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 to, hence then ask for the opinion of absolute being agriculture.
    The absolute being agriculture say:mbt shoes sale"Currently also definite have no place can go, but your house safety Yao?"
    Chen2 Xin He2 say:"You trust, I ain't a city person of Su, my house I a person is here."
    Absolute being agriculture hence the point nod to say:"You want don't first past of come back from cellular phone number lane, I also want to do."
    Hence three people did a cellular phone together, follow to arrive at Chen2 Xin He2 's house, three people all felt tired, Chen2 Xin He2 then arrangement they respectively room rest, oneself also rest.
    The strong dragon sleep that the United States, exert is good dream, the dream wear later how heel Chen2 Xin He2 happiness happiness.Do, the saliva continuously and downwards flow and almost have never give°ed the whole bed to flood.
    At his dream wear to mutually kiss with Chen2 Xin He2 's intense emotion of time, suddenly hear someone call him.
    The his eye is one Zheng, is an absolute being agriculture to shout him.
    He sit to rub eye Cape question and answer:"What matter?You how still endlessly interest?"
    The absolute being agriculture slightly say:"Wear good clothes, go out with me."
    The strong dragon ask:"Arrive where go to?What about new lotus?"
    The absolute being agriculture say:"Find whole all-powerful, don't say with new lotus, that is her good.You if true like her, don't lift this matter, have advantage to her."Say finish to throw to him an eyes, say:"Infrared ray of, give you."
    Strong dragon lightly""1, the full brain suspiciously looking at an absolute being agriculture, but whole at the thought of all-powerful spirit not dozen 1 come, came to spirit while ascend.Hence sign a horse to wear good, followed an absolute being agriculture to walk, have gone out to just know originally for night.
    Absolute being agriculture very hemp benefit ground the car which use key Chen2 Xin He2 launch, and let the strong dragon get on the car.The strong dragon know him very magical power, but still keep cannotting help but ask a way:"You know whole all-powerful where?This car ……"
    The absolute being agriculture smile way:"At your rest moment I already go out to find out good, the car key be what I take in building from Chen2 Xin He2 , my eyes can see at the mid-night, so don't infrared ray glasses, there is also problem Yao?"
    This pour to say the strong dragon be embarrassed and hurriedly compensate to say with smile:"I literally ask and I also think that seeking him beg for a justice."
    The absolute being agriculture smile not language and the acceleration drive.Turn an eye, come right away Su city west the amusement club building of office of Washington of the suburb, this club building of office be whole all-powerful and private club building of office, there are 13 story highs.
    Two people near of parking lot lake good car, then go on foot to arrive at Washington's club building of office.The club building of office in evening still is noisy uncommon, 13 F in the whole mansion be all bright and open.
    The absolute being agriculture then take a strong dragon to walk to mansion back and the rightness strong dragon say:"Come with me."Say that finish did upward the posture of rock climb and follow a beckon with the hand to signal hint a strong dragon to come over.
    The strong dragon then come over heel he together along the wall upwards climb, the in the mind still have a little falsely, action have a little slow.The absolute being agriculture slightly say:"You these day fighting skill all did the white practice?This small ction, ha ha!"
    The strong dragon listenned to and wish:"Anyway there is absolute being agriculture, I be afraid of."Not strain, on the contrary action quick.
    Turn the eye arrive at a layer and two people then turn over a window to go in.Originally this is a very big saloon, turn on a light, but nobody, the hall in the center have very big of round table.The absolute being agriculture say to the strong dragon:"We seek a ground to hide and treat would whole all-powerful meeting come of."Say that finishing to pull a strong dragon hide to depend inside the bookcase of window in the hall.
    The outside spread someone to talk at this time of voice also mix up with odd pieces of footstep voice, followed a door to open, a group of person got into hall.Strong dragon's sewing to see what to lead the way through the bookcase is exactly whole all-powerful, the behind follow a few men and women, what the skin color all have and have 1 among them is exactly a leaf to fly.
    The leaf fly an end to come in and pass good door, then the owner sit down respectively.The seat of host which depend a window is the shape of a typical model German human race tall and big in stature man, his left side position sit a blood relationship in the one dimension city young man, right side then one light hair beauty of the German blood relationship.He opposite depend a door seat of host to sit 1 of common man, his left side is exactly whole all-powerful with the leaf fly to one by one in order sit, the right side sit an England blood relationship Qiao girl, again next is a black race man.A little bit another sit top to have some a person, the strong dragon at that time see not pure.
    Listen to whole all-powerful first speech:"Welcome the everybody arrive at my simple home, hope tonight is delectation of night.I am here very safety, will not have any information will reveal to go out, though everyone speak without any inhibition."
