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Sun shines out parallel to the incoming half of the shadow of the indoor space bathed in golden sunlight.

Leather living room corner of the L-type lying comfortably on the couch, a man of his face buried in the pages behind the glass Xianxiansushou Explorationlouboutin boots Exploration ah explore moving shapes around on the desktop beautiful green fingers touched the semi-warm not hot, amber liquid tea clear glass pot; she finally pulled out of distracted from the book, hold up the world for their own pot poured half a cup of tea.

Basil spread out lazy to move the knee bent and your hardcover book put her hands to sip tea and then he tried to regain satisfactory Yi Tan pages doorbell rang.

She got the door wondering ─ ─

Big Sister, Third Sister? This time around, but often met with the sisters to meet two sisters, most of the individual'd rarely appear together.

What surprised look of it? Shanshan Yuan Jia youngest expression was totally stunned to see not help her jokes.

We do not welcome it? Wu Wu Yuan Jia boss smiled and patted her cheek.

Basil smiled. Yes of course, welcome to the body is not moved away to bow cute for coming over had a welcome gesture. The two guests please!

To tea or coffee? There is a chocolate cake Oh! Basil cafe service learning attitude.

Ai Ai Yuan Jia called Sister: chocolate cake? ! Yeah we just finished afternoon tea ─ ─

Oh, that eat fruit better. Perilla look exposed nerve-racking.

Ha ha ha! Do not mean the boss does not eat chocolate cake more than she was sorry for not a few pieces of chocolate cake Rufu plug!

Hee! Or third child to know me.

Oh Perilla smile replaced suddenly realized that the expression: If you like big sister can take a few pieces of chocolate cake, in addition to other back Yeah I made a cheese cake.

Two kinds of cake I have to go do not forget to mention me! Yuan Jia boss Xi Zizi said.

This is the boss while you are pregnant the line of the real Oh, do not eat too much Papan it? Youngest slightly elevated slowly cold to see the boss's belly.

Rude women are justifiably rare at this time do not eat fat when when? Yang Wu Wu boss proud head.

Be careful giving birth is still in the stomach.

Boss waved indifferently.

To revert to worry about it.

Perilla Q: Sister, sister to drink? Black tea, OK? Recently bought several tea roses flowers, strawberries, green apples oranges

Yeah you want to open tea shop this channel so much tea? Yuan Shanshan asked.

Kui Wu brother drunk tea. Perilla jiggle that the reason the first cicada.

Sister Yuan Yiyi childish immediately replied: I do not drink his tea and I have coffee!

Wisely refrained Perilla said she did not tell big sister in fact very small coffee house coffee is truly prepared for Kui Wu.

Sister it?

I told your boss is as good a save trouble.

Well I went to the coffee before you sit down immediately better. Perilla red teapot on the table to pack into open space design of the kitchen.

Basil can not think of even small have furnished the house twin skilled have talent. Yiyi praise Yuan looked around the home layout, since the last! Perilla early morning the next day they return to Taiwan ─ ─ cold change had a huge post-modern interior design layout of equipment under the skilled in the basil into continental warm home style.

Yuan Shanshan-side movement of basil in the kitchen look askance wistfully spoke up: boss you do not feel too home the basil?

How say? With the move to fully understand the boss eyes basil.

She is like a housewife Yuan Shanshan tone makes the illusion seem short four-character represents evil housewives.

Yuan Yiyi ─ ─ basil wearing a closer look great English school name printed T-shirts, shorts, long hair is a bit random plate from the fixed-head sub-compact, slim silhouette does not seem like a pure negative face like her students said to himself his feelings.

Yuan Shanshan durability child explained: I mean her life. Do not you think life's like a basil housewives?

This time the boss would capture the youngest defense in disapproval and said: housewives what is wrong? ─ ─ I do not also

Boss ─ ─ Yuan Shanshan rolling his eyes. You thirty-year-old Basil was only twenty three; you are married death would be no basil; you are not working does not matter anyway, keep your brother in law are capable of Perilla it? She ─ ─

She has Kui Wu Yang ah. Yuan Wu Wu nature take it; outburst seems wrong with that strange frowned Yuan Shanshan is the same expression.

☆ ☆ ☆

Coffee myself. Sheng basil to two cups of coffee with a tray with two pieces of cake.

Yuan Yiyi blurt: Kui Wu to you how much money each month?

Grandma passed away two years ago, Yuen Ka Kui Wu Perilla was brought to England. They did not notice it all depends on the life of Perilla Kui Wu of the course, he is absolutely affordable; inherited from her grandmother's funds on the stock will not be too extravagant enough for a lifetime. He told her not to mention that hole as the two men are hard-working type of the rapid development of technology companies substantial profits.

But she is the boss to take care of basil Yuanjiazao should be her right to recover her own right!

