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oneself ground floor, stayed and provide to the amount mbt shoesof employ the army corps on the car, then everyone beginning rest.
  Night, a big truck come out from the downtown and go straight to the army corps headquarter of the employ of outskirts ……
  Under support of cloud Lang, after seeing goods, each army corps leader be very quick pair of surplus of 50% tail style settle, to cloud joy of all quick take out past, he hug the shoulder of cloud Lang to say:"The younger brother of cloud ah, this time luckily you, the eldest brother just earned so many bill, the eldest brother be good friends with good thank you!Tomorrow evening the eldest brother get you a good place to, Hey Hey ……"
  Ask of cloud Lang oddness way:"What good place?"
  To cloud crafty smile, then attach to say in the his ear small voice:"Be the city east hope a month in the street of 1 call'thunder sound' of bar!"
  The cloud Lang age of"bar ……" return small, have never had been to this kind of place, he embarrassedly smile and ask a way:"Why will go to this kind of place?"
  "Hey Hey, the bar be original to isn't suitable for you go to, in fact I would not like to go, either, however ……this bar have special, it of the boss' name BE-Tang Na!"
  "…… Ha ha, I be understand ……" cloud Lang knowingly smiled.
  "Tomorrow 10:30 P.M., 'thunder sound'the doorway see."
  "Good, rightness eldest brother, today at the right moment you 4 all come, I take you to the quantity once shape size, good make to order for you mobile war A!"
  ", Good ah, however ……can't demand very long time?I just came back, openned for a long time a car and have a little tired ……"
  "Very quick of, a demand be all right for 3 minutes!"
  "Good, that leave!"
  Hope the street in month, of so call hope the street in month, is because of here is all building height not Gao of recreation place, have no many-storied building of bar, people can clearly see the moon of night-If it weren't for cloudy day.
  Thunder sound the bar be this in the street a very well-known bar, of so have, not because of don't of, but is because of the owner here be Tang Na, many people all once heard his name;In fact, famous here return because of another one thing-That be the drug!
  This evening, the inside of the bar come several individual, what to lead the way be a young men and wear black shirt, the clasp has been arrive a chest, still hang the thick thin big gold chain son of a little finger sort on the neck, descend the body is black of personal jeans and big head of recreation shoes.
  He after death has a light hair beauty and dress up of bewitchingly beautiful and charmingly feminine;A man who wear the whole body black western dress, look very cultured.
  There is also strong a body, wear sunglasses, first half wear black vest, bottom wear black of loosen trousers, the feet wear a pair of eccentric of athletic shoes!
  Here several personal back is 1 look only have 10, whole body black western dress of little boy, he long of very handsome, whole body top and bottom deeply wear a noble of qualities;The flank of little boy follow 1 again thin and then Gao, same wear a set of light hair man of black western dress, his look in the eyes sharp-edged, the noodles be huge emaciated, eyes seem time awake surroundings of circumstance.
  "Walk!Today I pay, ha ha!"Bar but originally usually go toward cloud of place, recent this two months he with temple agreeable usually patronage west far of all of the bar.
  The waiter walk to come forward to inquire:"Sir ask how many, please?"
  "Yourself can't number?"Ever since that time"riched", talked toward cloud be cow genitals more and more ……
  ", Ha ha, be the Sir 6?"
  "Rightness!Hurriedly seek a pack for me!"Flick toward cloud.
  "Okay, please with me."The waiter took to arrive toward cloud several people a pack, everyone's wreath sit on the wreath form a sofa up, to cloud beginning point thing.
  A bottle of"expensive friendship"(the Lai be that more expensive wine in the junior high school, each 11,000 pieces), a dozen"west far ice pure" small bottle beer, some fruit platter, again plus some snack.
  "Ha ha, expensive friendship!"Read aloud the name that the Dao wear wine toward cloud, " no wonder that so expensive, originally homophonic BE'expensive ah', call this name ability not expensive?Ha ha ……"
  "Yes, ha ha ……BE a cost a lot!"The temple agreeable sunglasses haven't take off, dusk in the bar under the light, he wear sunglasses root could not see toward cloud where, at the moment he over against Maya is silly smile.
