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Xin Yin lounge drooping sad expression sitting at a glance.

Just had the same thought as the Iceman could not louboutin knockoffsmove the cousin was kept ambiguous smile, and already understand what Ai quinoa Insider carry away any ancestral Yin Yong Xin to Xiangtiao Lou suicide. Face to face what she wants to use them? These are victims of any Cheung!

The culprit is also finished a leisurely bath humming a standing full-length mirror before the fight song on one side and tie, nothing like the TV drama people want to associate him a flat.

Xiang, how can any of you are so pleasant? If this is your parents and my aunt, uncle know if the two of us is likely to be immediately tied the auditorium yeah! Yin Xin low howl in pain with her head in his head fast hurts like a.

Ren Xiang, glanced at her mirror. Junction to junction is more afraid? Even if he does not really share the taste of her but she still has not made him an unforgettable taste addicted! Marry her is a good idea to oh so that he could touch her no one would dare openly say anything.

And that way more can never expect that fool named Wang touch her! Any Cheung smiled.

You crazy? Married yeah! Raymond Master you not mistaken, right? Yin Xin staring eyes he saw him in a hidden recovery of sight after the blush blushing.

I know very! I had friends will marry you also have time for you to prepare is not it? Who invented the damn system so hard to tie?

I thought you were kidding! We are buddies now it has not it seem odd to get married? After last night she seems to have not so repulsed. But why did he marry her? And how about her feelings? Never know that she did so to get her upset!

Ren Xiang won the tie coming up to her. Looked up at me. Yin Xin Xiang shy to look up to him any authentic look of sincerity: I'll marry you, but seriously.

Yin Xin is serious and sincere way he shocked! But the more expansion in mind the greater the sense of unease is not she has dreamed of since? Now she suspect that something? Can take now is not the most important it?

Enough! Do not want to be so complicated!

Help me tie. Ren Xiang, ordered her to pull herself sitting.

Why should I help you? Her a little tweaking as not used to and he seems like such intimacy.

You ripped off my tie, you will be responsible for tied it back. Ren Xiang looked up, she dodge the eye of shame, that.

Yin Xin shook hands holding his tie retorted and said: Come on, it's your not ripped off their own line of my business.

Okay, okay I'm not! Any Cheung embarrassed whisper. His tie has always been first for him, Peter Ng lay waiting for him to get dressed and then put their own.

Yin Xin did not say anything for him, she looked down intently understand that they tie the deepest layer of insight

The face of the neighbor that will be racing any of Cheung's heart, but also with room only for his eyes have explained the fact that she still loved him!

Ren Xiang But it?

Ren Xiang you love me? This simple sentence Yin Xin has found that she asked not to export!

Afraid of what? She is afraid that once he is not out of his mouth that she wanted to hear the words of my heart hurt her the second time she did not have the courage to listen to!,


Any living room.

Office sofa Xiang, Ren Xin Shao Jun ancestral Yonghe party atmosphere, according to almost down to the freezing point but no one opening to break the silence.

Ren Xiang knew to be interviewed, but he was not worried because he has decided to how to do it so he can be said that whoever idly waiting for openings.

Ren Xiang, how are you going to do? Shao Xin Xiang Jun Ren stared at the opening.

How do you want me how I do. He spread out hand.

Zu Yong will support any of the elbow in the side arm of the sofa with your fingers supporting the jaw shrewd eyes carefully examine any degree of Cheung to see him somewhat seriously.

If I said I want you to small Xin responsible? You agree? Shao Xin Jun Xiang intentionally create difficulties he believes that any approval will not marry his sister called.

Raymond shrugged broad shoulders do not change any of the lazy attitude. Shao said if the responsible big brother to me to marry Yin Xin, then I agree. This is established is not it?

Shao Xin Jun squinted suspiciously. Why did you promise so altogether? Any Cheung I want you to marry the sister, but you have been as small Xin you sure you're clear enough to hear? Ren Xiang, apart from anything else I said OK inevitably raises the suspicion.

Shao Xin Yin brother to marry the idea of forming a back in my heart and I told her I will marry Yin Xin has to give her time to prepare so I readily agreed not too hasty.

Zu Yong any sustained look on the eyebrow is raised. Cheung is a small child does not love to be tied to marry he actually said with a small Yin Xin Xin has long said it could be interesting!

You said you talk a little Xin? Shao Xin-Jun is also really taken aback.

Ren Xiang carefully sat up straight, looking at Shao Xin Jun body. My birthday dinner the night I told her and gave her a week to prepare.

Shao Xin Jun silence he began to regret any of his own mind why Xiang Xin suddenly wanted to marry little? Is not it strange?

Xiang Xin small little what you want to marry her feel Why? How married you have to maintain your relationship? Any information out of Shao Yong Xin Zu Jun concerns.

