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 once rowed.Two white is long white wing, the bodymbt shoes sale presented the bird person of ancient bronze work color to lean on Lu Gao of nearby.The left side 1 ask a way:"You say why this blood-sucking vampire not afraid sunlight?"The right side 1 answer a way:"If the your ability return to base again the words ask, I think this blood-sucking vampire affirmation meeting to say a voice thanks with you!"But was a words sound to just fall, two people then stretch out the benefit claw dynasty in front a group of difference to change a monster blunt go up.
  This two bird person is exactly the Du thunder steel and Xiao cloud which rush through to a support, but is that question that two people just asked while appear to let Lu Gao some deelpy ashamed.Is exactly also them two people rushed through to come over, the Lu Gao just drew out body, arrive the corner of wall rest went.Although the Du thunder steel and Xiao cloud rushed through to come over in time, change bottom Lu Gao Qu4 fight.Can these differences change the amount of monster is such as solid of many, although two people want ratio Lu Gao Qiang2 Shang4 be some, can cope with can't also share how much cheapness.
  That ground of of the difference change monster as if several sunset have already see food of jackal and wolf general, know madness of dynasty Du thunder steel they of the body rush toward.Though the Du thunder steel and Xiao cloud in every possible way caution also fell bird hair disorderly fly, body also give grasp of don't become appearance.
  The Gan Chen urged to move the cell member on the body, stimulated body cell, let oneself exaltation about 100% ability.Wing lion drive lean against ratio Gan Chen many a hands arm then can dozen of some easy.But the Gan Chen urged to move cell member, body continuously of absorb energy, but again promoted the ability of the oneself.Also make wing lion dozen of cent outside exhausting, much have already hurt bottom of appearance.
  At two people dozen of very hot, not cent female and male of time, rang out in the brain of wing lion a voice:"Enough, see good accept, the effect want by us already far far above us prepare to think so good.You of mission completion, don't do meaningless of sacrifice.Come back, you now not just his opponent." Wing the inside of the lion head ring out of the voice is exactly the T91 which pick up him to return of plan department of minister Chuan wild time Lang.
  Listenned to Chuan a wild time the order of the Lang, wing lion very is angry, oneself just dozen of happy where will have shrink back of meaning, but wing lion now is not former that excite, like to persist doing of wing lion, after all he was subjected to from it not a few teach.Connected an order, wing lion also not good dalliance, keep a dynasty air fly to, with the Gan Chen drew back just some little distance this just say:"If you return emollient spirit, suggestion you help you of friend, today stop here, my in hopes of next time of meet."Say and the wing lion then chuckled to leave the sky of stadium.
  Rao's ising a Gan Chen doesn't want to pass wing lion to want to make track for very much, but if the Gan Chen made track for wing lion, underneath of Du thunder steel several people have a misfortune, that oneself really became convict, also have to forget about it, the path keep add such as place in of war regiment.Gan Chen after join, also because of Du thunder steel and Xiao cloud of effort, remainder not much of the difference change the monster be then tidy up of clean.
  Lu Gao O.K., rest old short while, body already instauration a lot of.The body of Gan Chen compare them to want arrogant of many, nature nothing important problem.Pour is the Du thunder steel and Xiao cloud two people very is exaggeration of a bottom sit to ground up, hold to stretch to 1 rightness of in front already quick didn't the wing of feather cry a way:"His grandmother bear of, why the hair which grasp me, whole body top and bottom this is a few a little bit good-looking, this bottom whole didn't."Xiao cloud is also an exaggeration:"You that ratio I this is much better, at least you that still has a half, I, I even a root hair all didn't, next time again change body's doing not know also can grow out.Grandmother giant panda drop!"Public looking at the Du thunder steel and Xiao cloud, can not help cachinnation get up, waited for a strict dragon parties soldier to rehabilitate.

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The affairs of the west city area stadium, although nation the key figures was right away fierce to stop all television and various information media live, is also request all medium take existing bottom to destroy, can where meeting so smooth.The time that the stadium just started revolt, the whole inside country top and bottom have already spread a time and the now Wu sheep repair a prison but was already late.
  A lot of concern China dynamic state of nation all wire after the affair take place China, hope to get China stadium affairs of confirmation.But in consideration of the special of circumstance, drive all China outward information department with various reason brush-off reply.State Department also the end decision convene first time"difference body research paper meeting", main aim at difference body of research result and abroad organization to domestic start of infringe upon do to respond to.
