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To force the pace on even the Meng Hao Ting Feng hand picked an easy pull back that would have gone to walk unsteadily unsteady slender body and even Meng naturally fall out of his arms.

Feng Hao Ting suddenly bow outrageous looting started

This sudden kiss startled to teach with Meng could not help but wish how stupid is that? He should

How is this possible

Two-phase stick lips tightly set four objectives louboutin knockoffsset by the sudden flash of light, looking in between the two is not mad they put agitation shook the whole body anesthesia.

Definitely a dream! Because in reality he is not broken do this to her so this is definitely not the real world! With Meng such a daze thinking.

Serious point! People found the arms of some distraction softly closed Haoting wrist was not satisfied.

I would like to talk back, but only one mouth is even more thoroughly been violated.

Feng Hao Ting wanton lips and in her adopted tongue who insisted on living her typical sweet Pa decisions based on the tip of the tongue is the deterioration in catches hold of her tender raw clove.

Do not want to escape, he was immediately embraced tightly wrapped with Meng did not move.

Were barely out of breath with a kiss to be only weak against the closure Meng Hao Ting body. God! Strange how could this dream real?

Kiss still getting intermittent closures Haoting not nostalgia. He should keep gentleman, he should be moved away but why hands and feet is the body's own will?

Vertical eye closure Hao Ting Yan Qiao saw her bright red: heart under a burst of endless agitation. Damn! Move is not a gentleman position of vulnerability so he can not at this time on he could not take advantage of her!

But she looks beautiful, and his response is so direct it into a gentleman he really did it?

Really he is not very good to give up this opportunity!

Having said that he did not need to fight back like it! Anyway, she will always be his wife how he must endure? Say if she was not settled by the event may refuse him now?

If the matter reached the ears of the two elders nodded she did not marry into!

Although this is indeed the villain a bit strange, but also told him nothing of her own consumption so long to do?

Thoughts to clarify the mind to go sealed Haoting not revealed proud laugh. Picked up her body bent speak unwarrantedly quickly take cover Haoting suite bathroom to bed until around comfort.

@ @ @

Instead, the night faded warm morning. Sunlight streaming into the room through the windows as the cold chill of winter a little expulsion.

Touch of shadows stretch his hands toward the sky and then swing around, doing the most basic stretching moves

Oh - it hurts! Aching feeling of waking up people from the invasion had not issued a low-Ming.

Strange! How could it hurt? Feels like being run over like ten trucks.

Slowly opened his sleepy eyes stared straight ahead line of sight is people can see a fine embossed ceiling, alas? When her room has been renovated?

Oh beginning to hurt so badly want to mind, but with no way to stop thinking because Meng - the ceiling of her room, not a long way! Pumping pain on the left hand ask the forehead straight right hand to the side of this fight is to fight to teach Meng is not even more overwhelming. The first side of the face with Meng saw a close-up and face the fact that she cooked the owner can not be cooked to

Ai - stunned than three seconds in addition to scream with Meng already do not know what else to do.

How can it be!

To be added to the shock even Meng has refused to take the head, body pain, she was scared to death which is still almost empty to manage those minor ailments little pain?

Noisy dead! Suspended early in the morning what voice? Still people unhappy in their sleep softly and Chen Sheng.

After listening to his deep husky voice with Meng more want to scream! Because she saw things that should not see - that is, his upper body and lay beside her God! How could this be? Yeah, and so wrong! That was her? suddenly pulled the body of the quilt covering her eye to the quilt and looked down to see her just like this direct fainted!

Ellen - this is called a once or twice can not stop because even Meng is already a completely aghast!

Sheet under the picture so terrible! She has not a body-inch strand not a thing he has!

How could this be finished? In the end what happened? She told him, he told her! She did not know it!

Shut up! Volley flying time is a big palm firmly continue to cover her mouth screams, but also with a low voice soon.

Kaifeng Hao Ting Wu Wuwu to pull a big hand but his is the force much larger than themselves can only be used with Meng Han Yuan Meimou death glared at him. Come on by her terrible, but he screams to wake the righteous and she even dare to stare at people?

Spray did not think about it, but his eardrums were breaketh the Lord! Closure Haoting who are extremely dissatisfied to stare hard to create a high-decibel noise of the people. No then told! Severe hypotension so he got up his face when the worst and most frightening. Of course, temper too!

Well ah reluctantly head with the point of not saying Meng's eyes full of sad.

Stared with Meng two seconds in the wild will not be sure she is really after the closure Haoting This is called the satisfaction of let go and then - down he drifted away to sleep trying to recover.

