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 Fujian province is kind to took a look Chen2mbt shoes Xin He2 and then the rightness strong dragon say:"You come out, don't of affair I to rehabilitate, however you never be difficult at bottom."
    The strong dragon point nod and say:"You trust, I have number of, will not make you difficult, you temporarily don't follow me.Etc. pair of these arrangement good after, again come to Su's city, by that time advance say bottom with me, I know how to do."
    Chen2 Xin He2 feel two people's dialogue very is oddness, but see a strong dragon safety well, also don't want to much ask.
    Good consequences in Fujian province however keep promise, immediately after and then openned the door of secret room.
    The strong dragon sign a horse to come out, an embrace Chen2 Xin He2 , tightly be not willing to be loose to open.Chen2 Xin He2 at this time is also a concussion very, can be embrace by he, the hands also involuntarily embrace a strong dragon in the meantime, after all a person let the own lover tight hug wear is a kind of great of happiness.Chen2 Xin He2 is a daughter who have much of personal status, she know this is a worthy of she go to an article of man.
    See two people a difficult solution difficult cent, Fujian province be kind nasty, say:"You return again slowly warm and affectionate, etc. come other people bother."
    Listenned to this words, strong dragon just the handle knob be loose to open and say to Chen2 Xin He2 :"Leave!"Immediately after become kind to Fujian province to say:"This place you arrangement, if they blame down, let they to seek me."
    Fujian province is a little bit kind to nod and say:"You hurry and I knew."
    The strong dragon then pull a Chen2 Xin He2 's hand, hurriedly go toward outside run.
    Etc. walk to entrance to cave of time, detection entrance to cave still Chang write, then hurriedly go to ground up, then toward to say in hole:"I walked, again contact!"
    Chen2 Xin He2 looking at a strong dragon, feel to be very unusual, feel him root be unlike a quilt them keep under house arrest, pour to be like to spend a holiday here.Chen2 Xin He2 also doesn't want to much ask and then pull a strong dragon along return to the original road of city in Xian to return.
    Suddenly Chen2 Xin He2 is afraid that Maya will take a person, then hurriedly give Maya dozen telephone, wanting to let her don't take a person.But, oddness of is Maya's telephone dozen impassability.Chen2 Xin He2 hurriedly pull a telephone for moxa, knew Maya and returned at all.
    Chen2 Xin He2 feel a matter to have a hitch, too late and much think, then heel strong dragon two people rush through to return to city in Xian.
    Go to city in Xian, public see a strong dragon back, is very happy, then and all come up to be caring and attentive of, particularly what moxa pull to come up is again kiss again embrace, keep make strong dragon blush up to the ears.But Chen2 Xin He2 is in the part, then the vinegar altar son tipped over, keep to to belly infuse, unspeakable and sour.
    Strong dragon at this time, didn't also the mood say with everyone what, hurriedly say:"I see affirmation in Maya be to have an accident and let's still seek her first!I these days have no matter, just meet a point accident, so you don't worry."
    Everyone listen to a strong dragon say so, just start to worry Maya to come and at that time the atmosphere be very dignified.
    Week the son is good suggestion everyone still go first just of the Gan county find out once.
    Chen2 Xin He2 all can not consider of rest with strong dragon two people, then insist on go to, end decision from Chen2 Xin He2 , strong dragon and week son good three people together go.
    Week the son is good at this time the decision strong dragon seem instauration normal, then ask:"Strong dragon, who be your knowing me ?"
    The strong dragon listenned to roar with laughter and say:"You stop worrying!I already instauration memory, you be my good the elder brothers week Yao with good son."
    Week the son be good to happily say:"Originally you already instauration memory, that really and too good."
    The part of Chen2 Xin He2 make reference to:"Do not be sissy, hurriedly look for person go to!",
    The moxa pull and follow and go at this time and in fact she be main to want to follow a strong dragon.Week the son was good to see out, know if don't take her, she would be not very happy.
    The strong dragon took a look a moxa to pull, a the pair be pure lovely of appearance, then say:"Leave!Have another a person has another a strength."The moxa pulled to listen to and then smile the ground of Ying Ying to walk to a strong dragon nearby.
    Which knew Chen2 Xin He2 to see such scene, keep spirit two Sai all drum get up, but she comparison have poise, what said.
