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 solid not Shan wear the Xuan purple color, body form from solid turn falsely, again from falsely turn solid.Such flicker uncertain, again and again three times aftermbt shoes clearance, again instauration original kind.At this time again eyes, ratio it in times before of holily can't make the person look upwards, more a kind of aery flowing freely of feeling, each and every move nature harmony.
  Female Wa saint body just fixed form, then have a swear allegiance the world creation of have no awe, the Fen flow out but, the all directions ground spread to go into the whole Hong Huang world.Origin kneel Fu at Zhang Zhen and near myriad people clan of ground, direct is vanquished in the ground, can't move one silk ten cents, even the breath all change extremely difficulty.The whole individual lie prone on the ground last attain, in the heart already matchless frightened, the Nu dint ground remember:"Is this what is the row?The difficult way is true to write such as those romance novels of so, female the Wa is after building a person be become saint?That Xuan yellow light pillar can't be a legendary contribution golden light?Such the awe dint can't resist's being afraid be the Wei of sage to only press?"
  His head at that time, confusion pole, various read aloud to continuously leap:This later how existence?Zu Hong in the Hong Huang world, way all, thou of dish three pure, sorcery demon two clan, inborn absolute being arrive, big magical power ……more think, in Zhang Zhen Xin more and more distressed:Am I to do a small experiment?As for?How such ambiguously come this fairy is a full day of fly, the devil all over the place walk of the ages of Hong Huang?
  Zhang Zhen is to more think more afraid, however, the person's motion attain a certain extreme after, Yao mountain collapse, Yao break radical thought but sublimate a kind of new of thought.Zhang Zhen although from small be a genius, long-term be engaged in a research work of experience, let his Ya Lian become extremely tough and resilient of disposition.This not, he read aloud to keep become at this time nasty and next think a way:Oneself a come from future world of top genius, now again drive female Wa empress behavior of Zu, seem to the body also change of strong many, why not learn those host within romance novel Mr., lead once be the leading role concealed?And, oneself of the body is a sage class the superior use that what nine days, the interest Rang build to turn but become of inborn way body, that fix is Lian natural intelligence not unprecedented, empress also have no the ancients of existence?Return to have, return have, if ability be like novel top so, learn what Lian the method of machine of, this Hong famine year generation be all over the place and all a day, material ground treasure, on the Lian a heap of high technology product, not letter those are big demon small demon, ability than cosmos airship return does the Li harm?……
  This Zhang Zhen's viewpoint change of very quick, also extreme of very, from fear to turn into excitement, and more think more excitement.Thought of fine place, unexpectedly in mind send out a burst of cachinnation, ha ha ……

    A spool of Hong Huang winding chapter 2 person clan beginning birth Zhang Zhen Xing2 culture
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-2916:43:58 origin chapter word number:2499

  The female Wa build a person to become saint, that sage Wei power 1, world for it the color change and the whole Hong Huang world horizon also ring out limitless fairy joy without basis.Immediately after have that again innumerable smallpox strand Fen but fall, in the whole world one fascinating the Fen present it mutually, empress again limitless and auspicious clouds appear now, the married couple blare a day.1 nine colourful absolute being Fengs from day but fall, Duo female Wa empress, double the wings be light to put, the voice of oriole Feng ring Che world, the world myriad living things prostrate ceremoniously at the ground and congratulate in succession female Wa certificate way become saint!
  Finally, female the Wei of the Wa sage power slowly lay up, Zhang Zhen Deng3 about ten thousand freshman person's clan, feel a whole body top and bottom light great comfortable loose, breath also smooth.Zhang Zhen is also comfortable one breath, lift to see toward the sky.But detection, don't know when to have five personal emergences in the sky.
  Five people of in the center is a grey hair white beard body to wear blue way the tunic Jian Shuo the old, his right hand hold a handle to fondle a dust, but is a the snob appeal which have a Gao Xian.The old left head is a scholar the appearance of a person in costume and makeup middle age text private, his right hand knead a lotus a flower definitely, left hand bosom the jade that embrace a handle Chinese foot's long be satisfied.The old right head is a youth man who carry on the back to attach lance, this person sword eyebrow star eyes, a Wu3 Zhe3 dress up.
  On Wu3 Zhe3 Bian of, but is an a full face of sufferance shape, the ordinary old of a head of grey hair color.By the side of the old body is a Wan double Ji, long face, complexion Huang2 Shou4, the right hand hold 1 the middle age man of seven colourful tree branches.
  Zhang Zhen looking at this five people to dress up, heart bottom vacillating, this five people's looking at isn't that too top the old gentleman, dollar start for a day, , all-powerful religious leader, lead the way a person and quasi- lift a person?At this time, five people to opposite a sacred mercy face reading of female Wa sage, together and together bend from the waist to kowtow a line over one gift, shout a way:"Congratulations female Wa empress, achievement mix a dollar big gold fairy way fruit, wish female Wa sage, the saint life be limitless!"
