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 card fleet activity abnormality, be like former one fierce rush toward to mbt shoes salecome over, but is carry on a fleet whole change direction, seem dynasty Ao thou the Si planet fly to.Return to have, although return can't assurance gram card fleet of concrete of warship kind and number, their probe into a not enough strong, seem have no large attack warship.
  After Sa cloud full general listenned to, the eyebrows be tight lock and soliloquize a way:"Difficult way this fleet is a conveyance warship to organize into teams not become?"
  A staff officer say:"Conveyance warship if organize into teams, do we still want to take the offensive?Once openning hostilities bright number to expose, later any further don't arrive surprise attack of effect."
  Sa cloud full general wish:"If expose bright number but just exterminate a conveyance fleet definite lose more than gain, but so large-scale of conveyance fleet, deliver of must be very importance of supplies, difficult way they would sit on the sideline ignore, term it drive thoroughly annihilation?"Thought of this, he say:"If this is go toward Ao thou Si planet deliver supplies of fleet, so they must is plan there construction ground air defense battlefield, once they build up over there integrity of air defense system, we will can't attack and occupy Ao forever thou Si planet, so we have to launch attack.Now original plan have to change, all cent fleet to main force take side, rush set of with the quickest speed gram card fleet, if is conveyance fleet, from cent the fleet carry on stroke, the rhythm want slow some, hope their main force fleet ability arrive to in time, let the bright number continue to hide in the fleet of behind, treat gram card person of the reinforcement arrive behind again three war;If is their main forces fleet, so much the better, the person taste the taste of super big gun!"
  The staff officers are a burst of to roar with laughter.A staff officer suddenly say:"General, don't make collective report a circumstance here toward the domestic once?
  Sa cloud wanted to think, way:"Sorting a detailed of report send to national defense headquarters, but decided plan don't want to be subjected to any influence, domestic general under the circumstance is can't interference front face of commanding officer conductor."
  In the tower the planet synchronous orbit of the conductor the warship, gram card empire air force commander-in-chief thou the Bo stare at dispersed but go to of light point, the heart imitate Fo and jump exit chamber, but the facial expression be still quiet like water, the great waves be not surprised.The in the mind is dark to scold:"This chicken heart which help to damn!So much the conveyance warship constitute of a cake of big fat meat also can't attraction you?The bastard damn!"
  Lead a short while, dispersed light point restart to take side, acceleration dynasty is change direction of conveyance the fleet fly.Thou Bo commander-in-chief long one breath, turn head, issue order way:"Issue on order, conveyance fleet to Ao thou the Si planet step back, escort a fleet to meet the enemy, tell to escort the fleet commanding officer card Rui Si general, need not put together dead to fight hard, keep real strenght, ability worry an enemy good."
  "BE!Commander-in-chief."The staff officer of flank sign to be salute, then by leap and bound run to send to encrypt electricity text.
  At astrospace high speed sport of fleet of whole change direction is a very complex work, speed more quick, change direction more difficulty, and whole brigade action still want to moderate consistent, but constitute the battleship warship of fleet kind, model number is inconformity of, only train have vegetable of fleet then can completion include to change direction at inside of a series Gao the difficulty be whole and mobile action.When conveyance fleet finally completion change direction, dynasty Ao thou Si at the time that planet fly escort a fleet at the right moment from the behind blunt come up, with flying eagle alliance the fleet forward of the soldier situation, both parties all have already got into the other party warship the artillery range of the cannon inside.
  The energy laser cannon of the cosmos battleship look like an ability to tee off very far, ray ability dissemination extremely faraway, in fact valid artillery range not far, more far the energy light beam more and more spread, power more small, be the power decline to can't broke through the protection of the other party cover, there is also no meaning.
