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cult detection of.
  Be a thermal energy to track guided missile to also don't mbt shoesnecessarily find out, if he motionless of words, that has no 1:00 and may use thermal energy guided missile attack, this kind of living creature say at the naval battle is can hardly tie up attack weapon.
  The living creature wave weapon still develop in the middle, have no formal pproval front can't material troops, this descend a problem can big, deal with these living creatures a nothing important also good way, now can use bait perhaps is correspond of biological warfare monster.
  Now of bait still doesn't know Tu2 Sha to like to eat what, take what do bait??Now also only see to contain what war monster, be responsible for only last on recruit let machine A bottom go to.
  "Order, check to have a war monster in the fleet, all is what war monster, with quickest speed report come up, in the meantime order the machine A big brigade remain on standby"
  Finally see 1:00 hope in a string of numeral, iron crocodile, crocodile of a kind of life in planet Pluto, the tooth be very sharp, action vivid, compare with Tu2 Sha much more vivid, but the amount be few.
  "Order, let out iron crocodile, the machine A big brigade keep up with to help a war, fight for soon war soon definitely"
  The whole member execute an order and everyone wait for the news of victory.
  An in the underwater underwater machine A big brigade root at a few crocodile behind go forward, front have a few Tu2 Sha just attack a warship ship, bump of hull the whole body scar at so will sink a ship for several minutes, machine AN isn't an opponent at all, again say at underwater the speed also have hinder and also make track for not top so of living creature.
  The iron crocodile and Tu2 Sha meet, don't know can anti- get live?This biological warfare, the commanding officer that is here also didn't have confidence.
  Tu2 Sha get into attack scope to immediately launch to attackstone iron crocodile in the iron crocodile, the vivid of the iron crocodile's being Tu2 Sha don't have some temper, a biological warfare present to public in the underwater, this be also a war monster course and also imply certain of military tactics.

    Military school 36 stick underwater world
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:12:46 origin chapter word number:1279

  The at war in the iron crocodile and Tu2 Sha, Tu2 Sha's dead and injured be more miserably heavy, and the iron crocodile have no dead and injured, under the machine A great brigade match, Tu2 Sha drive with one action annihilation, head war tell Jie.
  Return to a warship on the boat, get the data of be very astonishing, the iron crocodile is after fighting with Tu2 Sha, attack dint ascension, intelligence ascension, be also say war monster can along with fight promote fighting strength and intelligence.
  This detection also made everyone happy a burst of, the fleet still search in, target didn't°yet detection, how so long time do not discover a target.
  "Eldest brother, the target this time be to don't be to have never give to settle and all sought so long time, how connect hair all have no?"
  "Who do you ask me me to ask to go to?How to see everyone?We come also had a period of time, enemy how should also exterminate us how do not see action?"
  By this time the feather also has a little anxious, yes and all and so would, in addition to run into of those Tu2 Sha any further have no, what detection.
  "Walk to return to again just Tu2 Sha attack of there see to have what detection"
  Tu2 Sha, raw water star living creature, but Mercury and ice star about, so Tu2 Sha growth at very deep of underwater, so its oneself temperature be very low, skin special thick solid, the bullet shoot not to wear.
  "Does the difficult way say this time a target in water bottom?Can't, this also too the ability made"
  The grievance of beam Hong hair, everyone can hear, also have together feeling, if in the underwater, that will be carried on by submarine, the troops immediately contract 2/3.
  See appearance also only bottom see, otherwise so turned bottom to go to and still keep discovering, that was the wave to take a lot of time.
  "Remember fondly, you stay on the warship with frog, we bottom see whether have already discover, "
  "The feather don't let me leave good?I want to together don't separate, either forever with you"
  "Eldest brother, let the eldest sister-in-law follow!Anyway also being to see isn't a battle and at most my Yao detection in danger withdraw"
  Looking at everyone, everyone's decision in lighthouse, see again to remember fondly eyeful drop of tear at continuously dozen turn, a carelessly will drop down.
  "Go to, go to, really hurt to you"
  Underwater 500 meter have no detection, only fish at return visit to move, also have no offensiveness of animal.
  "We again downwards the Qian point perhaps has what detection?"
  Again descended Qian to there are or so 300 meterses, still kept discovering on the radar, just at melancholy want don't again descend Qian.
  "Feather, you see an underneath contain glow-in-the-dark, be unlike animal send out of"
  True of the underneath have weak of the glow-in-the-dark spread, but light source not move of.
  "We see, everyone caution, put on Gao Neng2 to dive machine A"
  Work well preparation, arrive at a world of groundwater, the business which bring people not only have sense of vision to pound at, but also more is a soul of pound at.
  Glow-in-the-dark drive the 1 F energy cover, the underneath still have a lot of building, didn't receive any electric wave signal, etc. get into cover inside, the whole occurrence occurrence very big of varietymbt shoes clearance, living creature wave, communication wave, electromagnetic wave, all ability receive.
  The communication of outside also the ability receive, be can't send out, everything of everything all is that so to make a person astonishment, the huge building wear shuttle the aircraft in various water.
  Etc. return to absolute being come, submarine outside have already been surround, both parties didn't meaning for open fire and wait for contact of the other party.
  Here of everything all so perfect, harmony, to the crystal temple of modern version similar, only here same have modern of high technology, even than now of science and technology still want Gao.