    Hence four people then return to a Gan county according to the original road, all the way careful observation.
    Look for person to return to look for person, the vinegar still need to eat of, all the way top Chen2 Xin He2 and moxa's pulling two people be not great to see the other party mutually.
    Strong dragon also felling atmosphere have a little wrong, but again can't be clear to say what, then always borrow past with week the son be good to talk to stay away two people.
    Week the son be good to multiply by their two people inattention of time, silently speak to the absolute being agriculture:"Brothers, you make so, is not a way either!I see you still early do decision, otherwise later would be troublesome."
    The strong dragon very depressedly say:"My intention who all understand, just I cant not bear to heart injury the moxa pull.Oddness, she how to my attitude attitude before have an accident with my last time entirely different."
    The week sub- conscience way say:"Ah!Not just memory loss, saying shouldn't say of words.I also surprisingly this young girl so simple-minded.Ah!See come this time you is bother."
    The strong dragon shake to soliloquize a way:"That bastard harm dead me."
    Week the son be good to hurriedly ask:"Who?Who harm dead you?"
    The strong dragon hurriedly say:"Didn't!Didn't!Isn't my memory loss!So I say my bastard."Then hurriedly low head, seem to be very annoyance of appearance.
    Week the son was good to see, is not a lot of either to say what, then hurriedly pretend to see everywhere.
    Four people so the mind not and rather find out Gan Ling a neighborhood, result nature is a have no acquisition.
    At this time strong dragon's worry is that Fujian province be kind to make ghost, then hurriedly with Chen2 Xin He2 make look in the eyes, the meaning let she the son in week good pull to lead to walk with mbt shoes clearancemoxa, he find Fujian province kind.
    Chen2 Xin He2 appreciate absolute being meeting, then say that want a strong dragon at here etc., they three people go to don't of place.But the moxa pull dead to live a dissimilarity an idea, fire get Chen2 Xin He2 all be go into action.
    Under the public circumstance for refuse to budge, there is one person in neighborhood walk.This person isn't other people, is exactly that Fujian province is kind.

    Two sleepless night of chapter 34
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-8-167:29:56 origin chapter word number:3640

    While seeing Fujian province kind, week the son be good to pull to all frightened with moxa, because Fujian province's being kind be to go out with absolute being agriculture and how can and suddenly appear here.Chen2 Xin He2 with strong dragon certainly very clear, but do a drama to do complete set, also pretend very surprise of appearance.
    At this time, Fujian province was kind to see Chen2 Xin He2 and strong dragon go to but reply to return, also very oddness, then hurriedly pretend to say:"Oh!Found out you on the whole."
    The strong dragon see Chen2 Xin He2 , Chen2 Xin He2 also see a strong dragon, all don't know Fujian province kind think why and at that time two people to be all stunned speechless.
    Pour is a moxa to pull frank and outspoken and hurriedly ask:"Fujian province is kind, you how can arrive at here of, you are to go with absolute being agriculture Egypt Yao?"
    The hurriedly a full face of kind heap in Fujian province smile ground to say:"Ah!We won Zong Huan4's trick, I was to hear you come Xian, seek then and all the way, so Qiao, met everyone here."
    Week the son was after all good to once make Xing Zhen, so felling Fujian province be kind to say of describe with a delicate touch too much.
    Fujian province is kind to also dare not to much talk at this time, although know perfectly well for a week the son is good oneself is at the doubt, he clear the strong dragon will talk for him.
    Indeed as expected strong dragon for letting the condition be unlikely embarrassed, then say:"We all heard, now Maya again disappearance, so you come, at the right moment help."
    Chen2 Xin He2 hurriedly gather together past, the low voice say:"BE to is it you that make ghost?"
    Fujian province was hurriedly kind to do a helpless facial expression and shake.
    The strong dragon see them two people compete here, hurriedly come over, lightly a cough several voice, say:"Leave, don't the wave took a lot of time."
    Fujian province is kind to hurriedly say:"Yes, we hurriedly find Maya!"
    To not let for a week, the son be good to pull doubt with moxa, Chen2 Xin He2 hurriedly extrude a silk smile, say:"Leave!"
    In fact, Chen2 Xin He2 have already think at this time clear, should is not Fujian province be kind stem, because Fujian province be kind at that time didn't so several time.But exactly is who?Why want to capture Maya?Now how do we exactly should do?A series of question surge forward Chen2 Xin He2 's at heart all of a sudden.
