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Dark, damp room with a musty little shivering body bend a tired in a dark corner of the room through the window and see the colorful lights hanging crystal teardrop on her face shining clear in the eye pupil so despair, helplessness, grief infinite constant darknesslouboutin knockoffs engulfed her aching heart full of holes and then a lonely figure in the long cold night enjoy the release of her tears soothe the festering wound that she had it completely in black

 she chose to startling cover scars that covered the ugly scars of evil as if she is to be reminded every moment of love betrayed, abandoned by family, friends reprimanded by the devil.

She also would like very much to imagine a child under the sun, like a simple little ordinary so extraordinary warm and family has become her constant desire of luxury.

She sees right through this hypocrisy, ugly, evil in the world will never believe she cursed his love until she met him there and no way out of love with him reverse the curse of her destiny in her own hands their wheels buried in Love The sea of fire and accept the cruel fact that he abandoned her unfeeling to the rest of his life to bear his own costs of repentance from love punishment.

Her name is like real life to the same ruthless cold too outrageous - 'Ice' in the leaves Montreal, bleak early arrival of autumn in her heart was broken glass support sealed in a glacial lake can no longer afford a ray of hope in the ripple pan. Love the more miserable return for the outcome of the more beautiful the more memory not have to pay more wholehearted hand does not fit, other forever oath, Ming-hard love heart deep bone marrow failed to return for a genuine embrace of extreme perfection, No shortage of beautiful love could not escape the final break up of the outcome.

The courage to ask her search with the last vestiges of a familiar flavor of his desire to get a little sympathy even look a little regret that she would not tangle have to pay beyond the life of the pupil, but his dark and sharp in the eyes of launching a strong cold more like a silent mockery of him to her church that she loved her church she was in pain the church taught her how happy Quemei bury him and forget her own obstinate disease was never in the dark into the light of day in jail like the bad news into hell She can never get rid of pain is the fate of frozen darkness into the quagmire of illusions whirlpool unable to fall slowly struggling

Window seat straightforward shot to the sun light ice gently turned to look out the window patch of lush scene, a bright red cherry trees lost her glazing eyes hollow tire of playing all sorts of memories of the screen: sky fly pink cherry blossom petals stained sky aesthetic atmosphere of elegant romantic encounter with his feet on the floor carpet of pink cherry footprint they leave happy christian louboutin shoessnowy, snowflakes dancing in the winter, where they then pass love by chance came from the cherry trees around her but the love was there for the end of a period painting of cherry blossoms after a number of years may not be anyone who remembers ocean on a miserable girl in the stunning love story here

Ding Dingding crisp class ring to her thoughts from the journey of the spirit of pulling back the things that she glanced about the room crowded noisy loss of her cold and out of tune here.

She hated the hypocrisy of show passion, ignorance, half-hearted friendship, dark face mask is ugly and beautiful world of human camouflage it so firmly that she had been zero IQ of girls who also weave the Prince and Princess's sweet dream of love in Her eyes just silly, childish behavior she is so different with other people to defend themselves with their own determination not to allow the dust and then the situation near the lower edge of the vulgar.

We went out to play ice please? Sweet sounds coming from her pass in front of her face, looked up and saw a doll trimmed with two big eyes looking to the long upturned lashes blinking and moving his head and flashing cherry mouth sip out of a lovely arc cold ice frosty face devoid of expression and then shook his head stiff as a brilliant smile in front of the stars showing the sort of loss. Seeing that she secretly sighed quietly in the bottom of my heart I am sorry I was not worthy Effie who do not have feelings for me sorry

Looked at the table, illegible curriculum in the next section is a self-study courses as a teacher she is not willing to enjoy a long absence, made a quiet stroll gently up the classroom.

Whereas the slightest breeze blew soft hair between the nose was filled with a touch of elegant floral cherry tree light to go after the hidden rockery sitting on a rock deep breath under the freedom of fresh air and then slowly close my eyes fall Tan started as depression if drowsiness absent, the ethereal thoughts has she brought to the distance. Long moist eyes dripping tears of a crystal.

Not far away, Ye Luo Chen stared him in another school students came to class today for the first time with a familiar environment, full of curiosity to a kind of pulling his strings something like this piece of cherry trees to see this life is the most beautiful a picture of his heart was throbbing a fierce girl snuggle under a tree delicate jade, pure white in the sunlight like a halo distribution of the dream-like crystal clear as crystal doll black waist-long hair hanging over her thin pale cheeks delicate nose straight in the stand at attention like never admit defeat, stubbornly insisted delicate, tender lips people have rushed to taste the deadly black dress is also scattered with some petals for her slightly melancholychristian louboutin knockoffs  ice as delicate as a holy goddess of beauty deeply into his mind the first time he felt his heart was filled full of when you see the tears of her eyes a slight trembling of his heart is what makes her so sad sad in the dream will shed tears?

Appeared to be strong behind her with what they vulnerable? At this moment he should want to know her, want to know everything about her.

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