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"Good brothers!More than a month be missing, how youmbt shoes sale did one person come?Do big cow and white slice a chicken that two silly B, his a pair person?Difficult way do they unexpectedly dare not to come!"Sun Bao3 very excitement, he now think and most iron of the elder brothers drink, eat meat, brag B."See you say so exaggeration, which have a month time?Most also 28 day!True is a soldier duty busy, walk not to take off.If early and early know you to get married, I the old pig be just lazy the tube his Niang of what bird soldier duty, assurance check in on time every day!"Pig head say of is the truth, Sun Bao3 get married, he is in the N year ago think good how make him of nuptial chamber;"You***, unexpectedly at get married of ex- one genius notice Lao Tze, this nuptial chamber want to once do it again!"
  "Your etc. next time, ha ha ha......"
  "!?The person of the bird return to have next time!Ha ha ha ha ha ha......"
  "...?How you be a person, and that a pair demon?"
  "How, the gift flower that is just did you see?That but the masterpiece of big cow, he meet spring with thin flame of sexual desire, is tying up Mian in the behind, the old pig my in the mind was nasty to see eldest brother in advance run to come in!How?You don't welcome my this winds and clouds to fasten of the armed forces commander in chief!"The pig head rise sharply Sun Bao3 to have a little acerbity very much;"You now can Ye, many long time all didn't arrive I that has been to once, too not enough meaning!-"
  Have no rules, have younger brother to so talk with eldest brother?I this his Niang be an abrupt affairs, I hope you every day, happy all too late.Quick, seat of honor!
  "Seat of honor fart?Old pig my ancestor to you can 1:00 be all uninterested, quick take me to see beautiful young sister-in-law's madam!I now will make nuptial chamber and the old pig want to see Xing cloud empire one beauty."Pig head the rascal action which did 1 to touch fart fart;"Hey Hey, the woman of eldest brother don't wipe some oil how line,The Hey Hey Hey Hey......"
  "What this, this, this of?How, shameful?My audibility say bride's extremely beautiful, beautiful and matchless, Xing cloud empire of one beauty, your boy can't hide private?I the old pig isn't so paste lane!"
  "!!!"The pig head pretended angry.
  "How can?However......Hey Hey, pig head, you be tired?"Sun Bao3 be just think, I from get married to now already three day, once saw the bride's person while also doing obeisance world, connect cover head all have no Jie, I still worried exactly and what is the until now hasn't he seen bride's noodles as well, again how to satisfy brothers of this request."she have a little uncomfortable, can't receive callers, is really sorry brothers." Sun Bao3 be a face of helpless appearance very much.
  "Mama of, heel true of, little***pack a garlic for me, hurriedly of, you exactly let to let to see not!Night Lao Tze don't be to see, Lao Tze is not- whole dead your boy can't!"
  "Absolutely true, I what have the time ever cheated you?Walk!Eldest brother I gave you the preparation very flourishing feast, drink wine!We this beauty be a lot of, I call person to your rrangement how many, can?!"Sun Bao3 Da3's careless eye, once turned a topic strong hug a pig head of the shoulder go toward a big palace outside walk.
  Little come!Have you ever done not when and never once cheat me?You return not bashful say?"The brothers is to go fetch something to cheat!"This words is who say?Return to have......
  "Know you to still ask, anyway now empire a beauty is didn't get see!Tasty meat, the United States wine beauty's adding brothers to arrive be is available on hand, your pig head if exactly don't ?Don't which pleasantly cool which go to!"
  "Your boy is true***not enough meaning, old pig I you, however treat meeting that two demon come I see you how dozen hair.Calculate, is I the old pig face be not enough big, all right!The my old pig now's demand is 20 best of the beauty wait upon, little 1 all not line!Return to have, you later at the public situation forbid again call my pig head, otherwise....."
  "That I call you what?Total can't call you incapable great commander soldier?"
  "Ha ha ha ha ha....."
  "That I can ignore, how this general say is also the armed forces of the winds and clouds galaxy commander-in-chief, much older than your resume.Past you Sun Bao3 only is Xing cloud to fasten a soldier of army's troops will, far under my pig head.I at that time heel you very intimate, that is that my pig head don't leave brothers to speak the elder brothers sense of honor.How, your boy now flourishing, don't of don't say, how also get give I am in public in front a little bit long face?"
  "You see your small kind, many big?Return to be oneself 56 which!The vanity play tricks.The eldest brother keep shout your nickname that is true your face is to the foot, you silly bird!Pig head kind."
  "That brothers later also keep shout your nickname-bird person?"
  "That can not line!"
  "With what?!"
  "BE your eldest brother with me, you again the useless talk need a meeting me to make you good-looking!Pa!"Sun Bao3 Chao2 pig head head top slap.
