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 [Roam about at pleasure the interstellar/mbt shoes sale Chu oriole lane tongue Zhao]
    The work is only to be provided for reader to preview and please in the download in 24 hours delete, can not used to a commercial  purpose;For letting the author's Chu oriole lane tongue's ability provide more better work, please purchase request purchase to buy the original book!
    Book introduction:
    Qiao Lao but a wise man sorrow, incapable have no beg, satisfied food but roam about at pleasure, if the 汎 don't fasten of boat.
-《Son· in the ChuangThe row resist Kou 》.
Person form:The rice Hong lie-expand No.9 captain, turn a gene reformation a person.Eyes are like X light machine and seeing a person can see skeleton.
Tai should benefit-expand the ninth pair captain, handsome and dominant soldier, pilot.
Silver star Yi-expand No.9 seaman, the way method superbly fix an in the fairyland and master in various magic trick magical power.
White Jun-expand No.9 seaman, fix a coquette of thousand years in the fairyland, silver star Yi of good friend, excel magic.
Stone can Xin-expand No.9 seaman, the white Jun lover summer piano three a life time body, like Tai now should benefit.Magic weapon one square bead
Wen Min3-expand No.9 seaman, silver star senior Qin2 Yu4 Xuan of the Yi turn a life time, the silver star Yi eldest brother Wen Yan4 Qin2's great-great-grandson.Magic weapon lightning flash bead.
Liu3 Xin-expand No.9 seaman, master in half-blooded Arabia.The ring finger of the left hand top take a fine emerald The Ring of the Lord, the ability call a ring absolute being.
Sheep Wei-expand No.9 seaman, the JIA planet parties arrive on the earth of person.
The card road Er·Du Ba Ge-pilot in the United States, ride witch's old woman of broom.
Class the boon·Gold-pilot in the United States, half machine reformation person, computer hacker.
Autumn mountain Zhe also-pilot, ninja in Japan, yin and yang teacher.
Wen Yu4 Bang-Wen Min3's grandpa.
The Shen person of the shell shell-day dragon No.4 planet.
The fourth of dragon of the bead bead-day go to a mirage star of big shell Kuo Yu Shen person.
The mulberry Yun-mirage star Shen person, in the line, sheep Wei good friend.
Star Shen person of Cai4 Zi3 Fu2-mirage, in the line, sheep Wei good friend.

 -Chapter contents beginning-

    The text chock disaster blessing is impermanent
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2009-5-1314:26:56 origin chapter word number:1581

