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  "You still threat your younger brother, you is really, quick grieve me, good!Good!Quick cook a meal, have done a tonight to prohibit you to eat!"Old man's mercilessly staring Ning a mbt shoesmonth is mercilesslyone eye and no longer talk.
  "Do and then do!Don't eat don't eat!"The month of the Ning say that finish turn round spirit of cook a meal, just face go to front stared Ling2 Feng Yi's eye again.
  "I endure!I endure again!I endure!I still endure!"Ling2 Feng silently warn oneself to say:"Ah!Careless Ying dance!Ifing it weren't for you me would at here waste so several time, if you are to me adjust good age and appear a location, I perhaps this time already ability return pair of the extrication in the your paternal uncle absolute being hand come!Ahmbtsaletenis 20 September 2010Also don't know you now what appearance ……however at here life also it could be good matter, at my nerve gland complete repair before, I still enjoy this very small Lin2 Xia4 Cun well of life!although this call young girl of Ning month very very naughty, but so docile of two people, how to let them know still existence another 1 so improbity of world ……waited me to have certain ability, again leave here …….so of life I true is have no blessing to enjoy too long, damn of destiny!!I want really was born in this village much good ……, if ability evade, again should much good ……"
  "Have a meal, Ling2 Feng, return to have you, also come over to eat, bond maid, later don't again so very naughty, although you say a very naughty love commit tomfoolery, but too love with person make practical joke would also let the person haven't good impression to you of, know?Ah ……you this kid, the childhood also didn't see so very naughty, how more grow up more very naughty?Come come, don't living stuffy air, come, have a mealmbtsaletenis!Have a mealmbtsaletenis!"The year Jia half coax half order of call Ning month before the table ……
  ※※※********"In the process of enjoy creations of happiness in the meantime, I also very the hope ability get everyone reader's friend's support approve, so everyone is after finishing see if feel interesting worthy of continue to read on, please without extra trouble ◆◆ collect& recommend ◆◆ . if have any viewpoint, opinion and animadversion, also entreaty everyone hair leave a precious opinion, I will continue effort!"********

    The text turbulence timespace winding chapter 2:Investigate
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-309:43:46 origin chapter word number:3186

