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 private heel come be willing to they spoke, let them choose, end to be willing to choose three Cape Dou a private, while returning to palace it is getting dark, the mbt shoes clearanceRome emperor let them have a meal together, after having supper, then give they arrangement room, let they tomorrow walk early in the morning.Dead hour natural history house come be willing to call come to, let him call a Cape Dou private, be willing to go to so late want stem what, thief treasure, what, you not is play trick, now Cape Dou the private just was choose, also don't acquaint with, listen to not to listen to us still don't know, and we have no internal help, also don't know that thing to put where, guard of how strength is, so hard rush is very dangerous, don't lane not wear thing again take into oneself, lose more than gain, however natural history house very persistence, he say, have you never heard emperor his majesty elucidation day to let us walk, this is to descend order for leave, today if not activity of words, tomorrow too late, later want to come in all not easy o() ︿ ))o alas to be willing to sigh spirit, have to promise, however fact certificate come be willing to of foresee have no wrong, because of preparation rush, the natural history house walk wrong place, in addition a Cape Dou divulge a secret of private, is grasped, be willing to estimate to touch oneself of circumstance of real strenght now, with borrow oneself even again plus the Cape Dou private's real strenght still not enough, for this decision took two Cape Dou private to escape, however he swear certain come back to save his however, now be escape, returned to trip store to call public, public from the sleeping drive call get up, some not happy, but when come be willing to now of circumstance and natural history house drive grasp of the circumstance speak after, public all very panic, agree after negotiation end decision, Katharine's history fasten of student, drive all send back first till 27 centuries etc. mission completion after, then at contact, at bottom a station meeting with, connect also similar, number month little month good, other person all settle down good, come be willing to definitely settle down quiet view it change, although let Katharine return she end stay, because she said her to once learned disguise, should be able to parties top use, she left, who also don't know meeting occurrence what affair, they left trip store to turn to pack in dead hour, again go to a new of the place stop over and discuss together how carry on next move of plan.

    Brief of peace chapter 17 rescue a natural history house-plan and activity
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:12:03 origin chapter word number:962

  Easy permit Shu don't know is who invention, be willing to have never thoughted of him to will use to this trifle, felling still have a little meaning of.
  Plan how rescue, most valid of plan be find job for internal help, had better be a jail of, this matter speak of come easy do difficult, because of if ever the internal help can't also insure certain absolutely safe.Plan fail to catch variety so have to be careful, after all this is pass life of problem, even not is oneself consideration, also get is an others consideration, because this after all is a team battle, not show off for personal time of hero doctrine, although the hero doctrine be very key, now consideration of problem be plan.As far as possible detailed of plan.
  This establishment that plan has to have a premise be confirm is rescue of person of safety, from the Tai virtuous report come of the news see, the natural history house is in a period of time is safety of, because the emperor his majesty fought, this is an once in a lifetime of a fair show, opportunity knocks but once, hour never come again.
  How permeate into, now end of way, be go into business, do silk business, person in the Rome still keep liking a silk very much, and he ever give emperor a few silk, still quite good effect.
  If want to go into business, have to there is source first, certainly this has no a problem, want ~only and the people contact for 27 centuries up, the elucidation be severe relation and this is the small vegetables be 1 disc.Positive such as be like him prepare to think of so, people for 27 centuries promise as long as he seek good place they can be provided as goods, the silk for 27 centuries, seem also very good.
  Place, seek a place is a headache very much, end he come to a decision to spend money to cover up next already decrepit for a long time of house, use robot quick of establishment a warehouse.The place found out, goods also come, now, can get a license, so of affair, Tai's being virtuous have already completed satisfactorily and ask him how to do of, but he be not willing to say and don't say not to say, as long as have a result all right.
  Go into business a beginning, be willing to write an advertisement, stick in the front door, but his in the mind have no bottom, can someone to patronage, this kind of affair who also dare to guarantee.
  However Huang day not negative observant and conscientious person.Bearer, return not a few, the business be prosperous, the source of money be wide into, finally waited until magnate, too Mr. go fishing, wish take the bait.
  She is the madam of the emperor confidant big minister, think order a batch goods, handed over a style first, be willing to be very happy, with full intention happy of promised her, sent to walk that person, he immediately contact 27 centuries let they again send a batch best silk, then again parties the person come over, very quick of 27 century there parties come person.But they for come be willing to they be unfamiliar, they say connect them to occupy to want favour.However since come, so let them participate activity in, have another a person to have another a dint, clarify mission, you who to volunteer once, 1 call admire Si of the person mean him and would like to be internal help, the good personnel choose good, turn good pack, everything all preparation is ready, etc. tomorrow plan beginning practice.