  China nation astronautics bureau of supervision hall in, owner all strain of look at central of big manifestation hold, wait for that concussion public time of arrival, the planet surface which expand airship in the number cosmos at the serial number for the JIA land.
  From 1 carry a person aerospace aircraft to send the Earth person up the space till now, time already past nearly 200 year, mankind didn't°yet at outside layer the space find out vital trace, had better of result also however is to find out some organic matter which haven't turned into life just, only have JIA planet different.
  Past of no man locator deliver back a great deal of of data all clearly manifestation, the JIA be up to the present mankind detection of the planet of the only an environment and the Earth likeness, that top not only only is have with the Earth atmosphere composition likeness of atmosphere, there is ocean, there is river, there is high mountain, also have a great deal of of green plant, and the small animal of various each kind, but have no artificial building, the estimate don't have the intelligence life.The photograph canning only cherish JIA top to take back is very lack definition, and can'ts also let the photograph become clear, people always can't know more data and have to parties the person ascend JIA go to on-the-spot investigation.
  The JIA is very near apart from the Earth, however only 156 light years just.Make use of latest of cosmos vibration wave technique, set out from the Earth, most forerunner of the cosmos airship only can arrive JIA for more than a years.Gradual strong China first sent a front which expand airship in the number cosmos, rob owner in world to arrive JIA.
  The vacant land expanded number to very successfully get into JIA atmosphere, let out to rise and fall, steadily fall by the side of the JIA earth's surface previous lake up.Supervision hall middleman the person all breath a sigh of relief.
  No man locator take experiment the animal leave to expand number, again with JIA close quarter contact, innumerable of the data be disheveled hair to shoot back, animal also activity from such as, have no unwell performance, another certificate JIA environment and the Earth very likeness, very possibility the mankind don't wear a protection can at top freedom activity.
  After two hours, the hatch which expand airship in the Hao cosmos finally openned, the pilot of the dress bulky astronautics slowly from the ladder one step one step close JIA ground.Finally, he stepped on a JIA land.Send out again in the control hall a shout.
  The beginning of pilot investigate JIA.Observation that pass through make a day of it, take up the JIA from the Earth of experiment the animal always have no ill-health of performance, they take of the rabbit even ate a lot of green grass of JIA and also live healthy.A great deal of of data and fact all certificate here very in keeping with mankind of existence, pilot also decision want to try and see breath once JIA air.But for the sake of careful see, meeting from a pilot first experiment once.
  Hence more concussion public of the time arrived at.The pilot been pick out under the help that colleague, carefully astronautics up of the helmet openned a blind side, breath one mouthful come from outside star of air.Because the JIA air pressure be similar to the Earth, the gravity be more slightly low than the Earth, the oxygen content in the atmosphere be a permafrost 1.100%, his felling than is still wanting on the earth comfortable.Hence he suddenly uncover helmet, stretch out a pair of arm to halloo:"BE heaven here!"
  Though because of distance of faraway, even if is make use of most forerunner of vibration wave technique, signal of transmission return to the Earth also demand very long time, everyone's all knowing this be a few before the month occurrence of affair, guard at supervision person within hall still cannot help but send out a shout.
  Henceforth expand the information that the number send back has been make person excitement, there is no intelligence life on the JIA, can a great deal of fact enunciation JIA planet really very in keeping with the Earth living creature of existence.This let everybody and can't believe,mbt shoes clearance mankind at solar system outside detection of 1 have life of star unexpectedly with the Earth such likeness.
  However, three diva circumstance beginning occurrence variety.BE that those are original first healthy of experiment animal, for an instant absurdly death, immediately after death spread arrive mankind.
  In brief time for 26 minutes in, the Earth arrive JIA havings life, regardless have the air of contact JIA, none the exception ground all elapsed.The death very suddenly and in advance has no some omen, after the event also check not reason.
  The information that the end of pilot send back say that here is not heaven!BE a trap here!Want never a parties a person to come to JIA again!
  Signal after the pilot die again keep on more than a hour, then also suddenly disappear, connect formerly shoot to JIA those locatorses also again have no signal to deliver back, seem to is have relation with mankind of everything all is break by the Shi Mao strength ground in the meantime.
  Other nation send of cosmos airship although ratio China late debarkation JIA, also suffered same of destiny.

    The text chapter 1 travel far and away to return
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2009-5-1314:26:56 origin chapter word number:7061

