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in the Mang type the living creature didn't°yet completely mbt shoessend back to before fill the hand thunder to the wound.
  "Since gun the dozen be deathless you, I not and at random the thunder still fry deathless you!"Finish a series, the Di Ao turn round and then run toward the meeting to, he don't want to be explode to open of blood flower leap of all of the whole body BE.
  "Bomb!"Chaperonage twos be huge ring, Mang type the living creature be blocked a waist to fry to break, the half that is on the ground sent out despair of Si roaring cry, then have no an interest after the ground ascend leaped 跶 78 times of hard pretty over there.
  "The Di Ao card Si, you have no matter!"Gram the Lai Er and Wen Ni2 be fast of run to Di Ao nearby, on his body return of the Mo Suo wear, with confirm whether he get hurt or not.
  The Di Ao helplessly looking at two female strain of touch kind, play trick of say:"Feed, needless every time so, my body still has where haven't you touched?Think that eating bean curd say 1 with me good!Being touched me by the beauty is can't objection!"
  "Go to!Who rare touch you!"Gram Lai Er didn't good clap of spirit once the bottom of Di Ao, " not just you every time oneself all do so dangerous of affair, we know you it's fierce, but you finally still a kid, don't always do so dangerous of affair, in case of harm how to do?The still not sad dead of Wen Ni2 Jie3!"
  Hear a gram of words of Lai Er, Wen Ni2's cheeks a red, the arm which embrace a gram of Lai Er say:"Gram Lai Er you talk nonsense what, this matter has with me what relation, he get hurt I why want sad?"
  "Yes, you why want sad?"Gram Lai Er basically not the answer Wen Ni2's responsibility ask, looking at of on the contrary a face of Ye Yu she, Wen Ni2 Kan4 the whole body be uneasiness, the end have to have his face raddens all over of face the body which cover up Lai Er at the gram, use remaining light looking at Di Ao of reaction.Difficult to expressly there is the felling of sweet kind in the heart while seeing Di Ao smilingly looking at two people.
  "Thanked you to save me, if isn't the words that you appear in time, I probably would be eaten up by this monster.However this kid's return is really enough severe of, complete be no more inferior to than part of special kind soldier."A mature male of voice interrupted the embarrassed atmosphere of three people's.
  "Thank you of cry up!"The manner of Di Ao toward a man point to nod, at this time he just detection, they save bottom of the person be unexpectedly a standard of handsome boy, one meter eight many of head, the hair of brown comb 90's popular of medium cent, strong of the shape will print to have R.P.D Jing especially complete of fill full.Such the perfect image let the heart of Di Ao in a burst of envy.
  Man same toward Di Ao a point to nod, then toward two female say of manner:"Hi, I call Lyons, Lyons.Kennedy!BE new to adjust!Original think police station the inside can know outside exactly occurrence what affair, have never thought of is here seem more of dangerous."
  Lyons.Kennedy?!Hear this name, in the heart of Di Ao again one earthquake, however very quick then instauration come over.No wonder that president of association of such perfect, complete is original with gram Lai Er set the partner of the brigade.I should early thought of since the ability meet a gram of Lai Er, how can ability leave Lyons.
  However in the middle of my heart this kind of is the felling for dislike to how can return to matter?The Di Ao looking at to can not help a burst of doubt in the smiling face heart of Lyons.

    Two break out of Lai be willing to the city chapter 046 accident insert
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-2915:52:05 origin chapter word number:2328

