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! It was not little it? Just then I heard a familiar loud voice. Joe! I turned to find her to come over here. His next one is Korean.

Really little. They came to about 1 meter awaychristian louboutin knockoffs from where I one issued Han exclaimed. Then he opened the eyes of those boys very windy pulled me out.

Joe took my hand and gave me a comforting look what you are doing! She frowned momentum of the roar that they were very red.

Is a little bit hey Korea!

Do not think so.

No idea he was such a woman.

Chen also and Xiaou just now and this stuff!

Crowd of people around quickly. Talk up one after another.

If you want to be eldest hit gave me shut up! At this time a cold hair Korea Order. Strong! The crowd fell silent and his eyes are closed his mouth with horror.

Boss? Chen is Xiaou it? How he did not come. Is angry? I am a little lost.

You even dared to touch him? Not want to live. This time Joe say they despise.

Ha ha ha ha ha! They crowd laughed rampant this ungrateful woman she has a friend. You tell your boyfriend this is her husband learned his wife right and proper. What are you excited! Finished they pulled the LMH nausea smile he hung his arm was also the woman arm. I, I, in my eyes the tears that are straight up. I swallowed it down I let them flow.

Han and Qiao expression of a dislike to see them smile.

Lee Min-ho you this Shaqian Dao's! You dare to come! This time the female voice of a popular West Lake, and Xiu Xiu gallop over there. Her expression is angry.

Why am I not come. LMH shadow expression also seems that he still remember the cold up and the hatred that slap.

The last thing you should not find you afterwards to a kneeling Bodhisattva. Even dare to come. Xiu Xiu to squeeze onto the retaining me to come behind.christian louboutin shoes Took to heart a sense of security.

The buzz around the increasingly larger.

Han little helper you are powerful people get so much good horrifying. I told you not think that I can not live without you in fact! I do not like you. You stupid! That I love you! I tell you to come to you today because I have not Wanyan you! Who knows you so ungrateful. Have been accused of being not even say words. Haha what now imposing! He quipped that the words to say to insult me not the slightest sympathy for every word to attend a lecture in my heart right now.

Han little did you really committed to dissuade you do not listen to friends, and his contacts. Now become the object by his insults. It is you've asked for. I looked down, biting his lips aggrieved stubborn body tremble.

You you you you you! ! ! ! ! Xizi trembling with anger.

At this point the crowd burst into a scream.

Xia Ou Chen them coming. Joe heard the voice of surprise.

He is coming? I suddenly fear that in such awkward situations can not be humiliated by his situation to extricate themselves seen. But no place to hide.

With the approaching footsteps of the atmosphere they seem to quiet down because of his momentum.

Han little school, I do not make you wait for me? Are you doing! His voice was not dangerous and sputtered with mood. I felt he had arrived in front of me looked at me condescending. Do not know why so familiar to hear a kind of curse I suddenly moved to the urge to cry. I bowed my head did not speak.

Then like a helpless kitten grabbed his hand gently to find the master general of his clothing or jewelry, I felt his body was a deadlock. His eyes had been firmly fixed on my hands trembling slightly.

Eyes do not suddenly become a melting of the ice to kill exudes breathtaking views. He began to tremble because of the audience.

Who you move her. He raised his head and sound of the death sent from hell who promised no doubt that there is only one consequence is death.

There were all soft column features the bowed down to the ground started trembling mouth the words Xiaxia Xia Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry boss. We do not know do not know the LMH is no exception.

He gently took my hand and tugged his clothing or jewelry. But suddenly Yi Chan. I saw his hand suddenly appeared in a white liquid.

Is the tears! I am fighting back tears tears in his post even if such a heinous inexplicable to flow down. A kind of intimacy is a kind of a tender love, protected feeling completely let my tears burst.

More fierce and more away.christian louboutin I feel that he has an air suction back.

Then a pair of strong arms into the arms of my embrace.

When the smell that familiar scent of lavender after I burst into tears without any burden.

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