  "To cloud is over there!Silly you!"Maya stretch hand the temple agreeable of the head pull past toward toward cloud, looking at a temple agreeable that very silly appearance, she be unbearable" rush toward Chi!"1 smiled to come out.
  Other several people also follow cachinnation, the Lyons smiled all a quick branch spirit, he break continuous continuous of say:"Ha ha, I say …… temple agreeable elder brother ah, you can …… pick you, you that glasses ……"
  Public openned a short while fun, etc. eat of drink of come up, drink for the beginning.
  Proper everyone drink rise, pulled to pull the dress Cape of cloud Lang toward cloud, cloud Lang gathered together to come over, to cloud silently the voice say:"We should make some add to the fun a program!"
  "Boon, how to do eldest brother preparation?"
  "I …… first past there seek individual person's little girl bubbles, then pretend get drunk, one more wine bottle son ……"
  Haven't say toward cloud that finish, stop"Pa!"1-BE the voice of the wine bottle son ground crack!
  "I depend!This is who ah?Unexpectedly***return than me quick!"To cloud gape.
  "Seek the dead is BE not?Who is know Lao Tze ?Hold!!"
  The pedestal of the central buffet noodles top at this time station a man, wear flower shirt jeans, take a to remain half of bottle with ground wine in hand, the evil spirit be underneath bad to very glower Jing to looking at.The this person head of is aureate to curl hair, had been cover with till shoulder;Thin long of oval face, the complexion be pure white, long of flow inside flow spirit, a see not elephant good man.
  "You who be the for yourself ?What matter does the big Ye want to steep a girl a pass you?Mama of, several elder brother together up, today not this boy dozen half dead I angry difficult eliminate!!"Estrade underneath a body be strong, dress whole body fur-lined jacket of guy skill the Wu wear bleed of head, skill point at that gold hair youth to scold a way.
  Have several same five big three thick strong manses start to copy guy dynasty gold hair the youth be blunt go to, have of raise chair, have of take ashtray, have of take wine bottle son, return have a Lun belt blunt come over …… surroundings of the person all frighten of the Shan went out good far.
  Face this a few robust guy, light hair the male the slightest wasn't afraid, since the table jump down, in the sky a kick at a raise the chair is blunt to come over of guy face up, he wear of sharp end shoes shoe point ruthlessly hit at the bridge of nose of that unlucky egg up, is kick medium of guy an eat pain, the hands throw down chair Wu to live oneself of nose, a blood agreeable he of the wrist flowed down-His bridge of nose bone affirmation broke!
  More unlucky BE, he sell but of the chair drop down to by luck hit at his instep up, painful get him to squat down at ground up.The light hair male didn't realize him, because he still need to be occupied in after cope with come up of enemy.
  Take ashtray blunt come up of the guy see lift in the light hair male's hand ground to drop half of wine bottle son, hence ashtray toward light hair male of the noodles door threw past.
  Light hair male first half body rightwards one Shan, once hid to right against the face fly of ashtray.But opposite of strong man after the ashtray of the inside of the handle knob throw away, take light hair male avoid being seen it, a recorded an old boxing dozen to come over!
  He think own body strong body strong, this look thin thin of light hair male certain meeting drive oneself one punch dozen fly!Can when his fist will have the wish fulfilled run into light hair a male a noodles door right away, oneself of small arm but spread a burst of acute pain!
  This strong man bellowed 1 and be partial to once the head see, see the light hair male's hand inside of that sharp knife of the half wine bottle sub- indentation have already stab into oneself of small rm bottom carry, moment blood as if bloom general drip full he the whole better arm.
  The strong man pain call 1, took out arm back, but haven't waited him to return to absolute being, light hair male one punch Lun at his face up, pair of he dozen of backward connect back several step, then foot drive what things Ban once, a bottom sit at ground up.
  Suddenly"Qiang Lang!"A frailty ring, a wine bottle son at light hair male of the top of head burst to open, light hair male of head top the moment flowed bottom many red of liquid, see of at a watch from the sidelines war of to cloud a surprised!
  "Mama of!Who dozen of?!"Light hair male the wood Lou be fierce light of once turn round, he that Hai person's facial expression let at him after death sneak attack of a strong man feel whole body hair cold and raise ground drop of the wine bottle son be stunned speechless!
