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Sharp screams lasted N years.

Zhao Xinmei ballerina is a dream suddenly fell to the ground She gave her a rotation of pinch yourself grandmother who disturb the dreams of his youth when young people are ballet dance is elegant too!

Suddenly scream back to the reality of herchristian louboutin knockoffs  dream of bothering me!

This is the sound of screaming from the room opposite the daughter?

Is looting the daughter of a childhood, no wonder the daughter of Shui Ling on Chula strange it does not provoke some wild beasts.

So Zhaoxin Mei Lai Buji more like pajamas on the whole a stride out with a door to see squat on the ground to Yi Jiaochuai a fat girl!

Zhao Xinmei dumbfounded when she saw a fat woman in such a home robbery has to actually look around and not see her daughter's whereabouts around the wail soon as a Jiu Qi Zhao Xinmei this fat woman you should come to some questioning of this fat woman, you said you were here Why?

She was a fat woman on the shoulder vise want to look at this monster and the woman cried pear rain would not matter to her house divided against itself.

Where still cried.

Zhao Xinmei actually did not think a thief is a Feipo more did not think was a silly woman will not be a thief but the thought of his daughter were robbed of the fossa with a stomach overhauled the fire.

Grabbed two nails in front of the wearer fat woman yelled out: how say ye to my daughter like it?

Now that the first robbery, kidnapping Moreover everywhere and daughter are now only two Choice between Love and Dependence in here if something happens and her daughter also really have not lived.

If the daughter was kidnapped how she can do?

God, she cried her heart, but I must not something of a treasure!

But the strange thing is squatting in front of this fat woman cry even more fiercely for a pumping up the body of the body have to shake side to side.

Zhao Xinmei heart burst of nausea and cursed the day feeling really too uncomfortable.

Then find the daughter of nausea nausea regulation is the most important.

Zhao Xinmei kicked out to a kick behind the fat woman said to me how my daughter is!

But this is a fat man even if the criminals have to the dementia, like how people ignore it!

Zhao Xinmei heart of a cross-foot increase in the intensity of the fat fraction of women have also stays on as soon as the stress fell to the ground like a tumbler.

Zhao Xinmei secretly for their own Scud deeply moved to stand up then squat down to see the fat woman is not to see it does not matter where the holy one to see Zhao Xinmei boom bang immediately fainted.

Fat women just keep crying for a long time only to find a man lying next turn is a surprise to see his mother Zhao Xinmei.

Mom how do you it?

Mom you were up

After three seconds in the two fat women also fell to the ground along both fainted.

Mother and daughter to the faint faint surprise the next morning.

Sasame Shan took his own four or five looks like christian louboutin boots a pregnant woman struggling to stand up.

But obese people with sleep may also feel numb, like body aches like.

This situation of two-legged horse race simply does not support them snapped straight fall to the ground is really worth sigh of gravity and weight proportional.

Zhao Xinmei felt the terrible pain and pressure up slowly opened his eyes to see a monster who is rolling their own.

Zhao Xinmei Although there are 40 with four years of experience that can not face such a painful experience of suddenly seems to want to see them fainted before his daughter's face.

My God! Is sitting in his own body is being ravaged daughter?

She also refused to take the pain you want to look at the fat woman's face.

Shortness of breath, she almost fainted then suddenly screaming like a madman, like how her daughter into a Feipo you had?

n minutes Zhao Xinmei have no strength to struggle and supporting her daughter finally stood up.

Mom how you passed out? Daughter blamed Road.

Zhao Xinmei also stood up leaning on her daughter, how do you be so my day!

Zhao Xinmei, staggered a few steps later also apparently can not accept this fact.

How do I know up in the morning the rain became so Susan could not help the left grieving mother wept in the end is how this thing!

Zhao Xinmei also is puzzled habits only asked his daughter what you are not eating the wrong things

How can I not eat yesterday afternoon, came back goes through the refrigerator and found a packaged cake so he took it ate

What? Zhao Xinmei jump what? You eat the cake?

This is but one day his sister said to keep a secret that campaign and her husband said the little used to the day I deliberately kept

The thought here is it again to see her daughter's sake that cake?

When she gave me the original look of fear that has been carefully looked like a secret like others to know what is even called me asking if pushed to the toilet a thousand million million exhorted to say this thing, but to help protect the baby!

I was a soft-hearted as I often tell her husband and between the various things do not really think of it himself now old and confused victims of their own daughter! !

Zhao Xinmei soon as her daughter lamented not you do christian louboutin salenot like to eat sweets Why? However, how would eat cake special

Hey how this can be done?

Yu Shan left the mother asked anxiously how to do? I also see how people go out

So mother and daughter your head up and Zhao Xinmei feeling the pain of her soft hair of my daughter, my daughter

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