  See about, stone can Xin of train quick completion, white the Jun be like common similar advance arrive at all of astronautics train building doorway wait for, startled detection an acquaint with of figure station at train building of doorway, not is go out to roam about at pleasure interstellar of silver star does the Yi still have a person?
  The white Jun scarcely believe oneself of eyes, careful conjecture a silver star Yi.Be missing to have more than 100 years, his appearance still have no too big not change, see come still is 20 just emitted a head of age.Underneath dress 1 at present popular of gleam metals sheen of black trousers, top wear a generous of revive old customs to sign to get silk fabric system black underclothing.Don't calculate Gao of the body be like formerly similar stand erect like mountain, the vehemence be pressing, the knife pare ax to dig general sharp angle clear face top still reveal determination of information, beautiful get excessively of the look in the eyes in the Feng eyes ratio formerly still want deep, but little several cent inhospitality, many several cent enthusiasm, the mouth Cape hang 1 have if have no of smile, let he face the lines of the department be soft many.Saw white Jun, silver star the smiling face of the Yi became brilliant and openned a pair of arm to walk to come over.
  The pleasantly surprised white Jun dash away to come forward and hugged fructify with silver star Yi.Two people put a cachinnation in the meantime, delight pole.
  White Jun at strongly tapped several descend a silver star Yi of empress back, released him, say:"Do you finally know to be come back?Quick say, so several year past, have you already sought an Alien?"
  The silver star Yi lightly smile and say:"The cosmos is a lot too big, but I again true too infinitesimal, so haven't seek."
  White Jun's ising some doesn't believe and say:"You walked after the childe and young lady became fairy, then hasn't been once coming back.Let me calculate on calculate, H'm, you walked to have 139 years, how can what also do not seek?The time that you walk your eldest brother Wen Yan4 Qin2's grandson, Wen Yu4 Bang, just was just 10 years old and now Wen Yu4 Bang's granddaughter, Wen Min3, also was 29 years old."White the childe and the young lady within Jun is a silver star teacher and teacher's wife of the Yi, now have already crossed over a person and absolute being of boundary, go to another world go to life.
  Silver star the Yi be cool to say:"Listen to seem to be for more than 100 years very long, but for investigate a cosmos to say too short.The white eldest brother isn't to do know stars each other of distance?The person of eldest brother house is how the Mao make and marry late to late teach to all become tradition?Already more than 100 year past, the fame help of be the granddaughter just 29 years old?"
  The white Jun acquaint with a silver star the personality of the Yi and say with smile:"Don't the branch open a topic, have no detection would you come back?"
  The silver star Yi lose to smile to say:"The white eldest brother is the posterity that you speak of my eldest brother first.I was really a detection 12 outside star life, but they all have no intelligence, unmeaningful to me."
  The white Jun oddly ask:"That how be willing to you come back?"
  The smiling face of silver star Yi disappeared and the disappointed low voice say:"The smoke son left me for quick 200 years and I came back to see her.The white eldest brother still remembered smoke son to once say just before walk of words Yao?She let I at such as have Xia of time, draw out 1, after the Yan spread song Xie lean on in the Niao Luo of deep autumn seasonal changes under want scene at that time, then and at last had 1 to nearby and ever once appear at us of light light the smoke still left some shadow, there is no complete dissipation.I by chance reminded of her words, come back.Original return to be unable to come so early of, by luck in the road come back detection make use of the cosmos flap to concuss can with ten million times of exaltation oneself speed, ratio anticipate to have already come back for more than 20 years."
  White Jun this that silver necklace that just take notice of a silver star the neck of the Yi top to still take at the beginning.The chain sub- style of necklace call a full day of star, just symbol silver star Yi, underneath of the pendant earrings be an amber with artificial teardrop form, in the center have a silver star Yi for that year of lover cloud thin smoke most like of Niao Luo flower, symbol cloud thin smoke.The that Niao Luo within now amber flower is like that year similar and red, but the cloud thin smoke forever elapsed.Don't feel be very gloomy in the white Jun heart, mouth the smiling face of the Cape can't also maintenance, sigh to say:"This Mao several year past, be you still unforgettable her Mao?"
  Silver star the Yi be original to very habitually conceal oneself of affection, now than past more mature, appearance 1:00 also disappear concussion, just cool say with smile:"The white eldest brother isn't an unforgettable summer is the piano Mao also?I return first of wash a sword park, listenned to a thunder cypress say you finally seek the summer piano of rebirth, so just every day come to this stay and wait.She now call the name of Shi Mao?Ok or not to you?"
  The white Jun wry smile say:"Turn the person of a life time will forget the memory of previous incarnation, besides the summer piano all have already turned three a life times, the Shi Mao all had no impression, I to her root be a stranger, she always has never realized me as well.She call in this a life time stone can Xin, with your eldest brother Wen Yan4 Qin2's great-great-grandson female Wen Min3 is good friend."
  The silver star Yi smile say:"As long as the ability seek her line, you originally also from incognizant arrive acquaint with of, everything can restart."Very regrets ground say, " is true have never thought, she would with the eldest brother house pull up the relation.I just secretly tooked a look at the eldest brother house, all people I be incognizant.The time eldest brother that I walk return at, Wen Yu4 Bang be just 10 years old, like curio very much, I a go to Wen Jia love to worry me to speak the knowledge of curio for him, but I also not too understand and luckily learned with you some, just brought shame.Can the eldest brother is to dislike us to discuss ancient relic most of, a see us together will say us.Now eldest brother early not at, fame help be also a 149-year-old old man, become the curio appreciate an expert and if it weren't for dependence modern of science and technology, he perhaps also not at."
  The white Jun nod disappointed say:"Yes, many year past, sea change, personnel two not, only afraid do I also be to break the mirror difficult circle with summer piano.The Wen Yu4 Bang's ability live this Mao big of age, not only depend modern of science and technology, return depend you teach to their keep body Shu, otherwise really also not at."
  The silver star Yi knit the brows to say:"White eldest brother, you how Mao be this Mao negative?"
  The white Jun smile and the branch open a topic to say:"There is also 1 you surprisingly affair, you know Wen Min3 is who Mao?"
  The silver star Yi doubt say:"The white eldest brother isn't the great-great-grandson female who say her to be my eldest brother Mao?"
  The white Jun smile say:"So I say you surprisingly.Now of Wen Min3 is Wen Yu4 Bang's granddaughter, can you know her previous incarnation is who Mao?"
  Silver star the Yi be startled to say:"Difficult way the person who is my understanding?"
  The white Jun nod to say:"Or the person acquainted with very much with you be you of senior Qin2 Yu4 Xuan.He was end and also can break to fix mbt shoesLian first of threshold, become a girl after turning a life time.The personality pour is have no too big variety, return be like formerly similar have very heavy curiosity, to person also enthusiasm, Be just ratio formerly

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