  "The eldest brother is fantastic ah, can the eldest brother go toward other people a head up the wild blow."The pig first time respect.
  "I for the dozen, I return Chuai you, my Chuai you!Chuai dead you pig head!....."Sun Bao3 Yi pair kid's kind, naivete, root can not tell to is the armed forces commander-in-chief, the empire head of state's appearance.", Alas!! painful! bird person, again toward head top dozen I Don't mention it!"
  "Come, come?Who afraid who....."Sun Bao3 so hello also not dozen hugged pig a fatty dozen dozen to make ground to come out a honor palace, however he end still blunt the ceremony sponsor Sun Ji3 Ye4 flicked to wave hand, dynasty everyone smiled to smile, that meaning good the elephant say;"at will, everyone revel!!!"
  Although now of Sun Bao3 already formal get married, age also 20 have five, kid depend on save to play sex don't Min.Person at happy of time will have this kind of circumstance, however this kind of situation is also a few of good brothers of the best friend only would occasionally occurrence, rare, peacetime Sun Bao3 always smile but dignity, Nu but thunderbolt of.
  All person who see this situation see surprised Cha not already, fantastic.Weird their apprehensibility of Sun Bao3's behavior, but?This?How?They are finally understand oneself of the eldest brother originally will also have tender feeling of one side, joy of the feeling overflow in speech form.
  "Our commander-in-chiefs are a character feeling middleman, mbt shoes clearancethe behavior be straightforward, there is feeling containing righteousness."
  If big of the honor have no in big palace because of Sun Bao3 of disappear but depressed.Contrary, without this No.1 leading figure of present, the condition on the contrary and more add to become noisy more, after all the time of present eldest brother do have a little of younger brother to restrain also in the meantime impossible showed off too much to rob leadership of situation.Just everyone badly now curious with oddness, so importance graveness of day, the empire old clan head just in the morning in a hurry Lou once noodles disappear, new clan head madam seven wench Sun Yu4 be simply and then was present, everything's sacrificing an activity be all hold by two son, Sun Ji3 Ye4,s of old clan head to hold, connect own father, Sun Bao3,'s old father-in-law of seven wench, Xing cloud empire navy, commander in chief, Sun Shi4 Ye4, , also wasn't present, this good elephant also have a little too oddness?
  The origin of matter nobilities of the nobilities worry, today be the festival of large civilians, because of be the whole country joys celebrate.What matter can't sweep whole galaxy clansmen, either of interest, this is a worthy of the whole country celebrate of day, only drink off empire all of the United States wine, eat to the utmost all delicacies, then can to start to get God of good living of virtuous, rightness get at first the Zu is to regard with affection of my clansmen.At this day inside, happiness of the atmosphere exceled everything, the lying paralyzed by drink reason kept the change, now bad a joyful put to drink of situation.
  "Ha ha ha ha ha......"the laughter be full of the whole honor palace.
  "!Everyone Xing cloud fasten the fellow citizens of monkey clan, everyone's each big galaxy alliance of representative!Everyone protect an empire territory of brave officers and mens!The ladies and gentlemens, the brothers sisters;Very happy that everyone come my Xing cloud to fasten the worship of ancestors big Dian of monkey clan.Now worship of ancestors the big Dian be formal be over!For the sake of come of everyone is welcome, the empire government was everyone preparation in the party hall of empire mansion flourishing dinner party and fascinating of exhibition of song and dance, today my Xing cloud fasten to raise a clan to together celebrate and welcome everyone to the party hall to seat at table!-"Two sons and the empire air force, commander in chief, Sun Ji3 Ye4, , representative Xing cloud empire governments speech of old clan head.
  "Mao Yu!Mao Yu!Mao Yu!Mao Yu!-"
  Deafening war whoop one wave 1 spread toward the faraway space, also only the worship of ancestors big Dian of Xing cloud empire then can accumulate to gather this number 100,000 people's cosmos party.

    Heavy chapter 2 of Ran battle fire:Humiliate of galaxy history
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:25:00 origin chapter word number:4036

  "Commander congratulate big Xi!"
  ", The week being a galaxy Mr. ambassador, together pleased together pleased."
  "Your new clan heads is really different, oneself admire already a long time, see an in old friend, can substitute oneself to introduce once?"A country word face person with weird outlooking salute to ask a way to the Sun Ji3 Ye4's arch hand.
  "This affair affirmation all right, we now can arrive party center to see a clan head, oneself very pleasure keep company with.I think that our new clan head also affirmation would like to at there reception you of.However ambassador, today this kind of day you never to our new clan head lift what relevant your population disappearance of problem hey?The person in"Sun Ji3 Ye4's ising the most vexed to this Earth person is this, " is really very bothersome."