Ren Xiang was asked a silly he muttered again. Feel? I do not know her as a wife but I will not know what I feel

Until then any really Xiang has been the face of his subconscious to avoid the problem - he is not never asked why they would want to marry Yin Xin? Just more carefully to his heart the more panic! Do not think that after they no longer disturbing problem. Well anyway, but where it wants to marry him so much? Miles? Instigate the problem!

You do not, know, way?! Any of you dare to say that Raymond marry my cousin? You feel even the most basic of her you do not know, you actually said they do not export also want to marry her?! Shao Xin Jun want Renxiang Hai flat meal. No! Even if you still want to marry her but I am sorry! I will not marry your cousin in the end that any son of a bitch! Then he went home without looking back.

Jun Shao Xin Xiang would also allow any re-start thinking about what was on the Yin Xin feel this difficult matter.

You really are too small Xiang any of the. Zu Yong Ren shook his head helplessly. If you do not quickly sort out whether you are a small Xin affection or love is true, then it seems A Jun Xin marry will not make you small.

Ren Xiang Zhou Lemei eyes cried with anger to low. What do you want to get married must be love? I want to Yin Xin, want to hold her all that I want to marry her is not enough to constitute a reason for it? Why do we have to find fault?

Is the love?

Ren Xiang, the next migraine to irritable to say: know as early as two decades of love to love. Because the idea that he will not know in the end is not love?

Is not it? Unreservedly any ancestral Yong said. I have to tell you that if you only have a small family Xin Then you should not have those 'want to have her all' or 'want her' kind of mood you really do not understand it?

Ren Xiang stood up and hurried to shake hands into a fist emotional instability of his breath to say: enough of Big Brother you do not say let me think about it any time I need the whole body can be said to become weak Xiang back to his room. Anyone make so much noise that he thought to take him!

Ren Xiang was watching the departure of troubled-ridden figure slowly tear apart any hint of smile Yong Zu.

It seems Mom had ordered a hundred stars of the big rock still! Have already made it so easy to understand and be ready to come out of that affection that word? Cover one or two decades, the guy still can not disappear, no approach comprehend.

Xiang any confusion let it continue to go on! Who taught him to small Xin suffered by so many substitutions now is the time to try to see when he will be fully convinced?

This short little sister Xin He was going to take!


Should it? And Wangkai Jiang said that should not be clear? After all, her heart has always been the only office Xiang Xiang and overbearing by any child is intolerable that she and her friend Wang Kaijiang relationship just friends, even if he can not stand .

Ren Xiang is trouble for this event can not even sitting at your desk office simply do not see those files into her eyes.

She knew from the Renxiang Sheng Wang Kaijiang no stop after dinner at her but she was tired of looking either tired enough Xiang Wang Kaijiang recruited company so she would stop off for her assistant; home, she is also the account of Deng percent said she was going abroad to be a month and a half later to come back; her cell phone were not even open.

She knew she was doing too much in terms of Wang Kaijiang but her brain, the heart is really only big enough for any Cheung it!

And now she's relations with any Cheung still in ambiguous situations. Ren Xiang these to appear as missing did not like her will be happy to relax a little bit. Perhaps he was still sort out between them what kind of relationship that is to maintain it!

The thought that he brought to her body will have an experience of her fiery heat rise in my heart along with her face red-hot

Often coupled with Cheung said she marry her recall any kind of sincere and let her look even more of the most exciting looking forward to endless. But my heart also will have a small voice asked her: What do you feel any Cheung on? Why not ask the export?

Yin Xin lowered her eyes sadly bitter endless!

She is not ready for open inquiry

Ah Hao Fan! Or to find Wang Kaijiang dinner spread out that it only understand him first to settle this issue at least until she is better than that.


What should I deal with this?

Half past seven p.m. Yin Xin has been sitting on the first floor of the east side of flying hotel restaurants in the Western. Tanabata Festival may almost romantic restaurant is decorated very chaired by Yin Xin is also a little regret about packages here.

She worried look light blue eyes stared lock look to her seat next to the whole slice of transparent glass in the street outside is busy coming and going.

Her hands twisted hem flawless to ponder how are you Wangkai Jiang openings.

She has not had any selfish General Xiang Wang Kaijiang want to keep the love, right? His affection worthy of more complete and Yin Xin consider themselves good girl is an empty hollow shell of love is just not to let her re looking Cheung back to the soul.

Dull eyes suddenly catch a glimpse out the window similar to the figure with any Xiang Xin Yin to think a little anxious to see whether he can really only a few seconds of the time she found it was not him. Yin Xin look back with disappointment.

Are things so many days are not looking for any Cheung she snapped it? Can not blame her love to the cranky but any sense of insecurity Xiang She could not settle down.

