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"Number in Alaska, quick move out of the way, youmbt shoes sale held up our flight paths!"
  "Not line, engine jet be shoot and we lost control."
  ", 8-1 destroyer squad the type collapse.(8-1, eight fleet a deportation cent fleet)"
  The loss very big Yao, however look like empire of loss larger Yao, so quick thermodynamic power beginning have a little dumb, the thunder wish.
  "The enemy fleet Gao energy reflection!"Along with love of a burst of and surprised shout, a shining energy flow from the battleship bottom roar and shout but lead, the strong energy tail flow the Ji pull Si number and surroundings of the battleship pull and drag of almost bump at together.Very fierce, this be people's unique viewpoint of battleship.
  "Fix a rice especially, keep shot, sink."The cruiser which wound to retreat fix a rice number especially unfortunate is been direct to shoot, the whole battleship as if drive hammer son Shu wear failed once, the high warship body became an ugly flat circle a bucket a form at this time, is flow by the energy to cut across from warship tail to warship head, the intensely hot steel flow often to fly from the hole, warship head top and bottom 2 two allied pack 400 millimeters of light beam cannon direct drive vaporization, warship head, 6 of warship tail and warship side two allied pack 300 millimeters of light beam cannon drive also strong of pound at the dint collapse to fly.Nobody can luckily survive, fix a rice especially direct is become a fire coffin.
  "Damned, what monster is that ?Damned, damned!"Fix a rice especially of sister warship, lift a rice number especially of hero's warship be long roars and fix a rice number especially of boon warship long is exactly his elder brother, just because of oneself battleship's be subjected to serious wound have to retreat of boon still use play trick of tone request hero connect of his battleship together effort drop, just for an instant, brothers two people can't meet any further.
  "Person, who permit a gram, take you,'s see is what things to have so astonishing energy."Lieutenant general order way.
  "OK."Permit captain in gram a reply a way, " one squad, two squad preparation take-off, see what is the row."
  " Three squad, Li3 An, the claim attack."Already by the claim way of Anne whom the Nai don't live.
  "Claim nonsuit, second lieutenant.This isn't the child to play house."Permit a gram of major answer criticism Anne.
  " Three squad, Li3 An's second lieutenant, the claim attack and the warship be long!"Anne more class claim way.
  Lieutenant general headache of looking at this soldier department big guyses a request him good living protection of young master, "claim nonsuit, second lieutenant.Your mission is a protection battleship with render assistance a, two squads come back."
  "Brother-in-law why ability go to?Why not pair of I with brother-in-law plait in 1 brigade?"Anne continue effort.
  "The thunder is 1 pair to anticipate trump card."Love to proud ofly coax a younger brother through an ear wheat, " his fierce of, need not worry.Arrive is you, having no experience to follow thunder will implicate him.There is battleship artillery in the battleship surroundings support, more safety.Lovely, don't trouble the elder sister and the brother-in-law."
  "Thunder little devil, prepare OK, on the hoof come back!"The reorganization technique of bushy beard long the Mu strange first lieutenant clap 13-7 serial numbers(thunder elite 13 fleet of battleplane serial number, in the fleet unless fall in action, not serial number is constant, this symbol the airplane pilot's honor) on the fuselage to looking at an underneath symbol to shot down enemy's machine of 11 red fork and shot down machine AN of six red turn, reiteration this oneself most like of little devil.
  "Thunder, the road be pure empty, can set out.Want the safety come back."
  "Boon."The thunder looking at to fix a rice especially of wreckage, flash across in heart one prepare of silk not known feeling.
  "Thunder.Exceed a gram of Si Wei Er(Xiao, tower gram), hell fire.Set out."Bomb a Ming voice in, two squad three battleplane is close behind one squad was play to shoot to go out.
  " Two squad, heel tight I.Don't quilt battleship artillery Luo in dozen!"Thunder lightly a dozen operation pole, silvery hell the fire(Be the trump card have a right choice oneself of special Tu2 Zhuang, common hell fire is blue, white Tu2 Zhuang) agilely once rowed a way stray bullet and followed close behind top a squad permit a gram of major of white battleplane.
  "Permit a gram, which do we cut through battlefield from?That thing the department be partial to bottom after the other party fleet of position."
  "From the underneath of the battlefield past.That thing musted ruin, multiply by the empire brigade of now row to be disrupt and we had a past blunt opportunity."
  "OK.We follow you.The waiters, Ran machine after openning your , don't think into target of blunt hurry."On push thunder the Ran machine push a pole, huge inertial thunder dead dead of push at driver up, hell fire's being two jet to be fierce explosion be shining of blue flames, the battleplane of permit the gram of the once follow behind of the Shua rushed at empire of warship.Rest four machines also follow behind their leader planes blunt go out.
  Artillery duel already get into white-knuckle, each battleship don't keep to together shoot any further, effort of pair of oneself of the cannon fire Qing Xie is to the other party.