    Although five people say where that want be walked together, but done not know at all and should go toward walk.
    End, still Chen2 Xin He2 comparison have definite view, end decision return first, then let the region of all people at Xian do a carpet type to search, her according to is a strong dragon be lean against so search but find out everywhere.
    Hence public then follow Chen2 Xin He2 to return to Xian, preparation take a rest, the second day again look for clues.
    After wait them return to city in Xian, the detection Kan Kun be missing and then ask a firewood to think a source.Firewood think a source to tell Chen2 Xin He2 , the Kan Kun soon connected a telephone, then then went out after they go out.
    Chen2 Xin He2 hurriedly contact Kan Kun, detection already contact not top.This descend Chen2 Xin He2 to feel an affair to bother, at that time is also an at a loss what to do.
    Chen2 Xin He2 was true to trap too much and add again of a series of so many strange affair, let her be mentally and physically exhausted, then say that want to be first rest, a person alone returned to building rest.Public on see also all respectively returned to building rest.
    Strong dragon at the mid-night how also can not sleep, arrive then decision to get up to see everywhere, lend machine to relax, a wash oneself recent of melancholy.Walk, walk, he walked to Chen2 Xin He2 's room that to, but the detection Chen2 Xin He2 's door open, very is oddness, then plan past see actually.
    After go in, detection Chen2 Xin He2 be missing, then hurriedly look into everywhere, but do not find out her.The strong dragon is nasty, then hurriedly arrive each person's room find, or have no result.While ask under, where did no one know her to go to.
    This descended a strong dragon to collapse, his favourite of woman heel he long separation heavy meet still not to midnight of time, the person be missing.The disappearance of Maya add again, let the strong dragon float more to think allied Pian.
    The strong dragon then and privately find out Fujian province kind, ask a way:"What did you exactly do?"
    Fujian province the innocence of kind 1 face, weak infirmly say:"Young master, I really don't know!My swear really isn't my stem.You see me know you most care Chen2 Xin He2 , so end because of afraid difficult she, I have already personally done decision and put you.Difficult way I such to you, you still doubt I?"
    Once this words say and pour is a strong dragon to feel oneself to be the heart of mean person, hurriedly say:"Is not a doubt you, you also know my whole life most like of be Chen2 Xin He2 , if she have intention to outside, I really feel on the hoof all didn't interesting."
    Fujian province was kind to listen to and hurriedly return to:"Young master, you don't say so, in fact I feel conquer the world it big, with you of ability, want what kind of woman have no, why the need for ……"
    "Shut up!"The strong dragon interrupt him, Nu way:"If I will new lotus so of, you stop say this kind of what stuff and I be tired of.Now, be is bother you, arrange somehow, I can't be without new lotus."Say an end, the voice be more and more miserable, tone is already close entreat.
    Fujian province was kind to see and then say:"All right!I speak my viewpoint!Now I be a person to silently come back of, original think to be done in complete secrecy, now even Chen2 Xin He2 all ability detection I, so I can predict and must be Zong Huan4's person come, but catch Maya and Chen2 Xin He2 's person very may drive Zong Huan4's person."
    Once the strong dragon listen to and the point nod and say:"You this words speech have reason, but how should we deal with Zong Huan4 its person?"
    Fujian province is kind to say:"Now only the etc. eldest brother came back." Say again all of a sudden:"Not as first as we return to Su's city, controled situation to say again.Thus, our are to enter's can offend to back can guard."
    "He2 Jie3?"The strong dragon doesn't understand a way.
    Fujian province is kind to continue to say:"Now we first control good Su's city, immediately after the prestige of absolute being agriculture, thus, term who dare not make a mess of.Absolute being agriculture if come back, we can also obtain the trust of absolute being agriculture, in this way, I feel eldest brother to can't blame me, either."
    The strong dragon listenned to very despise ground say:"You are a dog and can't change to eat excrement, you don't think I would like to take you to return to Su's city, mean me to can follow the bad example of others with you.I am like now of all of mbt shoes saleeverythings be an absolute being agriculture to give of, and I is willingly do any affair for him.If later you say this kind of words again, don't blame me to turn over a face of heartless."

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