  After gift finish, that grey hair white beard of too top the old gentleman come forward one step, to female the Wa be one Yi, again way:"Female Wa teacher younger sister, you first my etc. achievement this mix a dollar way fruit and in really congratulate!"The dollar start, all-powerful also follow to come forward an one step, together track:"Congratulations teacher younger sister certificate way."
  The complexion sufferance lead the way a person with quasi- lift a person, also together and together one Yi, way:"Congratulate a female Wa an empress to become a way, empress saint life."
  The female Wa sign to carry on the back at nine colourful absolute being Fengs up, return to one gift toward five people, way:"Thank for three senior and west two way friend, female Wa first one step become way, at this time, but want the ground of the mentally dense out of last that 33 dayseses to develop rite, several can in a watch from the sidelines to see!"
  Five people match a track towards seeing one eye, mutually:"Such many thanks empress the United States idea."Female Wa to five people point nod, later on together with five people many, all disappear have no Zong.
  Zhang Zhen of the text after wait for underneath and just, this descended a silly eye and inwardly the consider for a long time have to exclamation to climb from the ground.While clapping body just suddenly detection, oneself and after death near myriad people clan return red body**, favour on living the body to the Wu, to every where see.See front not distance, there is some big leaf's tree that don't know its, several step run up front tored a few slices, pull again several not well-known plant root Jin, chain leaf, go toward body 1 set, at last bind the thing of body.
  After putting away oneself, Zhang Zhen raise head and look and the air which see many people be take oddness looking at himself/herself.Turn to read on think, he come forward to pick a several 10 to looking at the clever in the crowd, one by one guidance they learn himself/herself and do some thing which hide a body of one.Immediately after let the person of academic association, pass again other person, thus, until owner all academic association, already fee greater half weather, at this time, near myriad people clan in spite of men and women, all have simple of hide the thing of body.Treat the last person just package healthy body, the sky suddenly fall in a thumb thick thin Xuan yellow light pillar, but is with female Wa empress become saint of contribution golden light such as the 90% discount was just small many.
  The contribution golden light go into a body, Zhang Zhen then feel whole body a top and bottom a burst of and unspeakable light great, later on a foolish, see a brain in innumerable the appearance be inside out.The whole Xi Xi of previous incarnation is in the eyes, from a birth of the Wa Wa fall tombt sale the ground, arrive to slowly learn tongue to grow up, a time from have a meal, a time know a word, a do to experiment ……, etc. everything, return to put one by one as the lighting in the brain.
  For a long time, moment, need Zhang Zhen Hui2 over the absolute being, see oneself first choose of several ten people be take a face of innocent, clean and pure and curious about etc. facial expression, the ground round oneself stare.He after inwardly an exclamation, not from dark scold a female Wa of irresponsible, but also have to helplessly, start hello numerous person's clan, thinking at present of the method of existence.
  Tiny make an effort, jump up several rice of a cake of Gao of big stone, Zhang Zhen again exclamation some kind of destiny of magic after, toward the clansmens loudly shout a way:"Many clansmen, all come over, all come over ……, I wait for someone it one clan freshman, not those fairy demon sorcery sort, demand fill stomach by food.Female Wa empress previous grant I behavior Zu, I settle be lead everyone, well in this Hong Huang the world under the existence go."
  Still not etc. Zhang Zhen Shuo finish, someone curiously call:"Zu, 呣……" but is a speech impassability, just point at the leaf of body to keep yell.Zhang Zhen Kan4 a burst of head be big and have to loudly way:"This, H'm, tie up leaf in the body is for keeping mosquito from bite, good, don't be call, later will slowly teach to everyone."
  The near myriad people clan listen to him such on say immediately jump again again call, joys Teng not with.
  Looking at jubilant clansmen, rise a burst of Hao feeling in Zhang Zhen Xin, imagination oneself lead a person a clan to maneuver in the earth of Hong Huang.However, turn to read a think a dark way:At present still first the church clansmens how explain, look for food important.Such, Zhang Zhen beginning all sorts of hardship ground guidance it trip, person's clan be just born, is it may be said ignorant stupid, guidance get up a difficulty not to call not big.O.K., Zhang Zhen previous incarnation long-term be engaged in a research work of experience, of Ya Lian a pair pole patience of disposition, slowly point out the clansmens one by one, 1.1:00 write learn.
