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Along the way everyone remains silent and somewhat embarrassed to have Ouyang Ruixiang respond particularly well is a small pool of late feel quite Mao Dun on the one hand that does not require too much Ouyang Ruixiang she believed he would never Sunhuai that the precious christian louboutin knockoffsumbrella, but at the same time that umbrella without the permission of the owner of the umbrella to lend is a rude thing
That night the boss is how little experience you lend your umbrella? Small pool to see her sister Min has been puzzling contradictions in the heart of the problem that when eating out that day could see little late does not necessarily know each other and little was explained that she was late to admit a person should not be mistaken as a particularly if a less familiar with how would a person familiar with the umbrella so precious to the small night?

Today, I drink for the big sister to eat in restaurants where Hong encountered hotel owner because he happened to go out on the message after a soft heart and then me and lend me an umbrella. Pond Little late to say I was somewhat puzzled when a door you asked me this question asked again how they want them. I have and you explained was set.

Pool small Min uttered softly Oh Oh I forgot I have been looking like this umbrella can not blame Professor Ouyang This umbrella is very valuable indeed and definitely not fake. You can say that this umbrella is in the hands of valuable antiques.

Is not it? Pool a little late Somewhat taken aback, a valuable old umbrella into their own hands on it handed a block wind and rain umbrella that the boss really is a 'generous'.

Flexibility that Sang Heart of the friends there, and you ask her something about me? Chi Min transfer of small open topic
A brother of the Rights of the future do not provoke people. Pond said, smiling little later someone else I do not care Kexin flexibility is not only my colleagues but also my friend that she has never quite fallen in love with your mini's words can make her happy for a whole day if you do not intend to like her not to say some sweet words were useless.

Pool small Min chuckled said: I did not say anything sweet words, then brother still measured even longer bother to bring your friends can not play any mind to mention that she is not my type I'm looking for her only official business.

All right. Pond Little late with a sigh like the heart problem is not soft but the heart of Colombian soft like Columbia.

Yang Pei to go directly to drive home looking at the lights of her pool slightly wrinkled brows seem like a small pond not only Du Hui night playing pool or just a small night mind also that what Du Hui Yin Hong restaurants boss to get his brother a small pool of late? Her little brother sure did not like the pool is no doubt but small late night did not seem particularly small pool of like him.

Pond Xiaomin thought for a moment on a small pool of late, said: Little Brother will be late, etc. and you want to say something to wash your brother after the expiry of the study, waiting for you.

They both came into the Dao Fangzhong an fragrant pool under the brow wrinkled little impatient Min said: It must be a pool Xiaohui back home, back to confused with the perfume shop like.

Who speaks ill of me? A sound position on the sofa idle christian louboutin bootssounded like such a lazy cat though it is full of small pools at any time attack the domineering Miss Min made a special thanks to you that you should think ill of the door said, also mentioned the name of sister .

Confused over the house so you do incense? Chi Min said with a smile when a small back?

Afternoon. Chong Chi Chi Xiaohui smiled waved silk pajamas little late to her body increasingly Jean M. M. expression always see people itching to look inside the deepest is indifferent Hong drink water today government and who eat it? The table quite a few cute guys.

Pond said, smiling little late: Speaking of listening to soft mulberry heart I happened to go to the toilet which one of the people you taught. That guy is the older sister's friend's brother.

Chi Xiaohui still charming smile Xiaoman on that vision it? I remember her prefer mature man that several young men for her too Sentimental instead.

Pool small night shook her head she did not want to comment on this matter to do with her. But since the sister did not sleep and the pool is expected to talk late into the night they small-min two topics that always have lots to talk to the rest she can feel a bit sleepy little min wash is finished to see pool and pool Xiaohui chat with joy She laughed very loudly directly to bed.

Du-hui has been up late the woman fast asleep sleeping position really is no way to each end of the ugly, he will feel ugly side of people when the woman is relaxed if the pile. He thought of some nausea and some miss Ouyang Bei poured a glass of wine a healthy body cell phone rang. Who to call at this time?

Is an unknown number of his thought around a revolving door-style number for the women who do not have to beat him this time, the phone should know that he has the numbers to know should all know.

Connected to telephone before speaking on the lazy sounded charming voice was lazy cat soon as light is called if an invisible hand gently tugged his ear to his heart itching. Hey - at up to?

Residual sound voice dragging. Du Hui can not say the soft eyes immediately there was a tremendous woman soft face, if implicit, if not see the obvious or can not say the lure. He smiled gently as if matador flying over the calf to see mood was immediately mobilized. Ha ha this point in time to? Talking was thinking of this woman?

Chi Xiaohui lie on my nightstand, table saw clearly refers to the four clock is 4:00 at this time a man can do pool Xiaohui expression is indifferent, but the sound is induced or the. Really bad - she added softly uttered Ruoyouruowu the 'ah' sound gentle friction feet lazy like most of the people of her voice.

Du-hui that woman over there is a phone can not resist the lure or just about to continue that suddenly broke each other's phone call back the past, cold voice say, 'Youchristian louboutin sale call the user has turned off' each other's phone battery died it? That sound Ruoyouruowu the 'ah' to his heart quite like the first itch to see the other side immediately nothing but love.

Chi Xiaohui watching indifferently the man off the phone is definitely not what good things! Pond Xiaoman fool! Time is not she going to bed early.

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