    Brief of peace chapter 18 victory be big to flee from home
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:12:03 origin chapter word number:1400

  The victory is big to flee from home finally arrive deliver goods of that day of, come be willing to again let Katharine to he more fine of turned to pack, because of having to attain absolutely safe.Concrete of activity detail, only selecting comer to those then can leak, want to keep secret, so want strict restriction know of number, attend of person know probably of plan, but don't know plan of concrete detail, so even divulge a secret, also know nothing about to the whole rescue plan, have special big of injury, the of course not divulge a secret had better, restriction they of activity, as far as possible let them don't want to leave.Don't create unexpected complications.
  So, everything all arrangement good, was willing to have consideration repeatedly, feel to can not figure out to have what problem have no in consideration of of, walk one step calculate one step.
  Plan beginning, certainly is according to the previous engagemant to so deliver goods time first, deliver goods to come, so come be willing to a line, arrived at the house which certainly be also the emperor confidant big minister in the house of that dame.
  The goods sent to, the confidant big minister also saw those elegant silks in the home, feel very happy, and price ratio general sell a silk here to want cheapness many, price reasonablembt sale, goods again quite good, in fine is very happy.
  The confidant big minister decision hold the party hospitality these far way since then of businessman, feast period, be willing to say;I have an under charge to think at you here strive for an official position, he be old complain to do the income of businessman low, position also not Gao, and we has been close each ly all want top to hand over a lot of tax, but arrive destination, price again settle of lower, so there is no profit, felling have no development space, he always with I complain, and the work attitude be negative, I true endure not come down, however I again don't want to open him, you know nowadays society seek 1 such person be not easy, after all he is with we experience thousand mountain ten thousand insurance, don't know to meet how much bother, until here of.Today looking at you happy, I be presumptuously put forward coming to this improper demand, if you promise my request, I will free is providing for you a batch best silk, and assurance, if you promised, later as long as is the goods that you want, we be all free to provide.
  The confidant big minister consideration repeatedly, feel this can be regarded as a good business, hence promise, but give he what official position, he have a little risk danger.At this time, outside a bodyguard to report report he, say a jail long born a disease, always the belly be painful, the doctor also don't know to be the reason why, doctor say, he get take a rest, invite a sick leave toward you, the confidant big minister hear here, feel this is an a fair show, hence rightness to be willing to say, now our jail long the body be unwell, but jail is nation count for much place, jail long is an importance of post.So you let you recommend of that person go to temporary be once jail long, after, if probably of words, I would adjust of.The jail is long, admire Si to seem to be very not to want to go, but end have to go.
  Go toward the road of jail up, the prisoner's circumstance admired Si to inquire to once jail, the circumstance of jail, certainly also conveniently suggest a natural history house, pass the bodyguard's him to know a natural history house drive pass over there, and now still very safety, now have no time to have regard for his affair, however know ° from his tone, the natural history house be finally been placed in death penalty.
  Admire the Si took a post and watch a dozen with jail one, again the secret saw a natural history house and tell him activity of time and deployment, let him work well preparation, the affair which start to ask box son of the natural history house, he say this matter, be willing to do of, please trust.Then he the circumstance of jail with watch of the circumstance make collective report to come be willing to they.
  Hence come be willing to their company quantity once activity project, end decision adopt two kinds of strategy that the way do both things simultaneously, an usage the ZY for 27 centuries carry on blow up, this kind of ZY's having no explosion be to have no huge sound, but the destructive power be huge, another be dig the earth a way, plan medium wrong, original have hope success most of blow up but failure, but dug the earth a way success, although several times dug wrong room, however end still extrication natural history house, at they rescue of in the meantime, come be willing to also beginning next move of plan, end at his continuously claim bottom, box son give he, because of to be willing to make the confidant big minister confirm that time the thing of a not known, is not God of the boon grant, after affair finish do, two groups of personses' horse would with take top Cape Dou the private restarted new of cross.

