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injure, can not launch space voodoo in same region inmbt shoes sale a day, otherwise make the space become unsteady, so of words result would very severity, may result in world demolish of.So we under the general circumstance will not launch space voodoo."
  "Young man, I know you to be very interested in to forbid to curse, " doesn't know fire again strength, "I give you an advice, although you already academic association not a few forbid to curse, at least in the Ji second Si, don't launch offensiveness forbid to curse, this is the rules, remember and otherwise encounter a day Qian.Combine is see by the owner as the enemy.Wench, you also want to notice this, although you now of the mentality return shortage forbid by launch to curse, later of words not arrive ten thousand can not help don't launch, either offensiveness forbid to curse, will result in injure to the Shi Zhou4's body."
  "BE, don't know to become angry teacher."The farmland feather nod a way.
  "That Earth top some geezer phenomenon, for example person or thing suddenly disappearance, can be to arrive at the Ji inside second Si through a space window?"Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4 always has a lot of problem.
  "Have much of this kind of possibility, however also uncertain, probably still is different from of the space of level, since having 2 may have 3, four parallelism world."
  "Also rightness, I went first to ask Yang2 Tao and dream to smell a master walk not to walk."
  Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4 take out some money first to the shell Ni ratio second, "queen his majesty, the thanks be these days of to look after us and this conduct and actions thanked a gift."
  "You this is a stem what, don't eat some thing Yao?Take to return, I will not accept of, the ability hand over up the pilot friend of evil inspiration absolute being in really three living lucky, as long as you don't forget here still have you of friend line."
  "That put you first here, I use of the time take again, I return to our worlds to use not top this thing."
  "This pour is all right."The queen finally received.
  Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4 follow bellboy of send the lunch to arrive at Yang2 Tao and dream to smell the place that the master close the border and shout loudly the inside:"Yang2 Tao , have a meal, I occupied to say with you."
  In a short while, a full face of big sweat ground in Yang2 Tao open a small window from the door:"What matter?"
  "Do you when then can come out?We want to return to our worlds right away, do you walk not to walk?"
  "Return to our worlds?Is the ability all right?"
  "Certainly there is Gao Ren2 help each other."
  "Your etc., I ask teacher."Yang2 Tao Zou3 go in heel the quantity of master company several, come over here to ask Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4 again:"When walk?"
  "Tomorrow, how to say master?"
  "The teacher say the effort which want to wait me pair of induction all academic association to walk again.If tomorrow don't walk, later return ability walk not?"
  "Ability, the real strenght which wait me attain an ability oneself open a space window line, according to now of practice speed, probably need 23 months."
  "That I don't return first, etc. learned a skill again return, help me contact once my parents, say me with them everything all good, again lead a few months return to see them and conveniently ask military instructor, remaining crystal with the brotherses good."
  "Line, that not bother you.These be your lunches and I took two second Si friend in the Ji to return first with farmland feather."
  "Okay, wait you to pick us up, brothers!"
  "Certain, I walked first!"

    Chapter 2 the inside of the Ji second Si section 22 be heavy to return to base
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:05:38 origin chapter word number:1156