  Escort a fleet an attack warship from 7 heavy type, 128 medium-sized attack warship, 360 small scaled escort the warship constitute, not a few warship just use conveyance warship to add weapon reformation but become, the real strenght be not strong.The major general proper prime of life of the commanding officer card Rui Si, black hair, tall and big in stature and emollient, is 1 to be a veteran warrior, brave and stubborn excellent soldier.His order escort to organize into teams from 7 heavy type at this time attack the warship respectively lead a part warship be divided into 7 small organize into teams, protection cover the power open to biggest, full speed dynasty enemy's fleet blunt go to.
  The forward fleet of flying eagle alliance see the other party suddenly break up whole into parts, the vehemence be roaring and fierce to rush toward to come over, not from get fluster, this kind of method have never seen.General fleet belligerence all respectively keep a type, warship cannon to bomb, so spread out, assault of dozen the method made them to receive a while, etc. return to absolute being to the enemy already blunt arrive near front, quickly fire off attack, but in the clout a rate not Gao.Laser dissemination of the speed be a velocity of light, at so near of distance top is need not consideration advance quantity, but take aim at, drop to turn gun muzzle, Chong ability all is demand time of, panic inside nervous under didn't dozen medium several cannon.Be this several cannon in the dozen the nothing important effect also is shoot of escort the warship just turned over several heel head, right away adjust the carriage in addition go into war regiment.But gram the card person's cannon fire be quasi- and fierce, confusing confused.
  The warship member of flying eagle alliance all was frightened to death, think gram card person again lane come new style weapon.The warship body is shoot to send out of depressed of bomb a Ming voice once bottom imitate Fo to pound their hearts.But, led a short while, they detection gram the card person's warship cannon only ability force the shot break oneself of protection cover, basically can't broke through warship body armor, hence Anne of a little descend heart.But by this time two soldiers have already mixed into one regiment, once fire off and have the possibility that the mistake harm an own person.Hence have to trend blindly, follow disorderly turn.The battlefield display that is at this time one the act be strange of prospects:Both parties' fleet you come I go toward, again and again blunt kill, cannon fire connect the day be confusing confused, but very few dead and injured, both parties all have no substantial of loss, be like a farce, again be like a game.
  Originally the card Rui Si receive to tie up a flying eagle alliance first a head a fleet of order after, feel if connect war according to the normal regulations military tactics of words, after several round exchange blows victory or defeat namely cent, whether the victory and defeat can't drag along the other party or not, hence figure out this way, protection cover the power open to biggest, launch machine full burden operation, , cent the head after rushing at an enemy use minimum the power fire off, so even dozen arrive an own person didn't also relation, will not result in many big injury.In the meantime can paste lane the other party once, because the power be small, every time fire off consume of energy few, again Chong ability also very quick, shoot soon Gao, thermodynamic power intensive, look vehemence roaring, in fact however is to scare a person just.Don't become to think effect ratio to prepare to think of be good friends with, original think be regarded as protection cover the power open to biggest, under the enemy's cannon fire stroke, being hurtle into an enemy will have a part loss before of, have never thought the other party drive their the unusual military tactics be surprised and foolish, one Leng absolute being of effort already blunt arrive near front.Unexpectedly nothing important loss.
  Escort to organize into teams this time which entwine with the vanguard fleet of flying eagle alliance inside, gram card empire of conveyance the fleet have already successfully escaped from battlefield, mbt shoes clearancepositive party in government Ao thou the Si planet enter hair.
  Sa cloud full general detection first the head brigade be drag along, gram card empire of conveyance the fleet have been already escape, quickly the order whole fleet doesn't realize to entwine together and first a head brigade and immediately chase conveyance fleet.
  But at this time in the conductor the warship of thou the Bo commander-in-chief hope a big screen, cover up don't live heart in of joy, say:"Good!The card Rui Si general make out quite good!Have never paid many the big price dragged along them two cent fleet, and the big fish have already try very hard to dynasty bait blunt come over, now is the time that the Sa virtuous Er general appear."