  "BE an originally red wine, I still think he hanged colourful ……" mumblingly say toward cloud, "however the head of this boy be true enough hard!"
  "BE you dozen I?!"The light hair male's long hair hanged down from the forehead because of being wet by the wine, his hair behind faintly discernable cruelty vision as if two sharp knife to suddenly and violently shoot but, sneak attack his that guy frighten of the complexion be like soil.
  "Ah-!"That Lun wear the guy of belt is from the light hair male of right side blunt come over, "see my his mama put to death you-! …… oh my!!!" light hair male still keep staring at to just use the person whom the wine bottle son hit his head, literally flicked an one punch dozen at blunt come over of that up, the face of this guy bump at light hair male of fist, then the whole personal elephant noodles similarly the Tan be soft bottom to go to and lie on the ground to fluently vomit white Mo, right foot return at constantly have muscular spasms ……
  The light hair male lay up a fist, saw don't see his one eye, just has been stare at his that unlucky guy of sneak attack.
  "Ask you!!"The light hair male suddenly roar loud, " isn't you dozen of I?!"
  The strong man in"BE, BE, is to be me ……" is frighten of almost the water suppressed, his right hand still keep raising wine bottle son, four or so finger together and together fill into oneself of the tooth, in order to prevent the tooth fight of the voice be hear by the other people.
  Light hair male Mi eyes saw his one eye, then the point nod and say:"Dozen of good ah ……"
  He throw away the half wine bottle of the inside of the hand son later on and the right hand was stained with once the wine on the head, licked to lick with the tongue and immediately lambaste:"So good wine, waste!Bastard!"
  "BE, is BE!"Strong man at this time the elephant be a the child which do amiss an affair.
  "Use to be hair liquid ……" light hair male hands pendency of hair backward fondle go to, in the center of hair all darling ground agreeable arrive back go to, peeped out him spacious of forehead, so of the hair style let him look more the elephant be a teddy boy.
  "Go to dead!"Light hair male suddenly and suddenly and violently one punch sneak attack his that guy dozen fly, then dynasty the ground up vomitted phlegm and scold a way:"You this how many useless guys, think can with many deceit little?Hold!"
  To cloud heart unbearable shout bravo for the light hair male, so of although the artistic skill belong to city well dozen method, but also be regarded as fierce of.
  "What matter?"The public security of 78 dress uniform ran to come over and point at light hair with the Jing stick male scold a way:"Which come of not long the thing of eye, dare here commit tomfoolery, know don't know here is a whose site?!"
  "Ha ha, I also don't think!"Light hair male at this time immediately on sweeping overbearing vehemence turn but change a smiling face, change of that call a quick!The his hippies smiling face ground say:"BE this several cool customer entwine a beauty of young lady, I be never hesitated to do what is right and help victim of an injustice!"
  Looking at his that looks, cannot help but wanting to smile toward cloud.
  Other several people, Maya and much blueer rightness be such of the wild blow of of small rascal one aerial root origin despise an attend to;Cloud Lang and Lyons more don't see a light hair male in the eye, from attend to drink, root saw don't see one eye.
  Only to cloud a what person see with relish of.
  He is original be like to fight, although he now already not be regarded as the common run of people, see light hair a male with that a few strong man fight and he be still that the Rao have fascination ground to finish see a whole distance.Light hair male a person poured three strong man for the Liao, also frightenned 1 half dead, toward cloud feel this light hair male still pretty severe of, is just think in his heart:"If is past of oneself, fight with him who would be more severe?"
  The public security for lead the way of an among those say:"What never hesitated to do what is right, help victim of an injustice?Saying so me still have to distribute'never hesitated to do what is right good citizen'of merit badge to you?"
  "Rightness ah …… , not not not!……You don't not letter ah, that lady can testimony, I be pair of she is from this a few inside of the evil hands of bad guy give extrication come of!"Light hair male to there a, finger direction a side of a beautiful woman.
  "Return is really a hero to save the United States ah ……" hold Sai to help son toward cloud, squint Jing to continue to see, but immediately he a surprised, station get up."How can is her?!"
  Drive light hair the male save of the beauty isn't other people, is exactly oneself the river bank once saw outside city of lovely!