I have my own card. Basil was a bit unexpected light appear on the face of doubt.

He transferred the money each month to your account?

Perilla migraine is not thinking about what to say. The company will automatically pay each month into the bank account I have a debit card how much how much money leader.

Yuan Shanshan know the boss had the idea to play my heart just quietly listening to now say can not help but hear the basil interrupted to ask: That does not mean that he pay all yours?

Do not see him so generous Yuan Yiyi Dudurangrang wondering very much the guy to go home to ask her husband how much salary a month?

Yuan Shanshan mused always feel a bit wrong.

Do you think that all right?

Basil hesitated it has been so stunned she had never thought carefully about what is wrong.

I'm not squandering money Kui Wu Columbia

Silly misunderstood her meaning basil.

I said that if one day he suddenly withdrew the ATM card how do you do? You who do not have a dime.

? Perilla while Zhengran! Yuan Yiyi patted her shoulder.

Do not worry, Sister will support you.

Yang? ! I realize I have been shocked to find that the presence of Perilla Big Michong; no students will lose fair and square identity seems to nest at home does not work right. Oops! Their own strengths nothing! Department of Chinese studying in Taiwan for three years did not graduate; to the United Kingdom is also studying this literature did not graduate any company willing to hire her?

We can of course take care of the boss I just want basil basil know will rely on others Yuan Shanshan your life the right bottom of my heart the words of men. How unreliable.

Kui Wu is the day Jesus changed his mind was not basil! Huh? It is not just? Since basil to misery, attained Buddhahood far cry from the happy giggle laugh Yuan Yiyi Yuan Kui Wu anxious heart that kid is no longer compete with them basil.

Perilla erect think he did before returning to Taiwan had planned to leave her too soon might perhaps be the clouds obscure the sun and instantaneous. Alas! She began to feel sorrow

Yuan Shanshan Kiichi sad to see two-absurd to ignore the first boss shook his head. Transformation of basil, let her have the independent spirit of modern women is the point.

Her eyes turn ah turn had an idea and asked: basil at home every day you come back for so long must be very boring, right?

Perilla intuition to his head. She likes this life of leisure; Kui Wu clean the house cleaned out after work stroll the supermarket to buy food, purchase household goods afternoon tea and listening to music, reading books and sometimes meet to chat with friends

Third Sister's face so she began to reflect this should be nothing quite like? She nodded hesitantly.

Want to go to work? Yuan Shanshan immediately went on to ask.

She is deeply ashamed of the low sip of the first down.

I do not

Who says you not do anything! Yuan Shanshan Xiaoyanxieni one will take a cake to his mouth big sister.

I have a friend open a coffee shop happened to need help to try?

Well she can it?

That is pretty good every day I go to your coffee. Yuan Yiyi encouraged.

Not too much of caffeine on the fetus. Yuan Shanshan reminds us.

Perilla wink concern.

Holiday weekends also work?

Kui Wu busy weekday does not matter does not come back for dinner but the weekend

Should not require all of her coffee shop near the company office holiday but few.

I talk to the brother ─ ─ Kui Wu

Boss Yiyi Yuan Kui Wu whenever they hear the word like the bull not to see everything shaking Hongjin have his consent!

However ─ ─

He did not say I find his theory to go!

I just think about or give up with big sister basil explain asked her to go at night.

Yuan Shanshan certainly knew that Basil could not help but warned him to seek consent Kui Wu:

You really have to come up with any ideas to their own lives to their own before.

Ah seems inexplicable mood infected heart forthcoming changes in their lives

☆ ☆ ☆

Yuan Kui Wu activities glance look at the broad shoulders of screen time back wrote: you should sleep.

The whole person in a large wicker chair reduction basil close the book on the back foot down to pull the arm stretch, stretch. You stay up it?

Then all of a sudden. The focus of his work back to the screen.

Perilla staring at the back of large upright hesitate a long while.

Third Sister introduced me a job.

What kind of work? Action stopped the keyboard back toward her see his face basil.

Third Sister Friends coffee shop opened. Working hours are from eleven to one to five pm. Third Sister evening made a telephone call to determine the working time.

You want to go? Yuan Kui Wu turned to observe her. A person at home, she felt bored?

Ah she did not know how to answer can not always rely on at home when Michong though she really like Mi Chong's life.

When did you start?

Tomorrow to see to know.

About time? I'll see you. He is not assured.

Third Sister come and take me over.

Yuan Kui Wu silent a moment explain: like to do not like to refuse to know, right?

Three women do not know how it implicitly rejected.

☆ ☆ ☆

Perilla coffee shop to work in the company rise buildings christian louboutin bootsdowntown alley; first floor of the store with a garden of lush green mini effectively block the noise of a few meters outside the busy designated the quiet corner.