  "Gram Lai Er.Lai the virtuous and thin Er be virtuous, for seeking an elder brother to just arrive at this city, his a pair be still Wen Ni2 to have the Di Ao the card Si and natively run away from disaster!"Gram Lai Er simple of three people's circumstance introduction once.
  However the Di Ao hear her introduction can not help the cheeks that the Wu live, 'this Lai Er also too honesty of, so easily of oneself wait for someone of the identity said that go out, difficult way she feel to allly die in an accident is all person who can push heart to place stomach?O.K. the other party is a Lyons, and will not do what the affair of space.'
  Hear the introduction of a gram of Lai Er, looking at of Lyons surprise three people ask a way:"What?You aren't here of especially Jing, where be the material of that your body ?"
  The gram Lai Er saw with remaining light one eye Di Ao, detection he slight of shake, probably also know Di Ao not to think other people to know too many of his affair, hence toward Lyons to say:"BE a weapon database in underground to take of, we arrive that of the time weapon database open, may is should close the door for the circumstance urgent police here."
  Say of Lyons half believe:"BE?However also about, the person here all became monster and appear so of error also have no very strange of.So connect down you to fix to go where?I now also there is no place to be go, you don't mind me a set a brigade with you?"
  The Di Ao station come forward to say at this time:"Certainly, the ability have you of help we would also safety a lot of.Connecting down us fix to go not an experiment mansion in the distance and hear there of underground have 1 to lead to the subway out of the city, we plan take that row subway to leave this city."
  "Still have so of subway?That was really too good, we now seek a car to rush out go to.This city my a moment all not wanted to be treat bottom to go to."The Lyons also doesn't suspect other motives, fast of to not a police car which haven't been lift to turn over of distance run.
  Wen Ni2 close to an ask of the Di Ao small voice a way at this time:"Do you believe him to really have no a problem?A person burst upon here oddness really, will not have is think that Jie text a similar person."
  See Wen Ni2 become such careful, Di Ao satisfaction of the point nod, "should have no a problem, after all those people really don't know we have no a necessity more to do this drama to let us see here.And you can also see, he have no special to me of concern, should with those people have no concern."
  "What does your a pair whisper here?"Gram Lai Er suddenly head which check to two people, 1 face curious aboutly looking at two people, " difficult way is what intimate of silently words, don't want let me know?Ha ha, Wen Ni2 Jie3 how so quick reveal his true colors, just still said nonchalance this little devil of?"
  "Which have, gram Lai Er you don't want to blather!"Again abashed blush from shame Wen Ni2 doesn't depend on of scart a gram of Yang Yang of Lai Er, gram Lai Er also give of not resigned to playing second fiddle return shot.
  ", I still really admire you, under the environment that so return an ability dozen to make, I early strain of want dead."Looking at the Lyons that the car open to come over two females whom the Xi make, can not help make fun."Quick get on the car, here always give I a kind of gloomy felling, we still exert to leave at once of good."
  Two females also don't make it a rule an unfamiliar man's in front too and at will and revise looks to walk toward the car right away to, gram Lai Er compete first walk to the copilot's position, then toward to ask you to blink to say:"Wen Ni2 Jie3, you sit on the behind!I at enmity with you robbed position.Ha ha!"
  Wen Ni2 bashful white a Lai Er, then the complexion rosily attain the position of rear row.The Dimbt sale Ao looking at two females to helplessly shake, 'this two women also don't know hair what crazy, I now only just, a 12-year-old kid use of wear make so ambiguity?'
  After wait the Di Ao get on the car, the Lyons then see say toward the Di Ao from the empress car mirror:"I drive, you road, I just came to this city, also don't know concrete how walk."
  "All right!"Di Ao at will of then depend to sit in the rear seat the top the pair of play begin after the answer of short blade, want and see is not because of have what organization just have no a way to stir up an energy long whip.
  However haven't waited them to drive a parking lot, new of bother again sought top they.
  'Bomb!'Along with one huge ring, the Lyons suddenly stopped a car down, the Di Ao was making the short blade rush at himself/herself at this time of point department, huge inertial almost let he put short blade knife oneself of throat up.If it weren't for his reaction quick turned to move to hold a wrist of have the short blade, he true will with this funny of way farewell this world.
  "Stem what suddenly parking?"The not equal great Di Ao toward Lyons loudly of the responsibility ask.Connect a touch Wen Ni2 of the concern Di Ao has been is also a full face of cut up rough of stare Lyons, just that act also give her surprised the cold sweat of the whole body.
  Lyons the front dance in the wind of the dust say:"I also don't think of and just and suddenly drop down from the upstairs a thing."
  Di Ao agreeable the hand of Lyons forward see go to, the huge dust held up all of the road segment of fronts, however O.K. here already close export, the light breeze for once blowing very quick then blow about dust.At this time, a dress soldier coat half kneel to slowly appear in the shadow of human figure on the ground at public of at present.
  "Is that what things?Just was him to drop down from the roof?"Gram Lai Er also some indetermination of ask a way.At gram the Lai Er ask words of time, soldier coat slowly station get up, public at this time impressively detection, this person have two meters at least five of head, whole individual have a liking for to seem a steel to create of general, hug at the clothes of the skin be an all metal gray color.The Mao is bright of baldheaded in go together with the eye Ren of white, only have a liking for go to make the person tremble with fear.
  Suddenly the soldier coat target vision the car of the place at four people up, exceed a heavy step to walk toward them, face the soldier coat which be full of hostility, the gram Lai Er have no the least bit hesitant, stretch out revolver window outside toward a soldier coat continuous button up to move a trigger.'When when when ……'dozen the clear and crisp sound which send out on soldier coat's body let public more of the heart palpitates get up.The gram Lai Er become overdo to ask a way:"We how to do now?"
  "Return how the ability do?Quick run Bai!I feel him is not is ability sit down to come to talk well of type."The Lyons is fast of change pour file, an accelerator car be quick of pour backward.But the soldier coat be still not tight not slow of exceed a heavy step to tailgate four people.
  "That we let him come to a stop!"Gram Lai Er not the letter evilly take out a pair of light machine gun, aim at a soldier coat not to listen to of strafe, however in addition to let the body tiny of soldier adult, have no of results."Damn of, he exactly is what monster, how even be the gun all not afraid?Returned to want not important person to live."
  See a gram Lai Er take off a hand thunder from the body, the Di Ao clapped to clap her shoulder to speak to stop a way right away:"Line, gram Lai Er, don't again waste play a medicine.Have no detection his weakness previous, we still ability province province."

