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don't like.
  The corpse face has already no longer talked and toward mbt shoesme to walk to come over.
  I looking at him to more walk more near, perhaps is from think skill Gao so person's brave, sound out an one punch to tee off.
  "Shout!"1, the his hand become a claw form to echo but, I hurriedly retract, but his hand the speed be very quick and the my hand haven't in time taken back.Have already arrived at the front of my fist, see, will be grasp by his claw son medium.At this time, my fist suddenly auto backward one Suo, may may once avoid one shot.
  He astonished Zhi once, close behind, is a burst of storm sort of take the offensive.The full day of claw shadow fly.I several times try to resist, drive all almost his claw son grasp harm, luckily my muscle can auto flexible.His speed is too quick.And, my root wasn't near his body.Damned claw son!
  I am back and see surroundings have what things.Back the side of a stick, once my feet stretch, this stick is by foot kicked to ex- one Tong by me.In fact should be to raise.Just the other people have no detection but Yi.The corpse face defend can not compare with to defend, by hand hard connect.I by hand take a head of of stick again, take out the stick come back.His skill hold tight stick and the skill keep claw to come over toward me.
  My claw to him son already frightened, hurriedly loose start aside.He once the stick throw and made track for to come over again.I see a flank contain a big garbage can.Day wretchedness I, fell behind to fall behind here of good.Have no cover on the garbage can not only, still have a lot of garbage on the ground.I picked up some hard thing and constantly toss toward him.He part Shan dozen part go toward I close to.
  At this time, I see arrive once quick to see power breeze wrong and oneself have already left first.This ghost wench true spirit!I also want to flee for life and want a protection her again safety, also toward her direction run past.
  But time not and in a short while, see her run back.I call way:"Loathe to give up me, now flee for life important!"She go toward after death to say:"Is the this place more fierce."
  , I on see, impending.Thered is more than ten individual to take knife to walk to come out.I finally know that oneself can't deal with weapon and connect claw son also not line.Last time just because those people's the gist and speed be very bad.This time see these people, each be all very capable, list corpse face I already can't, come to these people again, how do??How to do?
  We are the most kind long, rightness, control machine!Hence, my signal system constantly look for the thing that can respond a control.But, this star also fell behind too much.The surroundings all can not find everywhere.A house inside that is finally and beside responded 1.Return can control go forward.I hurriedly the control try, at this time, a toy car drop out from the table of flank upstairs window way., I dizzy dead.Turned over while drop down several bottom, finally be still that the bottom wore ground, I control the car round tight grip together once quick painting a big turn turn.
  Those people all got a fright, whole all foolish live.At this time corpse face person finally openings:"No wonder that we two brothers be frightenned mentally deranged by you, now still not awake.Indeed as expected have a little unorthodox."Unorthodox while make reference to, the other person's face immediately frighten very white, have two personal beginnings shiver to get up.I want to beat to change the idea of ghost again, but at the thought of, the ability frighten other person, only afraid can't frighten corpse face.And, for the sake of oneself of is reveal not, that I not right and wrong get want to kill the light ir Yao?Alas, only afraid want to do didn't also this skill.
  Suddenly thought of again, oneself at white the mold of the way especially identity, always falsely speech not agreeable.Know from the network, but the mafia is more an identity the secret be more good.Perhaps, I should obtain an identity on the mafia.This also is to save an once quick unique way.
  I hence the proud voice say:"You put this young lady first, my approval your condition."
  The corpse face of corpse face incredibly would smile once and say:"Good!Put a person."
  The other person all breath a sigh of relief.I also breath a sigh of relief by myself.Once quick but doubt looking at me:"Do you really join their gangs?"
  "Still have the other way the Yao?"I answer helplessly.
  The corpse face is come forward to introduce myself, :"I call" ghost claw"Ping2 Wu3, the all flowers help one of the three greatest cutthroats.Welcome you of join!"
  I incredibly counter-question:"Cutthroat??Why this time not is kill people?"
  "Want kill people to return remarkable."He from empress the waist Tao the gun come out, quick of on turn, again put to return.Instauration on the face say of cold nation nation:"Because some time, kill people isn't an importance most."
  "."I should 1, walk with them.At this time, it was once quick to asked me 1:"You later return a meeting?"
  "Don't come."I no longer know later will be what life.The ability secretly return to be a mold especially quite good.
  A face of once quick facial expression of grief looking at me.I am blunt she call:"Today's business, you have to keep secret!"She still point nod.

