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"Try intuition."119.
  The Wei gram walk to a branch road central, intuition mbt shoesthere is no result for a long time.
  "Walk the left side."There is no way, the Wei gram had to literally choose 1, big not turn head to re- walk once by that

time.According to the person's brain of constitute and heart of position, ordinary people all habitually go toward left walk.
  But, just walked toward the left side several step, the Wei gram came to a stop again right away.
  "How?There is insect son again?"1191 arouse to work properly, hurriedly carry a gun an alert everywhere.
  "There is footstep voice."Wei gram low voice way.
  Once the Wei gram jilt a head, 119 see with half an eye what mean, hurriedly stay back several step, Shan arrive the right

side of branch road inside, tight depend hole wall, took aim at gun muzzle the branch road of the left side.
  Wei gram the place which then sent back to just come over, two people stay by the side the monster that the left side will

soon come out from two angle.
  The position of Wei gram have no 119 of good, the scope which see get be also limited, but 119 place that can see the left

side branch road very far.But, he at there alert still heard for a long time what footstep voice.
  Signal hint toward the Wei gram, the Wei gram affirmation location nod and he has been hear that.If not because of his ear

original a little bit intelligent, so the estimate still have after the E star drank dinosaur brains of"paranormal power".
  Again etc. several minute, 119 finally heard a little unclear invite invite of footstep voice, he is excitedly very much to

nod to signal hint toward the Wei gram.
  The Wei gram didn't make a voice and signal hint him caution point.
  The footstep voice is more and more near, but can listen to come out, this insect son walk extremely slow-moving, also walk

extremely caution.This let the Wei gram have a little oddness.
  But atmosphere still along with footstep voice of close by but the strain get up, 119 of face top all have already come out

sweat bead.In fact, insect son combine can't afraid, terrible is a lot of insect son, because they now of the bullet have

been extremely limited.If meet large quantity insect son, can't resist a dichotomy clock will be paid Xie.
  "Sand …… sand ……"
  The footstep voice is nearer, imitate the Fo has been already arrive front of.119 center of palms also start emit sweat,

finger inevitably some shiver.Suddenly and since then of assault surely terrible, but need not bear what psychological

stress, but this kind of is coming future of assault, be most let person's nervous breakdown.If not is effort control, only

afraid did 119 guns all go off accidentally several times.
  "Sand sand!"The footstep voice stopped and imitate a Fo's felling to arrive front have ambush.
  The Wei gram is tight to stick hole wall, hold breath and wait for quietly.
  But 119 have no, because he have already seen a target.
  How?How possibility?
  Wei gram see 119 of face top take unimaginable facial expression, then stare big eyes, want to yell of appearance, but do

not shout out.Must is 119 of consciousness quilt control!
  Thought of here, the Wei gram dare not again hesitant, fiercely from hide the place Shan of body to come out, the gun

muzzle take aim at a branch road in the meantime, almost would button up a trigger.
  But his finger stop on the trigger, the facial expression of face with 119 exactly the same.
  Because, he saw Lin2 Nuo2 .
  At present Lin2 Nuo2 's of course not is former of Lin2 Nuo2 , at this time there is some Pengs in her hair disorderly,

clothes some confused, the noodles permit some distressed, body some dirty ……in fine, be very failure of image.
  Lin2 Nuo2 certainly also saw him, but she moved and she dared not to move and two gun muzzle of black hole hole toward her.
  See a Wei gram a station at there motionless, 119 suspiciously come forward, but the gun muzzle dare not to leave Lin2 Nuo2

's body.
  "She, is who?"119 the low voice ask a way, but dark scold oneself right away stupid."?Lin2 Nuo2 ?Can't?Are you legendary