Feed him what attitude? She would like to ask a stomach Yeah! He even dared to lie to her so go back to sleep? Unhappy with Meng already closed my eyes staring at that person.

Reached out to push the wrong people but think they feel because of her hand to pull the quilt surrounded by their own body! So she decided to think with their feet after two seconds Jiaoren -

Hey - not just a kicking her feet stopped waiting for the closure Haoting response.

Yeah? Ignore her? Then a kick even more loudly shouted Meng people -

Hey! He can not fall asleep sochristian louboutin boots her friends have something to ask him!

Who kicked a bad mood how to move the bed do not want to ignore Collage, noisy bird sparrow.

Later! How he so wrong? People really have something to ask him yeah he goes to sleep like a Oh? Knelt with Meng unwilling to get up to much of the quilts themselves volumes.

She looked down to read his body is not dense enough package ah well! Sure that no trace of leakage in even after Meng This direction to remove him.

Hey! To get going I have something to ask you to remove the more to the other side of the quilt the more he is to roll her body to the final closure Haoting already empty.

Damn! Gradually reduced as the quilt was finally closed Haoting cold air to the cold wake. You put the quilt away to do? Cold!

Why you took the liberty? Well she just want to ask him what his fierce fierce What? Ah! Really are a fraud gentle night Ay? Uh? Wrong! What is the last night of the tender?

Bearing in mind that memory of mine who had been reversed with the speed of light has finally remembered last night, Yu Jun various God! Let her die of it!

I am fierce? Joke! He usually is the way to get used to her not long overdue?

He tried to reach out and pull from the other end had a little bit of her quilt cover her body with a half minutes of partial charity literally do not want to pull him playing war.

Do not grab other people's quilts it! Shocked shocked, but quilts are normalized so that he can not grab!

Inside joke, but she's got nothing to wear bare Yeah! Even if even if the progress they have progressed to the point where she should could not take off clothes bare generous relative.

I grab your blanket? Hear her yelling with bulging eyes closed Haoting inevitably funny.

We're with a lady lying on a quilt cover is the same cold I'm afraid you are afraid of a cold blanket! Big hand pull the seal Haoting attempt to regain their own right to the enjoyment of the other half.

You! Him that people usually drink it when whistling at any rate have to act like a gentleman at this time, right?

How? From the nose Lengheng the air seal Haoting indomitable continue to compete for volume in her quilt. Also half of it to me! Come on a cold day is cold you want to harm him?

Do not! Large quilt rolled back back back back to a straight with Meng They came very eyes fixed on his face.

Lian Meng! You do not cross the Oh! Sat up letters to the extreme Haoting really upset bare chest with both hands to hold him a ferocious stare she kept to the back of the figure.

Well then passed on, passed on! He'd like to see where she can go back? Sneer at the lips sealed Hao Ting Pan looked at her and opened his cold to way back.

Uh! How he looked at her this way? Feel strange malicious

Ai - thoughts go to half of the people come to a halt because she had been wrapped in blankets fell off the bed to go.

Kazakhstan - deserve it! Sound self-styled Haoting ridicule over the side of his mouth came the low bed looking at her embarrassed probe.

You you you are ridiculed for even a few degrees Meng finally stand up straight after struggling body.

Stand upright pace angry she wanted to criticize the results of a few looks to see his eyes open after she was pretty embarrassing red Yen whole.

! You! Ah cough Mom! From top to bottom to see his naked not shy of the red tide really hard to climb her whole body, face and even the ears are bright red.

N can not stand her first degree Diaosang Zi Feng Hao Ting angry at her out of bed then move away but he entered, he retired again into her, she passed on

A retreat once again into the overlying cover angered Fanfan and intolerance index closed Haoting suddenly a rush of a body directly connected to the ground mercilessly bashing pressure Meng Zhu

Yeah you really have enough noise! A lip seal Haotinglouboutin boots displeasure write performance is obvious.

Ai - Ai - so on the more ambiguous about the position is even more panicked Meng exclaimed again and again.

Then told? You're welcome to call me Lo! Evil laugh even seen flying in the lips and bile Meng scared silence no longer afraid to jump immediately to issue the moment the slightest sound.

Oh, no! Big fat early in the morning he would not, right?

Do not tamper with Damn! She do not know that it is easy to brink it?

Heard the warning into the sealed Haoting efforts with Meng still trying to escape his twist control. Shuzhi anyone to move their own web space of just unwise because the person has been completely as if to provoke.

You mess with me! Bow closure Haoting deceive the lips of her snout.

Wuwu Wu Meng stunned endless do not know why even turn into such a scene, but no matter what the reasons are too late!

Because the next moment she had been flooded his mind to fight again I do not know why things

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