at Berkeley, and his best buddies now when the only response to his tune a plane out!


Honeymoon Holy Land - Hawaii

Two pairs of happy couples facing the beautiful beach sunset.

Big Brother what are the results of any House? Ai quinoa mitotic impatient holding her husband asked.

Zu Yong hold any delicate wife laughed and said: have you failed out of Guizhu Yi How can the truth? Now he probably has been the way to Taiwan now! Look like that little Xiang emergency.

Would not it? He can fly well? So God? Shao Xin Jun Tiaomei Road. He could have disagreed with this plan, but Ai quinoa was forced to divorce, he promised to come to the happiness of his life can only be designed with the same small Xin said sorry!

Little Cheung Fortunately he knew the tidal section of the special plane arrived in Taiwan not to be difficult. The arms of his lovely wife to smile. But hard on my little brother.

Humph! What complained of any Cheung? Xin he ate my small mouth and get out of touch yeah! Then the pain is any small-Xin Xiang, and then how can not match. Shao Xin Jun hum.

Ren Xiang great even know we were playing a can not find wow, ha ha ha ha - at last the whole truth to him, too! Ai quinoa proud endless.

Ren Xiang have a year or like a coward that guy did not dare to return to Taiwan the same. Yin Xin every time they see the kind of forced smile she looks like so that they could do nothing but heartache.

Therefore Ai will be in the quinoa, two months, planning this perfect plan: Let any progenitor either deliberately misled Yong Yin Mei Xiang to think that we should and Wangkai Jiang Yin Xin Xiang married to any of Yin Xin had to admit that they love then they success!

And for fear that any of this is a trick Cheung So they first came to Hawaii, even if he was looking for people to hide accounts have to wait some time before they will appear.

Chenopodium strange smile Ai Xin Jun Shao was deemed so scared.

It seems that she is determined to win that they will be spectacular and waiting for good news such as myself!


The plane is about ten minutes and then landed at Kaohsiung International Airport often

Hello! You drive faster right? I did not so much resistance to allow you to investigate mushrooms! Hand ring any Cheung chest captain bluntly of foreign nationality.

Ren is coming soon, please wait a moment. Ten-hour flight that he had been any threat Xiang, plus threats and inducements played a battle than torture, but also tired because of his royal relatives can swallow.

Ren Xiang-ness full of cover not constantly looking at the table.

Taiwan time is the morning of August 10 has eight thirty wait a minute after the aircraft landed at Kaohsiung helicopter ride directly to the southernmost resort - Ken bite

Ren Xiang rubbed his brow knotted heart, thinking again and again: Yin Xin Shui Yebie want to marry to go!

Not so much as long as he thought she was going into the arms of Wang Kaijiang Wang Kaijiang anxious to silence him; just be wishful thinking by Yin Xin who will not let him!

Yin Xin in this life can only marry him - either Xiang!


Ken Ding Haijing Hotel -

This is a unique luxury good wedding picture in that blue sky on the beach at South Bay, this stretch of white sand blue sea is a sea view hotel.

Fluttering in the wind, colorful balloons and pink roses all over the floor and then with the red carpet and white romantic and elegant dining tables and chairs gorgeous girl's dream wedding of large numbers so it probably is!

Everywhere to the participants of the guests or sitting or standing happily climbing and changing the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Xin Yin standing on the shore a delicate white dress to her Chende extremely strong winds blowing her head as if she was swept away as soon. This year she's insignificant weight loss among many Qinglong always have a touch of sadness that was intractable.

She has not blamed any Cheung is bent to be waiting for him to give him any time I believe one day he told her Xiang will understand the feeling he will come back to find her!

The impulse to leave the flying was like she was betraying her like pain without considering flying to bid farewell to the healing come to this remote town. Was full of all the pain of old wounds were brutally torn about even talking about any home do not want to do completely closing. Can be any Chiai Cheung for her is that even a trace of hate are not over!

Ai said one until the quinoa: You do not want to see you at the first moment of any Cheung you look so haggard, right? She did not know she put herself to look more unbearable!

She promised to re-start the solicitation Wang Kaijiang hired her busy work yourself into where to live his life meaningful. So the idea is such a long year had to stand her up from the pain, but now live carefree ease.

She was willing to wait.

Miss Yin Wang wants you to look at Mrs. Wang for his ready yet? The wedding to begin. One staff said micro-bend.

Review Xin Yin is seen talking with people separated from the body and gave her an apologetic Wang Kaijiang eyes gently smile to the bride and her foyer.

Came to the surface of a sea view room suites as Yin Xin glamorous looking at the bride dressed in white gauze.

Cher can not wait to marry you your husband has been urging me to look at the door also how well you prepare your soul to appear profound Oh! Yin Xin smile reasonable grounds for her veil.

Cher is a chance encounter while on holiday to the hotel a week's Wangkai Jiang Xin Yin a fixed point of view they love to see the fire of the eye out of control in exchange for nearly half a year today to step out on the red carpet.