    Military school 37 stick to lead the way
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:12:46 origin chapter word number:1436

  Appreciate the scenery of outside, looking at a return to visit move of fish, here also was full of water, but the person, who see lead the way, breathed of tool, this can not understand, person can also in Shui-li life?
  The hatch open, a body's wearing a demitoilet to see is a diplomacy officials, walk into a submarine, also disappear a behind of water follow.
  "You good highly respectable Sir, welcome to interstellar sea to descend world, I am an intelligence servant the 1st, receive intelligence of lord make, come to lead the way our heros, hopes for you a line work well a route of travel of arrangement"
  Because in the single the game superman of performance, make Zhi brain very curious to the person which often create an outstanding score, so don't know how to come right away here.
  "How are you, No.1 Sir, so call your nothing important not satisfactory?If violate openly to beg your pardon, this time we come here have game mission, don't know why we at to top some war monster after could not look for a target any further, and then again here meet so odd matter?"
  Feather of but don't understand, why, isn't an enemy here, but so-called intelligence the 1st?How to do the game so come down!
  "Oh, concerning this problem, wait a meeting for you to see host to get answer, now please make me as a guide, for come down of visit do once arrangement, wait a little while have what request can direct put forward to me, I would temporary work well arrangement"
  Say that finishing to wait for a guest make an arrangement, didn't leave the personnel of the team on the submarine(the submarine be also a kind of warship boat, top speak of embarrassed), everyone want bottom to see this nautical mile world(joke, the mastermind want you to finish play in the interstellar, you return ability existence?He is an absolute being in this inside in the world)
  The 1st see everyone ready to, put on watertightness armor, good intentions of say with smile.
  "Highly respectable of friend, here you not demand breath spread to help a machine, here of the whole rule all have host domination, please with me"
  This several personal big eye stare a small eye, all feel unimaginable, the rule of nature all can change.
  "Line, don't make a fuss over minor things, I miss host's intelligence that he say and may be a mastermind, he is here be absolute being of existence."
  Everyone looking at eldest brother and elder brother's wife heel this submarine, have no the slightest problem, also all follow, outside and breath air nothing important differentiation, also have no so deep of bottom of sea all atmosphere press.
  The fish is like small bird similar hover in Shui-li, some big of fish return ability means of transportation, seem to be everything to all is that so benignity.
  The emissary guide didn't sit aircraft(temporary call aircraft, be everyone incognizant?Later will give everyone introduction of), with this a few visitor drive fish go forward together and wear shuttle in this city.
  The emissary guide often explain geography for everyone, each special features, and some where copy come in of, here what all the west east can see, eat, and a lot of thing basically have never seen.
  All of these be the Zhi brain creation of(in fact is 1 kind to evolve, use creation to also make sense), those rare the strange thing be special attraction these people, but some thing especially attraction female friend, like pearl, night bright pearl, precious stone etc..(the person often say a woman similar to the dragon like give out light of the thing see appearance right)
  Saw to remember fondly and then knew, take a fist big of pearl two eye Chi all of the fan showed on the face.
  "The Sir of the emissary please ask this thing how to sell!I want to buy bottom to send to my wife"
  The feather see remember fondly a not so willing to give up facial expression true cant not bear to, not from inquire about a plan to buy bottom toward the emissary.
  "Ha ha, need not, be our sea descend world to send to the Sir, wait a little while heel settle can't without your advantage of"
  Say and then take out Zhang Hong2 Ka3 in brushing a card machine brush once, along with forward one by one introduction unusual place in the sea world.
  "The front is the host's place, everyone need not restrain too much, have what say what, in fact host very hospitality, but also not is who all ability so of, up to now also however is digital strong and a wise man to lead here, have never thought this time your comer be not a few"
  The emissary say ising so-called host(intelligence) reside place and lead the way of mission will soon also completion.

    Military school 38 stick the condition of intelligence
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:12:46 origin chapter word number:1540

  Here be an obvious of palace, on all sides have much Gao Neng2 Ji A war merit, together garrison palace, obviously here of dissimilarity clear eye person once ability open out, so of alert the strength be them now all the troops can't move somebody else's one root hair, either, unless use large-scale kill wound weapon.
  Ha ha, joke that also not is possibility of, somebody else at here natural law all ability change, again how can afraid they these weapon?These defend to only seem to be solemn just.
  BE follow behind emissary continuously thorough, make them more and more shock, here what things and all have, a lot of thing here all incognizant, but from its material all ability see all of its powers is not general of strong.
  "Please slightly an etc., I this go to notification 1"
  "Need not, now ask our guests to come in!"
  Solemn of thou type building, spread 1 to let owner imagination in a room of voice, with remember fondly to compare with one good to listen voice.
  Along with emissary alignment voicembt shoes sale send out the side room of room, here everything all so of harmony, noble, generous.
  Come in of the person hide own facial expression with the yarn, so not say what but just voice also let creation fancy, it is thus clear that facial appearance also bad not arrive where go to, so of under the circumstance also have some imagination

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