    Brief peace 19 great physician
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:12:03 origin chapter word number:699

  Mankind where weak, the answer be a body, the body got sick, do everything all in vain, this be the justice, is the abyss of time constant of truth, life will go for a doctor, this similarly the truth.Put it the whole world but all quasi- truth.
  Rome emperor disease, disease not pure, come be willing to a group of people also someone got sick and this is strangely fits to be not strangely fits either, is a predestination.However to be willing to not know these, he always at for get sick of member of team but become sad, other member of team rightness sick member of team very enthusiasm, however, the way put forward is multifarious, but has no 1 have actual use of.The some suggestion use sorcery and have of suggestion put blood, this be the cause which there is no doctor in brigade, seeing to now can adjust to keep, activity can pause, now want to send back to also have no way, because the clock of time occurrence break down, is really a disaster not only line.However Rome emperor he control breath not bad, there is coming from a future doctor, however this doctor be the person of dog star alliance, see to them have already smelt breathing as well, seeing to 1 fight a war certanly will launch.
  This is only a beginning.
  Now come be willing to consideration not so many, now of urgent matter of the moment is cure, seek come many doctor all say and can not cure, there is a doctor saying this very similar to the disease of emperor his majesty, however the emperor his majesty got great physician of help, instauration body, if get great physician of help, should have no a problem, great physician where, the great physician be stayed in the imperial palace, emperor very trust he, let him do the manager of medical treatment, specialized be responsible for the body of emperor.So want to wish to see him to ascend heaven to return difficult, probably this be the destiny.
  Ever at school come be willing to of a friend once say a words to him, that is one day the meeting, let you feel very helpless time, however once exceeded this hole good.
  Life importance, mission also importance, but if put on the weighing scales, life of value is the most heavy, can't abandon, can't abandon, either of, this be the God's way.
  To be willing to start raise to strive for how to see that great physician, but he don't know the identity of that great physician, he also doesn't know that person to will bring them what.

    Brief of peace chapter 20, go to duke fortress
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:12:03 origin chapter word number:961

  Ability when see great physician, this week come, be willing to not know, also not clear, however now have a good matter, because of, his that member of team stand come over, instauration spirit.
  Everything is all see the development is toward the good direction.
  Calm down, suddenly was willing to thought of a problem, that be the identity problem of great physician, why a great physician of not clear identity will arrive at here in this time, is strangely fits, be still other of what.
  Rightness, he suddenly thoughted of a dog star, that alliance that is hostile, he once had a classmate, is his good friend, he be dog star of person, he be a first, but he be 2.
  Say true of, be willing to pour is a hope to see there very much of personal of, think heel he again have a competition.After all he is unwilling, probably this is to persist.
  Loiter about on the street of come be willing to, suddenly detection a group of person, the person of this person and Rome empire complete different, heel come be willing to they way very close, wear black dress, this stranger is who, they this stem what, have what purpose.
  Come be willing to decision go to follow, see what is up occurrence follow those people arrived at a store neighborhood, see that black dress person go in, different meeting again came out, take a box in hand, a black iron of box, come be willing to original want to take over this box, but see that amount of number a lot of, so gave up first, after those people walk, he arrived at in the store, a blood type flavor right against the face rush toward, saw someone dead, he also doesn't remember now have already seen excessive and little dead person, however this time is very special.
  If the box be that box, everything all night, he returned to live of place, told natural history house and the member of team, the natural history house be first shocked, then again is to blame, end on the contrary comprehension he at this time come be willing to discover the Tai be virtuous to be missing, inquire natural history house, the natural history house say, that Tai be virtuous, seem to say, his wanting to do some shopping be a trophy, have already gone out for an hour, but now haven't come back.
  To be willing to be very anxious, his being original don't want to bring about extra complications, but now occurrence this kind of affair, is also helpless, soon, the Tai was virtuous back, panic nervous piece of, he told them a black dress person to take the person of box and a doctor dress up to leave an imperial palace, he to the person who accompany them inquire, know them to to go to duke of fortress.
  Now is this kind of circumstance, how processing, .
  Although with 27 centuries' contact not up, still need to do some affair of decision hand, go to together duke of fortress.
  The end come to a decision so of several individual, sorcery teacher orchid much the person from sorcery star, the blood-sucking vampire Si come from blood-sucking vampire star especially, the deathless Huang clan of deathless star clear, the Tai be virtuous,mbt shoes come be willing to, natural history house, the machinist wild tiger, there is also two Cape Dou private, a sniper.Go to the fortress of duke together

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