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 "It fly aller than any birds to want low, but run aller thanmbt shoes any birds to want quick."The nation virtuous spittle four splash ground to say, " I almost would grasp it, result still drive it to fly to a tree up."
  "That why don't you climb to a tree up to grasp it?"A warship member ask.
  "If wait me to climb to a tree up, did it fly down how to do again?"The nation is virtuous to say, then cause 1 to coax to smile.
  "That you again climb-down come."That person also say with smile.
  "Rightness Wei gram, " nation is virtuous to turn a head to come over, "I dare to make a bet fore noodles 5 kilometer affirmation have a big iron mine, our metalses locator ring ratio when and all loudly."
  The "5 kilometers are too far, " Wei gram has been already finished eat, take out a cigar way at this time, "at so of the forest inside cross 5 kilometers is piece very dangerous of affair.Tomorrow we multiply by an investigation warship to the forest top turn 1 turn, see to have hilltop, the place which have iron mine is will not have very exuberant of forest of."
  "H'm."The nation is virtuous to nod to express consent.After at dragon Yu number top and Wei gram dozen 1, he almost hate deeply a Wei gram, but after the Wei gram take everyone to cross solar wind then leave a warship to land E star, he hate Wei gram a while change for admire.Is this, he return be the noodles of the Wei gram give Lin2 Nuo2 apology.
  The "still have, " Wei gram complement say that"later regardless see what animal, don't pursue and arrest, here we had better caution point."
  After once having a meal, someone suggest to to river take a shower, but the Wei gram was resolute arrestment.Although river water there is no problem, who also don't know Shui-li to have other what living creature, be like that Archaeopteryx similar burst out.
  However since water of the brook can drink, stanza water also not demand.Evening everyone washed Zao well, then went to bed.
  The Wei gram lie on the bed, beginning think feeling extension to go out, catch that consciousness.He is light easy catch, time that pass through make a day of it, that consciousness now appeared 1:00 doubt of viewpoint, may is hide in the dark place of it detection this batch foreign since didn't think a way to hunt to catch them, also have no big four break their lawns and forest, they just from underground drilled some very black thing, then return to encampment.
  "Wei gram, I tomorrow go together with you?"Lin2 Nuo2 Yi Wei's bosom in the Wei gram say.
  "Not line.I am total to feel this place an everywhere to be all trap, you be still foolish in the encampment more safety."The Wei gram say.
  "If true in danger, do you feel encampment and can escape by luck?Besides, I be foolish to always worry you in the encampment and return not equal to go together with you."Lin2 Nuo2 Shuo, then complement way, " you don't forget, I was a ground battle troops of, I can protection oneself."
  "But you follow go, I affirmation will divide attention care you, you be still foolish in the encampment."The Wei gram say.
  "Myself ability care oneself."The deathless heart of Lin2 Nuo2 Hai2 , " again day of elucidation not is multiply by investigation warship to go?The ability include what dangerous?You let me go to, ?"
  Be compelled have no way of the Wei gram also had to nod, if those height foots have the living creature of 34 meters to want attack their words, this encampment affirmation can't resist.
  The sunlight again appear.The Wei gram was fight by the voice of converse machine awake, is grant favor of voice.
  "Wei gram!See an outside!Quick see an outside!"Grant favor to loudly call Rang, this guy past is a big trumpet, afterwards top fleet, seem become personal similar.Wei gram always 100 think can not its solution.
  The Wei gram think what matter, explore beginning go toward porthole outside on hope, almost surprised exhale a voice.
  On the lawn which consider as an outsider noodles, the one be fresh and gorgeous and become 100 top thousand Archaeopteryxes dash about to jump up on the lawn and in a short while lower the head to look for in the grass cluster what, in a short while flap wings to rise again but.But in the grass cluster, various insect also just at active, the huge dragonfly be like aircraft similar hang to stop in the sky, some beetle of fist size also launch wing to fly around.The wing of various color mix together, be like to embellish blossom in green lawn, the original silent and breathed lawn be unprecedented noisy between a night.
  This is it should of appearance, the Wei gram in the mind think.But, very obvious, that the host of the consciousness haven't appear and it still keep conceal.
