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so."Li3 Er3 whisper of disaffection way.
  He say very caution, and assurance oneself close converse mbt shoesdeliver.But don't think, "I am to grow ok or not see, return a round not arrive you to whisper."The voice of Nuo snow ring out in Li3 Er3's ear.
  Li3 Er3 get a fright, took a look everywhere, result detection no one reason he, also have no a person at concern he."Too unorthodox!"He believe that this sentence of time complete have no has been consider.
  "Kui you are still a ground of dream star one genius, incredibly say unorthodox."The voice of Nuo snow again ring out, this once, Li3 Er3 have to believe Nuo snow to really hear him talk.But he clearly cut off to outward deliver, and in the space, the other people be basically impossible to hear, much less, so of under the environment, voice can't also deliver.
  He dared not to said again and see toward Nuo snow of felling again dissimilarity.He believe that certain have what things an ability to let to be captain of he understanding Li3 Er3's each and every move, each detail.In fact, this can say that is Li3 Er3's special care.If changed other people to speak the ill of Nuo snow, Nuo snow affirmation was out of hearing, but Li3 Er3, he be different.
  Don't know how of, Li3 Er3 felling oneself must be"clever", otherwise affirmation have suffering to eat.Original he is plan lane make some matter of, think at him, this kind of test once led a condition as well, but ten world come, his almost come to an extreme limit.But man's dignity have to let him continue, who let this captain be a female.So he just of that a time words be for playing joke on Nuo snow, but seeing Nuo snow not only fall into trap, on the contrary peep out that matchless earnest facial expression, boon, although this ability see a look in the eyes.He know and can't play trick, he be earnest of open oneself of locator, process thorough of probe into, he on the whole understand why Nuo snow will peep out a so dignified look in the eyes.
  Block at front of be much more than 18 class storms, low-lying and damp, the windstorm dust still have loose soil, probably 50 inside place after, return have the one the big marsh.The scope of marsh incredibly still the locator can't probe into of, because of being to practice, they can't send out to ask for help.So the whole oneself have to grope for.But bad in this kind of environment and it, the visibility be especially low, also had an innumerable and know under the circumstance of risk, want to be smooth of pass here, obviously is very difficulty.Perhaps say, with the current data, is impossible.
  "That, sorry!"Remind of previous oneself plan good want to play joke on his plan, Li3 Er3 be ashamed of apology.
  Original think Nuo snow still can't reason he, but Nuo snow incredibly reason he.Accepted to accept oneself's instrument, Nuo snow say with smile:"Is really rare, a genius incredibly would apology."Li3 Er3 has no reason him, Nuo snow same have never continue to talk.Two people are together very quick other the person was similar rest.
  The second day, according to the establishment of Nuo snow route, a group of people beginning go forward.This time, although the environment be worse, but the speed of Nuo snow request than previous of still want quick.A group of persons, sometimes freedom go forward, sometimes the in file go forward and sometimes even want hold hands to avoid a windstorm blew away.
  That very day evening, they then arrived at marsh neighborhood.Nuo snow declare all to fix whole, tomorrow early in the morning again go forward.These be this 11 days come at the earliest stage rest of a day, and too amazingly.But no one will say what, immediately set up camp to shine on to do.But Nuo snow again how should the research pass here.
  Chapter 26's cross in front of the marsh is an one marsh, certainly not is be like the marsh for say on the earth so.This be the geography here similar marsh, but categorize for the marsh just.Actually, here from should the liquid and the mud of the star mixture but become region.So the place be extremely dangerous, want to from above walk through, is a difficulty very.And, here still existence storm of, that almost is impossible of.
  But these people are to want challenge these impossible, so then can break of a time oneself of extreme limit.Nuo snow this time seek come a few quantity of companion company, but see from their look in the eyeses, there is obviously no answer.
  In fact in addition to a few companion, other person also in the thinking of, just before DOing not get answer and good method, they know up nothing important function also.But Li3 Er3, be the member of team of this squad.Certainly, he think just himself so think.He is also continuously in the thinking project.
  This one marsh has above 100 kilometerses at least, and still need to be subjected to windstorm of assault, can say, basic impossible past.Although anxious, didn't before have confidence, Nuo snow will not lead oneself's member of team to left for.At last want to fail, can't have no confidence at all, either blunt go up.Isn't a courage so, but walk into death, the milli- nonsensely walk into death.
  They exactly foolish here a night, arrive the second day still foolish here, and then again to evening, immediately after again arrive morning, wait until evening of time.Li3 Er3 smile walk to loose soil flank, from the shoulder bag take out in addition to two big burden for provide for use, and then all fill up loose soil, in the meantime will with an upward exposure of that burden of inner part just a little moisten with water.By hand pressed to press, indeed as expected, surface layer formation a cake of fructify of piece form.
  Take out two big cordage from the shoulder bag again, around burden dozen several knot.And then use own sharp saber, at a certain"weak" of rock top pare two skiing Zhang shape of thing.Silently sent tombt shoes clearance the outside of the tent of Nuo snow, and then leave.
  Li3 Er3 is some to exhaustedly return to oneself of inside tent rest, because this two days come he scarcely sleep, very quick then asleep.
  When he get up of time just detection, day again bright, but his tent inside, many some thing.Be him yesterday the evening do of, he know is who make back.Wait him to slowly get up, see just know, now is already noon hour cent.
