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don't miss own body to pin up too many himself all notmbt shoes understand of identity, still have to give after return Jing night explanation, because of in the Jing falsely of the heart, the Jing night be always his teacher, even if this teacher seem more with he research achievement the colleague of the method.He see crazy knife have no what mean, took a look the ice in summer again, but summer ice encouragement the ground smiled to smile.Jing falsely hence point nod, say:"All right, I join be, however I also can't assurance ability help top you what favour, and I now the capability be so lowly and also need to return a teacher there study strategies."
  The summer ice delightedly smiled to get up and nod to say:"All right, anyway now allies inside also have no what affair, just wait until you to after learn return ability help me completion our ideal, my biggest wishes is to lead the fairies to break open for a day, boundary, the hover limitless cosmos, you learn of the strategies are in this aspect possibility help still very big!"
  "BE a day, the absolute being of boundary be such huge miscellaneous, how do you break open it?"Crazy knife's ising some doesn't believe a summer ice of words, immediately after say:"So many all have no a way to the elder generation of ten million year of the strategies research, difficult way you easily ability solve?"
  The summer ice point at crazy knife, a kind of the facial expression which hate an iron not to become a steel, say:"Saying you is a dead brains, you still deny, you saw those ordinary mortals of boundary which again is very special skill, so they how ability shoot satellite, leave the Earth, this be my capital, I next move be effort restructure an alliance inside, let everyone all coagulate the intelligence to together, person many, didn't to become of the matter be besides still a group of fairy.Certainly, this is previous I want to do first of be complete to control freedom allies, for the sake of the whole fairy of future, some although the affair look some not only colourful, however still have to do."
  "This ……difficult way do you want to bring about some kind of Xing breeze blood rain?Day peace with such boundary, do you really want to do a destructor that is excoriate by person?"The crazy knife always is the apprehensibility summer ice not of thought, in fact many west day the fairy of the boundary of thought he can't comprehension.
  Summer ice formally of point nod, answer a way:"Ability if make the fairies strong, fight even is a war again how?Do you have no detection to descend the boundary people's regulation?Every time war after, will get into an unprecedented prosperity period, but in the war and war neighborhood of the age is people invention thing most of ages, because of existence of pressure, people ability always explosion offer for sale people of this world surprise of then can!"
  The crazy knife live a nose with the right hand Wu, profoundly absorbed an one breath and sigh a way:"All right, I knew oneself arrestment not you, also don't know your an affair for hope to exactly don't say towards being wrong, however you still take matter in hand, hope you is rightness of, however don't of, we be still a friend, if demand what help of words, say 1."He say that taking out a cake of wood a slice similar thing passed to give summer ice.
  The summer ice laid up a wood slice, smile and embraced to embrace crazy knife, way:"My knowing you is a real worthy of association of friend, ignore whether our opinions have rift or not, I will treat you as me best of friend of!"He after release the crazy knife arrive at Jing again falsely of before the body, same embraced to embrace Jing falsely, say:"Welcome you join freedom allies, I know that we have many common language, as long as have you with everyone of support, I certain the ability help fairy strong of."
  The summer ice seem a megalomania, speak of words some big get limitless, he now a very small gold fairy descend fix of class for, return say what want salvation fairy of words, nature will not have what the person believe, don't be in transit falsely but have no derision him, he know to say for the fairy, can not do it of affair, unique of the problem be you to think have never thought, perhaps you whether care, because of saying for the fairies endless life, is have no what the affair be a real hard nut to crack, as long as they would like to go to completion of.The Jing falsely and similarly embraced to embrace the ice in summer and say:"The dream wished a wish you ability soon success, if have what demand of place, let crazy knife generation words be."He now didn't°yet refining crazy the knife send to the summer ice of that kind of the fairy machine which used for communication, in fact that fairy machine say come still pirate edition of on the earth of wireless equipments, appear also however more than 100 year, however universality speed also enough quick of, connect crazy knife the know a door is silly and foolish at the Feng fairy of person all refining 1.