Xu Jie said that originally became well-known owner of shopping centers obey a strong woman because of health problems, doctors advised to step down from the malls opened this coffee shop killing time; business hours with the customer layer near the business from eight o'clock until ten at night.

The main source is a coffee shop near a busy office workers so focused on the lunch time, tea time time workers this time the store is also up to the rest of time workers at least two shifts. Unless the basil just too busy to help Xujie cooking coffee, tea drinks are prepared and copies of handy work.

Come join a sister, Xu Jie Yuan Jia heard basil will make their own cakes is very unexpected. Perilla tried to do after the clamor for her dessert classes and apprentices; and efficient did you get amazing professional baking oven immediately.

Since then, the people passing by was heard inside the bakery cafes are often attracted by the smell.

Mei rainy afternoon sparsely window venues tend not stop the rain-store dished guests; addition Tingting time workers ordered to stay outside all the other people crowded in behind a small kitchen baking cakes.

Thank you for coming.

Guests discuss the official's table away her sad sigh Oh sit there straight word cards one by one complain from time to time, the only remaining table guests ogle ─ ─ ─ ─ store rare type of the students look like a pair of young lovers; are used After two-hour meal, the table also add boiled water over four or five times is not seen signs of them left.

Alas! Talk about behind the laughter, continued her cream flavor. So cruel! Man left her a Qingqingwowo here!

Tingting not help but also complain to ogle the eye to the couple sitting position!

Young man raising his hand pointed to the empty water glass; she walked smiling out of a silent sigh.

Shoujin neat moment together eight full blink of a closed water into the cup and not spill a drop. What a pity! The eyes of others only two love birds in vain that they have a hard show her decadent shoulder Oh shuffled Tingting frustrated walked back to the counter.

A brass bell hanging on the door the first time Tingting Dangdang ring upright, reflexive cheer greeting: Welcome!

Wow! Forgot to open the mouth closed mind flashed back the French word had just been! ELIMINAT.

The social elite of the elite Oh seductive! Tingting instantaneous evaporation of the feelings of self-pity, gone!

A blink his eyes smiled and looked at the two men came in suits and tailored fit powerfully attractive figure show off features upright, dignified bearing a disseminated by their power to shock and awe she can not remember the face after his boyfriend.

Agile hand clamped to her hand holding two cups of water menu last call: What two points? Professional tone yo eyes is staring at the guests spin; almost see the charm found in a mature man with another younger, pour cold temperament proud heart pounding people.

Cappuccino. Jaap Kanliao Yan Chong menu? The first point.

Yuan Kui Wu without looking menu. The same.

The two should not come to a piece of cake? All hand-baked by the restaurant's guests are full of praise for eating. Tingting sing like warm recommendation.

Two pieces of cheese cake. Yuan Kui Wu Chong in Jaap said before the opening.

Yes Please wait! Tingting energetic work to go.

Jaap looked at the store loaded Han Sung sit and wait to determine Yuan Kui Wu is not going to open it could not curious to ask: how will think me a cup of coffee?

They just concluded the meeting was about to return to the company unexpectedly said Yuan Kui Wu suddenly ─ ─ either drink coffee? ─ ─ promised did not wait for him to turn into the alley.

Sister will not you do something, right? Jaap Chong flashed a possible heart.

Yuan Kui Wu Jaap implied the saccade week went up to worship his mouth lightly, said the eye of doubt: I heard the coffee here is good.

This man do not want to ask how things are in vain Jaap vain worship of the cable will not give up the attention to the work.

That meeting just the other side you measure how high the proposed feasible?

I'm sorry to interrupt Tingting aloud the coffee and cake down. Your meal.

Xia Hou Chongshun crossed his hands a sip of coffee cake surprise entrance: This cake is really good!

He was not addicted to sweets for dessert recently the number of pregnant wife also followed him to eat more. This cheesecake is not rich have taken the familiar feeling tired ─ ─! He understood why!

So you come to see

Tingting do today to try basil blueberry pie! Xu Jie is offering a cake. Special care to you one store let you try first, oh.

Do a good job so quickly? ! Ting-Ting's attention back on the guy who surprises screaming: Oh, looks so delicious! I would die fat fat mouth is so dead that took the cake hands hurriedly.

Perilla out with a smile asked: how taste like?

Good thick rough Tingting busy eating a good lisp to say.

Delicious cake, of course you do.

Big brother?

Perilla surprise behind her back Jaap Yaran Zheng Yuan Chong Bibi eyes. Kui Wu brother also came out? How do you come here to drink coffee? Some distance from here is not it?

Yuan Kui Wu slowly came to the shape of Sri Lanka organized inadvertently. Just in the neighborhood meeting.

Perilla him smile. Good coffee here, right?

Yuan Kui Wu Tsung dispensable point nod Jaap look at him jokingly said: good coffee, good cakes were also good.