  First the church clansmens how look for food, how distinguish which things edible, those things be poisonous not edible?Again the church clansmens, how construct simple of grass shed.Lead at him bottom, through several ten days of effort, acquire necessary material locally, is at first constructing some simple plant Mao Peng.Again surroundings several inside round to start to round with the wood column, start to set up simple of defences, such a batch the mankind at last settled down.Week fortunately and not under the foot of a hill of this a cake of region, at female Wa the empress build a person after, square the circle be several 100,000 inside of size demon the sorcery all have already frightenned to run and temporarily still calculate safety, otherwise this point person return a not enough small demon eat.
  At this period, thick thin different contribution golden light, like not money keep fall.For example, the church clansmens construct plant Mao Peng, let the person have golden light fall in after all living into, such as the church clansmens explain to look for food and learn that hence person's surname bore wood to get fire, let the clansmen eat up the deli etc..Contribution golden light that raindrop sort keep fall and at first return someone curious, arrival also gradual become accustomed to.
  Along with contribution golden light continuously fall in, Zhang Zhen felling oneself of the body be more and more strong solid emollient, several rock of rice size can at will move, like have a meal to drink water sort simple.Period, he again fix Lian since body Shu within memory and mentality, original this body Shu and fix of mentality Lian, can choose it a.He also just embrace to try and see of mindset, both together fix, don't think on try and then become, and progress pleased person, then fix to attain previous incarnation for short year of highest point appearance.
  Can only cherish, Zhang Zhen previous incarnation attend to make a research, although fix of mentality the Lian be better, but body Shu the method which remember some simple Ya Lian, can by dint of some simple list of memory slowly grope for.Gradually, he detection contribution golden light definite is a good thing, ignore is the Ya Lian body Shu, still keep fixing Lian spirit, all of that be that the advantage be much many, everyday ability the felling arrive materiality of progress.

    A spool of Hong Huang winding chapter 3 culture has a vexed brain ten previous incarnation good lucks again
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-2916:43:59 origin chapter word number:2352

  Certainly, while Zhang Zhen oneself is fixing Lian also do not forget the clansmens.Although these people's clans be still placed in ignorant appearance, in his elaboration under the guidance fix Lian of return fairly good.After all, now be that the Hong Huang be period, world beginning day of, the spiritual influence that is in the whole world be ample and matchless.And day of innumerable material ground treasure everywhere it is thus clear that, can at will food it, bring of advantage is also innumerable.
  This day, Zhang Zhen start to assemble a group of brains vivid clansmen, just in the guidance they the theory words know a word.The word is the most simple to be like a form writing, after all so since the form be like, again even if in guidance.Language, certainly was a Chinese language, pronounce this thing to still be easy to teach.
  At this time, 1 call the handsome man suddenly raise hand a station since, sit opposite Zhang Zhen Dao4 in big rock:"Zu, your ability give we also name?"The fascination been speak Zhang Zhen thrivingly, smell speech, not from much saw that man several eye, see again such as the primary school living general many clever clansmen.Emergence on the face one silk embarrassed earth's surface feeling, inwardly exclamation:"Oh, a wise man be thousand Lyus and necessarily have a lose, incredibly so importance of business to forget."
  BE also, female the Wa build the time of person not to know is forget or how, these people long of basically and all about, not the idea return true not distinction, Zhang Zhen be all quick call a feed of, all become accustomed to.
  Press down a full face of expectation of public, Zhang Zhen is from the rock stand up a way loudly:"Many clansmen is me it lose, now I give everyone and everybody a , H'm from you beginning, you along with I surname is Zhang Shi2, H'm you be Zhang Shu4 ……" Zhang Wang2 Li3, Zhao4 Deng3 Bai3, hence creation, seem a bit too soon, however press those romance novels jot down, seemed to be a lot of important event all all early, also don't care this.
  Until near myriad people of name all be good, Zhang Zhen this just touch a pair of sweat, looking at the underneath jubilant clansmen, always exclamation, this name of business true isn't a person to do of-nerve-racking.
  Looking at many clansmen happy of about, Zhang Zhen this just gesticulate bottom to press, loudly way:"Many clansmen, all sit down, since and all had oneself of, record good, later the clansmen is mutually it all with name it!"Along with public together voice should BE, again a burst of contribution golden light fall in.Quiet quiet Zhang Zhen again way:"Later I it doesn't call Zu, later call I Zhang Zhen!"Zhang Zhen felling the clansmen call oneself Zu the Zu be very strange and still call the name of own previous incarnation, H'm'attain'with'I'together sound, later say can not lane the emperor play.
  The several Zhang Zhen Rang4 the man who be responsible for hunt take the previous person to go hunting later on and rest man and woman then stay to make at the encampment beginning Lao.Looking at busy clansmen, Zhang Zhen start do a lot of thinking again:"Now of clansmen return few, acquire necessary material locally return ability satisfy, from farsighted development of the angle see obviously not, H'm the agriculture want development to get up first, but seem to have no tool, H'm, get think a way study Lian machine of method, so rightness later of development would very convenience.
