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The weight of Qian Yang a potential even in mbt shoes salesuffocation delusion.

Napoleon said before: one does not want to do is not a good soldier, General military. Vector is a good soldier, from his battles outside the village out the day he is determined to make a command thousands of men in general

Army. Unfortunately the identity of his unfortunate early meteorite, the embodiment of the ghost. But even so he still has not abandoned the ideal of a general. Resolutely and natural to join the army to the town water, since the students do not command

Spirit of the general, then make a ghost will also command a good Nether. The army for many years, rise of water in the town high school a lot of things military. This contradiction is for young bones with fire, he combined his many years of innovation by science

Out a spear law specifically for refining. He imagined that one day he can put the bones of the spear that shot blue fire ghost will Yinbing thousands of vertical and horizontal command and the battlefield.

As a scout camp centurion vector, usually action less than the bones of the young fire spear. Blue fire and he will split into 10 bones of the spears turn into 10 bones of the chilly wind arrows. Contact intact when the vector has been superb in their own

The Archery enemy. Although this blue fire to Make long bones of the spear, but how many years the opportunity has never appeared. So much Yang destroyed the longbow arrows, appeared to be pulling the tiger's teeth, is released

The one Xiongshou, a chest full of endless anger can not wait to tear the money with the film Xiong Shou Yang.

Vector strength of many of the already high expense Yang, let alone a handheld weapon pride, as one to homicide it until it's vector. Young full outbreak of the money has not freed itself from the crisis

Instead, deeper into yourself.


Green Fire bones spear carrying vector of boundless anger hit, watching the blue fire continually larger bones of the spear lanceolate Jan mind free hi money and no generation. He recited the mantra turned into a Bangtaiyaoyuan, thirty feet tall giant elephant power

Disabilities. Such as the bright yellow diamond hands, fist into a hammer, howling soon as display their 'crazy ape stone fist' boxing such as fresh green fire drill Looking bones of the spear.

Ding Dingding ... ... ... ... Dingding Ding Ding Dingding Dingding Ding ... ... ... ... ... ... Dingding Ding Ding Dingding Dingding Ding ... ... ... ... ... ... Dingding Ding Ding Dingding Dingding Ding ... ... ... ... Ding Dingding Dingding Ding ... ... ... ...

Boxing, spear from the very jaws intersection of violence immediately soured the harsh noise, scattered Mars gorgeous but who reveals a cold shiver beholder.

75th Chapter reinforcements

Boxing and spear the collision, sparking numerous looks gorgeous in fact four volts of spark beholder. Yang Qian ancient monster that strange forces in general spear through the bones of the young fire as shore Jingtao wave after wave of rush vector. Although the vector

And change into a giant money like wrestlers, like Young has a good thirty feet high. But he can not afford it from the womb Li Dai Young out a divine power, a little arrow in the innate conditions of disadvantage. However, the lack of congenital

Able to use the method to resolve the day after tomorrow. Speaking in Green Fire vector arm bones of the spear actually been to the naked eye can not detect the high speed of vibration. Green fire the arm bones spear driven shock vibration, in

Role in the shock passed over under the power of resolving the many, when they reached the vector when the body has become insignificant.

In fact, this resolving power vector technique seems simple, but really need to do together is quite difficult. Because the flesh is so intolerable to the frequency of vibration. Human body and not just

A few pieces of bone, almost flesh that simple. In cortex, the muscles are the passages of the blood vessels there. Those in the high-speed vibration under the meridians, blood vessels will not be long before violent open. Lose these

Transmission signal and energy meridians and blood vessels, even if you are made of bronze casting cast-iron knives and guns as, water and fire do not even think about moving a finger invaded also. Thus a person wants to display their flesh and blood so sophisticated

Skills, need long-term intensive training, hit his body and just revolve the firm, soft water tenacity footer. To money Yang, for example, when he put 'twelve animals with formula' have become a major refinery.

He also would like the ease of this vector is now displaying the skills of the.

"Humph! Fluff dare show off!"

Although the heart of the exquisite skills of clear vector display their own is impossible, but refused to show weakness mouth Yang Qian, at the same time he stretched his left leg was fierce, kick kick. Do not look into the huge changes of money as power Jan

Disabilities, the Bangtaiyaoyuan, body stout, in fact, Yang's skill of money is still flexible. This is extremely quick kick him out, thick as pillars of the giant legs with a dull breaking wind lightning beautifully organized Games

Vector of the crotch. Qian Yang, the mind 'put down Yam feet' Henla very, fully demonstrated the Chinese martial arts combat martial me the essence of the office. If the kick is kicked fact the descendants of the root that may dangerous. Only

Vector but the specter of the body, but a mass of qualitative intangible wildfire, where there are descendants of the root! Qian Yang, Vector will not even kicked in by too much damage.

But although the specter of the vector itself but in the end he was a man in front. As long as a man under his own cross things have not mind that. Yang to kick in money when the vector face changed, and no Jew

Yu-foot pop-up attempt to put the money to open Young kick to the foot. But he rushed out of legs, could not do the best. Qian Yang Di Deguo there was raging Sha Zhao, legs with feet to end vector of the total defeat

. Qian Yang kick not only kicking the vector of skin boots, but also homeopathy mbt shoes clearancestorm kicked his leg. Lost a leg in the vector immediately lost his balance and body irresistible to the one-sided. Qian Yang that

Ken Fang had such a good opportunity to go to the palm of fist to jaw bones of the spear won the blue fire.