    Chapter 2 section 27 of the paradise meet with accident
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3013:58:37 origin chapter word number:3381

  Crazy knife and Jing falsely after leaving divine tree city, always the east of the facing fly, they original will go to the absolute being dragon that Feng say when soar valley of, speak of the falsely the most urgent affair to the Jing, also send a body this for the absolute being dragon, so absolute being dragon holy land is essential want of place, however they have never also walked straight line go to the sea of Hong Huang, after all time also not tight, the along the road see still quite good of.
  They the boundary fly toward the east in the day of south, then gradual Be partial to north, pass by elegant city, then is Huang2 Sha Cheng2, again city not arrive ten inside the ground be the sea of Hong Huang.
  Day all of big and parts of places of the boundary are a land, river lake's pour be everywhere it is thus clear that, but the ocean be few, only north day boundary of most north carry to have biggest sea of one, that sea be big limitless, legend be a day in the bitter end of ocean, the edge of boundary, just return true didn't be several individual have been to, but have been to of person but dead live not to come out to say that let everyone listen to.As for Jing falsely they want of the sea of Hong Huang be ambt shoes clearance day place with more special boundary and say here that is a sea, but inside isn't water, didn't also several individual know the sea of Hong Huang is how, seem to at east day boundary formation, it already over there.The Hong Huang nautical mile noodles' ising prosperous is a kind of oddness of air, say that is an air but never overflow coast 1:00, connect only depend in the seaside ten ground far of Huang2 Sha Cheng2 all have no felling to 1:00.
  If the sea of Hong Huang be the hopeless situation of the fairies, whole of all of sea surfaces be an one dim moonlight of gray, stand to see everything not pure by the side of the coast, if capability be not enough, went in and then don't think again come out, but if by luck came out, usually all would the capability suddenly and violently increase.However say for the common fairy, they didn't°yet that interest abandon the life of happiness and look for this kind of extreme danger of stimulate.
  Jing falsely still past so, along the road as long as meet college, see library, his being certain will go in oneself of the thing dollar be as one pleases through of the handwritten copy put a bookcase up.But crazy knife again instauration that kind of the stranger keep away of desolate shape, now Jing falsely be regarded as basic understand crazy knife, although he have already untied the heart for several a hundred years evil, so several years habit of become have already can't let him change day of return that year easy, also only at treat Jing falsely with summer ice so sincerely friend of time, he would just a little active.
  This day they 2 left Huang2 Sha Cheng2, arrived at the seaside of Hong Huang, looking at that ash to receive the world of one and two people was all some to knit the brows.Feng soar to say an absolute being dragon a valley a certain place of the shore at the Hong Huang sea north, say so to still have to arrive sea to them of north carry go to, they now didn't cut across the viewpoint of this sea, hence have to the darling ground round a coast to fly toward north.The sea of Hong Huang's ising not only is a nautical mile ash to receive one, even the seaside is also shabby one, scanned widely to hope to clean Huang2 Sha what all have no, with the other place of the fairyland comparison get up and then imitate star outside the Fo general.
  Jing falsely now of fly Shu already equal quite good, regrettable he with crazy the capability of the knife top margin too big, hence have to let crazy the knife put slow speed and he fly together, although crazy the knife put slow speed, two people of fly of the speed still let the person sigh for the view of, they such as two Tao Kuang line general one black one blue glory laceration the sky.Crazy knife dress of clothes original be black, but spiritual influence is also black of, but Jing falsely although fixed Lian a thing dollar as one pleases through, spiritual influence already didn't color, however he dress of clothes still at the beginning he arrive at for a day, time Qin2 Feng Song4 of the boundary to his that, although this clothes are in the boundary in day still not calculate okay, however put on for a several:08 years is not a problem, besides the Jing falsely log on true fairyland boundary after, at any time all ability coagulate a spiritual influence protection oneself, certainly even that clothes also protection, so he in the sky once flew of what time leave be a blue of ray of light.