  Because the special and independence of the dragon shield, so the dragon shield have never participated any nation the meeting of the class after establish.The affair this time has already caused the dismay of whole country top and bottom, but this affairs and dragon shield again have direct of relation, so the dragon shield have to attend, either once so of meeting.
  Attendance the have of meeting dragon shield of the commander in chief strict dragon;The dragon shield main bore orchid station and strict orchid of researcher;The dragon shield is special activity the brigade captain beard breeze and representative China difference body research of research result Gan Chen.Gan Chen is lifetime a time attend this kind of to have snob appeal of meeting, unavoidably some excitement.However thin think of, Gan Chen ability not excitement Yao?This time but the whole nation all heavy head person can all is come, even chairman's adult also because of affair of influence already close internationalization, also take out time, arrive at a meeting the spot.
  Generous of meeting table up, the chairman sit a head at the table, flank get to sit a temples grey hair Jing body thin bone, although is already old, is the whole body outstanding soldier to pack dress up to also let this old man seem to be old but not Shuai, spirit outside the cent.This would be now minister Li3 Dong Cheng2 of Ministry of National Defense and did for the motherland national defense construction huge of achievement.
  After Li3 Dong Cheng2 listenned to announce of everyone's noodles, from station get up, say:"This affair is very tough, I miss everyone to also all know, each with its everyone keep an one's own opinion here, rather and all quiet down to listen to strict dragon the strict senior clerk's words want of a good many.After all the dragon shield has after establish very big of result at inside, certainly also have a lot of we don't know of secret, I think a strict set back a good to you explanation of."But was Li3 Dong Cheng2's words sound to just fall,mbt shoes clearance then see would top public in succession vision hurl to at one the side close tightly a pair of dragon with strict purpose.
  If the strict dragon listen to get Li3 Dong Cheng2 and can not help in mind complaining of hard lot:"Old Lee, you how still that old appearance, always to brothers I too of trust, give me the so big burden to carry on the back again."Think to here, the strict dragon openned eyes and looking at a meeting table the previous double to stare continuously to looking at oneself of national legislature member, took a look chairman again, hurriedly the station have a body and say:"Believe everyone know all countries in nowadays of strategy situation.Each nation all doesn't want to fight, can again all think to the resources of occupy other country.But if that nation return at, so they can not gratisly get them want of thing."
  Strict dragon a little bit, immediately after way:"Along with change of time, each nation all strong day by day, strong.But opposite their strong, but their land already remain only a few.So they will expand oneself's territory.But now of international form to say, have again who will move clear fire clear cannon?Calculate him to want to loot, perhaps he didn't also which courage, know to launch war of person, just give those desire war, hope war, but dare not to launch war of person cushion road.And the price of the war be very big, fee very big effort dozen land for come, probably already drive oneself of cannon fire dozen of can not usage also not is impossible.All of these be what we once experienced.
  Owing to above-mentioned reason, so a lot of expectation war, hope get other people territory of nation beginning secret of research, hope research a kind of the war tool which have no nitric smoke.Hence a lot of nation then beginning human body evolution arrive strong haughty air science research.Our nation be an among those, but our point of departures don't be to invade, also not is kill, but for protect oneself of nation and territory.
  The affair of the X2 secret base I miss everyone to know and just cover up us research there of one level yarn, at it of underneath be our real of research, that be the dragon shield.Yes, we obtained very big of research result, but, we also met an enemy in the meantime.Try to give it a bit of thought, most hope get China this land, and to bio-chemical technique of research again do so thoroughly of meeting is who?"
  If a year 60 or so, facial expression oak with of the old man saw one eye strict dragon and fiercely stare to say:"Are you to say Japan?"
  The strict dragon smiled to smile and looking at a meeting table up of public again way:"The disaster which is given us the nation to bring by the Japanese I miss everyone to know, they be a nation which consistently use a bio-chemical means and certainly also have in their backs some nation at support he, want not him didn't also that courage.Say of seem to be some run, however the topic also are just led to come out because of these.
  This time the affairs of the stadium is from the our hand inside control of data to see, definite that day origin of bio-chemical monster is.However they aren't the enemy of our unique.Speak from the means, probably Japan be getting aer little bit crueler.But come up to see from the strength, another with get world for target of organization perhaps want to be difficult to deal with of many."