  "Where where, today I is affirmation will not lift those joyless topics toward the new clan head adult of, but later that is necessary and vexed his, certainly still have madam's lady Sun Si Si of general, this be my job place."Sun Ji3 Ye4's madam, Sun Si Si , is a flower that Xing cloud fasten a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the eldest brother of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  "All how many a hundred years ago the affair of old hair Mao, return to lift that stem?I see you also persist too much of?Say that matter again that age each galaxy of cosmos all stem lead, also positive as it does, each galaxy just proceed from sorry and ashamed to your galaxy give with help of everyone's noodles, you should feel very honor.Besides you also have no a definite proof, your being total can't be old to take your those so-called histories to jot down come old seek our Xing cloud to fasten calculate this debt."
  "Commander, the words can't say so?"
  "This kind of matter, our Xing cloud galaxy 800 year agos have already reformed, again say, our Xing cloud galaxy for the cosmos civilization of your galaxy development perform feats, I see you later still lift this kind of less breakage galaxy race solidify of matter is good."
  "Commander, if you each galaxy the mankind don't have the mankind's DNA of our galaxy, estimate your evolution image and animal be little differentiation, say from this, you each galaxy is this massacre we so many people, compensate some economy loss total return to want of?Said again, what affair all want 1 code to return 1 code, this matter calculated and compensate, that had to also give a parlance?Your Xing cloud's fasten is a Yugoslavia allied troops' alliance total leader of alliance, we don't seek your reasonable to seek who ah?The treatment said you again to see the clansmen descendant of our the Earth now each galaxy to suffer at you......"Week ambassador's in the mind with angry determination, now this morals of the world's being strong be a violent in action and only own of the strong military force would have strong diplomacy words power! these outside star different, by dint of strong military armed, basically not pair of galaxy of mankind be return to matter, several thousand in the last yearses constantly capture an our the Earth person to be an experiment, use our mankind's DNA and their races excellent turn, present their monkey mold human shape, can my galaxy tribe be subjected to of maltreatment and bias and how many thousand years of humiliation, want so many Earth population disappearance case, difficult way these affairs let they a words so simple of all cancelled?!
  "Pei!Have no door!"Week ambassador's in the mind scold a way.
  But what way does this have again?Week ambassador's in the mind very clear, the capital city star Earth star 900 year agos of galaxy launched the pit of the surgical operation type war to"print in Russia" by the military big country of the west of the Earth of the "the day be British and American" the leader.Is a war to expel the Earth forever by the ounce island in day in the world war of period only three days and three nights, Russia United States the earth hundreds of years become no man area, ten several hundred million medium print two country people of the life changed back for the price medium print two countries end become permafrost Ba lord, guided the Earth mankind to found cosmos new era.
  Although the Earth now also got into cosmos civilization ages, the whole galaxy of development also beginning scale, nine greatest solar system drive reformation is nine big beauty of galaxy world, economy prosperity prosperous.But numerous because of galaxy race, so galaxy inner part still is faction numerous and disorderly lacking unity, space science and technology be still very not flourishing, cosmos military armed the strength be more weak, shortage with and whichever alliance galaxy in the cosmos for enemy.
  Especially the galaxy Ba lord Xing cloud empire, is also can't give offense to.So galaxy from 2888 crowded galaxy in the body cosmos organization, remain neutral position, don't participate an of any alliance galaxy of conflict.Now Xing cloud empire change a dynasty to change generation now, one courtier son a dynasty God, this new clan head Sun Bao3 hear is not general of person.Although is grass root, theory real strenght, Yugoslavia allied troops' alliance the clan capital city of three greatest galaxies of the seven greatest galaxies is his iron the elder brothers, and is all gold generation!Theory influence, Xing cloud empire army's troops' being all and will get all is its confident!Theory reputation, Sun Bao319 years old war become famous!Smell a whole cosmos.Theory prestige, he is all Xing cloud empire civilian of idol, several 1,000,000,000 powder silk in the cosmoses.
  So of person, don't say because of the reason on the work, is a light it loud and clear head value of a see.If the ability now deepen the diplomacy which fasten with Xing cloud relation, help realize military strategy allies, doubtless to future of galaxy cosmos of strategy position exaltation have help.
  Xing cloud empire rule center ground Xing cloud to fasten water cloud star of five greatest stars up, these be stars in their capital cities.Water cloud star 80% is the world of water, one deep blue color.Xing cloud's fastenning a person is a the tribe for get close to water, although they also like land very much, but never allow mankind to live in land up, that is heaven thembt shoes plant and the animals, so Xing cloud empire of building mostly set up on the water, make use of forerunner of civilization technique in the cosmos, the Xing cloud empire mansion set up at water cloud star of green jade wave surface up,

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