She lived a figure shrouded Yin Xin Wang Kaijiang one looked up to see the smiling face appeared in front of the warmth of Yin Xin went back to him a laugh.

I am looking for you a dozen times too! You're finally back how? This one and a half to go where the investigation? Okay? Wang Kaijiang turned around and sat down across from her point of the meal to the waiter.

I went to Hong Kong. Put a little timid, but she really went tochristian louboutin boots Hong Kong!

Oh? Out what happened to you? Wang Kaijiang concern asked.

Yin Xin caring not look his eye filled with eye grabbing if nothing had happened and said: Nothing is going to go see the grave where some of the hotel, senior director of business toward the future.

This it! His silence think something like before the test and asked: Small Xin less you say I have between my father and some business enterprises in Kenting and opened up a five-star resort luxury hotels you interested?

I do not know what you mean?

Wang Kaijiang sincerely looked at her. I want to hire you to be the exclusive hotel is the leading Hotel Consultants My dad is very optimistic about the operation of your expertise you also for the shareholders 'fly' with the planned series of planning admired my father so I have to explain to convince you know that you could not answer agree?

Yin Xin, and he understands the friendship of any great deal at home to give up any of her family hotel run by flying change Touxiao little chance of his hotel but he just wanted to give it a try! Yin Xin he understands the ambition of the hotel industry without a predecessor The new restaurant can bring her her greatest challenge may be willing to think about it instead.

Yin Xin be watching his face filled with regret. Sorry Kai strong family you know of any great significance to me except they do not need me or I can not leave the 'fly' is. Thank you and the king of the value of my uncle!

You no longer think about it? I do not rush to answer anyway, the hotel is still decorated stage. But I really hope you can consider you? It was his expected answer.

Yin Xin Yao Zhaochun not good then nodded again evasive.

Xin Do you have a small word to say to me? She looks a preoccupied look.

Yin Xin bowed his head open really do not know how to do that between them there can be no further development was afraid to hurt him; she completely rejected tasted the taste of the kind of pain is intense is the experience of others can not The.

It does not matter if you say I am willing to listen to your thoughts. See her worry about the appearance of his pain to wait for her, too unwilling to let her take off so troubled.

Kay Strong Do not ask me any day, Raymond was taken away what happened? She looked at him.

Wang Kaijiang gentle smile. You do not love others unless you want to probe you or I will not ask.

He is so considerate to the invasion will not be handed to someone else's life. Unfortunately, no portion of the Yes to accept her miserable to think Yin Xin.

Ren Xiang is on it? Wang Kaijiang difficulties have been looked at her and asked exports. Want to avoid the end of a walk but still have to face.

Yin Xin flustered to some of the injured eye, he whispers: I have no idea how I tell you that I, and Ren Xiang

Ren Xin Xiang Yin with all the tell all to silence listening Wang Kaijiang including crying and go into exile that year until recently any abnormal behavior and performance of Cheung plays well to marry her and so many after.

Was such ah. His smile did not complain, do not hate at least understand where he is lost who lose. I have always been defeated in his hands is not it?

Yin Xin could not bear to hurt his eyes floated constantly whispered with tears of regret. I'm sorry I'm really sorry. She also knows that these are useless except I'm sorry, but can she really do not know what to say.

Yin Xin He covered live hand on the table this time telling myself to indulge.

Do not say I'm sorry if you'd told me from time to time between us was impossible, how can my own stubborn that is your fault? And you never received my feelings. He Jiangcheng to smile. But we can be friends, is not it? I hope I managed to back the hotel you can too! Can only be the case is not it? He could not bear her self-blame can only put a fine heart already broke into pieces!

Xin Yin head down and felt a shadow hangs over her she looked panic did not think that was actually leaving Wang Kaijiang -

Ren Xiang

Any Cheung dressed in black face is black with tear Wang Kaijiang he reached the hands of unbridled open displeasure: Wangs Do not you know this guy is my man yet? You actually have even dared to touch her?

Wang Kaijiang innocent to spread out hand. Sorry I really have no other meaning. Look Xiang Ren is jealous that clearly look like? Does not appear to Yin Xin-sided love!

Wang Kaijiang innocent face Raymond's eyes to see in any species is simply a great provocation. Yang Chi-the anger of his body a shirt collar and irritation Jiuqi Wang Kaijiang Geological Q: Do you think I dare not move in here, you?

Yin Xin Xiang is busy grabbing stand up and pumping to open any of the hand. Kay told me how strong you do not do hands and feet. He did not know how many people in the restaurant looking at them?

You help to him?! Any Cheung locked her eyes sparkle.

What he really did not! Is your own indiscriminate white to find a fight. Yin Xin Wang Kaijiang a sorry to the angry eyes turned away after.

Ren Xiang crazy about all of his brow wrinkled into a ball called out to a sweep of the Wangkai Jiang Yin Xin because he dared to leave the figure looking at any step Xiang approached an increasingly furious Chezhu the hand she Liantuo Dai Yin Xin pull to pull out.