  However at present and obviously and not and very, that female Wa empress and a many big absolute beings all go 33 day outside develop rite go to, press romance novel of details development, minimal also get a hundred years after, that many big absolute being just empress return to return, be an ether up the old gentleman the leader when the time comes of one many sage birth it hour, get think a way ……"
  Zhang Zhen Zuo4 at big stone top think before think after, many clansmen while have no hello also the nobody dare to disturb him.To say now of Zhang Zhen in the position in the person's clan although return can not compare with a female Wa an empress, also is to can make'gold jade speech', words no one, who say, will not listen to.
  Such person's clan in the birthplace at quiet development, turning an eye will attain 100 years, this Zhang Zhen again guidance the clansmen is some existence with fix Lian of method empress let the clansmens spread go to, from that big stone top station, hope gradual spread of the clansmens.
  Number more and more, under his guidance, clansmen in addition to hunting Lao to make, development multiplying greatly posterity be quickest, be strictly according to the monogamy, also at short not 100 year numbers turned over several ten turn over, leave million it number have been not much difference.He very satisfaction person's clan this several ten developments.
  On the existence technical ability church person clan knot net fishing, grasp bird to catch a monster etc. to hunt of method, not only creation various the tool which acquire necessary material locally creation, return the church clansmens scoop out sink well, constitution organization.Return to find out some farm crop that can plant, the guidance clansmens development agriculture, again let the clansmens the Huan support family a dumb development livestock husbandry, emollient of guarantee person's clan of existence.
  Zhang Zhen Hai2 the church clansmens building wood house, usage the shot stone start a fire of method, the church clansmens lead a plant to meet to make monster dress through the silk with the fish bone etc. simple of clothes, guidance the clansmen be some simple of the medical treatment defend the method of disease, with increment clansmen of life level.
  Have no the rules don't become square circle, Zhang Zhen for the sake of convenience management more and more of person's clan, also establishment a series regulation system.Such as marriage to designate as monogamy, open up to don't need close relative to grow.Such as safety aspect development simple of military, such as daily the Lao make a management system etc..Zhang Zhen still development person clansmen culture the accomplishment, the song of easy to read fierce ambition clear heart of the church clansmen, found joy Lyu, establishment style, invention writing, know 100 grass Bian pharmacology etc.s.The behavior type headed into a civilization's society to lay solid foundation.
  Zhang Zhen is already a person clan in well-deserved of Huang, prestige's being gradual have already surmount female Wa empress of power, culture person clan income contribution of many, at creation of the world afraid also at female the Wa contribution of build of empress person under.
  Fixed Lian to also have substantial of make progress, is have no quantity under the contribution help, Zhang Zhen at decade of Li(Zhang Zhen establishment of style) of Hong Huang can respond world spiritual influence, several decade come every moment and all at continuously absorb.He is an absorption spiritual influence first every evening, take the clansmens Lao to make in the daytime, such several year after, he discover in spite of in the daytime or in the evening is in spite of oneself to have with concentration luck help absorb spiritual influence, the spiritual influence in the body all at steadily increment.
  Perhaps is body Shu and mentality of previous incarnation to fix a Lian method too low, Zhang Zhen recent felling oneself absorb of spiritual influence more and more slow.The mentality is in the brain eachly formation a dimensionless spirit ocean, and previous incarnation value go into brain skin layer of light the brain disappeared, but along with mentality of growth in constantly the repair, believe to use not much long ability usage.Body Shu, along with constantly absorb world spiritual influence, also in the pubic region creation one be dimensionless to work properly dint sea.Regrettable in spite of Zhang Zhen how effort, in addition to previous incarnation that simple of body Shu and mentality fix the method of Lian, up to now and didn't create new of fix the method of Lian, just fore the foundation of a life time top have improvement just, see to any method which fix Lian not to be to say that create ability create out.
  To sum it up, Zhang Zhen arrive at Hong Huang world of for several decades, the strength is a big innumerable times, the dint of the one punch can dozen fall Gao Di's knoll of a several ten meters.If use top the pick up come of female Wa the empress build a person to use a dark and green thin whip of words, lightly on flicking like the fairy, although could not reach to ruin a day the degree which put out ground, 10010 meters Gao Di Shi2's mountain also ability give dozen become broken bits.Regrettable, Zhang Zhen in spite of the fist still keep using a thin whip, such as theory how make an effort to mbt shoesall have 1 kind can't a make an effort of felling, that kind of is emollient to could not make of felling very suffered, but also can the way shout what then!

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