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metal alloy of metals, all the ability deeply shoot more than 100 meters, mbt shoes salehow can hope 50 meters just in this star bush?
  Thin Ge's look is weakest in several people, only Chen2 Lie4 know, this thin Ge's being absolute isn't so simple, at least he is not simple of remarkable talent, because the thin Ge be also a body to belong to totem to fasten, his super see remarkable talent to be just a camouflage.
  Chen2 Lie4 didn't expose the secret of thin Ge, since is a brothers, will is he consideration, thin Ge affirmation is have what difficult speech of concealed, otherwise can't conceal of, like Chen2 Lie4 oneself, not also similar have can't be announce in many secret?
  "The Suo thin Ya and promise Man try a pair of the plant clearance of the ex- road!"Chen2 Lie4 is resolute to issue order.
  "BE ……"
  A begin of is a promise Man, see his eyes suddenly and violently a piece, on trembling right hand immediately change magically a make five meters chop down the knife long sharp, mix up with a special bio-chemical to synthesize star dint, ruthlessly and forward square the miscellaneous tree cut.
  "Bo ……" one be light after ring, the grass tree inch in ten meters in the front break and immediately change magically after fall to the ground thin ground purple crystal, spread disorderly 1 ground.
  "Ha ha, promise Man indeed as expected good artistic skill, surprisingly you of bio-chemical star dint again have already make progress, can't is break purple and crystal four ranks?"Thin Ge look in the eyes a bright, light say with smile.
  "Didn't°yet, three ranks arrived a highest point just and see wear almost, but be can't break, I quick grow crazy!"Talk, Norman chop down knife have already by leap and bound cut to split ten several bottom, a breadth be three meters, long about ten several path of rice rear in miscellaneously disorderly of the grass tree.
  The Suo thin Ya see hunt itching to do and take despise to shout loudly 1:"The big gorilla move out of the way, see this young lady to your Lou skill!"
  "Xiu" one be later on light to ring, "dark night rose" suddenly and suddenly and violently now a rainbow, a very and bright rainbow, electricity shoot a sort forward square the grass tree cut.

    A gather the chapter 7 China absolute being vestige of Wu3 Shen2 Ji in thou(up)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3010:21:11 origin chapter word number:3570