  When he come out a tent, he saw, the tent of all member of team all many outside two stone skiing Zhang of a pair of burden heel of shoe.However theirs "skiing Zhang" and burden shoe seem to be more of reasonable, boon, at least than the be good friends with of do-it-yourself see many.By this time, Li3 Er3 just take notice of and seem to oneself inside tent of that double of also very reasonable.He return to took a look, result detection, indeed as expected is not oneself of, isn't a do-it-yourself.
  "The viewpoint is quite good, can only cherish handicraft very bad.You be that thing, true go up, perhaps out of order in a little while."This be the voice of Nuo snow.Although what he say be a fact,Li3 Er3 be still not great, oneself after all unavoidably and endlessly get for two days of result.Don't give public recognition also calculate, incredibly return so say.
  "Thanks!"A clear and crisp and moving voice ring out, Li3 Er3 brain one blank.So the voice is so good to listen, is a whose."Did the difficult way see ghost?"Li3 Er3 didn't be since again of whispered 1.
  "Hum!"Close behind, again is an acquaint with of cold the voice hum, this be Nuo snow captain."Oddness, her voice just how so good to listen.Difficult way past all of what I hear be a process processing."Li3 Er3 is some not great, like this thought of.
  That evening, probably 9:00 be or so, storm suddenly change direction, and more and more big.Under the conductor of Nuo snow, all people dress burden shoe, the hands take similar in skiing Zhang of thing.Beginning on the marsh skidding, at under the match of wind force, their speed compare with a few days ago come increment don't know how much times.
  Skidding on the marsh, this is exactly Li3 Er3 to figure out of attention.He earnest observation marsh direction of wind of variety, he detection want ~only 9:00 P.M. or so, windstorm will strongly blow a direction that ring their headway, but arrive the second day 8:00 or so, windstorm of direction then would change.On the star of this a day 28 hours, 11 wind force of hour's join be considerable.
  Returning to have be, he detection, these marsh in fact also the surface be a marsh.At more deep of inner part complete is a kind of liquid of high definition.Because often the influence of the year storm, his surface because of three matched a sand dust so just become such.This elucidation, the mud here density want to be smaller than liquid.So pack a great deal of mud in seal completely of the burden, in the meantime will it of be subjected to dint noodles enlargement, ease to press strong.So the person station then will also continue to float in the top and have again two root keep push of skiing oar.So person can at top like skiing general go forward, there is add of wind force hold, speed then would sooner.
  Certainly, this doesn't be to have no risk, and the risk be very strong.This request operability is strong first, secondly no one know an ability to walk how far, also no one know that the marsh have many breadth.A night storm add to hold, can help they walk through is also have never known it number.
  In fact this is complete have a little walk one step calculate one step of plan, however in Nuo snow captain of the plan join at the direction of wind transformation ex- hour still have no accurate of numeral enunciation they can safety walk through this marsh.He will think headquarters to send out to rescue, give up to practice this time, direct announce failure.
  Row marsh in the windstorm, this unprecedented undertaking be very rare.Particularly tool, at the star that don't have the living creature, ability with these replace also true difficult is they.Row marsh of public medium, want number the most happy of still Li3 Er3, because of his decision a time drive approve.Also stuffy because of he in the meantime a lot of day, so he today excitement of strongly acceleration, don't know where come of strength, he unexpectedly and far away led.
  Nuo snow captain surprisingly didn't stop Li3 Er3 not to follow the action of brigade form and took a look surroundings of member of team, on the contrary also fast of acceleration get up, make track for Li3 Er3 Pao3.The member of team of behind are very quick of also started, original was Du difficult situation to arrive to afterwards became game.Certainly, no one will excite, speed always restriction at certain of degree, this be Nuo snow of order.If because of exceed the speed limit but occurrence what affair isn't a what she expected idea of.However calculate such, public speed also increment 100% it many.
  God be still very the pass shine on theirs, very quick of they saw marsh of end, at 6:00 A.M. or so, they left that marsh.Time they just detection, originally, they nine rush about of hour, under the acceleration that windstorm unexpectedly walked more than 200 kilometer.1000 kilometer head office distance, they because of direct cross marsh, have already finished walk more than 700 kilometer.But time still have a half many, public mood a while good many, still have an opportunity completion mission on the whole.
  Chapter 27 crisis suddenly and violently the ground is at first and just a little strange rest, public then and again go forward.The windstorm faced to never stop face the road of frustrated gravamen.The public speed always lowered, still just as since go toward of go forward.But fore enter in, because spent marsh, public amity seeing finally real toward Li3 Er3's facial expression.
  Original in the their eyes, Li3 Er3 is a Wan Mao sons, although he differ from other sons of Wan Mao, come adventure obviously be the hind legs which is drag along squad.So at the time that Li3 Er3 go in, everyone be a disaffection of, but due to the order, they have to obey.But become of Li3 Er3 of the road now, and marsh front of account to strive for, thoroughly of let them accept him.
  While connect for 13 days, they again walked more than 200 kilometer, distance target location however leave 50 kilometers or so.But the distance arrive of term, also have four days of many.Public all easy of exhale one breath, that day evening, Nuo snow then stop troops go forward, at first set up camp rest.Although more is hereafter various storm and dangerous would be more many, 50 kilometer, 4, Nuo snow believe, all right already.
  Although more attend early more ability get good result, Nuo snow wish everyone with best of appearance go forward, also not wish adventure go forward.Conduct and actions is a captain, she be doubtless is 1 take pity on very much inferiority of superior, mbt shoes salealso therefore, although he get into troops soon, and age minimum, got everyone of respect.
  At close 20 under the class storm appreciate a night scene, few stars.Can you make to get?Even does your ability want to

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