    The text chapter 9 all flowers help a lord
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-308:52:21 origin chapter word number:2606

  Sit to get on the car, the in the mind still have a little seven top eight times of, wasn't afraid to drop a life, just don't need to be do after knowing to go to what, can whole day want dozen to want something to kill?However also very curious want to know these very much in the meantime black help actually and what is the row.
  On the car, my detection, on Ping2 Wu3's face, ratio just smelly face Ping-ho a lot of, I can not help curiously asking, :"You not is like to be cold face of?"Ping2 Wu3 Kan4 also doesn't see come over to answer a way:"I always oppose a person cold face.""That you to who like to smile face?""Help a lord.""Do you help a lord and must be a big beauty?""Are you how can anyone know?""Because of calling the all flowers help, and,mbt sale incredibly will be willing to let you like to smile.""See, you knew what is the row."
  The car arrive a night club front stopped down, I followed Ping2 Wu3 Zou3 to go out.Inside the person be really a lot of., Seem I return future over so noisy of place.I am all awake everywhere these environment of time, Ping2 Wu3 have already started go upstairs, detection other the person don't follow to come up.I have to take to loathe to give up of mood heel go up, anyway, later opportunity to have plenty of.
  The stairs is very generous, two upstairs, the many people sit over there or station or sit.Seem at each do each matter, but on seeing someone come up, whole all saw come over.See body form and vision, know to isn't ordinary people.See, guard here.Arriving the third floor also still keep being a many people to guard, but, decorate but more hall Huang.There is a the hall that the breadth fall here, there is the television refrigerator of every kind of sofa table on the hall the air condition what of, all all of.Hall past, there is a big passage, the dichotomy cloth wear many room.See, these person who watch, good be the elephant easy to enjoy.
  Ping2 Wu3 Dai4 arrived a building to knock two next, in a short while, the door echo but open.BE a girl, may be a secretary.Ping2 Wu3 incredibly smiled to her once.Would he toward to smile?
  Listen to him say:"The elder sister of the Ting, this person sought to come."BE not, so 1 be 20 successful in career girls, drive incredibly a near 30-year-old man call elder sister?Seeing come to this was black to help rules.That girl also sweetly returned to smile once and eyes hoped to come over.This hope, there is a kind of unimaginable attraction, my whole body all send forth a kind of strange burst of color.Can't, I be what whole body is all considerable to see.But, I have already habitually used oneself of facial expression and look in the eyes come to anti- shadow motion, and, is an idea study especially, already arrive the condition be anti- to thank of situation.So, on the contrary compared with general person sometimes still want motion clear, astonished all write at face up.
  Girl ha ha once the ground smile and did the signal for please to me.:"Welcome you join all flowers to help."I can not help great:"See to my choice is rightness of, the Ting elder sister help lord, you really good the United States."Here the person's look in the eyes, incredibly can creation so big of magic power, my detection oneself really really want, really want to also own a pair of such eyes.
  The girl take to sweetly smile an idea, :"I am Yang2 Yu4 Ting2, and you?"
  ", I be leaf's calm."
  "Ha ha, does the name which sound us decree by destiny very much."
  "Yes, so I to do you of under charge."
  "Ha ha, wrong, your should be not only be for me to work and return if work for oneself."
  "The cleverness seen to help a lord, simple outran my imagination."
  "You this person be good at to talk."Yang2 Yu4 Ting2 still smile so sweet, part hello I arrive inside sit, turn head is Ping2 Wu3:"Five elder brother, take advantage o them all at, ask everyone to come over understanding once.""Okay."Ping2 Wu3 Dian3 nod, go out.
  I then ask her:"You don't know my background at all, dared to believe me?"Yang2 Yu4 Ting2 is still a smile:"The ability check of and we will check."
  "Was that now still not to believe me?"
  "Should letter of, we first letter."
  "Certainly, if you later have already done what the betrayal betray the business like the organization and those were our enemies."
  In a short while walked about ten people come in.The room inside fallen in this Kuo sit down and don't seem to be to restraint at all.