  Suddenly, several personal the visual field that the shadow intruded into a Wei gram.BE the nation be virtuous to take the United States an English federal of that person blunt go out, rush toward toward the Archaeopteryxes of lawn go to, seeing to yesterday has never caught an Archaeopteryx to make him very unwilling, now so many Archaeopteryx send to come, he affirmation will not pass.
  The Wei gram want to stop already too late, the nation be virtuous already blunt enter Archaeopteryxes inside.The Archaeopteryx which rush to jump up let the nation virtuous whole body sweat, still keep connecting bird hair and doing not grasp 1.At this time unexpected circumstance occurrence.
  The nation is virtuous surroundings of the Archaeopteryx be suddenly many to get up, then almost in same times, they to nation virtuous started to take the offensive.Don't see those be some birds of crow size, but several 10 up to 100 Archaeopteryxes take the offensive together, the type still keep frightenning a person very much.The caught unprepared nation is virtuous to return at become speechless, on the face already drive the tooth Zhuo of the Archaeopteryx quite a few wound, reaction come over of the nation be virtuous to turn head dynasty the encampment run.His those attendants see a nation virtuous drive attack, hurriedly also follow to run.2 leave encampment a recent person blunt come in, then right away again appear, carry tommy gun in hand.
  "Grant favor!Arrestment they!Can't open fire!"The Wei gram toward a converse machine to yell.
  But his words sound fell, urgent of the gun voice have been already ring out, the nation be after death virtuous of the Archaeopteryx immediately fall on the ground in succession and plant to can not get up from lying position any further into the inside of the grass cluster.

    A spool of interstellar investigate chapter 045 crisis Tu now(up)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:21:20 origin chapter word number:2191

  Fight very quick be over.
  Two United States English the soldier of the federal cover a nation virtuous escape to return to warship cabin, at this time the nation virtuous face already were get by the Zhuo everything is completely changed.But lucky of BE, all of those aren't the fatal injury and the mouth of Archaeopteryx obviously also have no poison.Though is so, the nation be virtuous or pain get the dying live, the doctor of fleet hurriedly relieve pain for him, and processing wound.
  Through this mishap, nation's being virtuous obviously can't went out an investigation again.The Wei gram let him stay in the encampment, take oneself of that squad went out.The investigation warship of the Wei gram take-off after, the northwest of encampment appeared indentation, careful Wei gram leave to let in front and back of two investigation warship adjust once position, pair of the indentation is good.
  The investigation warship slowly rose the sky of forest and fly toward north.The investigation warship fly very low, but still can't see the circumstance in the forest.The front is the one forest of the Yu Yu spring onion spring onion, almost limitless and boundless.
  About flew 7 kilometers or so, the Wei gram take notice of underneath have more sparse one forest, hence let investigation warship again lower height, then detection indeed as expected not he anticipate, there is a hilltop.There isn't any big tree on the hilltop, is all some bush to overlay summit of hill.That iron mine that the nation is virtuous to say should here, be but so small of a hilltop, how many iron mines does the ability have?
  The summit of hill tree is rarely seen, but can't also let investigation warship land, the Wei gram let investigation warship to possibly lower height, then take 40 people along soft steps bottom arrived summit of hill.Lin2 Nuo2 is original to say good want to stay a warship at the investigationmbt shoes clearance up, but wait until a Wei gram to go all of a sudden, she also secretly followed down.
  Probe into once the instrument open and immediately and madly rang to get up.The Wei gram issue order to use to drill machine on drill, immediately analysis composition come.In addition to the content very high iron outside, there are also a great deal of copper, tin, Wu and other chemical element.The squad is divided into 4 sets, each 10 people along the direction of dissimilarity to below the hills walk.
  Because the slope be very small, this is only several ten meters high of the hilltop unexpectedly is 1 kilometer wide, often spread report voice in converse machine, the scope of this mineral mountain at continuously extension.Go to foot of a hill, there is mineral in a locator still a manifestation front, the Wei gram take a cent brigade again go forward 300 meter, the mineral mountain is to be not in the end.Was already a thick forest here, see to those underneath of the withered leafs originally and all be a mineral stone, afterwards the mud and withered leaf slowly covered up them, then top become forest.
  A time get into Lin2 Nuo2 of forest happy have to run about aimlessly everywhere, ask for the Wei gram continuously reprimand angrily to her.
