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Panda Inn! China said a Liuzhekoushui.
No, no Baihua Lou's best to eat vegetables. Flirt 1000 flying bamboo silk, but do eat two thousand of silver. The smallest chubby said.
That is how my sister could go to hospital? Jane frownedchristian louboutin knockoffs blame the chubby dry ill-considered.
Chubby one suddenly realize nodded: yes oh yes oh.
Fresh 2000 silver? Iridium is a joke since all that food 2000 Silver Court that gain is probably that women cook, right?
Well we went Baihua Lou!
? ? That hospital. . . Palestinian children who mouth open.
Keguan your first time to come. Madam smiling face to a fair and clear, but before stunning the son of the son to see behind the smile on the three children had some weird. How to bring children?
This person is not someone who is disguised as a man of simple dry iridium and overweight children also China 1.
Where Iridium Eichhornia glances pimp some violently angry fan said: how I took my family of three brothers to not do it?
Trekking trip. . . Son how like just do whatever. Madam Mei laughs come here surely had a few silver and silver this who make life difficult for it? Which son is the girl you want to do? Us. . . .
1000 bamboo silk. Do not want to hear the chatter who pimps Iridium direct his intentions.
Pimps a silver eyes flashed like a light really is the son of a wealthy family, but this city's rich kids are well aware that she had not seen his son in which any of it? . Pimp pretending to be embarrassed to say: but we Baihua Lou Prince Johnson fly the first famous actress who does not say much longer the United States. This is one of the best cuisine. 1000 bamboo silk she do this price. . . Today, a long climb to 5000 taels of silver. It now only Nalan General and Da Xing Master son have enjoyed this three delicacies.
5000 taels of silver?
The three young master is really extravagant.
Any fan of the fan Yushan Iridium upstairs suddenly caught sight of a beautiful woman brought her three children on the disdain of the eyes slowly revealed Raising a smile slowly turned jade lip: 22000.
22 000? Good good. . . . Madam quickly call girls who serve over Iridium.
But not so close to where the girls Iridium pavement: Slow!
How the? Pimp understand.
What I mean is that you give me 22,000. Where Iridium laugh.
Madam shocked smile vanished this second son will not come to trouble the market right? !
Not worth it? Where the rise of iridium slowly removed the hat and black hair like a waterfall decline seen as obsessed with looking at him all she brought back a smile Empress Dowager.
Than Baihua Lou's rising star. Madam how do you think of me? On her beauty I can win more than tenfold. On how I will be less talent in her? Where Iridium said after a pause. If you talk on the craft as long as you come to me than the strong. Iridium payable on the upper floor where a dressed beauties.
Hope is smiling at her beauty. Waist obviously angry but to maintain the image of fire-breathing a generous smile at her. . . This look is really cute. Beauty is none other than flying Johnson.
Johnson flew back to the three young beauty, who like a white dancing like staring at the top of her game. 1 Yourong luxurious clothes with a purple eyes slightly praise. Finally a black man, a soldier rigid temperament, such as iron and seeing the first wave that he was not who should be the general Xing, right?
Jane then moved to dry to a chair where Ir. Iridium elegant sit where the chair having a lumbar exude the atmosphere is like the emperor's quite unexpected for three juvenile. While others have long overawed by this gas field.
5200? Three sons are indeed lavish. But one night --- a mere waste too sabotage the silver. Where the disdain of Iridium, said she would like to try the food here is so happy that she knew of three children happy. But the beauty is in contempt after she entered the aim at bringing her three children. Dare to bring her three children laugh. Well she would not have so reprove pity. . . . This forces the person to play her death she who is not non-Ir.
Johnson misjudge fly girl these words too, right? Johnson faces a resentful flying colors.
Any hint of a smile the hand Iridium bomb a bomb sleeves.
Please let fly that Johnson convinced the girl cook.
32000. Iridium openings immediately for all flies Johnson stunned surprise full house.
Iridium's see where Johnson swept behind her eyes flew three young loudly announced: To the lady will be ready to cook three miles of silver. Finished her lips in the crowd christian louboutinof the amazing micro-Yang in the victory out of the Baihua Lou.

