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  "The small brothers is play trick."The Huang fatty smile ofmbt shoes still brilliant.
  "I am full to support of and run this to come heel you this dead the fatty play trick, hurriedly go fetch contract, do I still need to rush through to return.***, Hold up so long time."Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian say that finish start to carry a table of tea, all of a brains poured the inside of the mouth.But have no bottom swallow, in the mouth cavity dozen inside several turn, then"burst" of a whole spray Huang fatty face top."What tea is this ?Sou water!?"
  This descend a Huang fatty any further smile not bottom go to, full face of fat meat because of cut up rough all tight leaped to get up, original share on the face of the area small facial features drive fat meat so a crowded, in the complete works arrive noodles door in the center go to, give person of felling be like a meat regiment was beat by the person one punch, the meat sank to go in."You***BE to seek Chi of!"
  "Boon, about, you if the darling give° the thing I, I return ability the consideration make the office stay several kind to you inside integrity of thing."Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian ponder of stare at a Huang fatty that funny of face, return of lazy ocean ocean way.
  "Good boy, dare at too year old head top break ground, you 2 give I up, interrupt the leg of smelly boy, again pair of mouth swollen, I see him to still have a courage to show off skill!"Drive thoroughly provocation of Huang2 Chong's facial expression be like just a cluster the inside of the monster column to let out come of bull, regrettable the Sa wrong place of his wrath, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian isn't a tranquil and enjoyable bullfight private, but cruel of butcher.However fortunately today Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian is visitor string bullfight private of, otherwise this will let cow have a little painful.
  Two gorilla bodyguard of the Huang fatty hear order, big step walked to come up, one person wear Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian's a shoulder, lifted him to get up, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian still very match of twist several bottom with show resist, a person Ye of two people wear Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian's a leg, the crest is on the knee, two hands put both ends in calf respectively and spare no effort a press ……
  What affair didn't also occurrence.Two people again once the yongli press, there is still no reaction.Two bodyguard lift oneself of arm, see Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian's leg again, have no reason, oneself of the arm has him two calf so thick, how can and absolutely still?
  Two people's aring mutual is surprised towards hoping one eye, fullly in the detection the other party look in the eyes, hence again surprised a pair of, once not sex, again and again not line, that again ……
  Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian lay prone a dozen on the stool a gape, blunt after death two people say with smile:"You bye morning till tomorrow also bye continuously of."Say that finish two the feet be one Deng and two people faint.
  The Huang fatty unimaginablely looking at dizzy arrive of two bodyguard, the other party only is thin of be like a monkey of student, oneself please of the bodyguard all backed five of, how ability so defenseless?
  The station of Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian get up, the activity exercise, then wreathed in smiles of walk and missing Huang2 Chong, "boon, you the sofa furniture in the room be all quite good, break get up should have much of kuaigan."Say that finishing incredibly a list hand grasp sofa one feet, was whole the sofa to lift to get up, then lightly and backward 1, malicious bump at wall up.
  A few wall skin shed off down from the wall, bare the reinforced concrete in and the sofa also became few petals while bump the shot.Huang fatty's facial expression stagnantly looking at damaged of sofa, open widely of the mouth slowly can't close.
  Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian can attend to not top see a full face of fat meat of Huang fatty up that huge indentation, continued to lift his that black wood secretary to fall off a wall up, spread everywhere sawdust.See still a face of stagnant Huang2 Chong, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian helplessly shook to shake head and continue of break, until the inside of the house true of an integrity of thing all nonexistent, this just cashing note his commitment.
  Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian walk to the flank of Huang2 Chong and clapped to clap him that:"Boss, house already break of about."Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian's tone, sound to seem Huang2 Chong Qing3 to come of dismantle and move the employee of the company.
  "You …… you ……" Huang fatty along while."I can't hand over to you the Yan thin contract, that but several million profitses.Such a break office me knowing and painful?"This words say of go to is not false, only an office be how can difficult to pour him.
  Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian is tiny on smile, "do not know your life with wear only several million of the profits compare which more importance some?"Say that finish his hand one Yang, the glass that is on the huge French window of Huang2 Chong's office together and together smash, the violent breeze blew to come in, winding wear ground up of the document and the broken bits cover with to float in the sky.
  "I give, I give ……" Huang2 Chong self-effacingly fall to sit on the ground and lean against wall to mumblingly say.

    Three depravity royal feast 33 different race
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-7-278:46:06 origin chapter word number:3877

   Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian wreathed in smiles of took Yan thin that contract an inside to walk to come out from the elevator.Pass by the time of stage an idea to arrive beauty an elder sister especially there Yang the document bag in the Yang hand, "in a short while be good friends with good the attention your boss' facial expression, then make a phone call to me~" Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian did in the ear make a phone call of action smiled to walk.
   Not and in a short while, Huang2 Chong Feng breeze fire fire of from the inside of the office of president of upstairs come down, elevator of time because of walk of too nasty, incredibly still blocked.He run to a company doorway to looking at Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian to ride a motorcycle far go to of the figure denounce openly:"Leveret Zai son, don't let me see you again~"
   Say that finishing and pointing at a present 1 of the employee of the company lambaste:"Mama of, you be this stupid person, this pig, several million profitses in Lao Tze so didn't!!!"
   Beauty elder sister surprise of looking at Huang2 Chong, in this company stay sombt shoes clearance long time, the boss' temper she is understanding of, ability he spirit become so, return ability proudly of from the company inside walk out, saw come to this wager be her to lose.
Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian walked far, walk a street, turned Cape to stopped down, take out document bag, boring of looking at the thing in the document bag."!The photograph of the Yan thin ID card similar to common girl's son!Indeed as expected is three cent outlooking, seven cent dress up."
    The positive regrets wear, cellular phone ring, on seeing unfamiliar number immediately connected to get up:"HELLO!Which?Isn't a beauty what I ignore, don't know me very favour?"
    "That your favour, I ain't a beauty!"The voice of the inside of the telephone very obvious be that beauty elder sister just.
    "Yi!This isn't the beauty elder sister?Said so your boss of the company to suddenly and violently walk?"
    "You this person be true to dislike and know perfectly well adviser."
    "That elder sister still not does the plan tell me the name?"
    "Good my wish wager concede defeat and I be Xu3 Jing.Rightness, what did you exactly do to our owner?I have never seen his hair so big of fire!"
    "Do you want to know?I now returned to take to see me to get what there from he to you."
    "You are crazy, not afraid does he call to a group of public securitieses grasp you?!"
    "He if have this ability, I came out early in the morning, don't worry and wait me."Say that finish, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian hang a telephone, across to again arrive at a star amusement up the motorcycle.
    " Elder sister, I again come."Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian is still face wreathed in smiles and have no to be afraid of appearance."Gave vent to anger to you this time, in the mind be the Gao not happy?The felling open not happy."
    "Certainly happy, certainly happy, however the someone ability ask me to have a meal, I will be more happy!"
    "That good, elder sister, I take you to make one very happy, very stimulate of affair, then invite you to have a meal, ok or not?"Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian wreathed in smiles of inquire about.
    "Good, I arrive to and see what affair stimulate so."
Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian formerly the drawer inside of the pedestal take out one Zhang Zhi3 and the Shua Shua Shua write down a few big word:
          Resignation letter
Dead locust pest:
    The grandmother of the Gu not stem.
                   Your Gu grandmother:Xu3 Jing
                 XX year XX month X day
    Finish write, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian still perform magic take out a box of ink pad, start to grasp Xu3 Jing's finger, dip 1:00, then layer after layerly fell a resignation letter of fall a style, good, this letter formal take effect.
    Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian is quick of completion all these, be Xu3 Jing didn't°yet reaction come over of time, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian have already pulled a her hand a company front door.Two people across up Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian's motorcycle and face west all the way.