  "Wei gram!Wei gram!"Proper Wei gram awake set drill the time of machine, shout of Lin2 Nuo2 voice formerly the noodles spread.
  The Wei gram immediately spring up and rushed past.Lin2 Nuo2 is squat down under the root of a big tree.
  "See what?Call you don't be run about aimlessly ……"the Wei gram come to a stop and impatiently ask.
  "Quick come over to see, hurry!"Lin2 Nuo2 Bei toward him and the head also don't lift ground to shout.
  The Wei gram walk through go to, go toward Lin2 Nuo2 of before the body on see, nerve immediately height the strain get up.The ground of Lin2 Nuo2 's in front top is lie a small animal, the Wei gram know while see this to be the living creature which have no on the earth.That be a young body, bigger than a lately- be born piglet not how much, the head be very small, belly very big, neck and tail very long, type of figure have a little seem a kangaroo, but absolute isn't a kangaroo.If the Wei the brain inside of the gram burst upon the colonel of Wei Er, right, that must is a head of dinosaur of young Zi!
  This small dinosaur why will appear of no account here, but have small dinosaur of place certain will have big dinosaur, perhaps this neighborhood root be a dinosaur nest!
  The voice of "Lin2 Nuo2 , " Wei gram suddenly become very low, but take have never had of fear, "come over, hurry, come over!"
  "Why?"Lin2 Nuo2 didn't understand ground to turn head to see one eye Wei gram, then turn head around again, looking at at present of small animal."It is very lovely, however, it how can is a person here?"
  "Hiss!"The voice of the Wei gram Gao 1:00, also Be getting more urgent, " doesn't will touch it, hurry come over!Lin2 Nuo2 !"He dare not loudly Rang Rang, so and more dangerous.
  At this time, Wei gram the converse machine of the inside of the hand also ring, original not and very big of voice frighten a Wei gram have to almost spring up.
  "Captain, quick come over to see!Our detection is some oddness of egg, there is rugby so big."A cent the brigade captain Pu Man that say in the converse machine.
  "Listen to!"The Wei gram start to grasp a converse machine, " never touch those eggs, hurriedly withdraw investigation warship!Immediately!All of the owner retreat!"
  "Understand!"The Pu Man loudly answer a way.
  "Make no noise!"The Wei gram towarded a converse machine complement 1.
  Lin2 Nuo2 still squat down to stir that small dinosaur on the ground at this time, the small dinosaur rightness be at present of this living creature seem not frightened, open mouth to bite Lin2 Nuo2 's finger, but it be too small, how also too tough to bite Lin2 Nuo2 slender finger.
  "Lin2 Nuo2 !"The voice of Wei gram was full of wrath, but still kept as far as possible depressing, " don't touch it!Quick come over!We are withdraw!"
  Lin2 Nuo2 felling arrive Wei gram of not quick, plan start, but again true loathe to give up that small animal, just right oneself carry on the back to toward a Wei gram, hence pretend start to bend from the waist station, without extra trouble fill that small animal into pocket.
  "How?"Lin2 Nuo2 intentionally make to give vent to anger of appearance.
  "We leave here right away!"Wei gram two words don't say that starting to grasp a Lin2 Nuo2 's hand go toward hilltop top to run.
  Wei gram now almost can break settle, they are to rush dinosaur of the inside of the nest come, unusually lucky didn't°yet be disheveled hair now.But Wei gram always felling after death of the inside of the forest, innumerable of the dinosaur be make track for, so he be almost feet not wear ground the ground rush.Although Lin2 Nuo2 don't know what is the row, see Wei gram the appearance of strain, also dare not again ask, distribute feet to run than the Wei gram return quick.
  Run hilltop, the others all have already returned, is wait for him.The Wei gram has no etc. the soft steps of Lin2 Nuo2 Tui she climb up, follow top soft steps.
  "Hurry up ascension!Leave here!Return to encampment!The notice encampment make good fight preparation!"The Wei gram almost rolled into the hatch, haven't sit, a connected bottom to reach several order.
  In addition to himself, seemed to no one to know occurrence what, but see Wei gram like facing mortal enemy appearance, also follow strain.The investigation warship was very quick to rise 200 meters Gao Kong, then turn around dynasty the encampment fly.The Wei gram ambiguously hear, underneath of the forest spread a long long of roar.