Xin Yin bless you! Wang Kaijiang drink some wine, full of bitter blessing.


Any country mansion.

Raymond Master includes five or six security guards, housekeepers Ng Pak, Park, stare drivers, servants were all transfixed, looking at a dozen front of this scene.

Ren Xiang, so a brute force on anyone pay any attention to the way the Yin Xin Chejin locked the door after her own room without saying anything to throw in her.

Ren Xiang you trouble enough yet? You is to make everyone laugh at me? Yin Xin sitting in a soft blue big head does not see him aside.

Central chest against the door, his hands slightly squinted Renzhao Qi Qiao Lian, look at her like a red night air in his body under her breath the appearance of low-thousand times damn! Dizhou soon as he's actually easy to be her his face flushed red to lit.

She missed several days is more strongly seen Kuangmeng and he could not resist is not also disarray to discipline their own feelings for her so that she recently asked a brother still sleeping after the office but no one rushed to her office to see people almost asked all over the hotel people know she was on the first floor east of the western hall.

Go with a feeling of joy she saw her and Wangkai Jiang Hu Wang and Wang Kaijiang lovingly hand has touched the hair of her little hand! Bansi present he did not hesitate to put aside their conflict came to him, when his sad can not stand up and be someone else's man Yin Xin touch!

But she scolded him like him even more indignant!

What you tell him? He Qijin tall stature she is bent arms strong support on both sides of her position is very ambiguous.

Yin Xin Nan Ran a bit more down the first not consciously lower the fit of anger to Dichi. None of your business? What do you want to do everything with you? Him the breath of good news continue to breath in slowly floated to her charm her.

Xiang endured temper any first-hand dedicated support of her eyes staring at her chin soft tone down. I can not just sit and talk to you and other men you can only belong to me you do not know?

Her eyes full of doubt. Ren Xiang I have my life I will have my friend locked you can not be handed to me I could not even talk with my friends were not allowed you can not so selfish!

I, from, private?! Gripped her chin, a big hand firmly clamping fiery eyes burning close to him growl out loud. God knows why I can not stand you and that stupid talking to? You are my wife, I want you to have my eyes only you know?

What is this? Yin Xin back as he softly asked: Do you you love me? She asked! Yin Xin unconsciously shaking.

Ren Xiang, who overawed the whole of his back and slowly, as her eyes without speaking.

Do you love me? Why not speak? Shuiguang Yin Xin faint flicker blink of an eye some part of her body slightly cracked corner.

Ren Xiang, straightened up, took a step back for a time speechless. He did not know her own in the end whether patriotic

Why do not you speak? Say love me really so difficult? Or you simply just do not want me I did not leave you feeling just is not it? Yin Xin stand to not give up his face before his eyes lifted the tone of sadness Ren Renxiang also hear it.

Do not push me Do not make me right? Any of you give me the time of the Cheung not afraid of her eyes he saw her sad on the inside of her disappointment and despair, she is not his intention to hurt her love for it to do ! so she have to force him?

How long? Year? Two years? Was then an eight? Any Cheung you love me, why is unwilling to approach me? Finally I pressed the feelings of so many years even see you again. But then again you touch my I love you so deeply at this time but want to get out to you I'll give you time to how you want me to do? Yin Xin Tunhui fragile tears do not want any tears for Cheung feel that she forced him.

Ren Xiang frankly shocked by her deeper! Her original confession is true then he puts her mockery of a lot

He saw her Jiangcheng strong hug him painfully into her chest a strong type leaning her chin hair, distributing Faint begged dismay. Xin give me some small time?

Let him think clearly breaking the rules of her various acts of love or just can not tolerate what she has been watching his eyes only other men to be deprived of it?

She did not want him embarrassed but he was so painful that she would wait for him to smile Yin Xin Sese she could not bear to see him driven mad.

Her pale smile and do not talk like that to take any of numerous Cheung tough for sorrow! Can not stand this impasse, he bowed his head to comfort her wounded heart kiss swept her lips would not let her be obtained with a strong back.

He wants her! Desperate for her! Fingers and lips on the back only the plunder has been unable to let him meet his Yin Xin from head to toe, and each every inch of him.

Ren Xin Xiang Yin faded coat all Biti no cover her naked in his person to expose in front of his eyes swept over her body greedily as more Huo Liaoyuan

You want me? Yin Xin had asked himself ridiculous in his eyes that more evident than plunder.

Xiang any violent response to her slightly parted lips to her snout

Yin Xin smiled.

His heart seemed to love her and he said the body is also eager louboutin bootsto win shouting to her this is not enough?

Give him time to patiently wait for it! She believes her love will eventually return one day.

I love you Ren Xiang

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