   "Feed!You are crazy!My Ci this division of labour's make will starve street, hurriedly send back me!"
   "That break a company, wasn't you early not to want to do?So at the right moment, need not see there dead a fatty again!"
   "Didn't work I drank a northwest breeze, you hurriedly send back me to go!This meal I also don't eat."
   "You had no work at the right moment, I be a hope you resign the work, so I then can employment you!"
   "You?Employment I?Employment I stem?When babysitter!Earn you that zero spend the salary that money button up out, I be early famished."The this body of Xu3 Jing Kan4, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian, dress up to guess him not to know is which rich family of kid, however again rich also be unlikely the every month can give her several salary of 1000 pieces.She still want toward home to send money, this money how can.
Peacetime if someone is good at so words of make decision the piece, she early angry, can today to this an elder sister call of guy, her some temper also hair don't come out.If my home be a little bit wealthy, perhaps would heel he together crazy.Xu3 Jing's in the mind secretly think.
   "The elder sister also despised me too much, I be personal so big still use a person care?Trust I will not hire you be babysitter of, I want to hire you as cloud crest(China) group image of the food cultural spokesperson, generation speech expenses, this all say, for preparing to wish us future ability cooperation delectation, I ask you to have dinner.
   "You?Ha ha ha, cloud crest(China), ha ha, this brand early let cloud crest(nations) use.You don't stir an elder sister, quick let the elder sister return."
   "You how don't so not believe me, just I say that substituting you teach Huang fatty not also suited the action to the word?You want not letter, we can again make a bet!"Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian's heart say that this beauty how be don't believe him, is the difficult way it the magic power that is not enough because of oneself?Perhaps is because of the age?
    Xu3 Jing Zhuan3 read on think, also rightness, Huang2 Chong what kind of person, he touch the guy of kind to this student helpless, elucidation he return true have a little ability background, "that good, we again wager, you say that lost how to do, won how to do?"
    "That good, if I be true of ability open the food cultural of a cloud crest(China) the words of the group, you was an employee of my under charge, have to obey my work arrangement.The now group company still prepare and plan a stage, this time you help me well, boon, I pay your monthly salary 20,000 salaries.If could I not make, I harmed you to throw a work, shine on your a crest a star to sign of contract will you of salary such as number pay to you, the penny be not a few, and you need not do any affair."
    "Feed, your ask all don't ask me at crest the salary of the star for the wager that dozen is such, in case of did you lose to can not repay for loss how to do?Although I now have already declined to an employee, but according to past of contract, return for a month ability get to 10,005 salaries, the contract still have three years to just expire, if you lose and can want to give I 500,000!"
    "You how can anyone know I be certain to lose for the meeting, stop worrying, gentlemen's agreement, I lost absolute necessary you of, Za sign to clear up for five months for the term for five months.This period injustice you at I this get for a month 20,000 of salary."
    "Good.Clinch a deal!"
    Take Xu3 Jing to arrive to J City from the Z City, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian go straight to smell joss-stick Yuan and just entered to smell joss-stick Yuan front door, the attendant in the hall all respectful polite respect of say hello toward Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian, big hall manager the fart Dian fart Dian of heel come over, dedicate a Mei way:"Mr. Zhao4 come, I already notice our owner come down in person invite you, last time of the view sea Ge return empty, want not me to you arrangement?"
    "Need not, seek an environment a tranquil and enjoyable pack all right, we two people eat a meeting and pout at the view sea Ge.Rightness, let Meng the uncle come over to eat together with me, I at the right moment occupy to seek his company quantity."
This manager hurriedly take two Zhao4 Xiao3 Tians to go straight to a purple bamboo don't Yuan.Two people just sit properly, the autumn of Meng Yan the full head push door of big sweat came in, "young master, do you seek me?"
    "The uncle of the Meng, mbt shoes saleyou how say that is all my elder, later call I the small day be good, you be quick to sit."
    "Dare not, dare not, young master, on your Zu to our Meng there is great boon in the house.Master and servant relation

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