  "See you is unlike a good man, affirmation is you first to ask for to living not here!Grasp for me!"Once the public security leader of a group wave hand, he after death of 67 public security blunt come over.
  "Do not don't don't ah!Not letter you ask this young lady ah ……"light hair the male hurriedly put to begin.
  Have never give light hair male explanation of opportunity, a few public security a flow out but up, have several individual to use electricity stick among them at the light hair male body disorderly Chuo, he electricity of the Tan pour in the ground, almost dizzy Jue past, the public securities round him and is to mbt shoes clearancestrike and kick later on.
  "Take a that girl also!"
  "You ……" lovely United States eyes circle Zheng, just wanted to drink to scold the other party, but heard someone compete first her to shout 1 by herself:"You dare!!"
  Lovely on twisting a head saw a young man with beautiful and slender shape walk to come over, look some noodles familiar, in her heart oddness:"This person is who ah?How to seem where once saw at ……"
  See lovely to looking at himself/herself toward cloud, can not help complexion tiny and red, increase heart beats-This small Yin stick reminded of again that act in the river, however luckily the light of the bar be dusker, no one ability see out him blush with shame.
  See light hair a male be round dozen by those public securities, to cloud very angry, wish, these Tang Na's henchmans indeed as expected don't preach reason, so arrogant, all not give somebody else explanation of opportunity!Tang Na that the old tortoise be damned also just, can connect these"henchman"s of his under charge is also similar damned!
  He is blunt past draw back the public securities, drink a way:"Stop!"
  "~~!What are you a stem?"These public securities see come over what to pull be a little devil and talk of was full of despise in the tone of flavor.
  "What am I a stem?"To cloud also hippies smiling face ground answer:"I is to pull!" it toward cloud, smile to show a way:"this be my weapon!"
  " …… This gun?Have no don't of?"Temple agreeable also feel to only have this pair of gun toward cloud, the thermodynamic power be a little bit weak.
  "This is enough, this is what I let cloud Lang make to order for me the laser revolver and use smooth."
  Looking at their four people toward cloud have already have a brand-new look, the fighting strength all promote a file time, not from get greatly elated, he say:"Underneath, we seek a place experiment once, after all had new material if will not use, can shameful of very!"
  Several people dynasty cloud Lang farewell, can just go out to right against the face meet with Tang Na, this old guy of after death still keep following a few super warrior, he saw also put on toward cloud several people mobile war AN and unavoidably ate a surprised.
  However he unexpectedly nod to signal hint toward cloud later on, smile walk past-Although that smile be a false smile!
  Absolutely dare not believe oneself's eyes toward cloud!His Leng a good half-day, just turn to come over to stare big eyes to looking at a temple agreeable they, detection they 3 be also a similar facial expression.
  Point at the finger abnormality of the figure of Tang Na toward cloud stiff, he stammerly say:"The this, this old tortoise eat wrong what medicine?He ……just was toward me to smile, right?"
  "Good ……elephant BE?"The temple is agreeable the looking at of silly Leng Leng also say toward cloud.
  Poured to take out an one mouthful cool spirit toward cloud, feel suspicious a way:"True***oddness ……last time we be failed he field son, I still think this old tortoise will break into a furious rage, then parties a few super warrior come with I dozen previous , but he some action also have no!And now return to me so friendly ……difficult way ……did he really repent?Or afraid we?Perhaps is it his wife and other people that have illicit love to let him be stimulated?……"
  "Still have a kind of possibility ……" is much blueer to mysteriously say.
  "What?!"Other three people change direction him to ask together.
  "That be that man whom his wife have illicit love long of still want than him ugly!"
  "Ha ha ha ……"
  Everyone smiled a burst of, can still keep confusing to don't understand.However at this time they also attend to not top this bore old man son-Now everyone in the mind worried of, be want hurriedly go to experiment once new war A!after all have very multi-function need to be adapt, for example intelligence computer pit is how with oneself carry on exchanges, various weapon how usage, war A feet department of spring coil system how go to control good etc..