  The saint Ming empire emperor star, the end burning star.
  Emperor all of inside Chang speech palace, king saint Ming four a life time just at to the senior clerk who bend the head the find of his highness shadow group and four group long break into a furious rage:"If can not find a war the senior clerk of the knife group again, all of you suspend from duties, all!"Already eight day, all intelligence report all manifestation this ever drive oneself praise for"empire a fight machine" of Ling2 Feng's full general have already been not in this galaxy, even not at saint Ming empire of intelligence report net ability close touch of periphery more than ten galaxy.
  What to let him feel anxiety most is a whole empire people of spirit root of the nerve pulse send out by father absolute being instruction more and more mightiness, designation oneself must investigate a Ling2 Feng's whereabouts, omniscient and omnipotent in normal times, always all is give oneself apocalypse, give oneself guide line of the father absolute being incredibly also want to pass oneself search this matter, this let he in mind how much have some in fear with uneasy feeling.
  "The search Ling2 Feng's place of war knife group, control each set the body of the member freedom, then immediately notice I!"The nerve pulse signal of mightiness stream into saint Ming four a life time brains in.
  "Boon!Father absolute being, I now do!"Saint Ming four a life times know that since the father absolute being be such worried of inquire, necessarily have extremely urgent of the circumstance appear.
  For father absolute being instruction for send out, no one would the doubt its accuracy, this is a basic common sense in the saint Ming the empire.
  Each lately- be born infant want after just borning to come and then receive the nerve information of father absolute being and otherwise include this infant of parents at inside of the owner will lose to serve as guardian this kid power, and lose everything to enter school, employment of basic right.
  The synopsis is say, be if don't accept father absolute being of nerve information, this kid will disappear, and forever of can't again appear in the empire, under policy and the father absolute being omnipresent energy assurance that so, empire all inshore natural person voluntarily of with father absolute being establishment nerve conjunction.
  "Report a king, war knife group all member behavior the control complete."Find a shadow a group for control activity still excel very much.Find a shadow group a senior clerk to think Qi to make collective report a way no longer than five minutes.
  "Very good, continue search the activity of Ling2 Feng, the clues of one silk ten cents all want to investigate!Bottom go to!"Saint Ming four a life times again explaination 1 time, wave hand to let she bottom go to.
  "Immediately investigate to have which grain the son deliver machine and spirit reformation instrument useful lead of trace, especially have no through backup!Instauration in addition to pair senior clerk Ying dance outside other member of mobility, afresh organization war knife group of direct leadership layer, instauration it operation!"
  The nerve pulse's information of the father absolute being almost in find the shadow group the senior clerk think the Qi step go out the outside of in the meantime stream into the saint Ming four a life time brains.
  "Ying dance of nerve inside the brain have precision incise trace, can't fish for and Ling2 Feng related information, especially Ling2 Feng disappearance front of time memory also already drive artificial incise, so ask his majesty to give AL treatment!"Another information of father absolute being spread to, saint Ming four a life times can not help a foolish.
  The phrase  " AL treatment" has never listenned to for a long time, just at saint Ming two a life time be also oneself of the grandpa reign of time depend on sparse once listen to.
  At that time for father absolute being of believe in still not that perfect, so-called"AL treatment" use to treat to communicate with enemy a Pan country, Dian Fu nation people of the political power carry on separate of body spirit combine a kind of perpetual processing, process so handler body will drive permanence refrigerate, but spirit will drive the father absolute being is from the body withdraw combine alone insulate imprison, most desperately of is a spirit body of fusion technique although process several generation of effort, make progress still extremely minute, be also say process so handler at spirit body fusion technique research success front can't again return to life of possibility, the elephant is to use vegetable juicer pair of orange separate meat and juice, but have no appropriate of machine and technique pair of they again recover an integrity of the orange be similar!Can say the most ruthlessness penalty inside the empire of saint Ming of being have no the death penalty.
  "Father absolute being, I want to ask once, a full general of disappearance surely is an important event, but whether worthy of such big action of investigate?"
  "This person whereabouts matter pass graveness, must investigate clear his place and the whole related information, otherwise even probably falter empire of root!"
  "??Good of ……I be certain to step up concern again to this matter!"Saint Ming four a life times be astounded for an instant and immediately after and immediately answer a way.
  "I have already carried on a Ying dance a spirit control and please king's full general its body a person instant send to a saint hall."Another information of father absolute being stream into saint Ming four a life mbt shoes clearancetime brains in.
  "Boon, I wear an instant vapor trail to ride to carry on deliver, father absolute being trust!"
  Saint Ming four a life times immediately respond to and baptize in the spirit for few decade bottom, even if controled the apogee of political power, saint Ming four a life times was still very polite to father absolute being, is exactly also because of this few decade of spirit baptize, in his brain, already have no puppet this two word.
  ****The saint Ming empire vapor trail office.
  The step of the captain official residence bottom, just received a king of whole vapor trail which retire to be like order ride captain cold and horizontal is shout command subordinate:"Everyone immediately set out and go to arrest a war a knife group former incumbent pair senior clerk Ying dance, and safety send a most Sage Master hall!This time activity list as a 3 S class to keep secret an activity, the whole life can not reveal this time activity contents, if the one who have to divulge a secret, all evaporate!Understand???!!!"
  "Understand!"Several hundred body wear black the vapor trail ride special uniform of set the member with one voice answer a way.
  "Activity!"Include cold and horizontal at inside of each member of team nearby the moment appear a drive a grain of son machine in the line for day.
  After several kind, a way remnants the elephant once rowed a vapor trail office a sky, to war the knife group halt ground to fly.
  "Report captain!The war knife group halt ground guard request to post notice the tallest Class pass, and activity related and special certificate!"After the dichotomy clock, all vapor trail ride a member at the war knife group halt ground outside gather to complete, the whole interest picture of a set member appear at cold and horizontal right ahead.
  "Boon, the transmission SMDGD3 S11 B number crystal Mi spoon dish!"Cold and horizontal issue order way.
  So-called crystal Mi spoon the dish be 1 kind to be used as key figures of and unique deliver an information and order in the airtight activity of new invention, is in recent years just beginning application, this kind of deliver a way with its special spirit motion deliver a method to make it have absolute of not imitability, be also say, the information for inform want the spirit result in motion quilt deposit the extremely high strength crystal of specially made, then is inform.
  Spirit for everybody to want expression information motion is unique however dissimilarity, to were respond by the spirit motion of the communicator is also dissimilarity of, but in the meantime this kind of crystal Mi spoon the dish have independence cognition, so so result in so of crystal Mi spoon the dish can't be break to translate and even throw to lose or is intercept and seize to can't result in, either a reveal of information.
  Like say, be A to want to inform a certain unique airtight information to B, can oneself of the spirit motion transport a spoon dish into the crystal Mi, then can trust of is send to by anyone.
  Even this son crystal fall into a C hand, spoon because of crystal Mi dish of independence cognition, cause to face C of spirit motion frequency with original the information accept be also a B dissimilarity, so in the C eyes, this hard crystal that still is together common, in the spirit information in the dish can't have, either the slightest motion!
  But when crystal Mi spoon dish drive exactitude consign a B hand heavy after, among them the nerve include motion instant stream into a B brain, more what to have a confidentiality BE, even the B be rounded a view by the myriad people at this time, in the other people's eyes, he also just become speechless a short moment just!
  Receive crystal Mi a spoon the war knife of the dish a group guard just a little on stare blankly, immediately salute way:"BE!"
  Say that finishing to open front door let go.
  "Immediately search pair senior clerk's dwelling, grasp to catch and escort go into special saving machine!
  At cold and horizontal of lead off to lead bottom, the vapor trail ride a line the member flow out into the Ying dance of residence.
  The Ying dance elephant puppet that is at this time is similar and foolish to sit before the table and the vapor trail which face into own room ride a member to see if have no Du.
  When cold and horizontal see a Ying dance in , can not help body tiny an earthquake, face this oneself once pursued an excessive year, with oneself still have Ling2 Feng fight shoulder to shoulder innumerable time of woman, he of thoughts and feelings suddenly floated distance.
  "Walk!Don't tube I, horizontal, I support with small breeze here, you go to notice teammate!"The Ying dance is obstinate of voice another time ring out in his ear.That perhaps is with dragon titanium empire 14 war?Perhaps 15 time?Leave now too long ……
  "Perhaps that I should accompany her or accompany small breeze to stay of, why at that time at that time of weak let me walk off?Ahmbtsaletenisso several year, why see her me till now still would feel shame, and still knowing jump?Meet of today why if so a kind of situation???Destiny lane person!"Cold and horizontal secretly think a way.
  "Immediately execute an order!"Suddenly father's spirit information of the absolute being stream into a cold and horizontal brain.
  "BE, father absolute being!"Cold and horizontal make an effort of straight body, issue order toward the member of team way:"Grasp to catch!Send to go into special saving machine!"
  ********"In the process of enjoy creations of happiness in the meantime, I also very the hope ability get everyone reader's friend's support approve, so everyone is after finishing see if feel interesting worthy of continue to read on, please without extra trouble ◆◆ collect& recommend ◆◆ . if have any viewpoint, opinion and animadversion, also entreaty everyone hair leave a precious opinion, I will continue effort!"********