  The second day, shell Ni ratio second, Audrey, the cloth thunder Si tower with fill to pull Jyong to send a line six people.
  "Want to remember back."
  "Do not forget to take a laser gun for me."
  "I also want."
  "I want to be stronger than laser gun!"
  "Everyone don't worry, I most three month, little a month will come back, chief, protection good queen his majesty."
  "Stop worrying, handed over to us."
  "Pull rare virtuous, beginning, say with you last night according to me of sit mark, don't get mistake, arrive don't of nation of the words be in a mess."
  "Inerrable, my choice you come of place's launching voodoo be this reason, will appear at you come of place.You see, surroundings of these a rock still a last times launch voodoo usage of, this time province of I did assistance knot boundary."Pull rare virtuous say that finish and then start read spirit language, dichotomy clock after, stopped voodoo, a black mark at assistance knot boundary in the center appear, then slowly become big."Everyone is quick to go in, the space window be very quick would disappear."Six people one by one in order across into the space window and and then the black hole disappear.
  Several people appear in the one forest."Last time not from here arrive second Si in the Ji of?Small feather."
  "Do not yes seem, we seemed to come to wrong place."
  "Pull rare virtuous, whether you made a wrong place or not?"
  "Should right, is a region, there is a little deviation also normal."
  "How much is a little deviation ?"
  "Pull rare virtuous do not cheat you, the space voodoo had definite some deviation is normal, no one ability think at which appear at which appear, according to your concept, the deviation is in several thousand meters scope."Don't know the inside second Si language of a fire or a Ji.
  "You have to withdraw previous remark to say our languages, in case the other people don't mbt shoes clearanceunderstand."
  "Oh the rightness, the rightness, say that become accustomed to, Hey Hey."
  "Walk, asking isn't little Lin2 Si4."
  Several people walked to road up to ask to ask, is indeed as expected little Lin2 Si4 and the piece was set up to engrave to make a phone call a Xiang dragon a base:"Feed, I seek Sun Jian4's major."
  "Please slightly etc.."
  "Feed, which?"
  "The military instructor is me, Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4!"
  "Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4?Which are you ?Farmland feather and Yang2 Tao Gen together not?"
  "You come to little Lin2 Si4 Jie, there are six people and return again detailed say with you."
  "Good, a short while is."
  Six people etc. Sun Jian4 of time, continuously have a visitor to stare at them to see, this how many persons is where of actor?Which play set of?
  Don't arrive for an hour, Sun Jian4 drove machine to arrive little Lin2 Si4 in person.
  "I come to introduction once, the son, Sun Jian4's major be also our military instructors.This is to pull rare virtuous, this isn't to do know fire, their a pair be the curse of the Ji inside second Si Shu teacher, you be sorcery teacher calculate.This 2 pull rare virtuous disciple white wave and red wave.Yang2 Tao temporarily will not come back and the detailed circumstance return to base to say again."
  The small scaled military airfield that is on the base side has been already be in use and land later seven people be direct to return to base.
  Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4 took advantage o Wang2 Xue3 Feng and notice of time, from the behind%

    Chapter 2 Si section 23 weapon with second the inside of the Ji experiment
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:05:38 origin chapter word number:2526