Him! Is not resistant. Complaints about Cher's love in a deep and well loved faces in a moist glory.

Xin Yin smiles, without a word, but Cher's sweet look in the mirror to see at a glance seem to have heard a year ago to marry any of his face when Raymond

He flies should be good, right? He always know how to adapt himself is she not worried for him now!

Is meditation came very noisy outside but it seems someone wants to insist forcing the noisy sound of the wedding and the hotel security guards altercation.

How the? Cher could not help but anxiously asked.

Yinxin An stroking Road: Do not worry I'll see.

Xin Yin Wensheng wedding scene was unexpectedly came to see that conflict with the security guards that she is dreaming of tall figure - she stared!

It did not take her eyes that's really him!

You, sir, can not enter without an invitation is rude.

Bang - open to people who can not afford to beat down went the intruder arrogant clamored halo. Yin Xin Wang Kaijiang to pay out of this hotel or you will collapse within three days, bad!

This terrible threat to all those present gasped.

He was appointed Raymond 'fly commercial banks' president and someone recognized him.

Ren Xiang Wang Kaijiang menacing approached Chi in a mad rage laid hold him. I told you she handed you hear? See Wangkai Jiang Bijin mouth does not speak any Cheung raised fist in a rage will play the next -

One pair of strong arms holding his soft white hands so angry anger any reduction Xiang pleasantly surprised to call immediately: Small Xin?! He put aside Wang Kaijiang forced her into his strong embrace of the hug, he almost painful growl. I absolutely forbid you to marry that fool!

Then he picked up the Yin Xin speak unwarrantedly ambiguous speculations ignore the vision of people got out of the sea view restaurant.

Ren Xiang drove to a beach populated after a rare holding his body from the car flaccid paralysis of both Yin Xin sitting on white sand.

You, you brought me here to do? Yin Xin do not know when the tears overflowing her wet T-shirt he looked up at him deeply, choking asked.

Ren Xiang, who has always hook flashed numerous complex look Heimou he wiped the tears she disturbed his mind anxiously Growl. What are you crying? She cried his mess of my heart!

You do not want me to give you time? Why is there now? You think this funny? Well, I finally adapt to the life you are not yet sudden you disturb me is that I'm a year ago The do not know what you want? Yin Xin face with both hands and cried from cover.

He pulled it off her hands on her eyes a little bit of anger and said: Do you remember the time you give me? Can not tell you I'm still waiting for it! His heart is sore.

What are you talking about? What is meant to see that I'm waiting for you? You want to see the shape I do not look like a pair be called 'see that' it? Yin Xin sad to say.

Xiang Ren Min Jin He stood aside Junlian thin lips would not let her toting her to see through his pain.

If today is not to stop you I will marry that stupid is not it? You forget I said you can only be me, right? He does not smile.

Yin Xin Shaleng listening to him and said she can not enter the status of those words.

I'm really funny! A message from you to get married like a crazy fool I want to snatch one mind you he turned around and grabbed her and assured that tough. Listen, I never let you marry him!

Yin Xin probably know the situation he was wrong looking at her affectionately face goes a long absence, softly Q: If I hard marry? He looks like panic to warm up her heart she has to wait until they are old, they told him He was playing a

Ren Xiang dangerous squinted, ready to risk everything to say: I will fool to do that! His angina up to marry Wang Kaijiang she said.

Murder is to go to prison. Yin Xin raised his hand Love Song whiteness means that Road to stroking his face and because of her scars.

Ren Xiang, cold laugh sound conceited. Humph! You think I care? He grabbed her restless hands clenched hands. His voice shaking eyes uneasily suddenly dropped down in her ear and said: I think clearly we get married!

Xin Yin's eyes blinked tears wet choking sound Q: Do you want to clear? You want to know my heart is no longer in your 'sister' it?

I was blind Oh will you as a sister! Either hold her tight Xiang was no trace of the gap.

So what? Yin Xin not hold back his hands were drawn to look forward to her voice full of hope that he spit love her more than words.

Is my wife! He confidently said. He said something to love or not love Xiangqilaijiu strange awkward! Since birth and who has said he does not love it!

Yin Xin meet but still could not help but smile tan said: Alas!louboutin knockoffs Say I really love so difficult?

Ren Xiang, sorry for the tone of her heart is leaning on her shoulder could not bear to face him with a low to no longer a low voice: I love you little Xin. I only say this once in this life that you? His pull was moved to tears her face forcing her to have said.

Yin Xin endured not to let the tears burst turned away he ran to a levy only leave a blue sea: you are not already knew.

Ren Xiang, then catch up with a happy laugh, she owned her tight Wish

Wow! Had torn the heart she felt it intact and happy with her leap with the breathing that focus on any of the charming eyes Xiang only follow her exclusively for her

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