  The chairman took a look the national legislature member on the table, see a strict dragon again and say:"Old and strict, you don't sell lovely, say, do we listen to."
  The strict dragon looking at chairman, point nod a way:"Blood-sucking vampire everyone once heard?"The words of strict dragon lead an openings, lead to an underneath a burst of and fantastic.One person say:"Those are just the story in the movie, just some Europe of legend, where will have what blood-sucking vampire."
  The strict dragon shook to shake head and immediately after say:"If isn't me to see with own eyes, I can't believe, either, also will take it for a legend, be it be that the story in the story is similar to see.But, the time in us and the foreign influence conflicts, definite ran into it, ran into blood-sucking vampire.Their existence is absolutely true.They are an ancient myth, an ancient tribe.They love blood, so be subjected to our reject of mankind's tribe with kill.Race in order not to of destroy completely, they hid underground, just at step by step of instauration oneself of ability, crazy idea have a dynasty the first return to a ground, rule world.But because of difference body technique of emergence, make their plan advance of slow-moving of start carry on."
  The strict dragon is say that see the information department that a side sit upright minister ten thousand grow a green secretary to attach an ear past, don'ted know to say some what, see ten thousand grow green facial expression very not good-looking.Needed strict dragon words a sound to just fall, ten thousand grow green then station get up, the blunt chairman say:"Just received network supervision the information of the department.Now Internet top is spread hair 1 to record elephant, be named'three bird person bad Dou west different race monster of the city stadium'.Just my secretary already identification this news, also see relatedly record elephant, definite be yesterday fight of condition.Just don'ting know is how spread of net up."
  The chairman closed lightly purse one's lips, took a look a national legislature member and say:"Affair since already so, also have to go with it.However, since the enemy started to invade to perhaps challenge to us, we want to give them pain of teach, even want to let them to pay bleed of price.Outward information department also need not is conceal news, such as if again have news to come over, all with the foreign tribe invade for from answer they.As for what they say that three bird person, direct reply they that is our difference body troops, again want to ask of detailed, all don't answer."
  The chairman words sound just fell, just wanted to prepare to meeting adjourned, but is thoughted of again what, turn a head to toward a strict dragon to say:"Strict senior clerk, exterminate an enemy difference body, carry on this so-called don't have the war of nitric smoke of the mission handed over to you, I with nation the chairman's name give your dragon shield be the tallest to make especially, nation in addition to national affairs section, any other armed and the Jing matter section can be transfer by you, hope what you do be better."Say, beard breeze and Gan Chen turning to see to see a strict dragon after death, this just meetinged adjourned and came out national legislature center.
  PS:Today's ising pure is to forget renewal!!!Night.Ha ha, code word of too devotion!!!

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Openned in the national legislature center together with strict dragon a morning of meeting, close by the noon just returned to dragon shield a base.Early in the morning top the Gan Chen had a meal, this meeting belly already hungry get up, scold a way in the heart:"The belly that this doesn't fight to excel, the past wasn't so either and attend, now can good, just arrive chow time noisy want something to eat."The in the mind scold and the Gan Chen have already arrived a restaurant.
  Just entered the door of restaurant, Gan Chen immediately stopped footstep, wink on seeing a quiet and empty restaurant, immediately dark way:"Is today to how make?Good the elephant above didn't say leaves?This person all which go to?"The Gan Chen want not to aware of self of came right away the information desk of restaurant, the young lady who looking at an information desk asked a way:"Today how so clean?So little person?"That service young lady didn't good see of spirit the Gan Chen be one eye, vomit 1 don't know then cold not D of low head, see have newspaper.
  This with one action move to really make the Gan Chen feel embarrassed, just wanted to go away, was then shouted by the eldest brother uncle of kitchen down, the eldest brother uncle of that kitchen see Gan Chen stop bottom, and the openings say:"All go what playroom go to, say that is to see what hard news.This not, did the rice of full table still have a half and eat!"Say and looking at that vegetables that oneself personally do and love of want dead.The cook looking at oneself of the rice nobody eat and love very much.But see oneself of rice someone eat, can ate a half and then give to throw down, is also love.Gan Chen bad have no go to comfort that eldest brother uncle, looking mbt shoesat that wretchedness Ba Ba's kind, hurriedly went toward the playroom.

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