  "Suddenly ……" plant,such as wave, turn over to upsurge and float to fly after but, then the inch break, fully have the grass tree of several hundred meters to take Norman toe as parallel lines and is suppress together and together.A thousand meter long of spacious the road noodles straightly spread and then come out, more astonish is these grass trees to fall on the ground not is disorderly and numerous have no chapter of, but very neatly put to put is two sides at the road.
  The "shout ……" thin Ge has no language, pour to accept a cool spirit, in the make type machine A sob several voice, his facial expression already settle space at gape up, he foolishly hope a grass tree to break a people to come out of black juice syrup, don't know to say what good.
  The promise Man is then foolishly empty to lift only a feet, the neck be cool, only he then can slice a body feeling to that knife of terror, be when that rainbow rainbow once floated him nearby, he feel that the body have kind to split into pieces feeling, almost and by instinct he at and at that time be crystal to turn, whole individual become a cake of person the form crystal stand erect in the grass road, is very funny.
  Suo thin Ya satisfied several people of performance, accept knife, the Ao sign, turn Mou, series action very is well-trained, seem to practice 1000100 times of general, just be her glad eye fly to Chen2 Lie4 of, immediately one Zhi.
  Chen2 Lie4 quietly the station the slightest and all was move by it over there, imitate Fo this bright now of rainbow didn't the slightest and never once appear his at present, at the Suo thin eyebrow of Ya Ning sign eyes of, Chen2 Lie4 be suddenly low call 1:"Promise Man, caution!"
  Originally, the grass tree been cut by the Suo thin Ya to fall incredibly with can see without the aid of instruments of speed afresh growth come out, only color from originally of black became radiant of blue, top unclear be suffused with quickly passing time strange burst of color, what to terrible more is these grass tree top green of stab a leaf, change Huan become gold color, brilliant of gold color, moment again spread all over on all sides, just split a path of complete of jam.
  " ……How can and so?"The Suo thin Ya almost exclaim to lose a voice, a pair of underground with orthoptic the United States Mou that Man be wonderful but of grass tree.
  The promise Man is deep to sink among them, he be crazy to roar one- track:"Hum?Return true can do strange!"
  The crystal blade cut!
  Promise Man not the letter be evil again be one knife, a radiant purple light flash across, the dust float in the sky, strong breeze roars, winds and clouds almost for it change countenance.
  Suo the thin Ya be slightly some to change countenance ground to hope promise Man this knife, the knife body be astringent, edge of knife front incredibly creation tear to pieces a timespace, have no hard not the feeling of the Cui arise spontaneously.
  Bio-chemical warrior of abrupt the dint is really violent, if this shot is with the equal machine A teacher to war, the latter can bear of probability perhaps only 20% be or so, the Suo thin Ya inwardly nod, this big gorilla still some quantity of, strong real strenght even would at the Chen2 Lie4 who touch not and deeply inside situation on.
  "Burst" ground one be stuffy to ring, the grass tree have no expectation in of echo but break, just slightly and slightly concussed to open a half rice or so, again quickly accumulate together, pair of promise Man tightly package at among them.
  The huge body of the "the commanding officer save ……" promise Man is in the grass tree flounder, a short moment didn't figure, even connect call sign voice all Ga however.
  Suo the thin Ya is falsely rapid to take out knife front, want to flick knife to cut a grass tree to save promise Man, but again afraid harm him, more afraid more variation plant will rush out, at that time don't know how just good.
  The thin Ge double eye stare at the place that the promise Man sign a body to anxiously say:mbt shoes clearance"Commanding officer, be the tree rattan of those grass trees trail promise Man to go straight up, quicker save him!"
  The Chen2 Lie4 did it ever doesn't know a Norman dangerous situation, his think feeling to speed, tight tight follow the promise Man huge figure, gradually line gradually far.
  "These plants contain very strong rebirth ability, and is more living more strong, the way which split to chop down is from try to commit suicide road, don't know you to have to discover ……at this of plant want ~only we not attack, they is can't active round toward us."Chen2 Lie4 is rapid to say.
  "Indeed as expected is so ……we all began, so these plant all have no to our ttack."The Suo thin Ya with thin Ge suddenly.
  "But the promise Man be drag along by the plant to walk, we want to save him!"Suo the thin Ya be some nasty, the disaster be what she ask for and her nature want to be responsible for.
  "Stop worrying, the promise Man skin Cao the meat be thick, temporarily have no in danger, thin Ge you fish for the land of feet bottom and see the root-stock of these plants."Strongly think feeling to follow promise Man possibly, however only afraid have several seconds again, Norman body form meeting disappear at his think feeling outside.
  The thin Ge dare not to neglect, double eyes moment suddenly and violently project two sharp absolute being light, same time a lightly and falsely shadow in a flash but die, the Suo thin Ya and leaf Bin all didn't take notice of, only Chen2 Lie4 clearly see, that falsely shadow is a light eagle head.
  Once floated a dragon head in the top of head when Chen2 Lie4 as early as airship meet with accident, might it not be be Chen2 Lie4 also the clansmen that the totem fasten?
  The top of head float shadow is the totem fasten total have of characteristic, be luck star dint of, naturally want a manifestation to come out a spread of essence to accept characteristic outside body, the thin Ge hunt an eyes eagle clan, nature will have the pattern of eagle performance to come out.
  Isn't what everybody's ability know this kind of totem to fasten Mi to smell, non- good hand perhaps fasten to have to the totem thorough of understanding absolute impossible at eagle head moment slide past moment catch, this is Chen2 Lie4 three time see thin Ge usage him of essence Mi skill.
  Chen2 Lie4 is a burst of touched, if don't meet with accident because of the promise Man, thin Ge is will not emit to was discover by the person of dangerous rear a Mi skill.
  Fortunately the Suo thin Ya basically didn't put idea on thin Ge's body, just the concern ground look at front, the thin Ge inwardly breath a sigh of relief, slow concentrate toward the underground bottom see go to, although this place of mud also with general of interstellar dissimilarity, however still belong to can see inside scope, at underground 34 meter, he clearly see this kind of a black caulis green to stab of the plant root is just a very small gold ball.
  "Commanding officer, the root of these plants be probably the gold color small ball of ping-pong size, Be located on the earth's surface 34 meters, the gold ball all belong to independence of, hand over allied."
  "H'm, I to dig to once try!"Say, Chen2 Lie4 start black donkey and explore a machine arm to dig toward the underground.
  Chen2 Lie4 think feeling to adhere to at giant machine under charge, along with the explore of machine hand is into the underground, he clearly the felling arrived this land of magic.
  This mud is really different, little the content of chemical element far ratio general star of complications, even have several hundred kinds of many, is an all other star not familiar of, if have enough of separate technique, believe the parts of rare chemical element will be a huge wealth.
  "The feeling know, indeed as expected is an aureate and small ball, feed ……BE not, how the size of these small balls be all similar, elephant is light lead nicety instrument sieving lead of general."Chen2 Lie4 astonishment from the language.
  H'm, on the ground that kind of the root of the weird plant be indeed as expected the small ball of a , the gold color small ball be transparent, inside was full of liquid, seem to be return at without intermission the Xuan move.
  All of root-stocks connected with each other with gold ball are among them that the black be transparent, can also see liquid therein flow to turn, however this kind of liquid is black of.
  Chen2 Lie4's foreign country experience is complications of, often the troops career in year, almost every day with the Azrael make contact with, his feeling to the thing Wu want far strong at the ordinary people, the sharp ability to make judgment be him existence of go to Gao rule, his think feeling all concentration at the root-stock hand over knot place, be a combine of orb and cylinder part, here should is best of correspond point.
  Ignore so many, see can put to death these plants, Chen2 Lie4 drive the machine hand Huan a strong and tough and thin blade, and one be malicious to mow from the combine of the gold ball and the root-stock.
  Bo Bo Bo-several light after ring, gold ball and caulis department sign to break, the gold ball be immediately dispersed to roll over to open to, turn eye and mud mutually fusion, but the caulis department of the earth's surface as electricity shoot into turn in the mud in unreal, the mud of the blood-red color moment became a golden red color, bright but brilliant.
  The Chen2 Lie4 San people feel at present an empty, the grass tree which see 1 have already been missing a trace and shadow, barren on the ground.
  ", The commanding officer be very fierce!Slice medium vital part all of a sudden!"The view of thin Ge has been being stare at an underground and he clearly saw Chen2 Lie4's action.
  "Ha ha, control breath just, their weaknesses' being the part of the earth's surface in the underground can't touch!The promise Man has already been drag along far, quick tell me him disappear of direction."Chen2 Lie4 Qing smile 1 to say.
  " Fore noodles, I be also quick to could not see promise Man!"
  Luck knife such as fly, Chen2 Lie4 drive "black donkey" with unique the quick speed march forward, at present of plant quick didn't at the soil inside, dissipation invisible, gradual Chen2 Lie4 feel his think feeling instauration normal.
  The empress of five minutes.
  The promise Man whole body emit blood bead, fell off to come out from the grass grove, he wear a mouth to call a way:"Oh mama ah, this stab also too point, my purple and crystal protect body Shu to all defend not to live, within an ace of didn't be firm dead I!"
  "Ha ha, big gorilla, you incredibly shed tears this time!"Thin Ge cachinnation.
  Chen2 Lie4 also can not help a break into laughter voice, use black donkey* of the machine hand lightly clapped to clap Norman shoulders and say:"Little devil, bio-chemical person return afraid of body of piercing!"
  The Suo thin Ya want to smile, but took out to move along while have no break into laughter voice, this Chen2 Lie4 really let the person have no language, difficult way does he know this black donkey and can be used here?
  The sense of vision remarkable talent of the just thin Ge and the black donkey of Chen2 Lie4*control a match, absolutely is a flawless, seem to is practiced a ten million time general, saved bottom in very short several minutes promise Man, this true can't imagination.
  Now the Suo thin Ya have to acknowledgement, hers "dark night rose" be not as practical as this"the make type black donkey", machine A is fight of weapon, don't be used for digging soil to break a root.
  Promise Man but mouth cachinnation, say the Suo thin Ya:"Next time the knife must leave my little bit far son, drive not you of the edge of knife cut ground, will be also frightenned something to pour!"
  The Suo thin Ya piece open mouth, but have no speech with rightness, think apology but how also say not export.
  A line four people's troops at simple of fix whole empress once more set out, this time Suo the thin Ya be no longer anxious, she tight tight hair heel in Chen2 Lie4 Shen's side, a words also don't say.
  Dealt with the method of different race plant, the speed which march forward was more and more quick, now is four people to begin to dig soil to search for root together.
  All of methods are what Chen2 Lie4 Jiao, however can begin of seem to be just himself, the Suo thin Ya and promise Man don't know at all underground hand over of three meters root and caulis crunode at which, mow wrong only afraid will ask for bother, but thin Ge although ability see, have no good weapon, basically can't stretch hand help.