  Next day, Sun Jian4 find out Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4, mutually transfer armor with especially the affair of the engine of Ni Mu was detailed to say bottom, Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4 be obviously very interested in this, "ability crest live 22000 ability class of ray weapon?So severe?We to try."
  Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4 call up the farmland feather, there is also Sun Jian4, Liu the stars and a few researcher arrive at experiment field.
  "Small feather, become concentration attack carriage, we come to test you of beam weapon power with the strength which mutually transfer armor.I to be 3 for you."
  "You have to embrace steady I~"
  "All right."
  "Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4, farmland feather, the instrument get ready, can beginning."
  The Lai jump especially to in the sky make the body become 1 curved the appearance of 4, fall on a ground, Wen De2 from underneath give Lai especially.
  "Return ability so lane?What posture is this ?"Sun Jian4 and Liu's stars a group of human face face reading Qu.
  "Liu's bureau chief start."
  "Beginning, early get ready."
  "Small feather start shoot."
  The Lai send out toward four feet directions a green light beam to shot into target armor especially.
  "Now is 12000 ability class."Liu's stars say.
  "Small feather, pair of light beam concentration some."
  Lai especially of four feet was a little bit concentration.Light beam from even shoot to become half to focuse appearance.The Liu stars in front read a number fierce increase.
  "20000 ability class!"
  "Small feather, again concentration point."
  The light beam continue to focuse again, haven't gathered into 1:00 and the target melted.
  "Farmland feather, quick stop."Liu's stars call way."What a guy, light ability stretch forward to be all burn didn't, end manifestation of read number is 33000 ability class, this hasn't gather 1:00, if gather 1:00 I estimate have 50000 ability class above."
  "But true war in which so easy gather 1:00."
  "The military instructor say of reasonable, general in the true war still parallelism shoot, be also say, the ray power of this kind of appearance is 12000 ability class, a small scaled grain son cannon.But the general ppearance send out of ray power only have 3000 or so.Small feather return and continue to fix to practice."
  "Ha ha, certainly need to continue to fix Lian, Lai especially of the power should be far not only this degree."
  "What do you say?Fix Lian?Fix Lian what?"A group of person canned not understand brains again.
  "You don't know that evil inspiration absolute being of the mentality of power and pilot have direct relation, mentality exaltation, the weapon power will also follow exaltation, say with the small feather, along with her mentality of increment, Lai especially of weapon power return meeting increment, we lead segment time again test know."
  "Is there still this function?Indeed as expected strong, this science and technology level do we when then can attain?"Liu's stars seem to be to have a little upset.
  "Do not say frustrated words, we now of the mission is mutually to fix to transfer armor with especially the engine of Ni Mu, don't forget to the Lai especially with Wen De2 material special radar and correspondence equip, bother you, Liu's bureau chief."
  "Okay, know, we was also a top science and technology team, can't despise oneself of real strenght."The Liu stars is a workaholic, at the thought of work, so quick again be full of self-confidence.
  That afternoon, the research minister stone Ming of the evergreen company Sir dozen telephone words, seek Sun Jian4 Shang quantity the property is concerning sponsor the Xiang dragon troops and space dockyard of business, Sun Jian4 Yue stone Ming the second day at evergreen company talk personally.
  The second day, Sun Jian4 Dai4, Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4, and Liu's stars arrive at an evergreen company and the stone Ming got 3 to enter closed conference room.
  Liu's stars give first stone Ming the introduction once concerning protection function and principle which mutually transfer armor, then again introduction especially the engine of Ni Mu of forerunner function, and to the need of material, stone Ming to high technology very interested in, immediately decision and Xiang dragon troops cooperation.Concrete to say that be evergreen the company's property buy from the A country base of the noodles in month a part material to to Xiang dragon troops experiment, but the Xiang dragon troops provide science technique to help, and help the evergreen company get hold of at the Mars orbit establishment dockyard of admit.After signing contract, Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4 privately sought stone Ming to lend some money, "half year repay fully, 20% benefit, return you at a time by that time 1,200,000, is the line not?Can also not come out me to send you with the label contract one the set Xiang dragon machine A.""All right, 1,000,000 just fraction eyes just.You are a Xiang dragon the NO.1 of the troops, borrow some money have what big not of."
  Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4 returned contact during the days in the university of classmate is also good friend Feng, "long time no see, recent mix of how?"
  "Still line, anyway be don't want to have a class, run to play Bai."
  "I seek you to occupy a company quantity and arrive cola great meet."
  The empress of an hour, Zhang Zheng3 Zheng3 Qi2 Qi2 De5 Shu4 arrive at the cola great bar and the Feng have already been wait him.
  "Hey, was a few month soldier, become handsome!"
  "Return an ability to be like you, more grow more ugly.Ha ha!"
  "What matter does seek me have?Serve as soldier me don't go."
  "Who sought you to serve as soldier.Are you to have been wanting to be boss Yao?See you definite comparison will make money, I sought an opportunity for you, if the your ability hold tight pack you change rich man."
  "Are you to be not brainwashed by the troops?Drive perhaps their maltreatment become mental derangement?I take you to go to a mental illness hospital to see?"
  "Who become mental derangement?!I say the serious with you, now my hand inside have 1,000,000, I seek a pair person for you, you give them a pair one person open a beauty salon, another one person open a hospital, their a pair one person will change sex surgical operation and other facial plastic surgery means, means absolute ratio now all beauty salon forerunner, anothermbt shoes is a super and strong doctor, as long as have spirit son of basic all ability save to live.Moreover, the leg be lame

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