    The German man say with the Chinese language of standard:"Whole total, very with gratitude you of reception.For the news of your son disappearance, we also feel very sad, but after all didn't find out his corpse, elucidation he still return alive of hope.We premier William to international revenge a party to also hate bitterly very much, but the common people nonsupport government launch a military to assault."
    Opposite of England the blood relationship man immediately say:"This everything pass graveness, the Fu pull a president is also very concern.But uproot international revenge a party, that affair that isn't easy, this everyone understand of."
    Strong dragon understand William is Germany of incumbent premier, the Fu pull is the United States incumbent of Judea descendant female president, again add always green is the Earth triumvirate nowadays in the country chairman's clock.In the heart not from get a surprised:"Only all of ones set up why like this of influence?"
    Listen to whole all-powerful say:"Thanks premier William with the Fu pull a president to concern dog son and I be extremely grateful."
    At this time that England the blood relationship Qiao girl say:"Whole Tung need not stand on ceremony, the whole childe's affair lifted to come to for us, the that time waited to cooperate to check one international revenge a party."Say useful finger lately- talk England the blood relationship man say:"Franklin full general heel whole set up a Sir to have very deep of friendship, at last revenge for the friend also duty-bound."
    On the side of the black man ask a way:"That doesn't know fairy Di(sandy) general to have what good of suggest?You also heard the west Lai Mu commander-in-chief say, common people in Germany nonsupport premier William take military action."
    The fairy Di say:"In fact we always the doubt is exactly international vengeance party back to have what great power is support, so recent decade power head very big.So I feel currently most the importance is to check pure is who is make ghost, who ability give they such of support."
    The black man say:"This is also us Er method president the problem for worry, so hope I can check clear."
    Strong dragon on listen to, the Er method isn't Congo of president!Recent several decades Congo of development very quick, the military force be unprecedented and strong, currently medium continent in South Africa basic all yes his sphere of influence.His parties person come, see to this time affair influence very big.
    Have no the west Lai Mu of openings to say for a long time:"You2 Jia's general, Somalia pirate of Latin gulf you all can not be complete to suppress, now run to Asia, you whether tube breadth point."Included in the tone one silk disaffection.Originally the black named You2 Jia, is the importance of the troops to Congo leader.
    You2 Jia return to:"Somalia pirate is original already drive our country the government inhibit, but this how many years start to be rampant again, whether have who again the back make ghost, also don't know?"Say that finish, disregarded ground to see once west Lai Mu.
    At this time, the viking of the west Lai Mu part say:"You2 Jia's general, don't angry, however Congo recent participated too many world business, unavoidably give the other people some viewpoint."
    Franklin hurriedly say:"The west Lai Mu general, Lucas' captain, don't so, we today come here is not for fight, but wanting discussion how deal with international revenge party.Still listen to whole Tung's meaning and after all he be host's house."
    A burst of and lonesome empress, whole all-powerful say:"I now let everyone see some data, is concerning international revenge a party."Said designation a leaf to fly to take some everyone that the data give out in .
    At they see data of in the meantime, whole all-powerful say:"My doubt at this time China government of scheme, in addition to China, who still have ability to do so, most direct of proof's being international vengeance party is go fishing island establishment base.Everyone just think, they how dare at original should return China of place such unbridled, root of reason be China at support should organization."
    The German light hair beauty that had been talking say:"See from the data, international revenge party heel China definite have thousand silks ten thousand wisp relation, but have no absolute of proof, can't literally offend China, the clock be always green but hawks."
    Hear a chemisette voice again at this time:"Alice's general say reasonable, I also feel China suspicion biggest.China has already brought threat to world currently, so we want to think a way to suppress China extend within the scope of world."
    Lucas is bad to say with smile:"Knit a farmland the United States sub- mbt shoes clearancecouncilman, say so never let China grasp you to help Philippines of proof.However Philippines be very bad, return not equal to help our Wei city tall ship."The strong dragon wish, depend, no wonder that those Philippines pirate such overbearing, have Japan at the back on the side.
    Knit farmland the United States son animation way:"Lucas' captain, this fun open lead, currently we Japan real strenght far lousy in China.That you let China help you!"More blunt in speaking, the estimate be not very great.
    Franklin hurriedly say:"Hope everyone dispassion, currently everyone have no real strenght heel China public, so we want solidify.If everyone have this worry, I feel to weaken China, international revenge party would auto perish."
    These words are like an invisible knife once bottom stab a strong dragon of in the mind noodles, have never thought this kind of people here incredibly be for the sake of company quantity how deal with China, not from get took a look an absolute being agriculture.The absolute being an agriculture still a noodles has no facial expression, a speech not hair, counteract to signal hint a strong dragon don't Zhi voice.