One in charge of village backyard. Very important, the three teenagers sitting with tea.
Exquisite Beauty. Da Jing written on the faces of beauty, who plays the game revealed the expression of prey eyes desire. He put down his cup Road.
Ke a lengthy Nalan constant smile looks like you had another goal. However, it seems difficult to deal with that woman.
Ha. Da Jing plays uninhibited smile Da Jing times if I spotted a woman naturally will get.
I hope. Nalan Heng Ke drank tea. The girl is not easy people to be afraid of. He remembered all the faces of iridium, and her stunning as the king of cool arrogance market policy I think this woman would not lose you. In the gas field.
Jing tea drinking is Enliaoyisheng Fuzhuan policy if not more. Continue to face Bao Gong.
Let Da Jing times feel extremely disappointed that he turned to ignore the image of a White-eyed beauty of a woman so I said you were not interested.
Jing Fuzhuan policy to ignore him.
Da Jing angered some frustrating times.
The Nalan Hang Jing Ke Dao Shi noted expression Fuzhuan policy to see him look more serious than ever asked: What else?
The girl. Jing Fuzhuan policy response.
You also interested in her? But I look on her prey! Da Jing second curious question, but do not forget that all his eye on the prey of iridium.
Jing Fuzhuan policy despised see eye Da Jing times Road: I think she was very familiar. Where as if seen.
Policy you seen the woman we are seen. Beauty of beauty, but I will not forget. Da Jing plays sure that his beauty, who face on smiling.
Nalan Heng Jing Ke also rejected the idea Fuzhuan policy: I see her grace will not be ordinary woman. If we met this woman must have images.
Heng Ke said yes. Da Jing times laugh. But what exactly is a girl. So stunning. I have not seen such a beauty then beauty. Gas field Daoshi like her royal person. Royal is a woman so I can not.
What you find? Nalan Heng Ke smile.
Only know that the woman had just arrived in the city set. Do not buy the West Street School. Da Jing times that.
Street Do Hospitals? Jing Fuzhuan Policy curious.
Da Yan Jing times nodded. Yesterday brought her three children just accept the three beggars.
But she looks like cold, and arrogant do not want to be prepared to accept the child. Nalan Heng Ke Street Do Hospitals'm still smiling woman living there certainly will not be simple.
Do you think the purpose of her to this impure? Da Jing times asked.
Policy thought Fuzhuan Jing Heng Ke Nalan rejected speculation: According to your idea that this woman should not have bought the West do the streets of the city hospital to me, eyes focused on her. If it not a purpose to their feet from the mix?
Nalan Heng Ke also wonder how did you think? Could it be that cold, and arrogant woman that haunted house was worthy of her identity?
Jing Fuzhuan policy not know.
The Da Jing plays with a laugh also. Only that for centuries all around the haunted house not only worthy of a woman as stunning. I Da Jing a secondary set of that woman!
Nalan Heng Ke long period of drank a tea full of eyes smile.
Jing Jing Da Fuzhuan policy regardless of times do not take care of the Baron of.

Nalan successor Chuang Heng Ke best in the world so rich. Orders can a martial arts world orders. Strength has always been the danger of the court. Be the first male beauty captured the hearts of thousands of city girls only like Prostitutes.
Da Jing times. Zi Shan Fu Jiazi extremely wealthy country first. Order will be able to make the country an economic trap of being paralyzed. Twenty years ago, the legendary martial arts and the lakes are extinct flying smoke Court Gezhu his mother set fire Snow is a large handsome city uninhibited. Like the world is beautiful but no one could stay despite him up. The longest a woman is flying now Baihua Lou Huadan Johnson. Has 20 days to remain in his side.
Jing Yu Feng Iron Fuzhuan General policy 12-year-old father expedition has now been lost over seven years. Smart and decisive. Is heartless. Yun Luo Princess go for him but that hechristian louboutin boots refused to rule the half of the ruthless military power grip in his hand. And Nalan constant Ke Da Jing times and said the city set the first male beauty.
Hands down any information on Iridium eyes shining bright light. Although she does not love money, not love right, but in the future state of deep rain or come ask her to go back to Shan State, insisted that her purple when the Queen, then she must have the strength to dealing with them. After all, if the dream is true that she can not let their Youyi tragic ending. She must be free. . .
So now her goal is to today's three!
Nalan Hengkedajing Cijingfuce! The three components of important people.

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