Lin2 Nuo2 ?"1191:00 be also not afraid breakage atmosphere and shout loudly.
  Fortunately 119 shout loudly 1, break to have a little embarrassed situation, Lin2 Nuo2 take advantage of an opportunity a

captivating smile, will original raise of the bayonet hanged down.
  The face of the Wei gram top also peep out an one silk not easy detection of smile, gun muzzle pendency come.
  "Were you got a lord not to hold tight?"After one year saw, the Wei gram used this sentence beginning, in the tone not rob

heavy meet behind of joy.
  "I use tricks break out of."Lin2 Nuo2 sarcastically on smile, the Wei gram in the mind be one earthquake and can not help

thought of the point on the fleet is at the alliance No.2 intravenous drop drop.
  "Indeed as expected not the Kui is a ground battle the heroine of the troops."Wei gram great way.
  "Overpraise."Lin2 Nuo2 is awkward and shy on smile, lower the head, turn in a sudden, thought of a matter again."However,

the space thunder colonel still surround."
  "Space thunder professor?Where is he ?"Brief heavy after meeting joy, the ruthlessness fact put the in front of Wei gram.
  "I don't know to call where."Lin2 Nuo2 is full of apology ground to say, " is a very big hall."
  "Walk, we find."The Wei gram dare not to hold up a short moment, immediately take out revolver to pass to Lin2 Nuo2 and in

front just came toward Lin2 Nuo2 of the branch road quick step walk.
  Looking at the figure of Wei gram, Lin2 Nuo2 Zheng in a short while and hurriedly heel go up.

    Two Shang chapter 136 nightmare which hunt and reality
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:21:35 origin chapter word number:4018

  This be an afternoon with brilliant sunlight, pleasantly warm sunshine spread on the ground, the light breeze repeatedly

blow to kiss thick forest, the grass of prairie blow a burst of along with the light breeze verdant mbt shoes clearanceof wave.
  The sky in forest, hour but meeting had a few weird animal to once fly and turn an eye again disappear between each branch,

the lawn of the foot inside, often and will have some small animal to jump up, at grass point previous , again fall to into

grass cluster.
  The light breeze blow to kiss long hair and bring a plant of subtle fragrance, shut eyes, absolutely seem dream world

  The rightness is a dream world.The one dream world of end.
  The dream world of peace.
  Reunited dream world.
  At China federal capital city life the area west E51 area the 7052th, dark of room inside, a young young woman sleep at

generous of bed up, sink to immerse in the dreamland.
  The inside of the room is full of the young woman special flavor, warmth but ambiguity.
  The quilt doesn't know when have already been jilt by her to open, the pajama of the low chest impede not spring scenes of

outside Xie, a plentiful full circle smooth rufang flee to come out from the collar and seem to be to still send out in the

blackness light of light dizzy.
  This is a street lamp, can the leading be any the thing which want to arrive it.
  Dark medium, the bedside spread a burst of know know Suo Suo of voice, a very small dark shadow climb to young woman, don't

be the rufang which climb toward her.
  Have no hesitant, a hand is light the car familiar road ground stretch to expose of rufang, the yongli ground crumple to

knead, squeeze and imitate Fo that is a toy, he want well wannong once.
  Such the wannong very long seem to be already equal satisfy, he just climb to climb before go toward, gathered together

mouth up and expertly bite at that straight nipple.
  Part Za, the part still put out strength to ex- arch with the head and imitate Fo to want extrusion more thing.
  The inside of the whole room remind of a burst of Ta the suck of Ta absorb a voice, the young woman unexpectedly move all

motionless and be like have already become accustomed to.
  She still sink to immerse in oneself of the United States the dream, thick forest, rise and fall of lawn, return have ……
  "Perhaps fire away this battle, we can go home."
  "H'm, should also go home.The small west is all quick 1 year old."
  "He is certain lovely?"
  "Very lovely, I very love he."
  Son warship of break armor up, two figure station in the sun looking at at present of lovely view.
  This is perhaps an end one lovely view, if can not compare with appreciate, only afraid coulded not see any further.
  Because, lead again for a few hours, here will become the forest of corpse, the ocean of blood.
  Have no what can arrestment, this is inevitable want occurrence of one act.
  "Must well fire away this battle, the end of the month we can return."Reach the west take out a cigar, before spark to

nearby of the person signal hint once, at drive nod an approval after, he sparked a cigar.
  "You of the wife is very certain happiness."She say with the tone for envy.
  She, Ji joss-stick, the Earth alliance go on expedition a fleet of a common female soldier, a by chance of the opportunity