    Connect down, they how died down China to carry on further discussion, and reach some agreement, listen to a strong dragon is a fire to emit three Zhangs, but again not make a noise.
    So the discussion of some kind of vehemence keep on more than a hour, finally made everyone be able to accept.
    They continuously leave later on, and closed a door, strong dragon then figure out come deeply and once spirit, but is pulled by the absolute being agriculture.
    Listen to a door outside someone say:"My father also lacked of impartiality too much, once my younger brother come back, let him be an Executive Director, I heel he so several year, he distrust me.This time my younger brother if return not, that really want to appreciate heaven."Say that finish ha ha a smile.
    Hear again one female of say:"Do you talk a safety here?"
    The that guy say:"Trust, have much of here good of supervision, will not let the other people hear our conversation of."
    Immediately after see come in one female of one male, male of is whole all-powerful eldest son whole Yu, be the person who just talked.The strong dragon feel that female's noodles familiar and the one more see, incredibly is a sun sun.
    Listen to sun sun say:"Indeed as expected quite good, a few shareholder of the company didn't also little in whole Tung's in front say you good words, but your dad, be a brain is a technical ability, want pair of everything all you the younger brother of that 251 kinds."Strong dragon on listen to, heart way:"Yi, does this scold me?"
    Immediately after listen to whole Yu Yin say with smile:"Tell the truth, the past of my father secretly collection intelligence report, collaborate with the United States, also just.This time incredibly come the so multinational home economics want to seek him, he later necessarily will bring about a big disaster.So I think big righteousness to put out it's close, so the all-powerful group was mine."
    The sun sun say:"Big young master, currently opportune moment immaturity, say your old daddy that again but iron abacus, that debt calculate, otherwise short several decades your father ability like this of industry.However he how again malicious, also surprisingly oneself of the son will calculate him.You if affirmation listen to mine, I think a way again to make us international to revenge a party again back support you."
    The whole Yu say:"The return to substitute me to appreciate the sea soft Er general of help, however you this time what is the row, how let he give escape, harm of I now whole day worry him didn't°yet dead."Strong dragon this is just understand, originally always heel international revenge a party to communicate news of incredibly is a whole Yu, no wonder that he the old daddy also don't know is who is make ghost?
    The sun sun say:"This time is accident, however afterwards situation Philippines pirate, we loss also miserably heavy, however all of my estimates set up is also be fraught with grim possibilities.You saw Philippines pirate don't want ransom, know affirmation hand top to don't live a person."
    The whole Yu point nod to say:"You say also rightness, no matter how it is, later still please a comfortable sun young lady much and much help.Etc. origin young master catcher all-powerful, nature necessary you of advantage.We this meeting want to be not to the happy once, ha ha!"
    The strong dragon wish:"Seeing to owner all don't know me till now is whole false set up, this is whole all-powerful indeed as expected severe, luckily I return on the hoof, otherwise ……but this true of whole set up again is where sacred?Heel am I like Yao very much?"At that time thoughts and feelings again disorderly.
    Want while listenning to them again talk, they two people have already say while smile the ground go out.

    A chapter 34 meet by coincidence the late lament
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-8-311:22:05 origin chapter word number:4004

    Treat the leaf fly to come out a supermarket and the absolute being agriculture then tailgate afterward.
    The leaf fly oneself fighting skill very Gao and walk very quick, is not afraid was follow by the person.But absolute being agriculture fighting skill after all and more very on raise, so tailgate to follow, leaf's fly incredibly have no detection.
    Different meeting, the leaf fly to walk into a common of the residence small area, then walk into a house, absolute being agriculture then hurriedly keep up with.Suddenly leaf's flying to seem to is a felling to what, turned head to see once, stop.
    The absolute being agriculture know a leaf to fly to be also a superior, the estimate is to know oneself follow he, sign a horse to speed up to want up uniform him.
    The leaf fly on see, the feeling know wrong, turn round and then run.
    Absolute being agriculture hurriedly before flying body, dynasty the leaf carry on the back a point after fly go to, think pair of he point arrive.Even now, suddenly there is a person since the side fiercely offend toward the absolute being agriculture on the side, quick artistic skill, be good enough to let the absolute being agriculture be shocked.The left shoulder which see that person right Zhang aim at an absolute being agriculture by very quick skill, drive absolute being agriculture flash across, immediately after the left foot sweep an absolute being agriculture to descend dish, the absolute being agriculture be upward quick on fly, again once hid an attack.
