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Well the school as you choose!

Hard to come by today, Lin Yuzhe very brisk on promised her!

I do not care as long as the environmentchristian louboutin knockoffs is graceful as no one knew me on the list!

Since yesterday the old professor lost his job because she dared not stay in this school now has felt like all the teachers and students look down on her disdain for her.

Miss C as you go to our Piano Bar university students in our school are very friendly you will love it!

Xiao-enthusiastic look she said.

Well, on C, it!

She looked at the Little Lotus smiled and nodded.

Well I'll give you people to do C, transfer procedures!

He stood up and took Zhang Ma, handing me the package went to the door.

're In a good rest at home today, tomorrow you go to C, report it!

The dividing line *********** ******** Hua Lili

C, is a really good place to cultivate body and mind.

Elegant environment, the students make good sense has never been clear Mae moving!

With her book bag and excitement into the piano lessons.

In her insistence that she did not let Xiao-learn the piano with her the reasons she has the right to select any of her Xiao-like professional.

But secretly she knew Lin Yuzhe sure to send the people to follow his own how he could so easily let go of their own too!

She is so determined.

But she does not care that she now has her favorite piano feel that life has a better up.

Days immersed in music in her dreams goes slowly.

Lin Yuzhe during this period of her sometimes tender and sometimes ruthless, but extremely slowly, she began to get used to!

That afternoon she was sitting at a piano in front of excited to play any one 'Zhiailisi' immersed in the beautiful music of her simply not found in individuals walked along looking at her foolishly piano.

Have finished the piece she held onto a bit of sweat on his forehead.

Suddenly heard someone, ladies!

She surprised the back.

This time, this practice is not christian louboutin shoesalways room no one's right?

A man in white hands in his pockets, smiling at her man.

She had never seen in any man's face that smiles his smile almost every infected person who saw him a pair of bright eyes, straight nose, thin lips smiling Min Zhaozui bright white teeth have a brown the curved hair.

Obviously he is a half-breed of a grown very mixed fascinated man for woman!

Will you come to practice the piano is it?

She politely asks the man.

Do not you know me?

Very strange man looked at her could not it?

Why not? Do you think every woman should know you?

Her sarcastic laugh.

He was the sudden sharp tone she stabbed was stunned for a moment.

This woman is young, but strange!

This is his first impression on her.

Do not you learn how your piano student that can better skilled piano playing is first-hand!

Man smiled at her white teeth exposed.

I am a student here, how it?

I am your teacher you do not know me?

This is the reason for his strange countless students he taught that he can not know them but do not have a student that the teacher did not know him!

Not only because of his piano playing is even christian louboutinmore remarkable because he is a super school female teachers and girls in mind, the dream is the number one object of their fantasies!

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