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Green had an hour to wake up as the last for the first time how her bed and there will be two heads?

Green as a closer look and one day one Kangshan Zhe christian louboutin knockoffsWen ridding doing seems very deep feeling staring at her? She changed the U.S. yet?

Yu-fei, or OBE to him? So Kang Shanzhe gently only to see her so deeply? But why Kang Shanzhe gentle eyes of a little shade in the cold yet? ? ? ? ? ? ? See her back straight cold!

Days in the end what happened?

She only remembers the night she was Hune back to feeling so cold and tired and uncomfortable changed clothes and then she fell asleep groggy now

Of course, done before the dream of a beautiful active kissed her and then Kangshan Zhe Kang Shanzhe stay with her very softly and then her dream would not have a nightmare of a dark shadow

Why wake up and the temperature will see Kang Shanzhe Seoul tribunal?

Winter Hill Court is not always avoided her it? Why is it now so deeply profound concern that it's tired eyes also do? Because of her? Another secret anguish of the heart

Green as you wake up? The joy of authentic warm the hearts of Seoul court finally a hint of bright haze

Hehe Green found his throat thirst that even if unable to speak up

Wake up like! Kang Shanzhe hanging from the concerns that have come down

Why do not move my hand?

Youth struggle to see their own hands if found themselves two very light blue small Shouben Do not be two large hand warmer tightly held her face even more red for several Xiuren

Then panic broke free Kang Shanzhe struggled to surround the hand that did not break free of the Court of temperature Seoul

Xie Qing emperor as a great deal in interest! Green authentic heart pounded as panic to jump back to reality after she must guard himself Kang Shanzhe is not close to no longer close to not let him hurt his

Kang Shanzhe blue haze looked like a small head that look of displeasure lower undoubtedly show kindness when I was barking it?

Wen ridding proud like eating as much gratified by the success of a cat that slap on the hands may shake their hands Oh no bones! Before the opening of heart blossoming flowers have become all the haze clear blue skies the brilliant sun and a dazzling Kang Shanzhe want to get flat person!

Green as you why sleeping in the closet? Warm gently asked Seoul court.

Sleeping? Green as a look ignorant How long have I slept? Day of her whole body hurts all very hot head to blow up the pain

You do not know? Kang Shanzhe said with displeasure.

I remember last night came back very tired and fell asleep then up to now it! If not on, as the two young men had to head down that fiery eyes can not see anything up!

Then you two days and nights of sleeping! You cold it! Azure Winter Hill Court Road, if you do not take care of yourself too

Such as staggering to see the temperature Green Hill Court two days and nights?

Fool not uncomfortable to look for a doctor to hide in the closet pitiful it! Kang Shanzhe authentic voice displeasure mind curling up lying on the closet that flashed blue, such as!

Oh thank the Emperor! Green as head down cautious in talking angered Kang Shanzhe more unhappy the

Kang Shanzhe ungrateful woman turned away without saying a word!

Green, such as looking at the back of Kang Shanzhe that anger to the eyes of another heart to throbbing sadness flashed up to difficult to resist it!
Green sleep more right as I am here with you! Joyful heart temperature Seoul court ignored green eyes flashed as that grief

I am thirsty! Green as softly Road

I'll go to end of water to you! Winter Hill Court, ran like a fool out

Green leaves in front of a room if there is Montreal's messy her lonely tired

Months in the distance, when the static temperature dilute Star Chamber music like a fool Fall to leave when the young tree as the boudoir of a forceful figure appeared silently into the green room as

Green looked like it quiet sleep Yanping Jing breathing hot forehead is no longer in that upright heroes but men did not leave the bench as the young, exposed Oubi gently back into the warm blanket that gentle movement with a touch of tenderness that it arrived to their deep eyes and Stern Lianrong also eased up

Sleep as soon after the young in turn his body curled up much needed protection to bedside fetal kicking up the man forehead then Qi

Fool I do here! Kang Shanzhe to blue as it curled up hand christian louboutin bootshands foot has opened to really insecure guy is so sick, you will hide in the closet?

Fear of it? Still in the shadows because it? Kang Shanzhe stroking young as it becomes slightly disturbed sleep is very content which broke the hearts of those living temple for her?

Do not go green if they begged in the dream voice trembling hand tightly clutching Kang Shanzhe that big hand close to their chest, then rounded

Green even in a dream as you have I do? Kang Shanzhe light laughs also enjoy a large hand in the soft blue like that chest

Do not drop me! Ill are particularly vulnerable, such as sleep talking pitiful Green Road, she dreamed of her being left in the dark one with a group of Kang Shanzhe concubine to swagger around in front of her to go after the only left her with that merciless ridicule and endless cold dark heart hurts himself again and then huddle together

Zhenbu go I leave to accompany you? Kang Shanzhe lie down in green whispered to coax Road will be as green as her in my arms for the warm atmosphere of peace of mind

Good! Green Road as identified softly dream becomes gradually warm up and warm up those dark warm relaxed atmosphere there was so comfortable she transfiguration

Green as the heat source to the side that squeezed past Kang Shanzhe hold deep soft blue without bones, such as heart An Tan: This is a torture to sleep at night!

The next morning woke up, I felt comfortable green as a lot of sleep for a very reassuring feeling last night was a sense that she has been maneuvering her, warm her, protect her, but she would like to dream too much, or is it! Dreams!

Her empty room, how would there be other people too! She was simply confused on the disease

Wash down medicine as a young girl! Fusao laughing his face, carrying the stew come see as a good cold blue

Fusao so please do not call me your own to boiling on it! Green as soon get out of bed to get her to forget this Fusao the petty people are pinching her super pain

If you do not so blue I am the woman Luo Zhe Sha! Fusao Duke ran around, but now you have a branch on the Phoenix it!

What? Green Road, she was just as surprised to faint a couple of days just how this world becomes so much Fusao Oh, I do not Luanjiang unblemished with you Oh, absolutely, but Duke has done nothing more give the perfunctory things! Green Road as quickly debate.

As she and her temperature ridding those ambiguous kiss, are being forced so she is in!

Of course I know Duke on the Green, but the girl's mind as the city is well known! Fusao laughed Duke for this extraordinary little girl has enough sensation!

Khan! Qiao Lian Qing, such as stiff with a city well known? That bastard did what he does know what is shameful?

Green as driven forces can not afford it! Green said if she wanted to get out of a lengthy

How do young Duke will sell ourselves short a crush on you is your good fortune on a lifetime repair to young girls to feel at ease here as well wait on the Duke, if Duke were to please discuss the numerous luxuries to enjoy! Fusao persuade Road, Duke have Laodabuxiao the time to find a woman gave birth to small for him, Duke has a bit although this woman is extraordinary, but the Duke liked to think like a Fu Sao comfort.

Green as his face looked stiff smile Fusao that she had not always told her not to think too much not to play warm Seoul court not to strike any idea? How now face downcast?

Green as ignorant of the world wake up to how they change the samples?

Green as in Hou Fu Fuchu each time the butt of her attitudes toward a 180 degree change in the sight of her laughing at her you do not imagine I am no longer achristian louboutin sale  prominent Duke family look good but a Duke, vice hurry the bar and then lie down on the time were all asked her to remember the Duke's affection for her to return to her to take the Duke's affection is a wonderful thing if she was the most brazen most ungrateful most ungrateful person!

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