Perilla happy to answer: Oh Ting Ting is a model student, of course there's super good. Yes forgot to introduce you this is for my boss Xu Jie. This is my big brother brother there Kui Wu

Xu Jie and cheerful worship of Jaap said: Oh I've seen your wife should be said that the three sisters have all seen them Yuanjiazao are often. Turn Yuan Kui Wu wrote: often heard basil brothers and sisters that you rarely see such as you and your family close.

I'm not with her brother and sister. Yuan Kui Wu eye flashed coldly.

Xu Jie summer do not forget to name my last name Yuan basil soft sound that big eyes constantly looking at Yuan Kui Wu wondered why he was angry about being mistaken for her hand, foot and ashamed it?

This is not the first time by mistake is not the first time he played angry but she suddenly care about this issue.

Oh, sister cries of Perilla Perilla Yuanjiazao followed almost forgot her surname Xia. Strange? Introduction purple Sushi Ming Yuan Jia Shan youngest is my sister oh say so

Yuan Kui Wu Tsung Bengzhuo Junlian Jaap had a brief explanation on behalf of perilla relationship with the last to be concluded Yuan Jia: three of them sisters, the sister was baby basil.

Oh see that. Xu Jie understanding nod.

When basil work it? Wait a way that we can send you back to the company home. Jaap Chong asked with concern.

Basil shook his head.

There are more than an hour.

Xu Jie looked out the window.

Never mind the occasional rainy day, go early, the way I am afraid we are faced with working hours stuffed badly. Let your husband take you home now.

☆ ☆ ☆

Perilla them out of shop to be a few steps away the sparse rain did not suddenly become tight-knit!

You are here to avoid the rain I used to drive. Xia Chong Hou told them to come to the meeting today is to open his car.

They do not say anything boring single-family arcade in front of each station's corner Yuan Kui Wu look good glances of her, could not say: stop over point! When he had half the body of non-communicable diseases to the roof outside the station the rain?

Basil shook his head quickly glance away line of sight.

Come here! Yuan Kui Wu angry eyes.

You're angry tone ─ ─ Jiaochen reveals her heart still attached to a trace of grievance in the coffee shop just intended to do.

His eyebrows staring her unusual losing his temper. Password Ma silver like rain keep falling sound of his evil threat of a bite: you do not come I will be more angry!

Perilla ordered should have the backbone, incorruptible ─ ─ nonetheless seems to have their own sense of the foot she found to be very disappointing that they have less than fifty centimeters from his standing in the distance.

Wrong with you? Doudi he moved a pair of Gordon stared at her head at close range.

How can I somehow looked up basil innocent and he's not angry ─ ─ drink! She choked a clear sight of his own eye pupil in the flashing amber color Tongmou mystery, wrapped in layers of gloss to confuse cause breathing difficulties she lived ─ ─

She suddenly broke free like a distance not want to move Yuan Kui Wu withhold her hands and arms do not give her space to move brow twist. You must be a problem ─ ─

Startled her mind! Suddenly confused reactions from their own she did not know how he is out. Yuan Kui Wu puzzled frowns stared at her a long while let go exhortation: Do not run out of rain.

Jaap Chong bring the car horn call them on the car.

Yuan Kui Wu blank stare in the rearview mirror with her face to think about depression, said: Well, I'm back to the company first, and then drove her home.

☆ ☆ ☆

Jaap Chong basement floor well arranged into the car.

Basil came to the company?

The first time. Perilla said.

You get to the office with me one thing and then down. Yuan Kui Wu Tsung account of his Hoop respectively with the Twelve Towers, tenth floor.

On the staff of the committee's next Sunday roast your sister should do to join you together. Jaap Chong out of the elevator did not forget to account.

Soon the elevator close to the sound bite Yuan Kui Wu's office.

Yuan Kui Wu basil followed through during the first two offices; she looked everywhere around is to issue a curious song hum of computer equipment and some people to put some people curious eyes staring at the gray screen like Lost Souls

To the end of the aisle and opened the door Yuan Kui Wu nod to the Secretary of the call count into the inside of the office.

Secretary of Perilla smile on even the rush of people can not see quickly with the inside.

Right away. Yuan Kui Wu has been sitting in front of the computer quickly Qiaoxia instructions.

Office with computer equipment at home are more or less the same studio she does not know she would be interested in the machine to move the row of the wall bookcase ─ ─ dwarf

More than half of people inadvertently aiming basil cabinet height first two frames unexpected detour to the inside of the photo frame that is her personal Duzhao another one is a photo of her and Kui Wu are to Scotland last year in the UK taken during sightseeing.

She did not look around to see other people's photos.

Kui Wu brother not sister to their photos? Remind melouboutin knockoffs to get a few to give your home a lot.

I do not.

Why? Three sisters can be said to be pleasing Lord.

Go. He patted her head daze seeds.

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