    A spool of interstellar investigate chapter 046 crisis Tu now(bottom)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:21:20 origin chapter word number:1881

  7 kilometer road was no longer than a minute.At this time encampment already make good fight preparation, all personnel carry rifles with loaded bullets and wait for a return of Wei gram.Live indentation of two investigation warship drew apart position and the investigation warship of Wei gram steadily declined to drop down.
  "The fire of investigation warship control system to open!The owner make good fight preparation!The airplane pilot return to oneself of position, at any time preparation take-off!"Wei gram part quick step alignment porthole, part toward converse machine loudly shout a way."Investigation warship two side of the porthole open 5 Li rices, need to stretch out gun muzzle, seamy side of caution oneself person!"
  "Hey!Wei gram, be my making reference to bottom what is the row?"Face top stick full the nation of medicated plaster be virtuous to carry tommy gun to ask a way.
  The "everyone listen to good, " Wei gram also doesn't want to conceal heart again at this time in of worry, "we might run into dinosaur, isn't a head of, is one whole star!More mess of BE, these dinosaur possibility the ratio is on the earth of cleverness, they have intention to know, have thought, have plan and have military tactics!We there is no place to be back, we have to fight, all ability move of the person all stand to me!As long as they dare to start revolt, ruthlessly beat it!Understand?"
  "Understand!"The inside of the converse machine of voice seem to be since fear again stimulated.
  "Very good!"The Wei gram has much of great commander poise the ground to give order, " grant favor and you take 400 people to guard a south;Kai Rui, you take 400 people to guard east noodles;The nation is virtuous and you take 400 people to guard a northern side;I take 400 guard west noodles, leave of mobile."
  Very quick, thing south north four direction of in outward porthole all stretched out closely of gun muzzle, the porthole of seamy side also someone guarded.
  But one in the forest be silent, with wasn't where is the difference in times before.Just original noisy of lawn because of several ten Archaeopteryx be kill, those insect and birds all escaped, until now didn't°yet shadow.The whole world become again and just landed of time look exactly alike, but Wei gram in the mind of misgiving gradual obvious.Originally he be just felling those are in forest existence some intelligence living creature, now he almost can affirmation there noodles incubate of is a countless dinosaur!The Jurassic Period period ruler, rule the Earth to reach to a history for time for 200,000,000 year up the biggest reptile, now is met with by them.
  The BV the sun rose top of head, is already a lunch time, but the whole fleet quietnessly, the owner all is wait for large quantity dinosaur of emergence.Lin2 Nuo2 Jie4's go to a toilet, secretly hid that small dinosaur to rest cabin an inside, she seek to a locket son, put small dinosaur to go in, then from the restaurant lane some rice and meat, put in the box, then hurriedly go out.
  Time at passage at 1.1:00, all nerve stretch tight tightly, after all, that be 1 kind 1.500,000,000 year agos just have of, legendary abnormality fierce cruel living creature.
  Wei gram think feeling extension to open to, want to catch that consciousness, but at this time he suddenly coulded not catch, that consciousness seem suddenly disappear similar.
  The BV the sun stopped over in the top of head for an hour, then start face west a side but go to, gradually, the shadow of west forest covered with encampment and the day was dark down.
  Etc. six hour, but even some action all have no, this let Wei gram 100 think can not it solution.Although he believe an affair impossible such be over, arrive this time, should also let hungry everyone for a day ate some thing.
  Porthole all close got up, fleet relief alert, the atmosphere also follow easy.
  Dinner very quick have done, elaboration of Wei gram detection the inside of the vegetables many a little meat, obviously with past eat of meat all dissimilarity.See the vegetables of others again, the none exception all have.However those are hungry panic of person's seem to be all have no attention, the one mouthful ate bottom that very small meat.
  "What meat is this ?"The Wei gram ask a cook through a converse machine.
  "That but your affirmation have never eaten mbt shoes saleof good thing!"The cook doesn't have no to satisfiedly say.
  "Is my asking you what meat?"The Wei gram loudly drink to ask and he have a kind to not and so prepare feeling.
  "……The meat of the Archaeopteryx."The cook was frighten by the tone of the Wei gram to pour and meticulously answ

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