    The text turbulence timespace winding chapter 3:Become sworn
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-309:43:46 origin chapter word number:3950

  "My warning your boy, you want to follow me again and I kick to fly you!Whether your grandpa be a village master or not!As long as you go forward an one step again, is one step, understand Yao?I certain meeting!Pair of you!Kick to fly!"Ling2 Feng impatient voice village side the forest inside of the brook spread to come out from Lin2 Xia4 Cun.
  "Eldest brother, you today kicked out for me in the river bank strong they how many, I grateful you, although we understanding soon, but, I want to hand over a friend with you really, you come to a stop to wait me to say that finish ok or not?"And baby's grandson of Ren, the thin and feeble Zhi Ming Qie Qie stop, but the mouth haven't stop.
  "I really and from the heartly respect and admire to you!Especially you of the domineering station arrive my in front and say to them:'The no person humiliate person more little!', Oh, you don't know, that time I admire and respect you of feeling, already beginning deluge, till the last you kick to fly strong and say to them:'Later recorded, don't have no matter son again to humiliate him, the childs, troublesome!', Of time, , you that is mature of manly let me feel you are absolutely a perfect man, rightness, rightness, rightness, return have, especially end, be you gentleness of return to Mou to looking at me, and ask me:'You have no matter son, later oneself be smart point, don't again is rounded dozen by the person.'Of time, you don't know, at that time my that heart, jump of, that call one quick, so I come to a decision before you afterwards push away me, I want to recognize you to do eldest brother!Since the childhood, thin because of I, so always nobody would like to so wear help me, eldest brother, you be a first one!Eldest brother!I want to recognize you to do eldest brother!"The Zhi Ming hope Ling2 Feng to more walk more far of figure loudly call way!
  1 of "Sou", Ning breeze again suddenly of emergence in front in Zhi Ming.
  "How big are you?"
  "I am 8 years old!"
  "How big am I?"
  "Seemed to listen to a grandpa once say, also 8 years old?"
  "That boy I tell you, , we be all 8 years old, so don't worry me again, don't even call again my eldest brother!Return to have, do you feel me and would like to would not like to be your eldest brother?"
  "Not too would like to, eldest brother, but I will let your change idea of, true of, eldest brother, as long as you be willing to accept me to do younger brother, how do all line, eldest brother, you give opportunity, eldest brother, you give opportunity ……"Zhi Ming again piteously entreat a way.
  "Rightness, be you also understand to right?I would not like to do your eldest brother, either, so!In view of which angle, I can't can make you of what eldest brother!"Ling2 Feng firmly of roar a way to the Zhi Ming:"Conveniently ask you, be you the female of the male?"
  "Male of, absolute is male of, my grandpa has been tell me, I be a men and this wasn't wrong!"The Zhi Ming clap breast assurance way.
  "That be I a male's female?!"Ling2 Feng ask again.
  "Absolute male of!The man whom the man win!"Zhi Ming without thinking of answer.
  "So I return explicit of tell you,mbt shoes sale I see your that eye, feel you pretty vexed, hope you know mutually hurry go away, is not what gentleness of return to Mou!The age isn't big to know of the phrase be not a few, will not use still don't  want disorderly use!Return of a pair male what the strength son Mou return!"
  "BE!Rightness!Eldest brother you rectify of rightness, but, eldest brother, begged you, begged you, not line your test test I, I really have decision to do your younger brother of!The Zhi Ming return deathless heart!
  "Stop!Stop!Stop call eldest brother, again listen to you call eldest brother I true be changing to call your eldest

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