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You want to take me? We talk about the same in the car. She instinctively what hold his hand holding the steering wheel, after all, now he is Yifu fiance to meet her alone with him always made her feel a kind of guilty conscience.

She did not want him to take her in public places,christian louboutin boots especially where access to high-level restaurants are upper-class people acquaintances to see if he was unfortunate enough to be a consortium of the young master's something Ray Chuan Ru Yifu's ears she is covered with mouth is also confusing.

Ray Tang to see her cared less adhere to the back of the body temperature slowly handed to her a kind of current micro-fried hand from the handshake between the spread. She awoke to his fiery Mouguang withdraw her hand hastily.

Not have anything to say to you I said Mody. She avoided his eyes Bieguo Lian look out the window.

Mei Mei has been a matter of fact I like all you people who we start, OK? Lei Tang less slowly go into a soft voice ears.

Mei Xuan surprised with these words she turned round and so on for a long time to die in her heart, he suddenly said what this could mean? Her mind blank can not continue normal thinking.

She was not answered he stupidly thought that she did not believe him cast a worried look Lanmou quickly pulled her hands in the palm.

I meant it, please believe me. I do not like playing with your feelings immediately after graduation and I intend to Yifu annulment. In fact, I and Yifu fully engaged marriage of my father for business considerations. Strongly opposed to my father when I was in college to which I have not forced me. And the family, elders were also turns to me to persuade me to agree to and Yifu engagement until I graduated from college formally took over the mine's adult consortium then if I still can not love Yifu, then you can dissolve a marriage.

There are months away from graduation. She looked him straight what you mean is that you now have to maintain this relationship with her will take at least several months to resolve.

He was her sharp eyes stare too know what to do after a while before he slowly nodded. Is the earliest months. As long as you promised and I believe with these few months passed quickly.

It turned out he just said, if not false start but he is not want her to see the light of the lover he could while he and Yifu one has to maintain a marriage with her.

She would like to have a simple complete sneaky feeling like this she would never allow their pride to do so together with the previously cold by Yin Luo agreement that confused a fire on a kind of insulted at the moment can not suppress the anger broke out out.

She vigorously throw off his hand Shuimou rolling in showing anger. Master Lei is one thing you seem to mistake me you do not have the kind of love between men and women. A matter between you and me is just a child

Mei Mei You can not fool me. He Cuzhe Mei suddenly interrupted her head, then the last three years in the Ling house though you take me for a transparent little talk to me from your eyes always be inadvertently blown me I could tell you I have feelings. I observed you I know you secretly rejected the pursuit of a few seniors though I did not share with you the language but I can feel you refuse to pursue different because there is a shadow of your heart you never forget that person and that person is me.

For a time she could not find any sound to refute his evasive eyes looking out the window to open to cover up extremely well she can not think of themselves as the eyes of his own has long been a transparent one.

See she did not refute mine less Teng boost the confidence of holding her hand resting on his knees. Meimei we all forget the unhappy past, we begin I will make up for re-

No, I do not want. I admit that she suddenly turned to me for three years you should have some hint of fantasy, but this is the past. There are some things missing that will never recover missed.

Mei Mei I know you're still mad at me I apologize. He holdschristian louboutin knockoffs her hand and look in the eyes of a trace of panic as long as you come back to me I can do anything for you, you leave the man it he will not give you happiness. If he really likes you he will not let the beloved woman running around working

I am fortunate not happy but not you say you are not eligible for my business. She then quickly grabbed his lung power is clearly insufficient. After all, this thing is that she deceived him.

Ray Teng less micro and dropped his eyes wavering, you know that morning to see on your neck Wenhen my mind how sick? I think I made a mistake I should and I intend to graduate should do in advance Yifu annulment explain to you so that you'll wait for me.

She bit her lip and he cares about from her heart, he actually has something to do with her voice she heard that he saw it in the true feelings and bitterness that is not deliberately disguised hokey.

Meimei we re-begin? He put it carefully treading on thin ice staring eye-blink her silence.

She belongs to Yi Fu Yao Chun hesitated his dissolution of marriage, as long as he is not a day he got into the car belongs to Yi Fu from the present one voice rang in the ears that she promised him she dared not timid.

She suddenly broke away his hand and pushed open the door to escape like a step too ran out.

Mei Mei I will not force you to consider me give you one day. Remember I will always wait for you.

He did not catch up to his words was clearly rushed into the ear.

Day after day the time limit and why a person with two consecutive she mentioned the word?

She strode forward before ran ran Yin Luo kept cold with three million large sums of money forced her to do his little Proton is now mine again without the knowledge of all of her contacts with him in secret.

She is an ordinary girl, but also looking forward to can have a true object of her contacts are these for her, is destined to be luck expect it?

Unconsciously looked up in front of familiar and unfamiliar christian louboutin shoesin the white house. In order to avoid the Yi Fu, and did not like her aunt she usually only at night she will be back here very little during the day do not want to go back now, of course.

Cast-iron gates to speed up the pace she walked to the bus station in front of the junction walking. There is a faint sense of unease in the dramatic spread out her heart suddenly stopped and turned back toward.

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