    The leaf fly to see come assistant, return to body to start to fly left foot direct kick toward the absolute being agriculture belly.Absolute being agriculture at this time just once steady come down, take advantage o power right hand one Zhang and leaf fly of left foot to connect.The leaf fly to see an absolute being agriculture reaction such of quick, rush through to tighten feet, but already too late.Listen to one stuffy to ring and two people retreat in the meantime.
    The leaf flew body to sway once, the left foot stood firm, almost fall down, and obviously the left foot got hurt.The absolute being agriculture pour a nothing important unwell, didn't°yet wait him stability, flank that person right Zhang again go to.Absolute being agriculture too late thinking, raise right hand to feel the other party Zhang dint very strong towards connecting one Zhang, with that person, not from get a Lie Ju.
    Want to breathe heavily the file son of tone in the absolute being agriculture, that person's Zhang breeze be again inseparable, the absolute being agriculture have to Gong body one Yang, immediately right leg a sweep.The other party see an absolute being agriculture reaction quick, hurriedly once hid an absolute being agriculture on jump upward of return shot.
    The absolute being agriculture finally canned stand firm this time, want just the other party such severe, want and see exactly is who?
    That person see and can't make an absolute being agriculture, then and hurriedly hand a leaf to fly and see whether he get hurt or not.Absolute being agriculture originally and just because of divide attention, not the ability make foot strength, so the leaf fly just slightly have a little ache, didn't materiality of injury.
    Absolute being agriculture this was just free to see just strike of person, a see under, very accident.This person look very noodles to be familiar, but seem to be again incognizant.Again small and soft on think, this person heel strong dragon indeed have several cent likeness, just the age seem to be more big point.
    Now scrutinized in the absolute being agriculture, this house inside again come out to five people, see all of appearances is a superior.
    Just once that hand flick, public surround an absolute being agriculture together.The absolute being agriculture know situation urgent, today see come not only get mixed up affair true facts, return probably a bad Dou, then plan Chou on time machine, break away to leave.
    At this time, that person suddenly speak up:"Absolute being agriculture Sir, well since departure!"
    Once the absolute being agriculture listen to, this voice be too familiar, dark on wonder suddenly remind of this voice is exactly whole all-powerful voice, then ask:"You are whole all-powerful?"
    That person roar with laughter:"Wrong!I ain't whole all-powerful, my big answer to the name of strong open Jiang.Just don'ting know is where superior, exchange blows to know under the square is an absolute being agriculture Sir, my artistic skill to the absolute being agriculture Sir appreciate very much, always hope can with you cooperation."
    The absolute being agriculture say:"That you of voice how can ……"
    Strong open Jiang to say with smile:"This we later discuss it later, am I to want to ask whether you would like to be with my cooperation or not?"
    Once the absolute being agriculture see and oneself be placed in a leeway currently, then want to listen to first his to suggest, hence ask:"You say first how cooperation, then I do decision again"
    Strong open Jiang to say:"Good!That I said.I miss your help to look for 《Mi through 》, I know your line."
    The absolute being agriculture say:"This I also has been being look for, but I with what help you."
    Strong open Jiang to say:" Think the help strong dragon with me, I don't want to be an enemy with you and we can match soldier's 1 and create some kind of business together."
    The absolute being agriculture consternation way:"Are you the father of strong dragon?"
    Strong open Jiang to lower the head on think, say:"In fact I didn't also make clear strong dragon exactly heel I what relation, but I unclear felling I with he it relevant fasten.If now your approval cooperation, nod."
    The absolute being agriculture say:"This can with company quantity.However have a matter don't know you to know to don't know?"
    Strong open Jiang to hurriedly inquire about:"What affair?"
    The absolute being agriculture say:"The strong dragon had an accident, front some day show stired and lost memory."
    Strong openned Jiang to listen to, not from get a panic, hurriedly say:"What is the row?He now good?"
    The absolute being agriculture say:"Affair it's a long story to tell, he now intelligent clear, ability normal work."
    Strong openned Jiang to listen to, facial expression a comfortable, say again:"Nowadays world, each the big national capital have heart to compete for hegemony, some black and bad influence also continuously extend influence, and the explosive flavor be more and more heavy.For solidify China each parties, for the sake of maintenance world peace, we decision strong oneself of influence, uphold justice for the Earth.Although previous you bad my important event, I not vision short and shallow person, know your ability not general, so I still hope you can with I cooperation."
    The absolute being agriculture listen to him say the righteousness positive language of expression, definite have several cent feeling person, also feel several cent truth.
    The leaf of part fly to also attach with say:"Absolute being agriculture Sir, our eldest brother have much of a sincerity to mutually invite, you consideration once!"
    The absolute being agriculture see a their boxing boxing sincerity,mbt shoes also feel definite with their cooperation beneficial have no fraud, then say:"All right, my approval with your cooperation."

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