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Yun-Fei empress drive Road Jade Beauty, ice beauty, spring beauty to drive. Princess and the Mandarin Duck and flexible child they had just come to the door several more are heard shouting Chamber.
Goddess Temple Cloud Princess auntie and the three Americans to look at it we to meet? Mandarin duck child quickly said, the current cloud Princess Royal andchristian louboutin knockoffs the flexibility are the emperor's imperial concubine in the future the new seal will be who can not do this temple that the Lord is not to offend the good.
Oh Well. Princess did not care how soft answer is like not even understand the etiquette of the palace.
Flexibility-fei four children with mandarin duck just came out of the main hall to see the face of a woman saw her straight nose, thin lips Liu Yemei Taohua Yan Jin Min bun hair on his head giving her a concubine do with gold beads Chui Chai Chai son hanging pendant Big Red Palace in the glabella wearing clothes full of extravagance gestures are obviously positive moment she walked behind the main hall along with three Americans also look much better than her but looks are not the convergence of ordinary women in this group of four behind a palace slave girl is Dimeishunyan followed behind them.
Empress that cloud top is relatively gentle Princess Goddess behind her delicate face that is the beauty of jade is ice cold beauty and smiling faces of the spring along with beauty. Mandarin Duck and children attached to her ear, gentle Princess introduced one by one.
Flexibility-fei listen and nod she has heard the Mandarin Duck has just introduced their children to this Motomori dynasty's temple is not large after the second major is a beauty that is Princess III regulation is a queen, 2 Royal, 3 beauty As only what the other person will have to see the emperor's mood status is lower, but only a little taller than the ladies Bale. The front of this several Mandarin Duck and explain to her children after the current emperor of the Central Plains Temple still young, only three Americans only now she and Cheng Ruyun into the Royal Palace was closed so the emperor's concubine also the official in front of her and the four are present.
Seen Lady Yun Fei slaves met Jade Beauty, Ice Beauty and spring beauty. Four children knelt down to greet the Mandarin Duck.
Fei looked at the Mandarin Duck soft hesitant four children do not know, should not kneel down to greet.
You get up. Good gentle sister. Flexibility-fei was hesitant to go in front of the cloud between the Princess waved towards the Mandarin Duck and four children smile hello to the Princess Sophia.
Soft sister sister seen. The three Americans kick off knees and worshiped.
Servants have seen soft Princess Empress. Yun-Fei followed four of the palace slave girl who is also concerned have bowed down.
It goes up you are good sister, a good three sisters. Fei Fei flexible learning to look like clouds hailed.
Goddess or Goddess into the house, please take a few bar. Mandarin Duck and children in the side of the cautions.
Oh, sister, three sister goes inside please. Princess soft smile after listening to the words of the Mandarin Duck and children made a hand gesture, please.
Yun Fei also blunt blatantly walked in three Americans does not dare to follow up until they are soft Princess door into the house only to go with.
Several people sit in the house a few Mandarin Duck and children for their tea is served after the Chuishou stand behind the gentle Princess.
Gentle sister, I say you is not how you live in the yard so biased? We can harm a good look. Yun-Fei a sip of tea, do not put that Yin Yang said no.
This is the emperor set out what can I do? But I think there are very good quiet. Princess soft smile that did not hear it outside the Princess cloud the meaning.
Soft sister really is good to speak If it had been failing to get to be me I must seek the emperor gave me another place I can not stand too quiet. Yun-Fei tossed inchristian louboutin  the hands of the veil break out laughing.
Oh Princess smiled, but did not say much flexibility.
Four-phase cloud Princess sat chatting for a moment and leave away the other three Americans have no more than to be left.

Yu Shu-room desk of a man is what he takes the bow at his desk busy with outsiders who only think they not see the faces of burly physique.
Shao-she come? Man has approved it completed a memorial aside child suddenly looked up and asked.
I saw this man looks straight nose and mouth wide KIWI Nongmeidayan this person look like deep pools generally do not see the idea of joy, anger, do not form at the color make it difficult to fathom.
Back to the emperor, then just a report from Hu as she had to go soft on the hospital. Stand behind the men look like men Gongshen father answer.
Yes man, this desk is Motomori per day dynasty emperor of today's strong he is marking the memorial and he asked the courtiers who is just the palace of the blue 1000 soft now flexible Princess Empress.
Oh? Per day strong as if not satisfied with this answer with a discourse in question.
Back to the emperor, then just listen to that gentle Princess Empress Wu Cheng Shu Yuan in controlling the use of any drugs inside the Old Woman is not to soft Princess Empress of their physical examination. Shao-obviously aware of what the emperor wanted to know immediately supplement.
Oh? She would drug? Per day of intense Somewhat taken aback, she had looked into the Blue 1000 Soft is a door not two not unheard of step of Xiangfu daughter about her child which it would agents.
Ah said, according to Hu as itching powder should be a thing called skin contact to feel itching extremely difficult to endure. Shao-explained.
Oh? Per day of intense one Tiaomei obviously curious about this news.
This stuff was originally used for the itinerant punks do not know how to get this kind of soft stuff Princess Lady. CHEN Shao said.
Shao-you sure you sent people to investigate what has happened? This will not impersonate someone else, right? Per day strong with a question asked at home with this blue 1000 supple performance here is also far worse, right?
Although the emperor should not be back to listen to that soft Fei Lin command returns Goddess on the way by a group of black people really abducted but later had to be saved back to the middle of them not so long wanted to come they can not find someone more important Diaobao Hu said that this man looks into the blue really is no doubt the prime minister's daughter. Shao-return said.
Oh per day of strong nod did not say anything more.
The emperor is not the gentle Princess Lady is still in doubt you see Any further sent to check. Chen Shaogong body carefully asked.
No, have other plans? Per day does not seem to want more intense struggle in the gentle Princess on this thing and then asked.
Someone came to the cloud just Princess Lady with Jade Beauty, Beauty and spring ice soft beauty go and visit the Empress Consort. Shao-it Road
Oh? Yun Fei is it? She's very heart just thinking of visiting the palace on the sisters. Per day Lie said as he nodded like a Princess on the cloud's performance was very commendable.
Chen Shaogong body, then stood and dared not go along with him very much understand that children around the emperor is the most taboo words, as with the bias and disadvantage because of their emperor, after today no one knows who will love.
Flexible Princess on her residence have any comments? Per day of intense blue and asked him if he is deliberately arranged thousands of soft living there in that place is very remote from marginized close he is actually a warning that she will not want to use my status to affect his or her louboutin knockoffswill be thrown quickly go to marginized .
Oh, I heard that not much of a gentle Princess Lady hear what the views of the palace slave girl serve her say she seems very happy about this arrangement. Shao-back coverage.
Oh? She is very happy? Some accidents have taken place per day of fierce opposition she dared not even feel happy thing to say?
Ah said to be the case. CHEN Shao replied.
Per day of fierce brows deeply entangled with the two staring at the house somewhere do not know in mind.
Shao-dare disturb his stand to the side no longer silent.

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