  "Captain, quick see, very beautiful!"Long a Xiao of baby face signal hint oneself of the leader plane see upward.
  "Boon, too the United States, the captain be quick to clap down, give love an elder sister to see her certain very like of."The words of Xiao caused together brigade tower the total Ming of the gram.The thunder smile a rise to pass a machine window upward see go to, be placed in battlefield central under of they, the cosmos of top of head is present an one beauty of prospects, the light beam of both sides connect together, continues, battleship often of explosion the Yan fire for become is to is light for this of the ocean added a few bright.Be full of the ruthlessness battlefield of iron and blood after changing an angle, unexpectedly such of beauty, thunder exclamation took out to love to send oneself of pink cellular phone, this wench, don't  want a cellular phone with each other change give oneself so female childishness of color, thought of that to hang every day mbt shoes clearancesweet smile, always sticky oneself of lovely wench, be full of to love in the thunder heart, the cellular phone in hand shine on toward the cosmos of head go to, see these photographs, bond maid would certain joy bad of.

    A spool of meteor gleam in the Dian chapter 2 Azrael of star sky muttering
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:56:23 origin chapter word number:3672

  Appreciate that beginning machine take the thunder face of photograph up of the smiling face suddenly disappear to turn but take it of is shocked, "enemy's soldier prognosticate boat, 11:00 the position 70 degrees angle of elevation(the battleplane organize into teams medium simple of report enemy method, can have no time to check to sit mark while fight), also have, there are also a lot of machine A."
  " The Ji pull Si, the Ji pull Si, here is 13-7, detection large quantity machine A just to you close, repeated, detection large quantity machine A just to you close!Our detection of"the thunder roar a way toward the ear wheat, " the boat of prognosticate of enemy, the shot ruin right away."Thunder one Yang machine head, let out a beehive type guided missile(beehive type guided missile, take to have a great deal of the guided missile that the son explode to play, under the circumstance that radar and hot feeling system lead can't usage, federal development of to the district type of casual wear A target overlay attack guided missile), bomb, the enemy prognosticate boat to flurriedly do in the explosion of cluster bomb mobile."Novice."The thunder lightly button up to move a trigger, the ion light beam be accurate of emergence at stupid of the mobile route of small boat up, good the small boat bumped up general, flow in the cosmos of sea of drip the light again bloomed a spark.
  "Beautiful!"Permit a gram to praise a way, in so manily of the explosion the flashlight quick identify combine use a give out light bunch accurate attack enemy's machine of action permit a gram from recognize to could not make, perhaps the whole federal all have no a few airplane pilot to can do, but at present this little devil but be like his own instinct reaction similar, perhaps machine A more in keeping with he, more ability let him become super trump card.Realize machine A strong canned not help peep out with permit of thunder potential gram smiling face.
  " The Ji pull Si and receive."Love intelligence report report to lieutenant general after, a full face of give repeated advice to of tender feelings lover way, " thunder caution point!"
  "Gao Neng2 reaction, the enemy fired off again!"The data being hold top by the manifestation get a fright of love not from surprised shout a way.
  The Zhi bright ray of light once rowed from the overhead, the Yi spread of the energy just ruined to prognosticate boat battleplane to take out the shot a burst of and vacillating."Big wasp number, left fly deck a serious wound."Love and brought a not good news.Big wasp number, elite 27 fleet three one of the giant sail mothers, unexpectedly let the other party serious wound, don'ted know loss how much battleplane.
  "Thunder, I saw there cannon, is really big.The surroundings has a machine AN of squad and a battleship protection and our squad drag along them and your squad seize an opportunity to polish off it and the battleship warship bridge be dark, also didn't gather an ability reaction, should do energy supply to the cannon."Permit the voice that a gram of town settle to spread from the ear wheat.
  "Tower gram, Xiao, we make that cannon."
  "Elder brother of one's father Er!" A squad incredibly 1 face to face personally loss an airplane pilot.The battleplane of elder brother of one's father Er first lieutenant is been a by the opponent silvery Tu2 Zhuang Yi of the shoulder the machine A shot of the ferocious wolf head ruin.
  "Damned, is a trump card, permit a gram you caution point."
  "I am falsely do.Thunder, have blunt two machine A you come, you beware of a point by yourself."
  "They are equal to their trump cards to have confidence Yao.You were see flat, big uncle.Machine AN of the left side of"the thunder side adjust to smile oneself of superior, side quasi- heart dead dead set live the left side of one set machine A, " I be responsible for and you hurry the set of make the right side.""Okay."The Liao machines rightwards machine AN of the side face.Past the skill heavy, however played beehive increment 2, innumerable cluster bomb in, two Tao Kuang bunch flash across, machine A reaction quick of on sink, but the left shoulder joint still kept losing a function in four shoot of the armor fragment and the electricity the spark."Slice."Thunder light hum 1, fierce a push operation pole of in the meantime again shoot 2 and a beehive, the battleplane fiercely and rightwards shunt the front line that machine A shoot, but light beam agreeable catch fire line to shoot toward the other party go to, the rear of light beam be partial to hide that beehive in the right shadow.