  Two personal original think they fly to so always north after carry, very easy ability find out an absolute being dragon a valley of, but they flew how far, they detection a problem, they incredibly get mixed up now the directions of the place, be also say, their doing not know them be still in the sea of Hong Huang of east, be still north, even is once flew a head to west.The reason is easy, because the Hong Huang sea ash receive one, what the place be all similar, there is also coast up, is all boundless Huang2 Sha, root get mixed up a southeast northwest.
  Two people stopped down, the crazy knife tooked a look first on all sides, then again looking at Jing to falsely ask a way:"We which direction be now ?"
  The Jing falsely raise to took a look watch, then took a look the world on the head to gather a dollar again, disappointedly shook to shake head, here unlike Earth, that ball that give out light always the same of position in top of head, root can't use it discriminator directions.
  The crazy knife didn't get answer and twist a head and took a look flank, be just he suddenly wrinkled up eyebrows and say:"Not good, the underneath of the sand seem thing."His words just said that finish, seem to be his words of answer, a sand formation of 1 of awl Sou toward they blunt come up.
  Jing falsely some nervous, this still he is after leave teacher door a time meet real of sneak attack, at that time unavoidably some stage fright.But first hit of crazy knife immediately hands knot print, just print just knot good he again loose open, then turn round a hold tight Jing falsely stayed away that sand awl.
  However the sand awl also so shot 1 stop, underneath of the whole sand ground again instauration equanimity, crazy the knife pull Jing falsely of arm, silently look at underneath.Etc. old along while all didn't again detection action, hence just a little relaxed 1:00, looking at part still some strain of the Jing falsely say:"Knife didn't, true fought to just discover not habit, if have an opportunity to see come still have to again seek a pair of."Originally he just met a sneak attack, a reaction be knot print, invoke knife.So now would have such a regrets.
  The Jing falsely and with difficulty smiled to smile and say:"That I later the strategies be big after become, give a new life for you a pair of.Thanked you just and really."
  The crazy knife released Jing to falsely and again and carefully know an observation with the absolute being a time of underneath of sand ground, then just relaxed nerve, say:"Nothing important, however also don't know is what in the sneak attack we, is what shoot so a sand nail and then walked, is really oddness!"Just his words haven't fallen a sound, suddenly and again called to get up:"Carefully!"Say and want to knot to print, however this time he even printed and become, released hands.
  The sand ground that is under at he talk of in the meantime, suddenly of such as wave flower turned over to flow out to get up, innumerable of the sand nail on a sudden dynasty sky shoot, pour to seem a burst of decline bottom toward the sky from the ground of sand rain.Crazy the knife ruthlessly jilted to open just want knot to print to invoke long the hands of knife, then again held tight Jing falsely, part avoid being seen a sand to nail part fast of to sky ascension.However the sand nail of the amount be too many definite, and still was operate by the person shot into them, root impossible all stay away, many sand nail close to their time, crazy knife the shape that can condense growth knife with the spiritual influence, split it to spread.The Jing falsely lack experience for fight, although have already had the real strenght of the Fu fairy, regrettable looking at these a full day of sand for dance in the wind to nail but a burst of skin of head become numb, he make an effort ground to open oneself of work properly to know, want to catch the track that these sands nail, good advance guard against, regrettable he work properly to know after open just see a full day of to dance in the wind everywhere of stars general of the sand nail, speed quick get root can not keep up with.The crazy knife falsely is good friends with than the Jing some, after all he fought with person of experience, although now also fluster, however after all have time to help Jing to falsely defend, otherwise so in a short while of time, the Jing falsely have already been nailed a dozen by the sand sieve.However this kind of circumstance be not what he, past meet either, past he with the person fight basically don't care life and death, but now the heart be evil already solution, he already no longer such as that year that sort see dead such as return.So there is also no that year that kind of madness, he be helping Jing tombt shoes sale falsely defend and roar loud:"Boy, defend with the spiritual influence, true not line spiritual influence outside put, protect oneself."However he talk penny absolute being of empty be inside, a sand nail from he condense of the back of knife side of spiritual influence knife fled to come up, direct along his back of the hand, haded been wipe till his shoulder up, tear off the clothes of right hand arm of als

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