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'Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle Bells in the cheerful singing. I opened my eyes and a lazy stretch waist. I jumped out of bed really comfortable''cleaned up Huanhaoyifuchristian louboutin knockoffs mirror drew a fine makeup and narcissism in situ in a circle.

Nan Hee so beautiful today! I turn around in a circle Xiya Gee praise.

Ha ha! Okay! I said Xiao Hehe. Go! I took Xiya go out.

This feeling is really very strange two beautiful girls actually want to own for Christmas let alone have a boyfriend I was watching the street tenderness Italian couple pairs of inexplicable heart burst of sorrow and grief.

Christmas tree hanging above the street full of small boxes on the street were all cheerful music flowing Hou thought this time things are really a bit sad unpleasant.

Nan Hee we go to amusement parks good or bad? Finally to have to accept the punishment Oh! Xiya ran out laughing.

Hey! How could you do! You niggling. I catch up to.

As long as you catch up with me how I like to be punished? Xiya provocative smile back.

I've tried my whole body strength, but want to catch up with the little girl Xiya running too fast when I ran out of breath when the door Xiya amusement park is a pleasure to look at my side waving at me proudly.

This is not your niggling! I pouting.

Whoops! Oh so cute! Xiya laughing Qiazhao my face.

Hate! This feeling Hao E! I smashed her hand.

Gone! We went there for a long time not Laizheliwan Rights today must play a happy. Xiya took me to walk in Da Lielie.

Amusement park were all multi-level ticket windows are filled with people watching rather Xiya line tickets red green leaves little sense of the very gentleman a seat on the boys Hai Ba is not a sigh long Xiya beautiful is good! Without consuming effort Xiya bought a ticket.

Go! Xiya took me excited to run into.

Merry Christmas Everywhere the slogan written on Santa Claus carrying a sack shuttle people in the crowd to distribute some small gifts. Air floating lantern christian louboutin bootshung on a tree colorful balloon.

If it can be completed in summer like a more fun things. ! Xiya said.

It is also very good! Even without playing in a festive atmosphere round the mood will be good. I smiled and pulled Xiya forth in the crowd.

Hey! Suddenly someone come and console me. Really the two of you for Christmas! Zheng Haoyuan an incredible expression.

Strange? I asked.

Not surprising! He smiled. With it!

Good! Well more people more fun! Xiya gentle smile.

It then going? Zheng Haoyuan asked. Ferris wheel flew like how?

Good! Xiya nodded.

Ferris wheel sitting inside. Overlooking Seoul have felt tall.

Full time for a morning stop-off Zheng Haoyuan mouth no do not know how he was amused to know a Duo Xiya giggle laugh so happy to see Xiya sweet heart.

As night fell a sense of quiet time of day is dawning, completely dark. Street trees are lit up. A colorful little lights blinking in the. The air was filled with festive flavors easily excited slapstick with a group of children. I Xiya go hand in hand in front of the crowd Zheng Haoyuan reduced shuttle bag of 'pensioner'.

Axia hard you tired? Xiya back sorry to ask.

No small cass Zhenghao Yuan thinks too cool to throw a smile.

This is a kind of fate? Nie Yuan is it? No-one would not expect to be in the street Jun-Qi Li Caimeng three Buduoyikuai Chi Hera was also coming. Black coat, hat and flowing white hair! Gentle lovely little face. A gust of wind blew her long hair blowing! The earrings silver ear flashing light.

Standing there on, as the dignified atmosphere. Yu Sheng Xiya take a look to see behind us Zhenghao Yuan's face complex. Fundus interesting imperceptible pain. Xiya smile on his face disappeared.

I look to see Jun Qi Zhi He could not guess he was thinking Xiao Shu was surprised to stand still.

I happened to see Li Caimeng also looked at me and I put herchristian louboutin sale eye to their clasped hands, laughing at himself a smile. Li Caimeng quickly out of hand.

Nan Hee well gone. Li Caimeng Samsam greetings.

Yes! Long time no see the way we really do not know what is strange wind blowing us all here. I smiled.

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