    Two break out of Lai be willing to the city chapter 047 meet challenge to battle alone
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-2915:52:05 origin chapter word number:2840

  "But, if don't kill off his words, how do we go out?"The gram Lai Er very unwillingly say, front not the distance be the street corner that can flee for life, is suddenly live by a puzzling emergence monster, term who will feel not very great.But Di Ao arrestment she is also can not help, after all front of a bio-chemical crisis inside of a small BOOS, now in hand top have no heavy weapons, want to solve the other party isn't so simple of affair.
  The Di Ao held eyebrows to want to mean to say a way:"If I didn't record wrong words, the inside of the parking lot should still have a the road which lead to sewer, we can whence leave, lucky words, how can ratio road noodles top more of safety.And that experiment mansion belong to Anne cloth thunder to pull a company, lane not good the virus which let the city subjugate is to whence send forth of, inside mansion probably would more of dangerous, if ability from the underground direct arrive the position of subway that had better however."
  "What, the city become so pull a company with Anne cloth thunder relevant?What proof do you have?"The Lyons being drive hear the words of Di Ao, surprise of loudly call way.After all the Anne cloth thunder pull the large company of company but world type, Di Ao such'slander', Be a police of he also cannot help but query.
  The Di Ao sneer at 1:"You feel that Anne the cloth thunder pull a company outside, also have who the meeting has so a great power development this kind of abnormal condition of virus?You think front of this arrestment we leave of does the monster come out without basis?Say me again to want a proof stem what, I again didn't plan reveal them.Calculate to there is proof how again?With the Anne cloth thunder pull now of energy, want to bury Lai be willing to city of affair absolutely very easy to do!"
  "How possibility, if really make them do of words, suddenly with the external world lose contact of Lai be willing to city affirmation would have everyplace of the reporter upsurge, by that time calculate Anne the cloth thunder pull the energy of company again big also impossible cover up of live to appear funeral corpse virus of business?"The Lyons which believe firmly law answer criticism, is also 1 face to this Lai Er and Wen Ni2 of approbation, they also don't think Anne cloth thunder to pull a company can easy of cover up this matter past.
  "The pit leak!"The Di arrogant is slow of depend on the seat, light of explanation way:"As long as the Anne cloth thunder pull a company to throw in a nuclear weapon machine to here, all proof will vanish.But lend already seek good, pit reaction heap occurrence condition will is best of give a phrase, a tragedy of birth.Does the ability of the reporters come in by that time?Hum, since they stem development so of virus, how may don't give oneself think good a way out?"
  "Bastard, they can't do so and how can they do so?"The Lyons mercilessly clapped once steer device, the words of Di Ao let him can not find any of answer criticism, have already recognized tacitly this in the heart disaster of function.Gram the Lai Er and Wen Ni2 be also drop of the words be shocked over there, various motion in heart continuously of intertexture together.
  Have no etc. public digest the time of words of drop the Di Ao, he again throw down a words which let the public anger hate, "still have you to think this monster: front is with literally then appear?I miss all of various performance that we come over all the way all pull at the Anne cloth thunder of surveillance under, we now have already become their an experiment object, test their experiment outcome of fight ability."
  Say here, Di Ao oneself also not only wrinkle up of eyebrows, he say of this possibility also just his own guess, however each corner all existence monitor this be an undisputable fact.He although have no how the usage lead flames of ability, the affair always have in case of of circumstance, if oneself of ability drive Anne the cloth thunder pull a company know of words, later of the day will thought of not lead.
  "What!"The words of Di Ao as if the heavy bomb be general and bomb three people's head of keep ring.
  There is no the view of surprise which realize three people, the Di Ao toward Lyons to say:"Good, Lyons parking!Hereafter walk again will bump a wall!"The Lyons smell speech see empress the car more and more near wall and trampled a brake right away.
  The Di Ao step out of the car and toward three people to say:"This matter you record in mind good, if is to personally experience, at last tell others to also know nothing about someone to believe.Now we are main what to think is how escape this city be most importance."Immediately after Di Ao not a door of distance say:"There be the road which lead to sewer, you 3 first past tidy up once possibility existence of funeral corpse, but I stay to temporarily intercept this soldier coat."
  If"that how line, such the dangerous affair how to hand over to you a kid to do ……" hear Di Ao, the Lyons speak objection right away, however haven't waited him to say that finish, see the Di Ao body form one Shan, from car of another part arrive at him, didn't°yet wait him reaction to come over already drive the gun crest is on the head.
  The Di Ao take back a gun, easy of have walked mbt shoes clearancetoward the soldier coat of distance since the engine cover to jump down to of in the meantime head also don't return of say:"Don't what I think too small and weak, if the we two dozen get up and live down of must be me!Quick past, we have no how much time to hold up."
  The Lyons touched touch a forehead just tiny the ice-cold feeling for save, very see of complications one eye Di the figure of the Ao, "we walk!"Then then fast of to Di Ao the door for point run.Gram Lai Er and Wen Ni2 to see one eye, the then close

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