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Please open the door someone was coming to the Open the door. Came home the doorbell rings.

I went to open the door. Huangfu Hin bored christian louboutin knockoffssitting on the sofa drinking wine. Mo Nan and rain had looked on. Strange atmosphere of the room. Doorbell's ringing broke the quiet rain stood up.

Yu how are you? Open the door of rain fell at once silly.

Ah I would like to see Huangfu Hin. Jin Ziyu voice is cold face look thinner too many. (Small crystal: Binger really the roots of troubles so many people are concerned for her.) Dew: Do you go to either side will not take you Binger. (Small crystal: Forget your unreasonable I flash ~)

Oh then you come in. Dew him come.

Huangfu Hin. Huangfu Hin has been Hemen Jiu never even notice it was coming. Jin Ziyu some provocative tone called Huangfu Hin name.

I heard someone calling his name is Jin Ziyu Huangfu Villa looked up and saw suddenly stood up after pulling the collar up over Jinzi Yu is punched. Jin Zaiyu not accept their fate, who was beaten. Immediately Huishou also a blow to the Huangfu Hin. This scuffle with two men on.

Crackling ~

Buzz ~

Bang ~ things off the ground and broke the sound.

Nan You are making them do not let them pull a call back. Frightened of the rain in the side Mo Nan hide behind that.

They do not block the war between the two ischristian louboutin boots inevitable typed up their hearts to pleasing to. Mo Nan lit a cigarette indifference to the side to see them fight that

Huangfu little time to Jinzi Yu Xuan's lying on the floor playing. Mouth with blood on his forehead there is a bruising but did not Huangfu Hin better than Jin Ziyu Where mouth is also a large bruising tired of sitting on the floor panting on the table picked up on Mengguan own.

Well, you do not drink like you drink it any good? Ruin themselves? Or Binger Wake up you can come back. Rain looked like it was Huangfu Xuan decadence is not watch the hands of the liquor seized the Huangfu Villa poured into the Huangfu Hin on the face.

Huangfu Hin is a very cool look at rain did not speak. The rain been Huangfu Hin scared feeling that sharp eyes have a very violent Huangfu Villa was inspired out of energy.

Huangfu Xuan I want you fair competition. Jin Ziyu staggering of sat up, said.

How a fair competition? Huangfu Xuan was curious.

We find Bingerbinger Whoever is who. Jin Ziyu said to the next.

Well s the deal. Huangfu Xuan very readily agreed, and stretched out his left hand. Jinzi Yu held out his right hand shot with two big clap for the oath.

Jinzi Yu Xuan Huangfu left like a deflated balloon Shan Shan who had turned the dust into the bedroom.

Hope is to find Binger Heen. Rain whispered.

Ah yes. Mo Nan suck of smoke and nodded his head.

There will get married to. Mo Nan paused continued.

Binger in the end is nothing left to take the timechristian louboutin sale Haohao De in Switzerland in the end what happened? Like rain, like a series of one hundred thousand Why say a lot of problems.

Binger said this only to find his wife and child. Hey really good wonder how Xuan emitting a wife and child? Mo Nan is a rhetorical question

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