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『Damn! 』See Diya down, angry mad rushmbt shoes sale before the intended kick to the Tripitaka.

Tripitaka alert out of the way, then he affixed a body in the rabbit symbol, the rabbit's body suddenly rigid, and the crazy totally immobile The fell on the ground.

『Damn, you do what the uncle! 』Mad angry shouting.

『Nicely. 』Sanzo leaned over to pick up the rabbit,『 Do not ruin my business. 』

"Go to my blog!" Blue dwarf proud of pointing a black dwarf 1, and then turned to Sanzo said: "I get a good reception you eat a big meal!"

"It's so thankful." Baskets propped up on the floor of Dia, to follow the footsteps of the dwarf blue left.

Looked at the blue dwarf left the back, black dwarf's stomping angrily, "hateful MacLean! This account that I would get back with you!"
Chapter VIII of the special episode: Qingyu remember running away from home
Dia home located near the vegetable garden, a man and a woman is squatting by the garden of the ridge on the chat, girls are Dia's mother, Qingyu; boys is Dia's father, Dong Min.

"East Min, I think a drag ... ..." Qingyu squatting beside her husband a big yawn, "Dia is not at home, no one can accompany me on the training ... ..."

"Oh." Dong Min brief responded, his eyes staring at birth in front of a small seedling vegetables, dig your hands are busy weeding. Dong Min then seedling vegetables is the latest developed the "sweet potato cactus", now finally emitted a small bud, to say we should be careful care.

"Do not know what Dia is doing? Her sword should be progress, right?" Qing Yu looked at the distant sky speculation.

"About it."

"In the morning I found the cooking time a little dull kitchen knife, and another day I want to wear sharp knife take the matter to God, some of Mito." Qingyu they spoke.


"Dad told mom to go to school for Road ears, do not know if they will discuss? Long time I did not go to school then ... ..."

Qingyu would say, "Doji" is president of Royal Academy Warner, Road ears with their family but the people are very ... ... deep friendship.


"... ..." Qingyu silent watching her husband, she found him not listening to him.

"Hey, at noon we eat Bloody buns, OK?"


"Wait a minute I bought a skirt for you well?"


"My husband ... ..." Qingyu with a very soft voice called to her husband, "I want to run away from home, you say OK?"


"Well you are tall!" Qingyu angry to stand up and kick her husband's ass kicked, fell into the fields along the East-min, "I've had enough! I want to go outside and play! I want to run away! I do not care you! "

Finished, Qingyu angry red back room, grabbed a cloak draped over his body, the Pro out of the kitchen knives when they see it bring Shunshou Jiang.

"Incidentally, the Brothers went to gods Mito child better." Qingyu muttered shining.

Qing Yu-Benz was riding fast in the desert when she was passing by a burst of shouting to attract her attention.

"I do not want to go back! Let me go! Hear no!" A slight aging of the old man shouted loudly, the old man keep the two thin beard, Tuozhuo Bei, holding cane.

At this point, this old man was rope tied firmly to the rope's other end of the grip in the hands of a black man.

"Hey, good-hearted people passing ah!" For the elderly to see Qingyu pleased shouted, "You look, this young man even indiscriminate white to me down, I could almost be him this Balaogutou broken , I beg you help me! "

"This is ... ..." Qing Yu looked at the situation in front of a mbt shoes clearancecurious question.

"Long time no see." Male black bow with a smile to the Qing Yu.

Long time no see? I know this person? Qingyu puzzled eyes keep flat head with eyes, a man with green hair color, "I ask you?"

"Ray." Black male with short answer.

"Ray? Switzerland ... ..." murmured the repeated Qingyu, she stared at the face of black people think for a while, "Ray! You Ray!"

Qing Yu finally thought, he is left home 10 years Swiss ah! "How your hair like that?"

"I ate a herb, eaten my hair color after it has become." Switzerland does not matter to touch his face hair.

"You ran away from home after gone? How we have not heard from you?"


"Dark?" Qing Yu Rui looked stupefied, she was as Plaintive's hand touched the face of Sweden, "Poor Ray, did not think we have not seen for some time ... ... you die ... ..."

"I'm still alive." Switzerland will Qingyu of grasping, the poker-faced about her.

"Still alive?" Qingyu see the Swiss long pause, "how would you Dark?"

"I accidentally broke into the Underworld while traveling."

"Call ... ... clear, ah, made me frightened." Qing Yu, vice easily put smiles, "you now stay in the Underworld?"

"Ah." Ray nodded and answered, expression still take it lightly.

"What do over there?"


This kid is still the same, answer a question one! Qing Yu took a deep breath, "What are you playing over there work? Do? Boss? Clear!"

"Helping him with chores Underworld boss, Hades." Switzerland is still concise answer, with no emotion.

"When do you want to go home? Dia she would like to see you." Qing Yu said this, pause, she remembered what Sweden should not know Dia, she quickly added with. "You should not know Dia, right? Do not be too surprised after hearing, Diya she is ... ..."

"My sister." Switzerland will then take it down.

"You know?" This time for Qingyu impressed, "how do you know?"

"All the world events would return the Underworld." Swiss tone plain answer.

"What you should know that she would like to see Diaby you?" Qingyu follow laughing, "When do you come back?"

"The recent very busy, things will be processed at hand I went back." Swiss to tighten the rope on hand.

"Whoops, do not pull so hard ah!" Has been neglected elderly Qingyu, this time due to the tightening up of the rope body cried out in pain.

"You get him to do?"

"He was arresting the suspects, Underworld, Hades told me to get him back."

"Commit?" Qing Yu looked old, "he is a ghost? How look like ordinary old man?"

"Prototype you want to see him?" Swiss hand a smoke, will release the rope.

Be free for the elderly immediately jumped off the Swiss side, he begged against the previous attitude of the Swiss angry, saying: "Boy, you're dead! I want to eat you!"

Said, the elderly physique become bigger, the clothes follow the body bursting, his hand had grown three inches long claws, skin color became gray iron, dry flat face became distorted, his mouth grow promiscuous fangs, Soon a giant three-story emerged.

"So this is his prototype ah!" Qingyu without blinking an eye of eyeing.

"His power can be easily crushed rock, she is very tall, have good flexibility with the response." Switzerland in the side of the explanation for the Qing Yu, Analysis: "In addition, although he looks stupid, offensive Shique know did little tricks means that once caught each other's weaknesses, they Aspects of Intellectual crucial attacks. "

"Oh?" Qing Yu's face appeared eager smile, "Let me play with it!"

"Take your time."

Qing Yu quickly jumped into the air, taking a knife to the waist to hack monster, monster retreated a bit slow, was hit in the face of knife, just Qingyu want to knife out, she found a knife accident is constantly being inhaled monster's body.

This! Qing Yu Leng next.

"His body will be taking opponent's weapons." Ray's voice came from the next.

"I threw a knife!" Qing Yu gas gathering in the palm facing the monster harsh blow to her.

Qing Yu so demons are a hit, a huge body followed suit fell down, Qingyu the knife out of a demon's body.

"This upside down?" Qing Yu unbelievable watching monster, this monster is not to say that Sweden wanted in it? How the weak ah?

An absence, the demons suddenly turned into a pool of gray liquid objects, from the feet up Qingyu invasion of her body, had a cold lumpmbt shoes Qingyudaochou, as she would like to counter a knife, the Swiss side in Qing Yu, hand seize the monster's side, hands vigorously for a collection, monster will be pulled out of Qingyu side.

"This guy ... ..." Qingyu really did not think this monster will Cheat Death ah.

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