Vector will make money there, Young fulfilled or Lengheng soon as, blue fire, bones of the spear on the volume emitting a pathetic state of the fiery serpents money Yang. And he was pulling himself fiercely to the sky, and pull the money Jan distance. Intersection of these soldiers after a short

Yang Qian strength vector a deeper understanding. Qian Yang infuriating indeed the strong degree of sophistication and moves less than this years Old Devil vector. But his playing was a womb out of brute force is not Li Dai

Vector can be aspired to. Pull the money from the vector Yang will do want to play dead and two near the body is difficult to say who wins on the. Yang is the case of money the tragedy of young fire bones of the spear, was put on ice for so long finally have played

Opportunities, but found himself Eritrea However no use.

Qian Yang a 'seamless Xuan Gang the formula' Protection Gear not without fear 'Green P wildfire', his body simply unmoved Pro fiery serpents. Understand their strengths money that Ken Fang Yang escape any vector. And to reciprocate

Also, vector sent him a snake he was granted to return a gift. 'Python God strangulation technique' started to Shi, the two arms turn into two thick long Guaimang, Zhang was Xuependakou, the vector Zhixi away.怪蟒 to

Attack, Xing Feng blackening the sky, vector Anhu bad bones of the hands of young spears of fire, changing the pumping of seven inches to Guaimang Department. Snake fight fight seven inches, although the two Guaimang Jan arms metamorphosis from money, not really python

Snake. But their weakness is their very real seven inches. Seven inches by the severe impact of the moves were broken immediately go. Back to the two primitive arms erythema prominent exception.

The two arrows under the whip, seemingly mediocre, in fact, bloodshed, An Jin Mao bones fire spread through the green of money on top of Young's arms. Qian Yang's arms on the surface looks just knock bruising. In fact

Qian Yang arms of the ulna and radius have been that sharp in the dark to cut off the town. Quan Jin Jin clear, Anjin, three types of strength. Ming Jin, namely, the vigorous boxing is boxing in the Ming Jin, Lian Tao refined gas.

Anjin who punches in the supple strength (strength and flexibility of different soft, soft in the weak, soft non-weak also). Anjin hand, foot and stop without stopping, fist in the strength used, is fine, gas, God shared. Of strength, namely, training of God

Also true, too, said the effort of washing pulp. Futuresoft is Anjin got to the point to the smooth, supple that of the poles, Anjin the end.

Qian Yang, refined gas still in the training stage, punch out one foot still in the state of Jin. So, to use the vibration vector method of eliminating the momentum built up in the money Young. If the money Young will Anjin, and if that vector dare

Why do that he is the pit where lanterns - court death. Insert a way, that day to get rid of red-mei Yang Qian hole to find the Lord is the Anjin-style Kung Fu. By Ming Jin An Jin standard display their skills for this

Do not see a crisis, no one will do away the residual brain. In order to restore the precise date of loss, gas, Qian Yang, God does not know how much time and money spent.

"Give me down!"

'Shouted Leo Wonderland', such as nine-thunder, rolling noise, like a real night sky of arrows directed at overwhelming fly away. Noise into the blood exudes strong hot sun, the atmosphere, which makes body

Class vector for the ghost was very uncomfortable. Strong feeling dizzy, so that waves in the trance vector mind. The battlefield is constantly changing, as long as you slightly negligent, it is possible to move your head

. Battle-hardened vector understand the brutality of the battlefield, so he is his own state of worry now.

Qian Yang know only one opportunity to use the 'QR Wonderland shouted' down the shock vector. So he does not hesitate to mobilize all of the blood. Xinmaitong by concussion of his so doing he is very dangerous. A

Once insufficiency, the heart of the money may be immediately Yang stopped beating. Although cardiac arrest does not necessarily mean die. But this is life and death in the battlefield, the enemy will not because you heart

Guilty and mercy. But will take this opportunity to add insult to injury you are the opponents away. But the money Jan choice, as long as the distance vector and pulled him, then he must die. Although he did not bow

A, but must be other long-range attack. By that time the money will fall into the passive Young among the pressing want is just to be playing as. Defeat an enemy is not to give him the chance into the body


At this point a gray knife behind rainbow appears in the vector, vector roar of Zhanxiang the back. Dizziness, mind trance vector seriously reduced ability to respond. When he found that the time has not

Too late. Hong gray knife fiercely Zhanluo, only heard 'rip flapping' voice too Yana pieces from the hands of Blackwater clan craftsman skin a total loss. The loss of armor of bound, vector of heap

Wisps of green in the Green P tragic. Qian Yang, Vector did not expect reinforcements coming so quickly, under the unsuspecting ignorant of what was hit.

"Smoke in the desert! Ha ha ... ... green you got here in time!"

Qian Yang a make out that Zhanxiang vectors that knife was 'Dust To Glory knife'. City Council that the Liangxi unique offerings knife gate desert people who send only one that Money son of Yang's fiancee - Liu Qingqing. Liu Qingqing

The emergence of the spirit can not help but make money, Young lifted. His arms, although the algorithm of fault vector to Anjin, be temporarily lost fees, but his moves are still fierce. Yi Deng saw his legs straight dauntless, actually to

Hammer head to hit the embodiment mbt shoesof a mass of green phosphorus Wisps of the vector. Qian Yang this in mind peen hammer formidable, are to form the most, click on the arrow pierced the body of the ghost. Qian Yang would like to make persistent efforts in one fell swoop just Taimieqinglin

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