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Black wrapped the earth lonely room Ding Xuan Wen windows are still a trace of light.

Her to write down good ideas today, rememberchristian louboutin knockoffs  his performance as bad written these days in public before she recorded the. Whether or not all the efforts she made a success on the merits.

Read, read, ready to give Li Xiangze suddenly thought of that before the letter is really funny now consider Na. So dull Ding Xuan Wen way out from the drawer in the letter above and her tears. Open to scan down actually could not help laughing out loud. There photograph Li Xiangze bare upper body play in the basketball court photos. Put away the letter, after re-open another drawer Ding Wen Xuan from one called "a letter to the depths of the soul" of the book turned to see the photos embedded in the book.

Ding Wen Xuan be looking at a picture of Li Xiangze set so handsome it? Why are so many girls like him he was crazy? Propped her chin with one hand may be too sleepy reason actually fell asleep on the way.

Wai Heung College dorm.

Li Xiangze has been lights out of the bedroom balcony. By the dim light of street lamps on campus he looked at the hands of Nazhi earrings. Road in the heart sigh: Mom you in heaven right? The day you left me almost lost earring Fortunately I can look at it this way. Even if I really lost it you will not blame me. Instead, it will say you come to pick up only my own will into deep apologetic but can not extricate themselves inside. I will do very well will not let you let him new eyes of disappointed. Certain.

Qian made up of white water, see Ding Xuan Tao Wen living room revealed a light walk to the door asked: Xuan Wen sleep so late, yet it?

Room, we do not hear any sound made by gently twisting bolt white Qian locked her door did not open the door into the light to go. See Ding Wen Xuan lying asleep in the dressing table shaking his head helplessly walk. : The child did not sleep too afraid of cold.

Qian made the slow movement of white Ding Xuan Wen will help to give her tuck. See the boys dresser with a photo. She took pictures of curious people who look at the pictures turned out to be Li Xiangze statement read to the sleeping white Qian Xuan Wen Ding small channel: Is this child like Li Xiangze? But more normal it is good to temper Chak so strange for that.

Re back in the photo on the desktop made of white Qian did not want there to determine what Ding Wen Xuan. If we must determine the Li Xiangze get the answer it may be more useful. Never mind her being in the end of the Lixiang Ze Ding Wen Xuan is not a feeling that if the two of them may not be able to make up a pair of at least Li Xiangze not a bad thing in her heart, president of the student or qualified.


Notification bar.

It was the crowd support was also expressed in the debate against. 'Spend the night is trending' of the selected list written on can enter the following two weeks 'spending is trending Night' official list of performances. If you want to change the program would still have to retest once.

Ding Wen Xuan was pulled on notification bar at the Central, Central, D Xuan, Wen gasped Road: Anyway, why are not only posted a few minutes to run so quickly exhausted people.

Look Young actually selected the complex dimension. That really did not expect.

Ring ring will be on the list one by one looked twice and did not name also Ting Wen Xuan or "to the future of their own," the name of that song. She crunching Road: Is it wrong how can that be? This is what to do? Ding Wen Xuan was going to say not to read a turned Ding Wen Xuan is next to her, staring at the short list's face does not change.

Xuan Wen. . . Called on her ring ring careful we may be wrong to ask students is not that they forgot to include your name, OK?

Ding Wen Xuan turn ring on ring on her shoulders with both hands ask smiled: I see nothing wrong with the result that I really was not so good. The next time we will not go lost!

Ding Wen Xuan out of the crowd did not upset her heart is not shown but can not let other people do not want to see her not strong. Eyes are dim with mist Ding Xuan Wen looked up at the blue sky seems to be all fuzzy reality behind the illusion is all so unnecessary in a.

Ring ring on her show just two days in Jiang Cheng Ding Xuan Wen in her home so her share of hard practice is no one way to seriously neglected stage in the auditorium is so firmly attached her why she would be unsuccessful but it ?

Ding Wen Xuan Wan Road on the month, Central: Central Central, we call on Allison to look at how memory bar to play like? Suddenly want to go there.

! Is not it? Last time you almost forgot you. . . We re christian louboutin shoeslooking for a better. On busy Road Central, Central, imagine the scene was not erect.

Do not you think it is actually very exciting you? But this time the three of us and you do not have studied Tai Chi Chuan Tae Kwon Do not be afraid of a little Allison will. Two heads are also a wise top friends. Ding Wen Xuan Road persuasion.

Ring ring beep on his mouth open Road Cage: I have practiced Tai Chi Chuan, but never had real guns do not know pipe regardless of actual use. Forget not Guannameduo the.

Three sophomore classroom.

Left parties asked the students one by one macro you have not seen Wenwen?


No you are not very tight with it? Will be lost? Go.

Xiao Chengyan also curious why the macro on the left side have been asking the whereabouts of Ding Wen Xuan will be asked: Why did you suddenly find her?

The student interface, Road: not a moment not seen as separated Sanqiu Bai. Haha!

Hong fleet was about to explain the left side curtain came into the classroom Tao Zhao Xiao: Ding Wen Xuan in it? The classroom who you look at my smile I see you suddenly become a.

How quiet is it? What so funny? Zhao Xiao curtain some dissatisfaction that I said she should not speak directly. Our class participated in 'flower is trending Night' program for students selected for the election situation we should have to notify the bar Kanba did not watch it does not matter I now explain. Selected to do Xiaocheng Yan and Ye Yugong hi there remember them more free time to practice for the 'flower is trending Night', was elected on a performance.

Ding Wen Xuan is not selected for how could this be? Xiao Chengyan small channel.

I have just started to inform the bar looked everywhere to find Wenwen the. I had to comfort her Caixing her good performance she is the best! The left side do not know when the macro sitting around some sad Xiaocheng Yan said.

Religion and Politics in the Office of the Deputy President.

Qian made white look 'is trending to spend the night' selected list of micro frown Road: Ze jury votes to statistics there is nothing wrong, right?

Verification of the three without any problems. Li Xiangze respectful Road. They did not think this is the result of Ding Wen Xuan performing fairly well, but why did not they also regret the one nominated.

So. All right before you go out. Statement showing a white Qian Xu Li Xiangze expression of disappointment, as the distinguished honor of his mother white as white Qian Qian made his statement to the mother failed to give him a lot of care and love.

Ding Wen Xuan just one of those votes if the selected combination of performance was willing to work with her if not impossible. Li Xiangze suddenly thought of the former student union president had told him of this matter made busy white Qian said.

Bai Qian made a lot of eyes suddenly bright again look to the short list of the Li Xiangze Road: You have co-operation and leaves the rain is this called Xiaocheng Yan Wen Xuan class it does not know that he is willing to cooperate with the Wen Xuan. In fact, Wen Xuan very hard she and her father, I always busy no time to take care of her with great expectations, however, her let her bear the pressure. If she does not want to talk to others even if co-operation instead. After all, she also needs to choose their own.

Li Xiangze quietly listened to his mother did not concern her too much is not enough time. His father is also busy with his career he threw his nanny to take care of the christian louboutin number of parents understand? In his view, in terms of his father the son is more important than the cause.

I ask it back to the views of Wen Xuan. You to busy doing your work. Bai Qian made on Li Xiangze Road.

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