  The main force fleet of the flying eagle alliance distance gram card empire of conveyance the fleet be more and more near, the face of Sa cloud full general top cannot help but peep out one silk satisfied.In a moment ability catch up conveyance fleet, only an attack ability exterminate its greater half, thoroughly its annihilation easy to accomplish, again return overdo annihilation it escort a fleet, this be the 1-day-old achievement, a time with gram card person front side hand over fire to obtain such war merit, he some can not restrain heart in of excitement.
  At this time screen top suddenly appear large quantity new of light point, is escape of conveyance in front of the fleet, positive dynasty F square fleet right against the face.The Sa cloud full general complexion is dignified and say:"This may is gram card person of main force come rescue, exactly bright number big show the time of artistic skill, say according to me that know, gram now of card person have no can threat arrive the weapon of bright number, but they after all the real strenght be strong, this war necessarily very hard.Quick prepare a communication machine, I want to announce to decisive battle general mobilization toward the whole army of order."
  A staff officer prepare a communication machine and the cultured and cultured young staff officer of an outlooking walk to come forward at this time and say:"General, I call to wear strange, please allow me to say oneself of viewpoint."
  "Okay, please speak."Sa cloud answer a way.
  "I am personal to feel us total the real strenght be far not equal to gram card person, now not just carry on decisive battle of inning, we in fact escort a treasure all at bright number up, I feel us is at dozen a the war that can't lose, particularly is gram card person of rescue fleet to get too in time, and still main force, if is a Qiao strangely fits and so get some excessively, if isn't strangely fits, that elucidation is them arrangement good of."
  Sa cloud hope the young man quiet look in the eyes, wanted to think and say:"You say quite right, but we are in the astrospace of real strenght's wanting to arrive when then can exceed gram card person?War not is comparison real strenght, otherwise the real strenght weakly admit defeat good, is the war to gamble?If we won, gram the card person expel the card fertile galaxy to can be expected soon, you can say that again, this be a the war that can't lose, however I have confidence, they really don't know the existence of the bright number, , I be to escort a treasure on the bright number, is its never thought that which escort to appear in the bright number up.Be regarded as they arrangement good of again how, they are in the card fertile galaxy of strength I know it in heart, as long as they don't adjust relief troops to come over from the other galaxy, our cure of success still ratio bigger.But the relief troops want to come here necessarily would usage the space jump up station, such the faraway distance be sail by normal regulations is impossible, while carrying on space to jump up huge energy motion can't deceive a person, I have already everywhered let monitor station close surveillance the whole galaxy with fertile card of energy motion circumstance, they once usage the space jump up us would at and at that time know of.Good, I be mobilizing before starting a war and thank you of remind, you of the viewpoint has much of viewpoint."
  Wear a strange station at an audit Sa cloud full general moving of lecture, the in the mind have 1 kind very uneasy of felling, his intuition tell another matter feeling didn't so simple.Wear strange very young, the resume be shallow, the Class be very low and say that is a staff officer, in fact is a commander's headquarters of a common staff member, peacetime few opportunity and commander in chief conversation of, just and by luck station in Sa cloud of nearby, drum foot courage, just speak just some kind of words of, have never thought the commander in chief look dignity, but very reasonable and easy to get along with, with he spoke so many, he have a little touched.But the person's destiny sometimes very oddness, because of this a few words, he got into the visual field of Sa cloud, his destiny also start from here change, now of he how also surprisingly, in the near future, he station at the Sa position cloud station now up.
  Flying eagle alliance of main force fleet with gram the card empire Sa virtuous Er full general lead of main force fleet finally at Ao thou Si planet of round the orbit neighborhood of day situation, both parties quick open fire, the cannon fire be violent intensive, launch bloody ruthlessnessly fight.Energy light beam collision creation the Azrael be similar terrible of ray of light, the cannon fire tear off an energy protection cover of project form electricity the Hu imitate Fo terrible of evil claw, is shoot of battleship moment explosion, the corpse of the warship body parts and warship member of big piece be dispersed to fall thick and fast, because the astrospace have no resistance, perhaps would always toward cosmos deep the place fly bottom.Explosion creation of the energy flow pound at neighborhood of battleship, battleship good the leaf in the strong breeze, sway uncertain.