  The Ping2 Wu3 beginning get up for my introduction.A Gao Gao Shou4 is thin, is Zhang Le4 and be responsible for a management finance of.The another common statures, but seem to be slightly fat middle age, then management gang inner part business of.There is also a person who is Wang2 Ji4 the tube intelligence report of, a person who is Zhang Tian truly, tube of is safety of matter.End, the vision fall at two personal body persons.This 2 are another two people of three greatest cutthroats.An among those are a young girl, is Li3 Xin Jie2, dye a head of light hair, dress also very vogue.The murderous look having no Ping2 Wu3 to just see me on the face, on the contrary have a little at will.But as for another, then a pair silent and closemouthed appearance.This person can not tell what murderous look, but, also sank too much, 1:00 also canned not tell his bottom and on the contrary let the person feel to have a little to fear.It be also about 30 years old.It about is Wang2 Liang2 Ping2 with Ping2 Wu3.Ha ha, the appearance look, also really ordinary.I can not help some oddness, this help lord the person of age nearby and together how so small, so of life how lead ah.
  Introduction some kind of, everyone be respectively chatting to open, that blonde jokingly conjectured me once, :"The younger brother of the younger brother, you kill people over have no?"I hurriedly protest:"Your not exactly is bigger than me.Please a respect once a man."She the ground of Xi Xi smiled to say:"Anyway and never kill people over of, compare under, be small."
  The smile ground of Yang2 Yu4 Ting2 put 1:"Seem today still catch to have the small head of group that a green dress help, not equal to, bring over here to play once good."Return the useless openings put~to the trouble, Ping2 Wu3 already active lift a person.
  In a short while time, see Ping2 Wu3 wear 2 to strongly wear a country word for member with heel face of the young man come over.This country word face the panic of 1 face, particularly enter to the back of this room.Although the hand be bind, is press by the person to sit on the chair.But connect to call a way in.:"I say everything, I said everything."Li3 Xin Jie2 Xi smile to return to way:"You have to say what, we again didn't you say."Ha ha a burst of smile, an among those the male's way.:"The lady have the initiative, let female of come to demonstration."Li3 Xin Jie2 has to helplessly say, :"Don't let Ting the elder sister made dirty a hand, that came for me."Yang2 Yu4 Ting2 but smile happily a way:"I quick more than ten days never kill people over.Now has a little hand Yang and you don't rob with me."I in astonishment say:"BE not really need to kill him?"Say of the equanimity of Yang2 Yu4 Ting2:"Certainly, because he be our enemies."That country word face repeatedly entreat a Rao life.Yang2 Yu4 Ting2 doesn't know when, many in the hand a pair of bayonet, wave hand a knife put to enter a country word the chest of the face.Finally at neigh dint the flounder of the Jie in a short while, the mouth Cape Shen wore break of blood spirit.That 2 help a member to expertly carry it out him and have never let a drop of blood is in the underground.Led again a burst of, an among those help a member wash clean of the bayonet sent back.
  At this time, I be just like wakening from a dream to come over.Long breadth longly in the heart once.Luckily don't be to call me kill.But this facial expression, is seen out by Li3 Xin Jie2, she say with smile:"You think so easy matter, the meeting let you does this future cutthroat do Yao?"Yang2 Yu4 Ting2 make allowance for a way:"H'm, however, also don'ted be too difficult.Seek a little bit more easy of mission.Let he go to orientation once."
  ???BE not, exactly still keep wanting me to go to kill people.And still want oneself to kill?Although I different from the person of this star category.But, have already treated all intelligence living creature equal in the cosmos.
  Everyone spread go to after, Yang2 Yu4 Ting2 hand over to me an envelope, tell me, data in the inside, must in two days completion mission.
  Combine to send the bayonet to me that.Say:"BE a person, will put oneself first open, particularly is this line.This bayonet, be to encourage to you."

    The first time mission of the text chapter 10
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-308:52:21 origin chapter word number:2811

  I dare not objection, bosom complications of mood, also come out hall, the place which seek a nobody sit down and someone poured cup tea for me rightmbt shoes clearance away and backed to return.My part sample tea's flavor, should say that is to drink tea, just

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