  Toward the side of cloud walk the side shake head to say:"This world too madness, Tang Na all ability blunt I smile, sow can also top tree ……"
  Original to cloud next move plan want to spend money to invite cloud Lang to build one set machine A warrior for him, but calculate calculate, even build a set most common of, the cost be also about 50,000,000, although number not big, however for to cloud personal to say this already not a few, money be four people total have of, to cloud also embarrassed think why why.
  Maintain of every month of machine A fee also very Gao, this is also to cloud not plan buy machine AN of a reason-He this just know why government would support the group development become employing army corps, and would like to the costliness employ them to fight-have battle dozen of time I spend money to hire you to fight, have no battle dozen of time I also need not pay you to maintain a fee, you solve by yourselves!
  So province go to maintain a fee, economical the expenditure of military expenses, calculate down those to employ a gold unworthy a lift.
  To cloud several individual again instauration arrive do nothing of appearance.In fact there is several ten million, temporarily they can what also need not do, the etc. next year employed the army corps crystal stone to use up again to seek them purchase ten thousand matter great luck.
  Suo Lin2 Cheng2 don't see his long person, Gao Ma3 Da4, to the frequent caller of cloud house, but ratio to cloud small 1 year old;He whole day elephant heel fart insect tie up toward cloud, the full day of Ma3 Pi4 Pai fly!Say what-Fight toward cloud severe, later recognized him to do eldest brother;still have already say so young toward cloud so rich, the brains is a world one words like the cloud also through don't live him so suddenly and leisurely, hence smiled happily ground to accept him to do "younger brother", whole day bubble together act wildly in defiance of the law or public opinion.
  They all belong to at the same year the young man of age segment, so together play of special good, two people have no matter dozen dozen game, perhaps go out to go shopping pair of the United States eyebrow;Squat down to see the pants color of the short skirt beauty in the overpass underneath;See who with a revolting feeling seek a Chi dozen previous , if the other party person many didn't also relation-Anyway they top where all take a temple agreeable!
  Maya continue to live a rich young lady of life, but much blueer everyday go to the library of city center check data, understanding more affair of this world ……
  But leisurely and carefree day in a little while be over, afterwards start to recall this leisurely and carefree day toward cloud, usually regrets-Although this time all quick carefree disease, however is the most another he think of of time, because of at this time he is that so carefree!hereafter of day didn't so easy, can say toward cloud from heaven direct fall at hell ……
  A month later, a day evening, to the private residence of cloud suddenly come many guest who comes uninvited.
  This night, inside the big hall of the villa first floor, toward cloud several individual be have a meal, a group of body write the soldier of easy and convenient helmet took weapon to rush to come in and two words don't say and will grasp to wait for someone toward cloud.Maya suddenly and violently the temper just wanted to go into action, is toward cloud stopped, want to begin of temple agreeable drive also much blueer steady come down.
  "Forbid to move!"Several ten well-known scholar the soldier raised gun duizhun them.
  "You what is this a stem?With what want to grasp us?!"To cloud harsh voice ask a way.
  "With what?Hum!"Take the lead of there is four super warrior, among them, an one or two helmet pick and loudly say:"Someone lodge complaint you to personally mine a crystal stone mineral a body!"
  To cloud several people was mutual to see one eye, at that time the language fill, all is just think in the heart, how to know this news military authority of?
  This is one well-known scholar the soldier ran to come in, dynasty this super warrior respected military salute, loudly say:"Report gold lieutenant colonel!Detection in the ground floor a great deal of natural and crystal stone!"Say that finish, he pass to the super natural and crystal stone of the warrior a cake of which didn't wear helmet.
  The call the super warrior of the gold be this time activity of representative director, lieutenant colonel title.He raise a crystal stone to query a way:"What do you still have to say?!"
  Experienced so many affair, to cloud already academic association the turning point want to keep calm, his heart in fact also at consideration want to don't resist, but he use the sight super than ordinary people from the window way go toward go out, in the heart unbearable one Lin!
  The outside shadow of human figure Zan move, the military authority has already give°ed his villa pack in the outside be ram-jam full and want to fly to go out a fly all difficult!-There is many aircraft return on the sky dance in the wind, a way illuminate the light beam sweep around everywhere.
  Let more shocked toward cloud BE, he ambiguously see have a few huge figure to stand still in the outside, "BE machine A!!"