  The flying eagle fleet of the alliance after all the peacetime wage guerrilla warfare of time many, the large-scale fleet decisive battle of experience be few, in the beginning some fluster.But gram the fleet of the card empire train to have vegetable, experienced, commanding officer Sa the virtuous Er full general be calm and steady dispassion.Small scaled warship which tie up the other party of small scaled warship in his order, oneself lead in person from the heavy type attack the warship constitute of lord offend a fleet blunt fore noodles, a cannon fire together shoot ability the shot ruin an enemy's warship.So of dozen method just beginning suffer a los, because the battleship arrange intensive, very easy is shoot, but the other party respectively in order to fight, one of the battleship thermodynamic power in the clout at a time most ability target shot harm.But several battleship together shoot, at least ability let the target lose combat ability, severity of right away explosion disintegration.Along with is shoot together in of the battleship be gradual to increase, advantage would a little present.But gram the card person's advantage have no maintenance how long, flying eagle alliance soldier finally tee off has been conceal of trump card-the bright number be giant attack warship!
  The fleet which see a flying eagle alliance a soldier suddenly and every where spread out and in the center let a the big hole of an utter darkness, a huge black battleship peep out ferocious facial expression and appear in the array the ex-est to follow.The huge warship cannon suddenly open fire, one cannon 1 gram card empire of medium-sized attack warship dozen moment disintegration!The war situation take a sudden turn and develop rapidly and become a rightness gram the card person be extremely disadvantageous.Sa the virtuous Er full general be calm and steady to meet challenge to battle, the organization heavy type battleship aim at bright number to gather fire to shoot, but yield results very tiny.
  Battleship physical volume more big, mean to own more hard of armor, greater stronger energy protection cover, more energy storage, have a great deal of of energy storage, ability support big the power warship keep on of cannon shoot, also owned stronger thermodynamic power.The bright ll of number are long 2800 meterses, is up to now the biggest cosmos battleship.But gram's real strenght, technique level of the card empire all exceed flying eagle alliance, but because of fleet long range mobile want to through space jump up, but battleship physical volume more big, carry on space jump up of difficulty more big, consume of the energy be also more many, so gram card empire of all of battleships isn't very big, heavy type attack all of warship long also however 1200 meter.
  Thou the Bo commander-in-chief receive war situation report behind the color be dignified, they when lane so big guy, this but in advance have never thought of, oneself fortunately there is also a trump card in the hand, capital city star recent just produce come out of large quantity forerunner the battleship have already constitute a temporary fleet, plan work°out the problem of the card fertile galaxy first, after the troops reorganize hour allotment arrive each army corps.Iron wall battle plan one part be the fleet which use a conveyance fleet attraction flying eagle alliance, again use to escort a fleet to lead long to make enemy's soldier, need card fertile galaxy garrison forces of main force and temporary fleet after arrive to, with biggest of the advantage oppose a person to carry on destruction of stroke.But at present so variable, the flying eagle alliance don't know to when build so big battleship, intelligence report section is stem what eat!Unexpectedly have no a silk to realize.Now isn't the time for find out who was responsible, he is resolute right away of the order Sa virtuous Er continue persistence and the reinforcement is right away.The order is temporary the fleet give up the whole concealed body military tactics, the full speed arrive to battlefield three war, 100,000 very urgent!
  The commanding officer of temporary mbt shoesfleet is a military merit Zhuo gram in Delhi of the Zhao commander-in-chief, this person personality and battle the style be similar, stay on the safe side, meticulous.Temporary fleet for once prevent°

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