  Instinct of, machine A pilot choice with the opponent similarly evade confrontation with direction, lectures and practice all certificate:Machine AN is in the close war to top battleplane, that be part pour of massacre.Move out of the way the empress of the light beam to reflect into the pilot eyes of but is a beehive that closely of the son explode to play.Fall into trap, continuous of pounded at dint to make machine A to lose balance.
  The thunder which move out of the way the other party to shoot to stand together a horse decelerate see machine A to oneself that square Shan empress right against the face bump that to lose empress the beehive balance of shape mouth top peep out a put on taunt of smile, light button up a trigger, light beam cannon project successively two Tao Kuang bunch accurately ined the clout just instauration balance of machine A driver camalig.
  In the new Britain of experience tell thunder, deal with machine A most valid of method be attack cockpit, and must be two hair above of attack, conduct and actions most importance the decorous armor of cockpit of the part can often federal battleplane of 100 millimeters of light beam cannon ability a shot broke through of.The armor of other part may drive oneself battleplane a shot break, but machine AN of stubborn of existence the ability destine not attack its armor decorous body, will can't make these terror of war machine lockout.
  Machine AN again being subjected to pound at is backward vacillating to go out and is penetrate of driver camalig already can't the posture of the readjustment.Can add a red turn again, the thunder battleplane was a behind vacillating, quick to oneself of the Liao machine drive.
  Xiao and the battleplane of tower gram at with opponent front side cross swords is force by the front line of opponent to open, the opponent follow close behind in the Xiao of behind, unfortunate of the Xiao is in try the acceleration jilt open the opponent the hour the quilt unexpectedly the opponent a burst ofly strafe the dozen an engine, the Xiao of the motive big Sun force keep with opponent of distance, effort mobile return avoid that terror of 100 millimeters of light beam.
  "Xiao, I bit at him, again persistence a short while I ability shot down him."Tower gram seized an opportunity to arrive at opponent machine AN of after death, and start connect close quarter, although have no captain so severe of shoot ability, closer words ability assurance dozen of medium, return must call the Xiao pay to have a meal, tower gram part effort bite at the other party, part calculate how to thoroughly kill Xiao a pair of.Suddenly, the other party machine A be a behind empty turn over decelerate.(airplane usage empress empty turn over, huge G dint is restriction afterward empty turn over range of main reason, machine AN empress empty turn over can pass oneself machine a body of adjust, make pilot become even lie a form to face G dint, so make original bottom flow out to flow out a front and back department toward the blood of feet department, let human body ability bear larger G dint)"What?"The rise see there of the shining gun muzzle keep oneself, one blank in the tower gram brain, connect ear wheat in, the thunder let he quick side to vacillating of designation heard.Few Tao Kuang bunch the battleplane, moment which cut through a tower gram, the Xun exploded guided missile to become a tower gram with his battleplane a fireball.
  "Damned, you unexpectedly killed a tower gram."The Xiao cut up rough of adjust and turn machine A that the battleplane rush at opponent.
  "Dispassion, Xiao, quick escape from fight, your battleplane wounded, quick return to fix."The thunder is almost cold freeze of voice spread from the ear wheat, sprinkled to put out the fury of Xiao, in the meantime come of still have three puffed rice constitute attack(regulate light beam of shoot beginning speed combine tiny be partial to flight path, make certain number of attack overlay attack in the meantime a point Gao technique shoot) to fly toward machine A.
  The attack made use of thunder get away from the Xiao of opponent red fix attention on to take to cry a sound to roar a way"BE, captain, I am right back after make allies."Fierce of push an acceleration pole throughout, the left engine Shan wear electricity spark of battleplane from right jet pull up a solitary of blue Yan, facing the Ji pull the direction of Si number to drive.
  "Omnipotent absolute being, please give my strength, give me the intelligence, show my eyes pure everything, let the my ear hear everything, let my body felling everything.The omnipresent absolute being of"along with the mumbling and low language of thunder, silvery battleplane calmly of cut through from the front line of opponent machine A, ", please your witness, I use the enemy's corpse and defend my honor."Very near, machine A drew out brawl sword, this kind of can in the near body the war massacre battleplane of weapon at the moment but have no give pilot any of safety feeling, his opponent unexpectedly is that to sing praise phrase to shot down 11 battleplane in newly the Britainmbt shoes battle and six set machine A, is from newly the Britain battle been called the federal trump card of "Azrael of muttering" by people of break out of.That just sang a make of the public cold phrase sentence through a public channel, let he clear of the feeling arrive among them nipping kill an idea,

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