    A gather the chapter 8 China absolute being vestige of Wu3 Shen2 Ji in thou(bottom)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3010:21:11 origin chapter word number:3877

  Practice make perfect, seem to Chen2 Lie4*control this kind of black donkey to gain a lot of insight very, his every time bottom dig all ability banish an one plant, the slightest not influence march forward speed, even ratio they just go into wood quick many.
  All the way and all have no dangerous, in a few hours, four people have already entered into the center district of forest.
  Here, the forest have been already disappeared, at their foot, is a square circle not bottom 100 inside of the valley appear.Bare valley hollow place in their in front, the valley wall be straight get down pare just as the knife, and complete is a black rock of structure, at moonlit night star light interleave bottom seem to be mysterious abnormality.
  Stand on the crag of they, misty of see bottom go to, that innumerable rice deep of the valley bottom seem one water Ze.The one is dimensionless, light purple smoke, cover with a sky in valley.
  A burst of breeze once blew.The smoke of lavender suddenly of revolved to get up, valley of central, suddenly appeared one without basis almostmbt shoes as Gao as entrance to valley of, huge of white statue!
  A great universe is absolute impossible formation of rock statue!That be the man whom a dress thou Earth attire, silk head dress long gown, the noodles permit thou plain, square Kuo nose, sword eyebrow under, face upward station over there, he

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