  His heart know with their several strength of want to succeed in escaping unique not easy, much less now didn't°yet mobile war AN is in the body.
  Again made toward the crew member toward cloud expression of eyes, signal hint don't resist.
  "Take them!" Once the gold wave hand, then blunt come up a few soldier to cloud they escort a dynasty outside walk-The most unlucky of a person is a Suo wood, original didn't he what matter, can who let he everyday arrive to come to Ceng to eat Ceng to drink here toward cloud, again was partial to unfortunately meet with this matter!
  "Superior!I is good citizen!Didn't I what affair ah!"His Rang Rang several voice, see didn't effective, also shut up.
  "Make these give I the crystal stone be all confiscate!"
  The gold see mission completion, then organization accept a brigade, then let person to the villa of cloud surroundings pull blockade, and leave one squad the soldier guard, oneself and big troops retreat but go to.
  To cloud etc. five people drive direct took central soldier headquarters, drive temporarily separate pass arrive five list, have soldier to watch outside door.
  Several people so the penny open, Maya lost dispassion, didn't take the idea from cloud this lord heart bone, Maya confused.Luckily early have preparation toward cloud, they four people take of the watch is to see a telephone!
  Tell everyone to say important step to don't be nasty toward the cloud small voice, don't easily escape, either, otherwise became a wanted, the criminal charges be larger, see a military authority first to want how handle them then again say.
  The Suo wood doesn't have this thing, one personal the ant on nasty elephant hot pot.However through this time with to cloud together, Suo Lin2 Dui4 had with work a method also understanding toward the personality of cloud, in the his eyes, to cloud although be 1 year older than oneself, however intelligence mature many, he rightness to cloud also same trust, so the Suo wood wasn't nasty either, he believe toward cloud affirmation will figure out appropriate of way come of.
  Can actually, to now cloud itself's being in mind also basically have no bottom, he say so is also for the sake of steady live everyone.Now, he have already started cut and polish the worst circumstance would how, that is to kill to go out to escape, so this nation can't be foolish bottom to go to ……
  BE past for an hour ……
  BE past for two hours ……
  To cloud some sink not to live spirit, at this time, the end of distance hallway spread miscellaneous disorderly of footstep voice, seemed to have many people to come over here.
  "His Niang of, finally someone to take a reason us!"To scold a way in cloud heart.
  Don'ting know these people will bring how result, at this time to cloud already think good a few kinds way for reply.
  Different meeting, those people before coming right away his door, the door openned, come in a person, a women, a gold color the beauty of the short hair.
  To once cloud see a bearer and peeped out the smiling face of delight right away on the face.
  (Treat continuous…………)

    Winding four fight!Is an existence but war! Section 2 cross its fan
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:50:06 origin chapter word number:2136

  The comer is exactly lovely.
  Originally, this time military authority activity previous openned small meeting, confirm from central soldier which troops past grasp to catch to personally mine a crystal stone mineral of'the robbers', lovely place of four teacher drive appointed attend meeting of one of them, but she also coincidentally attended a meeting.
  In the meeting, it was lovely to knew the information which grasp to catch object, the detection of her surprise-Originally wanting to grasp what to catch is exactly to cloud they!so, she aggressive of request performance this time mission, in her chief Hong teacher of under help, lovely smooth connect bottom this time mission.
  While grasp catch, it was lovely to appeared publicly, she worry to will speak understanding oneself toward cloud, anti- pour would bad matter;Wait until several people to be grasp toward cloud, she just appear publicly to give relief to them to go out.
  Lovely give first to waited for someone an arrangement abode toward cloud, lead a week, she say that take them to see a person toward cloud, hence waited for someone and then sit top toward cloud her luxury the type carry a guest flight car and followed behind her to arrive at another one dwelling place of central soldier department at, to cloud observation once,mbt shoes sale this place absolutely be combine the factory and the laboratory at together.

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“What Makes Something Valuable?”Oil paintingsPeter Sorlien, professional art and antique appraiserOil paintingTuesday, Oct. 5, 7 p.m.Old Masters Paintings Does it amaze you that someone was willing to pay $57.2 million for a 3-1/4-inch stone carving? Do you understand why an old tin toy was worth $65,500 — a year’s wages for many people — just a few months ago?glue dots
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