become reach west of assistant, be responsible for a ground battle troops and aircraft carrier of contact member.
  War night before last, she follow behind to reach west to arrive front inspection geography.
  "Are you how can anyone know?"Reach the west vomit an one mouthful smoke and ask a way.
  "Every time heel you together, you always say your cuckoldry affair for me."Ji joss-stick way, tone unavoidably still take

a point envy of meaning.
  "BE?"Reach west to freely connect a way.
  "You could it be that afraid that I seduce you?"The Ji joss-stick play trick a way.
  "You?"Reach west to be almost suffocate by the smoke, become overdo to come to way, " you be a beauty and is seduce of how

also round not to my this both wife and kid person?"
  "That how can't?Perhaps I like you so of type."See reach west to connect words, Ji joss-stick simply continue the fun to

open bottom to go to.
  "?That my pour be to want to know very much, I is what type of person?"Reach the west bite a cigar way and that expression

still let Ji joss-stick to move once.
  "You, you are to belong to that kind of surface very cultured, he-man in fact and inside and very of that kind of people,

don't make open, but absolute have a content.I dare to make a bet and your being certain will become general."Ji joss-stick

very earnest tunnel.
  Reach once the west listen to, almost break into laughter come, have never thought to return someone to oneself give so Gao

of evaluation.Although oneself have never thought a future affair, hear so praise of words he still unbearable mood easy.
  "Originally you are the person who like this kind of type."Reach the appearance that the west make suddenly realize,

way:"That I have a friend and match you more of request."
  "BE?More perfect person returned to have than you?"Ji joss-stick way.
  "You are exactly a praise I be still Ye Yu I?"Reach a west protest a way.
  "It certainly is a praise.Be like you so age of person, can arrive major is already precious and rare."The joss-stick of Ji

hurriedly way.Because the military merit be outstanding, reach the west has already been advanced to major.
  "That returned about."Reach west immediately after a way, " isn't equal to I give you introduction once, he but real

outlooking extreme cultured, but whole body's being full be the man of he-man bearing, more handsome than me, and, now is

already a lieutenant colonel."
  "Can't?Return true have so of person?Are you your friend?"Ji joss-stick surprise way.
  "That certainly, do I still cheat you?"Reach the west come to interest, continue to say, " who be your knowing a person who

step on this star ?"
  "Know, Wei gram first lieutenant."Ji joss-stick way.
  "Do you know?"Reach west and ate a surprised.
  "Certainly know, this is before we come to BV galaxy have to of be the course ok or not?"Ji joss-stick way.
  ", You see me and unexpectedly forgot this matter."Reach west on clapping head to say, " that good did, be him, now is Wei

gram lieutenant colonel."
  "It be him."Ji joss-stick way, " hear he definite is a very fantastic person, behavior low key, but have much of then

can.However ……"
  "However what?"Reach the west cross-examine.
  "Calculated, don't say."Ji's facial expression of the joss-stick seem to be once dark come down.
  Reach west don't know to be the reason why, also dare not to ask again.
  The sun gradually went up and reach west to return to connect a brigade of conductor department.This a special kind soldier

who is before striking against E star organization connect brigade, the name be an allied troops to mount sudden attack

connect, be responsible for a mount sudden attack of front line battle, in fact also equal  to dare to die connect similar.
  Star from the debarkation E till now, however just 5 month time, connect the person of brigade almost have already changed

5 batch, a batch of the warrior still on the hoofly bend fingers in counting can number, only he hasn't been change, and

still rise major since this company commander make an exception to appoint from the first.
  Withered while becoming ten thousand bones: achievement, as long as is this sentence to apply forever on the battlefield.
  The afternoon is three o'clocks, is BE in the middle for a day most hot of the time be also a time of the most exhausted

dinosaur, certainly be the time which reach west to start fight.
  Through a few fight of months, the mankind obtained huge victory, E star 90% above of the land have already been capture by

the mankind, the mankind start acquire necessarymbt shoes sale material locally and construct hard of works, in order to prevent the

dinosaur be anti- to rush toward.
  But inhibit at the mankind strong thermodynamic power bottom, bare hands dinosaur's being obvious be defenseless,

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