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Master - Sima Gannan sighed vision along with the rain that turned to look at it to see is a face no longer young and old Sima compared to many of their lives haschristian louboutin knockoffs left you do not have do not trust their
Gannan I would rather you leave me now do not want to let you accompany me to die for us, things are pieces of happiness. Sima gently sighed.

But you are immortal you must live good lives and live in happiness will go under some peace of mind. Gannan sad that now accompany the people around you to leave one by one under the left you have to take care of yourself.

Gannan Thank you. Sima simply say that the rain always makes him sad to leave in Gannan has for them, they are not immortal only ** thing decade under the influence of the year for them, perhaps just a light shade, but no matter how Millennium also has 100 years of it they really want to leave.

And he has to live.

Pool small night opened his eyes first thing clear anxious eyes of the O-face his brother was holding the fan to fan her face is a look of anxiety that some trance she can not remember a moment of what just happened.

Small night you wake up? Ouyang Ruixiang came over gentle wake that you just faint ** We are scared to wake up like you.

Chi looked around their small evening a pedestrian still in the site in the following why is she here she would have feelings? I feel much better now all right. Small pool gently shook his head and sat up late as if this will really okay.

You just scared me. Xiao-Min, see Chi Chi Little late to wake up a bit relieved wiping the sweat on his head sitting on the floor of a psychic you really are only here you can see people and things we can not see
Floor dirty. Gently smiled and said pool may be small night was just an accident, where people like to pass some of what I tell you it is as if I experience another person's feelings.

Yes. Ouyang Ruixiang smiled and said here, although some strange things but it will not cause any harm but you are in protecting you if you can see here we do not see things are not going to hurt you. In fact, in some countries psychic psychic injuries will need to rest after a period of time, but if you two are not at that time there will be nothing over time. I did not let them move you just let you lie down and rest for a while you see you so soon woke up.

Pool small night stand up to watch the surrounding wrote: not that I said look you can see for example now I see nothing.

She returned to just stay where everyone is his brother collapsed in places where the three of them in what should not happen. The Candle is also on the same place she went over to look at Candle If you simply should not have their own words what it feels like it if that want to communicate with her body what Guiya strange ah should not have non-appearance What strange thing is what they saw.

Close your eyes if there is wind blowing through a storm window screens to float gently down a very leisurely then there is this weather? Pond curious little late to suddenly have in mind here in the end she would like to know what happened to express through her?

We go to restaurants to eat in Hong drink. Ouyang Ruixiang suddenly said he would not tell us what we have to go close to him over and over again for him to receive us slowly. If the trust has at least maybe we can get some news.

Is a good way. Min said that allowing a small pool of smallchristian louboutin sale night adventure experience so as to let her try this approach may be close to Sima safer.

Ouyang Qing frowned reluctance he did not particularly want to venture a small night here do not want to close Sima little late, but he did not know how to reject his father and his friend Min only a small pool to keep some frustration silence.

Parked in front of drinking restaurants rained Hong big pool hall into an umbrella inside a small night had some guests at the table drinking tea and talking chatted up waiting for the waiter to deliver meals noisy free food aroma in the air.

Little late - the voice came over a pool Xiaohui beautiful figure greet you very eyes she was wearing a miniskirt exposing human induced or a pair of beautiful Xiutui white Huh. Small Min? You have come -

Chi Chi Xiaohui laugh watching Little Min said: The way you dress to provoke sister who is intended to Which handsome ah? Careful men here bloody nose.

Chi Xiaohui smile you do not have guessed I really should be a person specially for him again, but I drink Hong restaurants in his car I've ever seen here today, you see when passing by his car to him specifically what I have learned over if your sister is the boss here, I decided to capture his heart. How?

Here's the boss? Chi Min at first surprised a moment and then looked at a small pool a little later laughed and said good sister you have to success to success if you can capture his heart can rest in peace little late Qing Ouyang also Haohao De meal you had.

Chi Chi Xiaohui puzzled look and a small pool of small min later and the small late this have anything to do? You will not have to tell me that this person is also a little late to dream, right? If she wants to compete and I can not put my personal vacate her and I want to fight, but only a little late to defeat one way. Is a small late? So, ah, or obediently and sister not to grab this guy's pretty good Qing Ouyang grow on you like it and highly refined mother's favor was the time to see mother mother has been clear how Kwame Ouyang how good you want me to learn like to find honest and reliable husband married. Oh you still concentrate on small late Qing Ouyang wife bar.

Pond Little late to pick brow gently smiled and said: Good if you like him as my brother said I hope you can success to me is not interested in his brother wanted to know his brother like this person as on the former site of fascination.

I hope we put the same person. Min Xiao Hehe, said a small pool.

I ask a few have set seat? A pretty pleasant waiter came over a small pool of know her, is the first time late to drink when eating in Hong restaurants that met the girl she seems to have moderate to recognize the pool of small red pool night, smiling a little late gentle nod greetings to hit Hello welcome come again.

You know? Chi Xiaohui pointed to the waiter asked the pool of small late.

Have seen big sister is the boss of the first dinner here. christian louboutinPool small night light in that there was this little girl to take care of us that table.

We do not set bit, but I think that floor lantern room floor to find food. Min-soon, said a small pool that is hanging in the corner of the staircase, two very fine beautiful lanterns from the lantern room floor as possible.

Please come with me some good. The waiter smiled and lead the way in front.

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